1 month after the Bikini Competition – how am I doing?

I just got my CD of pics from the Bikini Comp I did in May! I can’t believe it’s been a month! WOW! That was fast…it seemed like a completely different time in my life. Let’s go through some pictures and commentary before I talk about how I’ve been holding up emotionally, mentally, and physically and whether or not I “rebounded”.

Ok now pretend you are watching me on stage.

My heart’s racing as I wait for my number to be called. I see the girl in front of me take her first steps out into the bright lights…she begins to hit her poses and I almost can’t breathe as she pivot turns, pivot turns to finish her routine. I’m not ready, I’m not ready! No, go slower!

“Number -“

No, no, no, not yet!!!!


Deep breath. 


I flash my BIGGEST smile, put my left hand on my waist, and sway the life out of my hips and walk like the biggest diva model there ever was.

Shoulders back, chest up, long neck, suck that belly button in Cassey, long legs, sway sway SWAY. MUST ACCENTUATE MY HOUR GLASS FIGURE!!!

Now I’m almost at the front of the stage, get ready to hit that first pose.


SHA BAMMMM!!!!!! First pose! My heart is still racing and I can’t move my mouth. That smile is pasted. My cheeks are quivering from the intense cheesin. All I can think is how Kip told me to tense up all my muscles – gotta make everything, all that hard work POP!

Next part of my routine…back shot. VERY IMPORTANT. I need to show off my glutes! Pivot turn, hit hips to the left hard then to the right even harder – don’t mess up, don’t mess up!!! And do it with style!!!

KA POW! Now I’m having fun! I’m here to rock the stage because for these 10 seconds, I own it. Judges, look at me! Look at how hard I’ve worked! Look at this bikini I made. Look at these freakin’ eye lashes that are so heavy I’m burning serious calories just trying to keep my eyes open. Do you see me judges!??

Okay, it’s time for my last pose. I gotta make this count! Strike it and HAVE FUN! SMILE BIGGER! Cock that hip!

Hold for 3 seconds…don’t rush, don’t rush! Squeeze those legs! If not for the judges, do it for that expensive CD of pics you just paid for so that you could share these pics on your blog…

Okay, now turn and leave like you just owned it. It’s over.

After my 10 sec modeling routine (which sadly, I do not have a video of) I walked back to my spot on stage for Bikini Class C (it goes by height). The judges then called out some of the contestants for “comparisons”. Here we stand in line like human specimens and get rated side by side against each other.

We all struck our very best here for our front pose. It seemed like everyone favored the one leg out, hip cocked thing – but personally, I liked my S curve! So I stuck with it.

Then the judges told us to turn around for a back check! Well, more like a booty check! OMG! SCANDALOUS!!! Am I really posting this!!?? Hahaha, oh well, it’s part of the sport.

These are the girls that ended up placing Top 5 in my Bikini Class C. The girl in yellow was the winner of my class. Like I said before, my intention for the competition was not to win, but to use it as a tool to push myself to the next level with my fitness. In that respect, I totally owned it and won it!

Now that I have these pictures, it makes it easier to analyze what the judges were looking for and what type of body makes the so-called “perfect bikini body” as determined subjectively by a panel of a dozen men and women. The feedback I got was that I need more upper body. Looking at my comparisons photo, I can see what they mean.

But you know what? Despite the results, I am very happy in regards to how everything turned out. The whole bikini competition experience was rewarding and fulfilling. I now understand how hard I can push myself and how important diet is to building a certain physique! I know what it means to be a competitor. And it’s pretty cool :)

Will I ever do it again? I don’t know. I really liked the pageantry of it all – getting dolled up and modeling around! But it was a lot of time and money spent. And the worst part was probably the fake tan!!! Ugh I hated being spotty orange the week after. It was so weird!

As I was dieting down for the competition, I got a few comments that said I should beware of serious weight gain after the competition and that I would rebound. Even Kip told me that I would not be able to maintain that weight and body fat percentage. So what has happened as of now?

Well if you look at my Bikini 1, Bikini2, and Bikini 3 videos – it looks as though I have been able to maintain pretty well. I’ve gained a couple pounds back and my abs are definitely not as lean but I’m also not working out 2x a day and eating high protein and veggies only. In fact, I’ve been eating fruit (lots of it OMG!), nuts, Ezekiel bread, peanut butter, pita chips, all types of grains and my love…Sriracha :) I am working out about 1 hr a day – lifting and running and doing HIITs.

I hope to maintain  a little higher than where I was, but honestly, who knows what’ll happen! I’m eating clean and living life again. That’s the best I can do right!? I don’t live in the gym and I can do normal people things like eat out with friends! Life is about enjoying what you do, loving the people around you, and finding happiness. That’s the ultimate goal right? So if I have to work SO abnormally hard to maintain a certain physique and sacrifice the precious joys of life, then maybe that is not where my body was meant to be. Sure it’s cool to discipline yourself and “get in shape” for bikini season or a bikini competition, but we all need to realize that there is an “in season weight” and an “off season weight”.

In season or competition weight takes work to get to and usually cannot and probably should not be held throughout the year. Usually body fat % is very low and mood is not so friendly! You can miss your period and for the most part, people will not want to be around you. One can get very irritated when she cannot have the food she truly craves!

What I am working on right now is finding my balance. Where is my body meant to be? If you look at some of my older videos and compare them to how I look now, I definitely look different. I have a lot more muscle now and less fat. My diet was also not 100% clean back then and I didn’t workout as much as I do now. There are a lot of factors that have changed so it’ll be interesting to see what my natural maintenance weight is.

So, tell me what you think! Do you think you’ve found your natural, balanced, and healthy weight yet? Or are you still on a journey towards it? And…did this post inspire you to try a bikini comp!?!!?? Or are you scared now :P

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<3 Cassey

  • Jessica

    I really would feel uncomfortable to stand in front of a bunch of strangers and have them tell me what they like/don’t like about my body!! You’re very brave!! And now I honestly think you look a lot healthier than when you were training for the competition.

  • Milany

    you have a really nice booty,

  • Viry

    im looking at this almost a year later,
    i cant believe you didn’t win. the perfect bikini body should be sexy not manly muscular. but i guess.
    anyway…. ive been following your videos for 3 weeks before the month started, and i’m seeing very little progress, but progress indeed i lost an inch off my wight and i’m planning to loose 4 more off my muffin tops by my birthday in december hopefully i have a nice toned body by then, thank you for putting in this much effort to help others. God Bless you and your whole team doing this <3

  • I love the way you wrote this, it makes me feel like I am watching you. Well done on your competition anyway!

  • These pictures are so inspiring.

  • amalia

    Hi Cassie!!
    I know that you’re really busy and you might not be able to read my comment but if you can I want to thank you so much for getting me into Pilates! I LOVE IT and even though I’m dying halfway through the video, I feel so great (and sore) afterwards! haha :P You’re such an amazing, motivational and inspiring person and you actually made exercise something to look forward to because even though I don’t know you personally, it feels as if we’ve actually met before and it feels as if I’m exercising with you, not just struggling along with a video so thank you so much and wish you best of luck for your journey because you deserve the best hehe
    I’m trying to find my balance too! I used to be really unbalanced; unhealthy diet (full of junk) + no exercise, strict diet + tight exercise schedules and now a little bit of my cravings or what I want to eat + intense exercise at least 1 hour everyday! I think I’ve finally been able to find my balance and I really hope that you can do!

  • Whitney

    Awesome job I’m competing for the first time ever!! I saw your workout plan for this… I was just wondering if you ever incorporated fasted cardio… Iv done the research and the degree in kinesiogy I kinda don’t believe in fasted cardio for Physiological
    Reasons but I def enjoy HIIT just wanted to see what your cardio was like!! Thanks

  • manny

    How did you not place in the top 5 – judges must have cataracts
    You look very nice!

  • Awesome post and you looked AMAZING!! Loved your body and great work! x

  • Your body was the most feminine, in my opinion. You looked fabulous on stage and I was so impressed with the muscles going on in your legs! You’re so inspirational!!!

    • Yulia

      i totally agree with u!!! had the same thoughts while looking at the pics!

    • That’s exactly what I thought. Cassey has the perfect amount of muscle.

  • jess

    i really think your bod was the best out of all of them!! but its all a matter of the judges want!! you won in my book! great job!! and i LOVE the bikini you and your mom made!! SO PROUD :D

  • Madalina

    You were gorgeous! I love you!

  • Ivori Rose

    This is a great post Cassey ; I love your enthusiasm for Life and your realism with your experience with the competition.

  • Ellie

    Cassey, pleeeease don’t bow to the pressure of the judges and their comment on your upper body – in this line up you have by far the most elegant and streamlined bikini bod. Everything is in proportion – and look at your amazingly long, feminine torso next to some of those more compact bods. Fake boobs look stoopid. Don’t even go there.

  • ladysadie

    Please don’t go too far down this route!
    You look fantastic the way you are,
    I really enjoy following you now,
    and aspire to be where your at, though il never live that clean.
    but this sort of stuff would make me drift away from the blog

  • Tami

    You look amazing and are such an inspiration to me. Whenever I want to slack off on my workouts and eat unclean, I go to Blogilates to get motivated and keep myself on track. I see such an improvement in your physique but you’re personality is still the same-cheerful and real. I wish more people in the public eye were like you.

  • jenne

    Hi Casey,
    I have been following you for several months. Am a mom of three and can’t seem to loose my flabby abs. But am exercising regularly now and hope to finally regain strength and shape.
    Keep up the good work and will be following your exercise routines.

  • Amber

    HIGH-FIVE girly! You look great. Your butt looks so-o cute in that behind pic…so jealous!!! Off to do some of your booty exercises….

  • Tom

    Had masculine*

  • Tom

    You were DEFINITELY the best body of them all. I mean the other contestants, except from tje overtaned red bikini girl standing next to you, had not masculine bodies (not sexy at all, coming from a guy’s point of view). Your body is drop dead gorgeous, I mean it.

    You should be so proud of what you’ve accomplished to have such a healthy and sexy body. lol
    Keep having fun. ;)


  • Santhana lakshmi

    Hii Cassey!!!!
    I dont no whether you got time to read my comment.. Can u read my name.. :) Am from South part of India..U r the first Women to inspire me and making me to do workout.. Thanks for that.. I used to think about you in my day often..
    I agree to above comments..
    U r such a wonderfull person..even we are not getting in touch with u personally we all feel dat u are a good friend..
    Love u :)

    • haha i am reading ur comment. love u too!

  • Hey Cassey, I am a new follower, and so hooked already! I love your videos and your personality. Thanks for sharing! I’ve just gotta say – I totally identified with this post – my competition was in theater – and I totally thought I rocked my auditions – and then didn’t even get a part as an extra in the show. And I’ve gotta say, your attitude after not winning was so much better than mine! :) Thanks for being an inspiration. And I agree with so many other comments – you looked fabulous. I would have picked you, for sure. More upper body would have just been gross, imo.

  • Austin

    Personally, I think all the women in the competition look gross. I can see their ribs and they have the same body types as most men I know except for the breasts. I am not sucking up, but you had the best body. It was the most feminine and “real” to me (except your obvious fake tan). But all in all its nice to see how you did and to know you are back to normal.

  • SgrMomma1974

    Cassey not only are your pics from the competition beautiful, but you are hilarious too…
    Your dedication, hard work and perseverance shows through…Thank you for being an inspiration to us all…

  • Just don’t ever get fake tits.

  • Hailey

    Uhm, I think you look better than all them women standing on that stage honey!

    I just about fainted, you look tremendously fabulous :D

    And PLEASE you don’t need no extra nothing, you are fine! Take that how you want it momma!


  • I think you look absolutely incredible in your competition pictures! Honestly, that is such a huge accomplishment and you should be so proud of yourself for what you completed! I am so happy to hear you are working on finding your balance, because that is what I am doing right now, I’ve been under-eating and over-exercising and life can’t continue this way, so I’ve vowed to change. Can’t wait to hear more about your journey

  • Sorry Cassey,

    But I’m not a fan of these competitions and I’m actually surprised that you did it. I think they devalue what you represent (or what I thought you represented) and I was completely shocked to read this post…even though I do think you look wonderful in the pictures and rocked the poses.

    Perhaps my values are just elsewhere.


  • Suchitra Malvankar

    I was so waiting to read about your competition. So happy to see the pictures and read your blog too. You looked great on that day. I think you deserved to be in the Top 5. I follow all you video’s, tweets and also facebook. I love the way you help push me a little extra in my workouts. I have sent you a friend request on you facebook Id Cassey Ho, Please accept it. Thank you.

  • Chanee J

    and i agree that you did look great there! i have seen some body builders and theyre sooo huge!!! you had that muscle going on but not to the point where you looked like increasing muslce mass is your only purpose in life. you have a good balance going on there

  • Chanee J

    oh my gosh yes!! “So if I have to work SO abnormally hard to maintain a certain physique and sacrifice the precious joys of life, then maybe that is not where my body was meant to be” i agree with that! I can’t recall the movie but I read an actor needed to work out 8 hours a day to get the body the movie wanted. I feel if that’s the case maybe we weren’t meant to look that way. If you can’t enjoy some semblance of a social life or something maybe it is not meant to be. we should try to be healthy and stay active yes but not to the point where we aren’t living, in my opinion

  • Scarlet

    Okay wow! This is so cool! But I must say, that the girl on your right (in the red bikini) had a really bad tan! She was way too dark compared to her face. It kind of creeps me out. But you look fabulouss! All that hard work put up on stage :)

  • Egyptbella2011

    I forgot to say that you DID look amazing and better than alot of the other contestants…and no offense to the winner, but come on, her “upper body” looked ridiculous imo and if that’s what “wins” the competition, who needs it :P You are natural and look awesome, and with your personality THAT makes you a winner!!!

  • Egyptbella2011

    I would never enter a competition, but I feel okay with my weight now. What I struggle with is cellulite, specifically on the back on my legs :P I’m eating clean 90% of the time and do workouts 1 to 1 1/2 hours a day, 6 days a week, with HIITs, weights, and other cardio (usually kickboxing). I have to have a life too, so idk what to do about this freaking cellulite lol…it’s getting frustrating, but it seems to be better if I do hamstrings exercises every day. Thanks for sharing your experience-it was really interesting!

  • Voula

    I don’t think that I’m inspired to enter such a competition, mostly because it’s not that popular here in Greece and secondly because I wouldn’t like it. I like working hard for my show jumping cometitions and I live the journey and the preparation and the discipline. But a bikini competition is not my style. However, all this effort of yours reminded me that anyone can achieve anything as long as they put their mind on it. Thank you for that!

  • celina

    You looked so gorgeous and dont get me wrong you still DO! Omg you look like you had a lot of fun. I think yo ufit in really well and looked so great next to the other contestants. Your body shape is perfect! great pictures and thank you for everything that you’re doing for everyone with your blogs and videos truly appreciate it. :D

  • Susana Rucker

    So, you’re pictures are fabulous! You looked amazing (and still do, of course) and you rocked it!!! I have to agree with what the others are saying: you definitely stole the show and had the best, naturally-worked-for-and-super-hot-amazing-body that they didn’t! No really, fake boobs to win a competition? Please. Lol.

    Anywho, as for me, I have been working out hard every day, and am liking the results. I have always been slender, but it’s nice to see muscle tone and definition! So I definitely want to continue practicing my active lifestyle, and become even stronger and more toned!

    Thanks Cassie, you rock.