Blogilates Vegan Challenge Meal Plan

And here it is folks!!! The Vegan Challenge BEGINS TODAY! May 28-June 10!!! I want you to tweet or instagram me your pictures @blogilates and tweet me @blogilates and tag #veganchallenge. Let’s do this! Let’s support each other and commit 100%!!!! I’ll be instagramming my meals all day long everyday for the next 2 weeks! I wanna see how yours look too!

Download the doc below and paste it to your fridge. COMMIT.

Blogilates Vegan Challenge

Have fun! And did everyone sign up for the newsletter yet? It’s on the top right hand corner of the blog! Woohoo and it’s a working one this time :) I remember the newsletter apocalypse of 2011…yeah, fear no more! It works!!! I’ll send you occasional motivational messages and it’s just a cool way to communicate while we await the new Blogilates Community and more fun (top secret) things to come!

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Have a fab Monday everyone and let me know what you think of the meal plan. Does it sounds scrumptious!!???

<3 Cassey


  1. how can i print this without subscribing to that site :(

  2. Guys what kind of protein powder do you guys use, when you were on this meal plan?

    • Try True Vitality. It was the first one I tried a long time ago and it’s quite nice and not as gritty as some of the others. It’s also soy, gluten, and dairy-free. :) There is also one by Garden of Life that has Green Coffee extract in it, but it can be gritty, but is pretty hardcore.

    • I use soy protein. It’s too good

  3. Katia Garza says:

    I have a question regarding this vegan challenge… can guys use this? My best friend is a guy and I think this would be perfect for him.

  4. I don’t see why so many vegans are getting offended just by the use of the word challenge. This is promoting your lifestyle and choice of healthy eating, isn’t that something good? Eating gluten free is a challenge for some people because they are changing their daily habits but I don’t see those who eat that way all the time getting offended by people claiming its “challenging” honestly going vegan for a while, I would consider that a huge challenge because i would have to ignore my cravings for food and junk that I’m use to. Its a positive challenge, and you shouldn’t be so pissed off by someone trying to get other people to try being vegan for their health benefit for a couple weeks. so sorry you got so offended by her word choice here but grow up its not that big of a deal.

    • Not to mention everyone around you acting like your choice of diet is a total pain in the ass. Lots of vegans get pissed off about stuff I think they just need to be ignored. I have to live with my parents for health reasons right now but plan to try this as soon as I’m back on my own agian

  5. OKAY FIRST OFF veganism is not a “challenge”, it is an ethical, cruelty-free LIFESTYLE that refrains from using any animal products (in food, clothing, hygeine products, etc). Please do not treat veganism as some fad diet. If you want to eat plant-based foods, then call it a PLANT-BASED DIET CHALLENGE or a STRICT VEGETARIAN CHALLENGE. That’s right, I am VERY offended by this.

    SECONDLY this is not enough calories. You need to eat at least 2000 calories in a day. The calories recommended on your plan here is a joke.

    • Veganism may not be a challenge for you! For people who are not vegan it is a challenge, just as running 5K is not a challenge to a marathon runner but is to someone just starting out! I’m not saying you’re wrong in your thoughts but I don’t think it was meant as disrespectful to Vegans.

    • Don’t be so narrow minded, everyone has their own reason to be vegan, mine is to be healthy and because I don’t really like eating meat so I’ll just take it out from my diet completely. So please, shut up.

    • Olivia, I’ve been a vegan for quite a while now, and it’s a little shameful that a TWELVE YEAR OLD can see that this is just a challenge for those who are not vegan, and more of a boost for those who are whereas you are likely older than I am yet you take offense to it.

      It disappoints me, frankly. These are the kind of things that make others call the rest of us “preachy”.

    • These “fad” diets aren’t so bad. A lot of people genuinely think that they cannot live without meat, so a few months doing something like this can show people that it’s possible. As for calories, if you need more calories, eat more calories. Don’t workout while one the diet plan. Some people naturally don’t need to eat 2000+ calories a day, myself included. When I start calorie-counting diets, I feel like I have to eat all the time (despite not being hungry) to get the calories I’m meant to consume.

      TLDR; Don’t do the diet.

  6. I’m also getting a subscription page pop up from Scribd. They don’t have a free download option for this document. Would it be possible for you to share it via Google documents or Dropbox? Thank you!

  7. isn’t this too little calories? i’m scared my body will go on starvation mode

  8. It says I need a paid subscription to some website to get the plan. That’s fucked, man. :(


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