DIY Racerback Workout Shirt Tutorial

You can print the above and place it next to you while you cut!


– Old t-shirt (I used my old college tshirt! We were Home of the Fighting Poets. Hahahahaha. How threatening :P)

– Pair of scissors

TIME: 15 min


1. Cut away the crew neck the sleeves and the bottom. For the sleeves, you will want to start at the shoulder (you decide how thick you want the strap to be) and cut straight into the chest area. Then curve. If you curve the whole way, it’s gonna look weird on you. If you have no idea what I am talking about, no worries, just follow the tutorial, you can always snip away later. Tr to follow my pictures.

2. Clean up the edges. Decide how low you want the neckline to be.

3. Turn the shirt to the back and make a narrower racerback.  Then cut a deep V.

4. Take the bottom edge of the shirt that you cut off and cut the seams off so that you’re just left with fabric.

5. Stretch it like a maniac. This is fun.

6. You’re left with a really cool noodle thing. It’s really long too!

7. About 2″ above the bottom of the V tie a know with one edge of the noodle.

8. Wind it round ‘n round, then double knot it at the other end too. Cut off loose ends.

9. To make this a hi-low top, lay your shirt sideways and flat. Then starting at about 4-5″ from the front center of the shirt start diagonally cutting down til you reach the back. You’ll want to cut straight for a bit at the front center then start creating the diagonal or else you’re gonna get a weird arrow shape with you open up.

DONE! Start pulling at the fabric to make rough edges go curly and to make your tank longer.

What a fab way to reuse old shirts as vintage gym fashion! I love it. When you guys make yours, please share it on facebook or tweet it to me @Blogilates.

Wear with a bright bra to make it pop!

Oh and be sure to be the first to pin this to Pinterest! GO!

<3 Cassey

  • Wow. that looks sexy and easy to make. Yet, I may need to read the instruction several times to make sure I do not ruin my favorite shirt.

    • Shawna

      I would try it on a less favorite shirt first…

  • It is so interesting that I couldn’t wait to share it with you .Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you so much for this tutorial! I wish I had these easy to follow instructions when I made my tee. To check it out visit my shop at

  • ルイヴィトン

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  • Nana

    Haha! My parents went to the same college! So funny, it’s always been a running joke in my family, the Whittier Poets :) Love your website!

  • Christina Marie

    So I just tried this and it turned out ok for my first time…although it took forever to cut the threads and take em out of the noodle thing! Haha

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  • I just did this with my Jessie J ” Do it Like a Dude” top it is so cool! And motivational aswell! Awesome!!! Easy to do aswell!!

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  • I really adore reading your post. Truly it is a worth-to-read blog. I already bookmarked your website for future reference. Keep it up.

  • Julissa

    I used an old scissor and it ended up looking bad. I later did a second one and…… so happy :) it came out to be so pretty! I will use it for tomorrows workout #juneonfire

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  • Tanja

    Just did it using a girly shirt, ended up having a belly top :D craft fail

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  • This is such a great idea!! I literally just came across this post via a Google search and have already gone on a cutting spree with all my old t-shirts, haha.

    Thanks so much for sharing!! :)

    xo, Victoria

  • Vicki

    Good breakup therapy using concert t-shirt bought by ex-boyfriend.

  • Melanie

    Just made one of these! I used a black t-shirt, so I turned the hi-lo hem I cut off into a sweet headband. Thanks Cassey!

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  • Tegan

    Seriously wish I had all my old music tee’s to do this to – they’d be awesome!

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  • Check out this cool tutorial about T-shirt revamping :
    I’ve done mine in 10 minutes and I’m pretty pleased with the result!

  • Elena

    This popped up in my search results and is how I first found your website. I made 4 of these shirts and even started working out! Thank you so much! You are awesome

  • cinthia

    hello cassie THAT IS URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    soy de Argentina amo tus videos! queria saber si estos trabajos los puedo hacer con tobilleras para trabajar mas y tonificar.¿puedo? por favor RESPONDEME

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  • Heather

    Just did one in less than 20 minutes and it turned out so cute!!! So excited to do this to the rest of the shirts I was about to give away. YAY!!!

  • Becca

    I love this! I have a ton of old t shirts lying around that I never wear anymore, but soon I will be wearing them again, just as tank tops! I also have a few very oversized t shorts, I wonder if this will work on them too? I don’t know, but I will try!

  • Denise

    Just made this – so easy!! I love it. Workouts are going to be so much more comfortable now. My only suggestion to people considering this is: use a shirt that is slightly baggy on you and a bit long. Once you start cutting and tying the back, and cut off the bottom (I only cut about an inch – half an inch was the seam and half an inch of fabric to weave up the back) it might be a bit short. I’m only 5’3″ so length isn’t a problem, but if I were taller I’d have to use a larger shirt for the length. Thanks for posting this!!

  • jackie and steph

    we just did this….aaaand it looks awesome. thanks!!!

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  • This is so cool. I’ve been having a lot of trouble letting go of old t-shirts. This is a perfect way to keep them and have something new at the same time! ^_^
    Thank you.

  • Love this! Thank you!

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  • Cassi

    Hey!! This really helps all the workout and it very easy!!

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