Easy No Bake Raw Vegan Cheesecake Recipe

Raw Vegan Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce

Makes 1 pie tin…this was so good it’s UNBELIEVABLE. You must try it out!!! It is seriously better than a real cheesecake. I’m not kidding.

2 cups raw walnuts
1/2 cup dates, pitted

3 cups raw cashews (soaked overnight or a couple hours minimum)
1/2 cup agave nectar
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3/4 cup coconut oil, melted (set in a warm bowl-do not heat if keeping it really RAW)

Raspberry Sauce:
1/2 bag frozen raspberries
4-6 dates to taste
1/4 cup agave or more to taste and thickness desired

Check out more pics!

I’m addicted.

Nutrition facts:

Umm…don’t be alarmed…this whole cake is one HUGE NUT. It is highly caloric. So here it goes…the facts for just one slice (1/8th of the pie) are:


Remember…even though this is raw vegan, it is still dessert. You need to treat it is as so! Enjoy sparingly especially if you are watching your waistline! But i do want you to give it a try!! It is really fun to make and so super easy.

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I am currently working on your Vegan Challenge meal plan…will try to get it up tonight or Saturday morning so you can do groceries on the weekend. If you’re anxious though, just stock up on your fave fruits ‘n veggies and grab some quinoa, amaranth, and ezekiel bread while you’re at it. Also, the Bikini Blaster 2 vid is uploading to YT. Sorry that everything’s a little delayed…it’s been a crazy week.

K gotta go to bed! Love ya!


  • Jessie

    Idk what I did wrong.. but the cheesecake turned out TERRIBLE way too much of a lemon taste. Not even the sauce turned out good… I either messed it up monumentally or something was wrong with this recipe ?

  • Lore

    Can’t wait to try this! Thanks for the recipe.
    One question: How do you make the nutrition facts labels?
    Thanks again.

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  • Hi- I make many of the raw vegan cheese less cheesecakes for my clients- and for those of you looking to lower calories- don’t make the crust- instead put a little dehydrated (non sweet) shredded coconut on bottom of pan as the crust- it’s the ‘cheese less cheesecake’ mixture that is delicious..
    Another tip, for the sauce, just use the berries & 1/2 the raw agave nectar or use coconut nectar and don’t use the dates in sauce.. Now you have knocked out even more calories.. another tip, make these in tiny cup cake molds, the ones for candy.. and it’s so rich, you only need one or two and its is a lot smaller portion.. Then you can have one of these every day for a week.. Portion control but still powerfully delicious!

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  • Lin

    OMG!! this is sooooooooooo dfjghdotymcvhdf!! cant find the words, im just eating it and aaaww it melts in my mouth and its heavenly. thank u Cassey, im gonna kiss u for this recipe!
    though mine turned out brown, its so yummy, even i havent all the ingredients…. i added almonds to get the 3cups and my agave honey its darker than urs hehe and i also broke (or so i think) my braun mixer but it totally worth it!! hahaha im so gonna buy a food procesor like urs where i can grind the dates without worries n_nU thanks again and i have a chesssseee cake waiting for me to eat :D

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    Hellooo Casey, i love your blog so much and i also need to try this recipe so badly buuuuuuuut i’m french and i don’t really understand this measurements , i’ve tried to find this on internet but it’s not easy, so how many grams of cashew and dates do i need please ? xx

    • This confuses me too because I’m English! 250ml is a cup, but it should work fine if you use a medium sized coffee cup and use the same cup for all the ingredients so it stays relevant :)

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  • Jenn S.

    Love raw vegan cheesecake

    And not to nitpick your recipe, but that brand of coconut oil in the picture (Louana) is highly processed, refined and deodorized, and not actually raw (for anyone following a super strict raw diet). Raw, extra virgin unrefined coconut oil will have a coconut smell and flavor, and is much better for you (and when used in a recipe like this, you can’t really taste the coconut). While Louana may be better for you than some other oils, it won’t have all the health benefits of extra virgin, unrefined. But Louana is much cheaper than extra virgin coconut oil, so its better on the wallet. Of course, if you invest in a good quality EVCO, you can use it for everything (food and on your body).

  • Laura

    Can I use cashew butter instead of the cashews?

    • Jenn S.

      I’m sure you can, as long as the ingredients are only ground, raw cashews and the nuts aren’t roasted/salted and there isn’t any added oils or anything. You essentially make cashew butter here, so I don’t know why it wouldn’t work. Of course, its probably much cheaper to use raw cashews if you’re making this whole pie, unless you already have enough cashew butter on hand.

  • jumba

    my mom just saw this recipe and she’s making it today lol she’s obsessed with all of your recipes. theyre so healthy and i dont even feel guilty when i eat it! i didnt think that was possible! thankyouu

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  • Becky

    Making this tonight and wanted to share my adjustments. Similar to the muffin pan idea, I split the recipe, and spooned it into 6 custard dishes (perfect individual portions). I was short on walnuts but found some hazelnuts in my freezer and subbed those. After tasting the crust (nom) added a couple of teaspoons of cocoa powder, and have a delicious “nutella-esque” version! Also doubled the amount of lemon juice (to cut down the richness) and added a splash of soymilk to help it blend. Can’t WAIT for it to come out of the freezer!

    I’ll probably use strawberries instead of raspberries, as that’s what I have on hand… ooooh, or maybe blueberries! (so many possibilities!). Thanks for the great recipe!

  • Vanessa

    I love this recipe. I loved cheesecake, and now as a vegan I still want sometimes “cheesecake” And although this has quite a lot of calories I have to be honest I don’t mind at all. It’s something I make maybe one a year so it’s not going to ruin everything, and my whole family joins so I just get 1/4 of it anyway xD Anyways I’m babbling again to much. Thx for this recipe.


    I may be a dummy – but I don’t see the instructions for this recipe only the ingredients

  • Holly

    Hi there,

    I just made this cheesecake and it’s in the freezer. I added up all the ingredients in a calorie counter app and I got a total of 663 kcal per serve. I did however make some changes. I didn’t make the sauce because I find the cheesecake sweet enough already. I also substituted maple syrup in place of agave, and I didn’t have any coconut oil so I used extra light olive oil (which I use for most of my baking because it doesn’t have that strong flavor olive oil usually has). What I’d really love to know is how long the cheesecake will keep if I keep it frozen. I can’t imagine it would last long because of the raw ingredients but I’m just curious.


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  • Ludmila

    First of all, thank you so much for the recipe! I actually found your blog whilst googling ‘raw vegan cashew cheesecake’ and didn’t at all expect to find all those excellent exercise videos! Needless to say, I have been so busy with working out (I have never been this committed to exercising in my whole life, I’m hooked!) that I have yet to make this cake…(which is actually better this way, as I do want to lose some weight)
    On another note: I have read the comments about the high calorie-count of the cake and (I hope you don’t mind) put it in to one of those ‘calculators’, which tell you how much of everything is in it(you know, just to be sure). For some reason I couldn’t ‘use’ Agave Nectar, so I went with brown sugar instead(it actually had more calories than agave). I also left out the raspberry sauce. Anyhow, it actually came up with 756.1 calories per serving ( I also went with 8 servings for consistency). Now I’m confused. Which one is it? (It would obviously be great, if it were the latter :) )


    Do you people not realize that ONE serving is only 117 calories? There’s 8 servings guys…not one slice is going to be 936 calories, unless you eat the whole thing in one sitting, which I wouldn’t recommend.

    • oops


      • Ell

        ummmm do u not realise the nutritional table has ‘amount per serving’ written at the top…?

        • Asha

          She says right above the nutrition facts that the nutrition facts listed really are just for one piece.
          (like she said, the cheesecake is basically just made out of nuts, and there’s 200 calories in just 1/4 cup of nuts)

          • Ali

            Either way, this is one of those times where the real normal cheesecake is lower in cals than an altered version. Either way, I’ll wind up eating the whole thing.

  • Hilary

    I’m trying this cake tonight, but I really can’t believe how much fat is in it… 76 grams, I mean comeon!! That’s really quite ridiculous…. What makes this recipe so rich in fat isn’t the nuts, it’s the coconut oil which is just loaded in fat and saturated fat…. I’m using sesame oil instead, and to thicken it up a bit I’m putting some cantaloupe in… I’m sure any other fruit would work fine

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  • This looks so so so nice! I have a weakness for cake! Cheescake is probably in my top 3!

  • saima

    I mde this today and it were delicous. i mde a few changes though, i subbed 3 cups cashew with 1 cup; coconut oil with 3 tbs sesame oil and agave nector with honey. filling was thinner bt perfect size for me. definitly one of the best desserts ive tasted in a long time. thanks cassey for this.x

  • Lauren

    Hey Cassey! this looks AWESOME but I am very allergic to cashews :( can I substitute it with peanuts??

    • Misty

      Ditto! I know this is an old thread, but I’ve got to find this work-around, too.

  • lili

    i have never heard about agave nectar. i can not find it in my country for sure. what i can use instead. honey? or something like that?

  • Tracy

    :( I was really excited about this but the calorie count rules it out for me :( are there any other low calorie recipes? I only eat 16-1700 calories a day so if I ate this I wouldn’t really be able to eat any full meals for the WHOLE day :( I wouldn’t go vegan with calorie costs like this. A regular piece of cheesecake with 1/3 lowfat cream cheese is only 2-400 calories. I would rather watch the calories than worry about vegan. So, any low cal versions of this would be appreciated.

    • yes check my other recipes in the index :)

  • Cassey!!! This looks too good! I don’t dare make it because I know I will eat at least half the pie! I can say “no” to desserts pretty well but as soon as I take just one bite there’s no stopping me! Your hair looks really good by the way!

  • Beata

    cheeseless cheesecake o_O?

  • Sunny

    Excited for a fortnight of vegan-ism!

  • Cristaine

    Fat, especially good fats, are not the enemy anyway. This is low-sugar and low-carb so a wonderful way to enjoy a healthier dessert for those times we choose to indulge. Thanks so much for the recipe!

  • nadia gonzalez

    for us non vegan raw but that still want to try this could we use greek yogurt instead of coconut oil? i would think it will reduce the calories

    • check out my other cheesecake recipes in the index!

  • Deanna

    I don’t use agave nectar because my nutrtionist gave me research that it’s 90% fructose and not as healthy as we all think. Is there an alternative you think would work just as well?

    • nadia gonzalez

      i used honey but then again its still a form of sugar!hmmmm maybe just plain truvia/stevia to make it sweet?

    • heather

      I usually dont add sugars… so i’ll prob either mix in OR top w coconut flakes! (…. & probably a few dark chocolate mini chips) ;)

  • not only does this look scrumptious- but I’m in LOVE with your outfit in this video. such a pretty necklace and top combo! LOVE, LOVE your videos, and I’m so happy you’re posting more recipe food bites too! Just did your Bikini Workout and your Bikini Blaster HIIT workout… they were both killer!

    • the dress is form mimi chica and the necklace is free people!

  • Marloes

    Aaaaahw awesome! I’m so gonna try this! The only thing I need is vanilla extract and that is veeery hard to find in my country blah :(

  • yum! I can’t eat it though! THe walnuts would probably kill me… hihi :) I want to try to make it with like almonds or something like that. :)

    Be strong! <3

  • Joanne

    Hi Cassey!

    I just wanted to say that you can easily control the serving size of this dish by making small tarts instead of one big pie. I was raw for several years (the best of my life and I wish I could muster up the will power to go there again). I used to make desserts like this all the time and could really eat as much as I wanted since my diet was so clean and low fat it needed some fat from nuts every day. I would use my mini muffin pan and press the crust in then spoon in enough “cheesecake” to fill. Freeze and they can be stored up to a month, if they last that long!

    My go to quick dessert was avocado chocolate pudding. Made from ripe avocado, coconut milk or fresh sprouted almond milk, raw cacao powder, salt and agave nectar. I just toss it all in a bowl and use my hand blender. Oh em gee, so good!

    Love your blog!

  • I just did the math and if you made the recipe in a muffin tin (12 muffins) each serving would be cut to 511 calories. And less room for error in cutting a piece too big/too small if you are counting calories. Thanks Cassie for the great recipe!

    • Anna Nott

      Thanks–that sounds like a better idea! The pie looks so good and I want to make it, but I don’t want it to be half my calorie limit for the day!