Bikini Blaster 2 is here! Sexy Legs Workout!

But ‘chya know, if  you were following me on Facebook, Twitter, and or YouTube, you’d already know that ;) I had to split the 25 min video up into 2 parts because I was having the worst upload experience of my life. Either my internet was down or YouTube was being ridic, but I had the vid done on Wed ready for the as-promised Thurs upload…and it took a fabulous 2 1/2 days for it to get up and processed! OMG! Oh well, it’s here now and I am happy! So please, enjoy…grab a pair of dumbbells and a book or magazine. GO ALL OUT FOR ME!!!!!!!!

I am always surprised when the 2nd video has like 1/2 as many views as the first. Did people really give up or what!??? Haha, same thing with Summer Slimdown video which also came in 2 parts. Weird!

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Let me know what Bikini Blaster video you want me to do next in the comments! Remember, I do what you tell me…so TELL ME! Love you!

<3 Cassey

  • Christine

    Hey I’m only doing the bikini blaster series workouts all week. Am I supposed to do each workout 4 times since im doing one per day or is that just the cardio for bikini blaster 1?

  • stephanie

    hey! your videos are super amazing!!
    but i’m always confused about how often i should be working out each body part and if i should be doing cardio everyday and on days that i do your workouts (that are not cardio!)

  • Radhzell

    Hi, do you have this bikini blaster 2 – sexy legs workout printable??? Pleaseeeeee I absolutely love your blog is amazing thanks for sharing!!!

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  • sophia

    I loved this! I did it 3 days ago and can finally walk normal today! Why is pain so fun? This was the first workout I did the whole way through since I started a few weeks ago…I’m getting stronger! Thanks!

  • Inga aka lavenderinjune

    Umm I have to disagree with all the posters asking for another abs workout – just look at the playlists, there are so many great abs workouts by Cassey already!!!!

    But what about a nice smooth ARM WORKOUT with weights?????? One in which you don’t have to put half of your body weight on your wrists while on the floor, but instead do upper body strengthening moves while standing, sitting, squatting…

    We’ve already got this great upper back workout, but one that’s about the arms without putting too much strain on the wrists is missing…. I’d like to get nicely toned upper arms, and it’d be best to do so with you, Cassey!!!!

    Oh, PLEASE!!!! :)

  • AmandaXO

    Can’t wait to try it!

  • Gaby Yglesias

    My calves hurts like hell after doing this workout, Its a torture to walk, to drive (my car is manual, Thanks) even to stand up, I only hope I will have the best bikini body for my vacation in two weeks. I love your rutines, and I try to do at least one, every day. Of course I dont have the bikini body that you have rightnow, congratulations, but I have the best body ever. (and I am 42)

  • Voula

    I almost fell several times and chances are, tommorrow I won’t be able to walk. Great workout! And I love how you manage to keep my mind off the pain, by talking about all sorts of stuff! Thanks, Cassey!

  • Laura

    love your awesome high energy videos!!! Where are your shorts from?? They’re as adorable as you!! XO

  • Emily

    Whooooo my hammies were yelling during those curls! (I won’t even mention the calf burn) I’d love to see some shoulders/back action for the next one!!!

  • Kerry

    Fantastic! I was crying out during those hamstring curls & those T shape lunges. My hubby had a good abs workout laughing at me :) He is so mean I keep trying to get him to do them as know he would fail at an epic scale.

    I need to get myself a timer beeper thing so I can do the HIIT print off outside & be times for 30 second intervals, either that or count the reps but how many of each? Is 50 extreme?

  • Denielle

    Please make the next bikini blaster one to target the abs all over!! :-)

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  • Elaine Voon

    Is it just me or Cassey? Or does anyone else have connection problems with this site? I keep getting this tic-tac-toe symbol and have to refresh several times before I get each webpage!

  • Emily

    looved this one! leg workouts are definitely my fav. I`ll admit, I really didn`t think my inner thighs were going to be feeling it from that move – but man oh man am I feeling my inner thighs today! (not to mention my butt, calves…)

  • Elaine Voon

    I’ve decided to take another rest today because the part where my hip joins to my thighs hurt, especially on my left side. I can’t even do a lunge with proper form, my knees hurt when I try.

    I think I’ll rest another day or two so my muscles get a chance to mend.

  • Alejandra S.

    Loving the bikini blasters so far. I’d be thrilled with another HIIT and a bikini blaster butt workout too.

  • Sharon

    Still cannot play any of the bikini blaster vids :( ….any suggestions as to what might be wrong? It comes up as “Video currently unavailable” Ive been trying to play them everyday for the past 5 days with no luck.

    • can u explain to me what’s going on? maybe send me a screen shot of what it looks like to my email?

  • Hey there Cassey!

    Great website and video. And i love your outfit. Who makes the shorts!

    In regards to the magazine, I have my clients use plastic baggies, or if it’s a kitchen floor use dish towels. You can also do mountain climbers on a floor using dish towels, keeping your feet always on the towels and gliding your feet towards your hands, or even doing both feet at the same time. If i wasn’t in a sling from shoulder surgery I’d send over a video!! I did both of these exercises to rehab and get my hipo back into shape after my hip surgery last october. I can’t do impact on the hip for a year. Believe me your legs and thighs and hams and butt burn with these two exercises using dish towels!.
    Love your honest and upbeat website


  • Ren

    Love your workouts Cassey! Just started doing your workouts two weeks ago and am addicted. Would love a hardcore ab workout next as part of the Bikini Challenge….also what about a cardio schedule? I can do the diet plan and the pilates…but cardio always falls by the wayside (I’ll do one HIIT and then give up)…but maybe if there was a weekly schedule it would be a lot easier to stick to? Just putting the idea out there…

    Love what you do and your positive energy. Thanks for keeping me motivated!

  • Annie

    Love this workout (and you)!!! But my calves are rock hard today and it kills to walk and they a super sensitive to the touch. Any recommendations on what to do to ease the pain? Stretching hurts and I usually love a good stretch!

  • Ashley

    or abs :)

  • Ashley

    Upper back strenth that involves weights. I have arm pain because of muscular imbalance, and I need help figuring outwhat types of exercise to do!

  • Taymicia

    hi Cassey
    loved the video tried doing it twice
    but my legs couldnt take it anymore XD
    i think an arms+abs video bikini blaster
    video would be really nyc

    Thank u =)

  • Jennifer

    Legs and an ab video would be awesome! Oh and maybe a post workout stretch video, that would help a lot!

  • Maja Giovanniello

    I looooovee this!! Your workouts just get better and better….. I have lost 17 lbs and toned up amazingly since starting your workouts just 5 months ago, and I only do about 20-30 minutes each day before my family wakes up (thats all i have time for, lol)…. I get compliments everyday and people think I have been at the gym like all day everyday….. I have been telling everyone I know to check out your workouts…. I just turned 30 and look better than I did when I was 18 (and Im a mommy) It is truly amazing and thanks for helping me change my lifestyle and habits

  • Paulina

    OMG, it’s the best legs workout I have evere had!!! I love it! Of course, my legs are dying today, but they are really raelly thankful to you :))) Also I want ask you to make all body workout :) Long long all body workout :D Thanks :)

  • Bindi

    i love this workout. i got such a kick out of it, it made my day. i just recovered from a flu the other day and finally got to do the HIIT and it was a killer and that i had such a hard time completing it put me off a bit wondering how i could have got so weak all of a sudden…really my arms are shaking when i’m in plank and i have to go down to my knees…it put me down a bit to be honest but this one just made me all smiley and feeling how that move with standing on one leg worked my booty was awesome! and now i feel like i want to try do the HIIT more to get back on track again. but i’m still wondering, how did i become so weak all of a sudden? did anyone else experience something like this?

    • Anjali A

      Bindi, if you had the flu, you’re body was fighting a whole different battle. Please forgive yourself. Every single time I’ve been sick, whether with just a cold, or severe flu, or this one time when a stomach bug had me laid up in bed a whole day with no lingering symptoms apart from extreme exhaustion and dehydration the next, it took me close to a whole week before I was able to run my usual 2 miles with my little men in the double jogger, or do our glorious POP Pilates anything!! Allow yourself at least a week to get back your strength completely. In fact, just you doing the Bikini Blaster already shows you’re in pretty awesome shape anyway!! Give your body the recovery time it needs after any kind of sickness.

  • Paulien

    I think I want some arms AND abs!

  • Lina

    Abs, please :D My butt and legs have died today ’cause of the Legs Blaster, so I think it’s time to turn to my abs so they won’t feel left out, lol.

  • kristin

    Another vote for arms! Something that helped get the same definition and tone as yours!

  • Bindi

    i agree on abs being the next one! from lower belly to the obliques. on my way now to do this one and the hiit….

  • Abs are good to target! Especially during bikini season!
    Love this video. I just worked legs today and they’re wobblin!

  • Kim

    I would love to see arms and chest! I know you just posted the payphone challenge but I often see the same arm moves online would love for you to break their dips, extensions, and curl mold!!! Also I think more women should work on their chest too many girls in my gym that cant handle a pushup!! I do your workouts there and after a few days I see others copying :) everyone loves them

  • Rei

    Another stretching video or something chilled out and relaxing would be awesome, especially after we kill ourselves doing the Bikini Blasters!! ;)

  • Estefania

    Hey Cassey, I love these bikini blaster workouts! It would be great if you do another HIIT. I swear the combination of the first bikini blaster HIIT and eating clean and an additional 30 minute cardio I do, is paying off!! I see a huge difference. By the way, you look fabulous and super toned! :)

  • Lauren

    I would love to see the ab one next! I’m going on holiday in a month and i would love a new workout challenge! Been doing atleast 2 of your videos each day to get bikini ready! Thanks to your videos i have already lost 9 pounds and i feel great! Thanks so much! :)

  • Lux

    would really love an ab video emphasizing workouts on the lower belly :)

  • orchid

    I would love to see arm workout next, I want mine stronger since it’s my weakest body part at the moment :(

  • Max

    I would love to see an ab video with an emphasis on obliques!

  • abigail

    abs!!!! pleasseeee!

  • Amanda

    Abs and arms would be great! :)

  • Vanessa

    Can’t wait to try this one!

    I’d like the next Bikini Blaster video to be an abs/lower abs workout. I want to show off my abs on the beach :)

  • Kim

    Abs would be awesome!! Or arms!

  • Sarah A

    Hey Cassey! I am loving your newest Bikini Blaster videos! They are so intense and it hurts so good! I would like to see an ultimate ab workout!

  • Jeannie

    Hey I would really love it if you could do an ab workout for a bikini blaster that would really help me gain some confidence in my swimsuit!

    Love your website and videos, thanks a lot :)