I’ve been hiding something from you…

I don’t know how to tell you this. So I guess I’ll just say it. *takes deep breath*

But in just 3 weeks I will be competing in a Women’s Bodybuilding Competition.

What you’ve been seeing on YouTube is just pre-recorded video from over 12 months ago…I know. I’m sorry for being deceiving.

Umm and one of these guys is actually my brother…

And one of these guys is my significant other…

And if you haven’t gotten a heart attack yet…

Then good.

Because I am totally messing with you.

Well, kind of.

I actually am going to be competing in a contest in 3 weeks and I definitely won’t be as jacked up as the ladies in Women’s Bodybuilding above, or as muscly as these gals below in Figure…

But I will be strutting around on stage in a bikini and clear heels like these girls:

WTF you say?

Where did this come from? Ok, it’s time to blog.

Last year around this time, I went to go see a Bodybuilding show just to see what it was all about. When you’re in the fitness industry like me, you really want to understand all the different types of ways people work out to get fit. It helps when creating suitable programs for clients and students. I like exposing yourself to all sorts of exercises like Zumba, BODYPUMP, Kickboxing, Pilates, Anti-Gravity Yoga, Bikram, Pole Dance Fitness…the list goes on. There are everyday type workouts for everyday people but then, there are things you’ve probably never even imagined.

Did you know that there’s this whole other world out there that takes physical fitness to the next level?

This is the bodybuilding world. You know that thing that Arnold Schwarzenegger was famous for? Yeah, that one. But did you know that there are divisions for women too?

When attending Fitness Atlantic last year in Connecticut something about this world of bodybuilding stuck with me. it was so foreign to me – people standing and flexing on stage being PURELY judged for their physical appearance. I mean if you have something to say about beauty pageants like Miss USA and Miss Universe, you will definitely be taken aback by a competition that does not even have question and answer! I know I was.

But literally since walking away from that show was a spectator, I couldn’t help but think, what does it really take to have enough confidence to step on stage and let yourself be judged and critiqued in such a manner? Every day for nearly a year since last May I fought with myself. I wanna do it…should I do it? Is it demeaning? Should I put myself in this position? Do I give others the power to tell me my body is good enough or not good enough to be Top 5? Everyone around me told me no.

And you know what?

Last month I decided, what the heck. Stop wondering, just do it.

And you know what else? It’s been one of the scariest and best decisions I’ve ever made.

First of all, I want you to understand that I am doing this to experience fitness in a whole new way on a whole new level. Bodybuilding and fitness competitions like these are a form of a sport. I understand that it may SEEM like I am allowing myself to be objectified and judged based purely on my outside physical appearance, but let me tell you, this journey towards getting in ultimate shape has taught me SO MUCH about the importance of diet, nutrition, my body, my athleticism, my willpower, my emotional strength, my mental toughness, and my overall power as a human being.

So for the past month I’ve been training my butt off to get into bikini shape. I’ve been hitting the gym a couple times a day, upping the intensity of my cardio, eating SUPER DUPER clean (and every 2-3 hrs just like the Blogilates 90 Day Meal Plan) and get this…I even hired a personal trainer.

Uhh what!!?

A trainer needs a trainer!?

Well hellzzz yes!

When Cassey gets serious, she gets effin SERIOUS.

I have 3 weeks left til competition day (May 5th) and I am looking into the mirror and seeing lines on my abs that I have never seen before. My butt is lifting from all of those squats. It is one of the most rewarding, mesmerizing, and satisfying things to see – knowing that your hard work and time put in PAYS OFF. This bikini competition means a lot to me because it will allow me to better understand my body and it gives me something to work towards. I mean, I aint steppin on stage unless I am confident rockin’ a bikini in front of hundreds of people! So you better bet I’ve been taking my weight lifting, HIITs, and running super seriously.

There’s also really fun aspects to the competition too! Like buying a cute bikini, struttin around in clear 5″ heels, getting my hair, nails , and makeup done…not only do I have to train hard like a guy, but I have to learn how to walk with sass like a model! I’ve been practicing my walk and turns DAILY! I’m so not even kidding.

And you know why I was asking you guys about makeup the other day on facebook? Because I need to learn how to do my own on the day of the competition. Here’s me at MAC with tons of makeup on after a very informative tutorial!

I am not a beauty guru by any means…so I decided to take the makeup girl’s suggestions on brushes and shadows and foundations. I decided to by everything once and for all so I wouldn’t have to go through it again.

Let’s just say that the above costed a pretty fortune and that I hope not to spend like that again in a GOOD couple years.

So for the next 3 weeks you will probably be reading about my struggles as a fitness competitor and how hard the dieting and working out is. It will be good for you to learn too just in case you ever decide you want to do a contest and push yourself that EXTRA mile.

The work has been tough, I’ve been strict, but I am so fortunate that I have had lots of very supportive people around me since I made the decision to compete. I can’t go out, drink, party, or socialize over food like a normal human until after the contest because the diet is the #1 thing to getting lean enough for a competition like this. People have been very mindful of my situation :)

Also, my trainer is the best. He is a former bodybuilding champ himself and knows how to push me to my limits. I don’t like it when people go easy on me. I like to be pushed. I wanna be sore. I wanna be dying. I want someone to kick my butt SO BAD. And he’s helped me make changes in my body that I only dreamed of! He also cares about my success the way I genuinely care about your guys’ success with my POP Pilates workouts. It’s hard to find people like that. I feel very very lucky.

I’ll introduce him to you in a future video as the comp gets closer.

I also want you to keep in mind that I am entering a bikini COMPETITION where muscle tone and symmetry are the bases for scoring. Not a bikini CONTEST where booty shaking gets you the prize.

Or where not eating a lot and wearing sexy lingerie will get you stage time.

The girls in the picture I first showed you LIFT HEAVY. They are strict with their diet and they are powerhouses in the gym. Trust me. That is what I am doing now. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about the girls above, I’m just saying it takes WORK to compete in bikini on an athletic level. Which hopefully helps you understand why I am deciding to compete.

I feel like I wanna say so much! I guess we can talk more in the comments and in blog posts following this one. So far, the whole experience leading up to the competition has been very positive and rewarding. I am so excited to show you my progress pics in just a few weeks and what I will look like on show day.

So yeah, I’m not pregnant, getting married or getting engaged. I’m entering a bikini competition. That was my secret!

So tell me, what do you think about this? Would you ever enter a physique competition? What are your thoughts?

  • Elham Malik

    It is 2017 and I am happy to say that the Cassey of 5 years ago is gone. We have a healthier, glowier, sexyier Cassey Ho. Se taught me how to happy and healthy, not sexy and tan. That makes me happy. So thank you Cassey.

    • Niyati Mavinkurve

      I know right? I can make out the difference too.

  • Leann Mercer

    Hello! I just got back from watching and partaking in my first NPC Bikini competition. I am 39 and went in a competition in Mesa on the weekend. There were 317 athletes in the show and 120 women in bikini. A lot of great bodies for sure. I was pretty lean measuring 12% the week before the show and I do not have implants, many did have implants. I was happy with my body and that I did it, I felt I looked as fit as I have ever looked. I was judged and did not place top 5, I also think that body is not the only factor. You are out there with 15 others at a big show and you have about 1 minute of your turns etc and they have made their decisions. Posing/ sass is very mportant to winning, more then a perfect physique as most are pretty perfect! So, I do not know where you are competing but good luck and remember you look awesome! It is an accomplishment just to have the dicipline to be there! Keep up the work on your posing!

  • Amy

    Good luck! Inspiring. And to think that I’ve seen you at the local Sports Center (you know where!) and didn’t stop you for an autograph :]

    I’d be interested in knowing how hard your personal trainer pushed you… though I guess that’s the benefit of having a personal trainer. Just in January I started to lift heavy and I’ve seen lots of changes in my body. I wonder if that’s the secret–lifting heavy, HIIT, and eating clean (and resting, of course!)? I love that your abs are starting to really show–that’s been a goal of mine for half a year now.

  • i would to be able to do that but i have no willpower! i am happy for you! i think this summer i want to train like im doing a competition like that

  • Amy

    i have to say, when i first saw those bodybuilding pics i was got a long way to go those chicks are HUGE haha. but bikini contests are awesome (not that bodybuilding ones arent). i think those girls look amazing and are SO strong. you look awesome..and what an accomplishment to be so dedicated and work so hard. you’ll be so proud of me, there isnt a difference bt this and training for a marathon..u work your ass off with both and both are an incredible accomplishment…congrats! i look forward to hearing how it goes!

  • Lissette

    Cassey, I’m happy you did not let the wondering overtake your desire to know. Good Luck! You will have a magnificent experience. – Positive thoughts pave the way to positive experiences – :)

  • Jessica

    OMG! This is amazing! I am sooo happy for you!! But you must promise to post pics!

  • Xochitl

    That is just awesome! I would like to compete in a bikini competition! You go girl!

  • I think this just made me love you more lol you are so inspiring and this is so awesome! Good luck!!!

    I actually want to start toning up and cleaning my diet (I have the occasional sweet lol) so this is great motivation! <3

  • Jessica

    i noticed you getting more toned. so this is why. that is super awesome to see you going for. it’s nice to see when girls go for heavy lifting and working on being strong rather than just thin. i’m definately rooting for you! <3

  • Jenna

    So I have to tell you that I have actually been toying with the idea of doing a bikini competition as well, and after seeing your post you have inspired me to give it a go! You look amazing already and I know you will do awesome! Your beautiful smile and confidence will make a big impact! I am wondering, will you be sharing some of your training regimen and diet with us? I would LOVE to know what you are going through so I can get an idea of what it’s going to be like!! Good luck and just remember you are already a winner just for putting in so much hard work and effort into your body!! :)

    • thank u and yes i’ll be sharing. DURR!

  • Hey girl! I follow your blog but have never commented until now. I’m also an FFA and know Rebekah ;) But to the point….this is AWESOME! I totally love that you’re doing this. It’s crazy but sometime last yr I had the same thought process as you and am so interested in this. I dunno if I’ll ever follow through with it but am inspired that you are. Keep us posted! xo

  • Danielle Noonan

    Sounds like you are working hard and this will be a super fun challenge for you. I have been following your blog for a little while now and love you workout videos. I really like that you are one of the more natural work out instructors out there. I feel like once ladies become professional fitness models they eventually feel the pressure to get their boobs done to fit the “ideal.” Resist Cassey Resist!! LOL None of my business really but looking at the pictures of those women who lift got me worried for you. :)

    • I know…like 99% of all the professional fitness models and bikini girls have fake boobs.