Best Celebrity Bikini Bodies…thanks to PILATES!

Miley Cyrus in a bikini.

Hey POPsters!

On the cover of all of the mags I see recently are bikini bods galore!!!! The swimsuits are in full swing at the stores because summer is just around the corner – it starts June 20, 2012. I am so excited!! I just wanna be in shorts and tanks all day long! Yay! Are you excited too?

I decided to read up on how celebs stay fit and smiled when I saw  that some of those big names credited Pilates as their go-to fitness regimen! Oh but just wait celebs, wait till you feel the sweet sweet wrath of POP Pilates and what we do around here :)

So which celeb body was sculpted by Pilates?

Pippa does a backflip while Kate watches.

Pippa Middleton

Pippa said that Pilates helped her get all toned up for her sister Kate’s April 2011 marriage to Prince William. Her tushy looked so enviable on the wedding day that it caused a world-wide stir and even increased the number of Pippa-inspired butt lift plastic surgeries!!! Crazy!!! I bet she did a lot of the moves I did in this Bikini Booty video.

Pippa butt lift obsession.

Would you ever consider plastic surgery? Or would you work for it if you could? I think it’s a little silly (ok really SILLY) to get butt implants. I mean COME ON. You can actually work your glutes unlike other popular places on your bodies that can get enhanced. It is possible to get a nice rounded lifted butt through hard work, lots of lunges, and tons of squats!!! AHH!!!!! It’s like guys getting calf implants. I mean really!!?? REALLY. You can work your calves. Easily!

OK rant over.

And everyone’s fave…it’s young hollywood’s Miley Cyrus!!!

Miley Cyrus leaving Pilates studio.

Miley is known to be a Pilates devotee! Her trainer is the one and only Mari Windsor of Windsor Pilates! Wow. But it wasn’t until recently that her body has been getting a bunch of attention. She started wearing way more midriff-baring tops and the paparazzi have been snappin’ up a storm. I wasn’t really keeping up but it seems from what I’ve been reading that she just recently lost some weight? She owes it to Pilates and going gluten free for diet.

However, a blogger on The Stir calls this an “extreme weight loss.” She said that Miley’s starting to look anorexic and that her working out regimen seems to be more like an addiction than a healthy routine.

“While there’s nothing wrong with having a healthy habit of sweating it out once (or even twice!) a day, I’m not the only one who’s gotten suspicious about Miley’s fitness obsession seemingly spiraling out of control. The problem is that she doesn’t exactly look like a young woman who happens to have an insatiable appetite for exercise these days. She looks anorexic — or at the very least, sickly, in some other way.”

You know…I obviously can’t say what she’s doing with her diet because I am not in the kitchen with her, but I don’t really think her weight loss is too extreme. I lost a significant amount of weight in a short amount of time for the bikini competition and I was definitely not starving myself. It was hard work, time put in, and clean eating. HOWEVER. I do want to say that what you have to do to lose weight at that rate is not really achievable by someone who may have school or work or a family to take care of. It’s not really realistic. It’s better to create a maintainable lifestyle out of healthy living. You guys know that though :)

I mean, even for me, I had to put my life on hold. My YouTube videos and my blogging decreased those months I was training. I am so happy to be back to my daily routine now.

Does Miley look anorexic? I wouldn’t go so far to say that. Looks like she has great muscle tone and she’s getting photographed leaving Pilates studios! Not…something else??? Is her working out an obsession? Sigh…if she has a working out disorder then I do too. For that matter, we all do then :) Honestly, I think working out is FABULOUS because it makes me feel so happy and revived. Energized. Alive! That’s why I’m “addicted”. But then again it’s kinda my job. Haha. So I’m glad I am addicted to my work.

I know what they are getting at though. They’re trying to say that Miley’s working out addiction is dangerous because of her continuously thinning frame. In that case…it becomes a body image obsession. But I think on some level all of us fitness freaks are paying attention to the way we look through exercise. Am I right? Sure we workout to feel good and live longer, but the dominating reason why people workout is to lose weight. But let’s just see how this story plays out. Will Miley start getting stick thin like Nicole Richie or will she keep a fit frame?

Tell me what you think – at what point does your love for working out turn from a healthy habit to a serious obsession? What are the signs?

  • And I think, after all your mind has changed over the past years (and you’ve come to truly love the way you are supposed to be), would today this post be completely different?

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  • I have to say that I don’t particularly care for Miley Cyrus…she gets on my nerves. But that’s beside the point, LOL. I do not think she looks anorexic at all. In fact, if she looks anorexic then so do I and many other women I know. I too follow a Gluten free diet, not for weight loss, but for health reasons. I say that to say it really does cause quick and noticeable weight loss, especially if you are exercising along with it. Cutting Gluten out of your diet will give you some seriously flat abs, so just imagine what would happen if you did Pilates on top of it? If it’s true that she just cut out Gluten, I ain’t mad at her because I know it can work really well. As far as whether or not she is lying or starving herself, I can’t comment on. I just know that I don’t think she looks anorexic, she looks long, lean and toned. Leave the girl alone ;)