Bikini Blaster 3! Abs Abs Abs! + Super Duper Giveaway

Hello there POPsters! It’s ab time. And you need to grab some paper plates to complete this workout. Get excited! It’s a toughie but a goodie. I hope you like it! You should be sweating by the end of it. Like all of the Bikini Blasters so far, each workout incorporates some cardio. And that’s why it’s a BLAST!!!! So have fun!!! And work it!!!!!

You know what else is fun!!??? Giveaways. But not just any giveaway. A super duper one!!!!

For the purpose of random POPster appreciation, I have decided to do a big giveaway for my beloveds…YOU! You’ve really been such an important part of my life. You are all my students. And even though Iย haven’tย seen most of you in person, I still care for how you grow and get stronger as we workout together. I see your comments. I know your names. In fact, I know your usernames :) And your style of writing. I really hope that I get to meet all of you one day. I love teaching you so much and you inspire me to be a better instructor, so THANK YOU! This one’s for you!


I feel like I should start singing a ballad or something. “This one’s for you???” Ahh, so lame! Weird, Cassey…weird…

Anyway! To be eligible to win, all you have to do is:

1. Sign up for my newsletter (yes, it’s real and working this time, I promise!!!)

2. Tell me in the comments below which outfit you want to win, #1, #2, or #3?

3. [optional] And if you want the chance to win that Train Insane top, then you’s bettah be followin’ me on twitter! @Blogilates

That’s it!!!! Contest ends next Wed June 6, 2012 and I will announce winners on June 7, 2012. Winners will be selected at random! You can take a closer look at the outfits at

Have a fab Thursday! And tell me how you like the new vid! I can’t wait to film the next one already!!! Love this series!!!

<3 Cassey

  • Amy

    Outfit #2 ! Love that quote

  • sooooo tough D:

  • Tessa

    I love outfit number 2! I would love to win that!

  • Gabbi

    Instead of using paper plates can we just use books or paper?

  • Allison

    #1 or #3 please

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  • Liz

    # 3 is so adorable!!!

  • Nicole

    #3 !!!! <3

  • Nicole

    #3 :D

  • Ladane

    I really like outfit #2. I wish I win (hands crossed)

  • I love #2 ! :)

  • Jessics

    I love #2!

  • Michelle

    Love all of them, But #2 is probably my favorite. Love, love, lovveeeee you Cassey!!

  • Maggie

    Love working out with you! #3, and I followed you on twitter, I’m @MaggieOu. :) x

  • AjsaK

    I’ve gotta say I love #2 but I could go for all of them! And I follow you on Twitter! @SmoochieKaracic :D

  • Daniella

    I really hope that random winner will be me. Cause I never wins in competition like this. I would like to have #1!

  • Jaclyn


  • #3! <3

  • Ligeia Peterson

    #1 is fabulous ._.

  • Bekah

    I have to say I’m in love with all three outfits, but it has to be #3! I’m in love with those shorts, also I follow you on twitter I’m @woahbekah <3

  • Charlotte

    Outfit #2 for sure :) thanks beautiful person for all you do :)

  • Negin

    I loved outfit 1 but too bad it’s too late. ^_^

  • Holley

    Love them all! But I’d choose #3. Thanks for all you do!!!

  • Melissa

    I love them all, gotta say. But if I had to pick, I’d chose #3 :D I absolutely ADORE your videos and workout clothes… if only I could afford to buy them myself xD

  • Brittany

    They’re all so adorable, but I’ll have to say #3 is my favourite.
    Thanks for all your workout inspiration, Cassey! <3

  • Heather

    #1 is best for me. :) Thanks for all your videos. Im a PT, Pilates & Zumba instructor in Houston and enjoy your videos for fresh ideas for my classes! Your awesome girly wirly!

  • Heather

    # 1 is best for me. Im a P T, Pilates & Zumba Instructor in Houston and always enjoy your videos for fresh ideas for my classes. Your awesome!

  • Anna

    I love #2. the motto “Train insane or remain the same” helps me with not stopping

  • Hillary

    I would like #1!

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  • Tereza

    Hello beautiful :) i love them all..but #2 is the best for me!! :)

  • #2 all dayyy, every dayyyy

  • Kimberly Yee

    Hi Cassey! Outfit #2 is super cute! I love that quote “Train insane or remain the same!!” It’s super catchy and I use it all the time for motivation, especially when I’m on the treadmill to push myself to do that extra mile.

  • #2, Thanks for the extra motivation!

  • Natalie

    #1! :)

  • Dovile

    I want the #1 outfit. Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please CASSEY!!! I entered so many times in your giveaways but I don’t win at all.

  • Sarah

    Outfit #3 is so cute! :3

  • Jolie l

    Ohh I love them all! I have been working out in the same gym shirts for 2 yrs!iwould say #3!ahh but they are all beautiful!

  • I love # 1 :D