Quinoa Edamame Salad Recipe


This has been one of my favorite dishes this week as I am preparing your vegan meal plan! I’ve been getting a ton of questions on Facebook and twitter regarding the shopping list – no worries – I will have that for you by the end of the week when I finish up the meal plan!

This clean recipe is jam packed with protein and is so so super good with this mustard agave dressing all over it! I also love the butteriness that comes from the edamame!

Ingredients for salad (serves 1 hearty meal or 2 smaller portions):

– 1/4 cup dry quinoa
– 1cup shelled edamame
– 8-10 grape tomatoes sliced in half
– 1/3 cup of chopped onion
– 2-3 TBS of vegetable broth


– 2 lemons squeezed
– 2 tsp Dijon mustard
– 1 tsp agave nectar
– sprinkle of cumin and or black pepper



1. Cook quinoa in a pot with about 1 cup water until it becomes like rice!
2. In a heated pan, pour the veggie broth, let simmer, now add onions, tomatoes and all your fave veggies!
3. Then transfer quinoa to the heated pan and stir fry!
4. Add sauce on top!
5. Done!

Nutrition facts:

Whole Salad: 358 cals, 7g fat, 52g carbs, 20g protein

All Sauce: 29 cals, 7g carbs

Hope you liked this recipe!



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  • Christine

    By 2 lemons squeezed, do you mean 2 whole lemons? I tried that and it was too lemony. Then I tried half of a lemon and it was still too much.

  • Mary

    I do not like the dressing, it ruined the meal for me. It was too lemony for me, maybe I just don’t understand what two lemon squeeze mean. I believe it means the juice from two lemons, if I’m wrong I’ll retry it with the dressing again, but next time I’m leaving out the dressing. However I will still add cumin to the salad since I like cumin.

  • Annie

    Sorry if this is a silly question, but is this recipe meant to be served hot or cold?

  • Leah

    Hi Cassie! I’m new to blogilates, and I made recipes from week 1 of the meal plan last week. I don’t know if I didn’t cook it right, or what… but my husband and I both thought this salad was a disappointing and unappetizing “mush.” I’ve made other salads with quinoa where it retained its light and almost crunchy “bite,” which I love. So, I’m wondering if I cooked or assembled it wrong and should give it another chance. What is the texture of this meal *supposed* to be like? Any tips to avoid the “mush” consistency? (In related news, I thought the clean meatballs, spaghetti squash, and marinara sauce from last week were all fantastic.) Thank you!

    • Bonnie

      She has way too much water listed. Generally 2 times as much water as quinoa, so it should be 1/2 a cup of water. I thought it was pretty tasty! (I also added more mustard and reduced the lemon juice. Just a little change!)

    • Sarah

      No worries! My husband and I made this as well and it wasn’t edible! Too much lemon, very soggy, it was horrible. He ended up throwing in a pizza and I just drank a protein shake. It was too late to make any other meal. It looks really mushy in the pictures though. It was so sad.

  • Kimberly

    Can you substitute lima beans if you don’t have edamame on hand?

  • Isabella

    I’m scared to try it.. What does it taste like?

  • Rachel

    Do I shell the edamame and then add it to the veggie broth at the same time I add the tomato and onion? Does the edamame need to be prepared a special way first?

  • Sarah

    Hey! I just made this tonight and it was so much food to eat. Cassey, is it okay to not finish the entire meal that is on the meal plan?

    • Taegan

      Trust your body! If you’re satisfied then stop eating

  • Anonymous

    Cassey: Do you think perhaps you could come up with a recipe for healthy vegetarian yakisoba?

  • Why i refuse to eat quinoa: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/20/world/americas/20bolivia.html?_r=0
    Just something to think about.

  • Jelena

    Just made this and it was delicious!!! Thank you, Cassie :-))) xx

  • Leilani

    Hi Cassie!
    I love this recepie its great and so delish!
    I wanted to know how much abs vidios i should per day ?
    Thanks a ton!
    Leilani :)

  • Kub

    Hi Cassey,
    Thank you for sharing your healthy recipes. One question do you make your own vegetable broth? If yes how do you make it?

    Thanks once again!

    • Ashley

      I’m not sure which Cassey does, but you can either buy fresh good quality stock from the grocery shop or make it yourself by adding vegetables e.g. carrots, celery. onions etc (if you have them lying around or the trimmings off other veggies e.g. cauliflower stalks) to a large pot of water. Add any herbs you like alomg with pepper and a small amount of salt.. At least then you know what goes into it and that its all healthy. :)

  • Lisa

    Please post more recipes featuring quinoa. Thank you!

  • This recipe looks very simple and tasty. I love edamame and add it to everything, both sweet and savory dishes, like a nut. Edamame is about the firmness of a water chestnut, so it isn’t exactly like adding a bean.

  • Liz from Belgium

    I ate quinoa for the first time today, inspired by your blog :)
    It’s so yummie! And so healthy, yay! :)

  • Kittie

    Hey Cassie! What is the substitution for edamame? We don’t have it here (in Europe) where I live. Also I can’t find kale! We just have savoy cabbage… is that a good sub? I’m just starting to eat “cleaner” and i’m a bit confused what to use. Thank you! You rock!! :)

    • maybe any type of bean? or veggie u like? i think mushrooms would go great w this.

    • Charlotte

      Hey Kittie,
      Where are you from?
      I’m from Belgium and I buy my edamame in the Asian Supermarket.

  • looks good, I’m going to try it with couscous since I don’t have quinoa around

  • This looks so simple and so refreshing! Quinoa is quickly becoming one of my favorite salad staples. Do you happen to know how much fiber is in this dish?

  • I love quinoa! It’s my favorite grain/seed right now – good in tabouli, spanish pile ups and even makes great waffles. Yummy! :D

  • Kim

    Aww! You made the plate so cute! I’m pretty excited for your vegan week. I think I’ll do it right along with you. That recipe looks delish. I’ve just discovered how good quinoa is and how many different ways you can use it. It’s awesome.