Upper Body Printable!

Have you ever stared at those TRX or Human Trainer straps at the gym and wished you knew how to use them? Well, now you can! (OMG I sound like an infomercial…)

Just print this out and take it with you to the gym – you’ll totally OWN IT and rip up those upper back muscles, those sexy arms muscles…girl, you’re gonna be on FIYAHHHH!!!!

If you don’t know how to do the moves, you can watch this video to prep yourself. Have fun POPsters! Play with your toys, your fitness toys. Keep it interesting and different.

  • Sunny

    Random: Do you have any blog posts about body confidence. The past few days, I feel like I’m been aching to get out of my own skin.

    Thanks Cassey, you rock and stuff.

  • Such a great idea! Thank you for this!!!