Cute Lifting Gloves Flash Giveaway!

This must be your lucky week!!!! We are doing another 24 hr flash giveaway! This time…you’ve got the chance to snag a pair of super cute lifting gloves in luscious candy colors from Gymgirlapparel! I’m picking 2 lucky gals!


So pretty!


I will pick 2 random winners who can fill in this blank in the comments section below!

“I’m sucha _____!”

Then tell me which color you like best if you win :)

Good luck and may the odds be ever on your favor!

(Ok sorry I just had to!!!!! I’m editing the Hunger Games video and I can’t stop!)

<3 Cassey


  1. I’m sucha color whore! If it’s bright, I’ve gotta have it! I can be strong, AND pretty! Just watch me! ORANGE for me, pretty please!!!

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  3. Leigh Petty says:

    I’m sucha blog junkie!
    My favorite color is black because it will go with everything!!!!

  4. I’m sucha ninja ;)

    My favorite color is black because that is the color of ninjas XD

  5. Samantha Clark says:

    I’m such a Fitness Vixen ;]

    <3 Black

  6. I’m sucha beast at the gym ;)

  7. I’m sucha facebook stalker!!!
    hahah :) I love blue!

  8. Callie D. says:

    I am such a beast in da’ gym!

  9. Kristina says:

    oops a color – I like the pink

  10. Kristina says:

    I’m sucha rockstar! and today is my birthday :)

  11. ugh see..and blue!!

  12. I am sucha “clutz” who NEEDS these gloves!!! Thanks!! xoox

  13. Kaley G says:

    I’m sucha runner!!

    And sushi addict.. :)

    I like the blue!!

  14. Miriam Cantin says:

    I’m such a fitnessholic
    They are all cute but the blue one is the cuter!
    Thanks :) xxx

  15. Alexis Parbery says:

    I Am Sucha….Person in need of gym gloves!!! LOL I also am sucha fan of yours, you’ve helped me greatly on the path to being healthy so thank you! I would like any color.. but black, pink, or blue would go best with all the stuff I wear :)

  16. I’m sucha hair headcase!

    I LOVE the blue!!!

  17. Jana M. says:

    I’m sucha sucker for competitive swimming!(:

    The yellow are the cutest!(:

  18. Andrea Alon-Alon says:

    “I’m such an AWE-INSPIRED person because of Cassey, an awe-inspiring fitness guru ever!”

    xoxo. Yellow. :D

  19. Miss H_I_A says:

    “I’m sucha yummy mummy lifting weights!”

    I love the orange gloves..! :)

  20. I’m such a BAD ASS!

    Yellow :)

  21. I’m such a BADASS!

  22. Meredith N. says:

    Oops, and Pink!

  23. Meredith N. says:

    I’m sucha new addict to working out and I’m HOOKED!

  24. Lori Beneteau says:


    i love blue

  25. Kristal says:

    I’m sucha seafoodie! <3 < <3 < <3 And would love to be pretty in pink :)

  26. I’m such a nerd :P
    favorite color is blue :D

  27. tammy Haagmans says:

    I;m such a loser! (Because i never finish my workout because i’m out of breath)

    Favorite color: Blue or Pink!

  28. Lori Beneteau says:



  29. I’m such a all- star mom!
    And I am loving the pink ones!!!!

  30. Amy Rouse says:

    “I’m sucha wuss when it comes to the sight of blood !” (how random is that…)

    I love the bright orange!!

  31. I’m such a girly girl – definitely the pink ones!

  32. “I’m sucha dedicated pilater’ ;-)


  33. I’m such a winner!

    i like blue and pink! (:

  34. Shannon Weston says:

    I’m sucha sucker for peanut butter and jelly on toast!

    the teal. :)

  35. Erica Heule says:

    I’m such a fighter!!!

  36. “I’m sucha cutie pie princess, i just love all things cute but I wanna be strong behind this pretty face ^_^

    Of course I’d like pink, cute yet tough! Haha

  37. Cindy Ausman says:

    Supermegafoxyawesomehotmusculars occermom purple

  38. I’m sucha newbie gymrat! I love challenging myself and pushing my body to its limits. Here we go! ;)

    I like the pink ones!

  39. I’m sucha dork. In every sense of the word.
    My favorite color is purple!

  40. I’m sucha chocoholic xD

    And my favourite colour is pink =)

  41. I’m sucha competitor. I love running in races to try to beat my best time. I loved competing in karate and winning at nationals. Even when I’m working out by myself, I make it a competition to do better than I did during my last workout.

    I love the blue ones! So cute! They are definitely my favorite!

  42. I’m such a blessed girl who is determined to change my health/life for the better!

  43. Sue Tremblay says:

    I am such a workout fiend at age 57!!!!!!!!!!!Love lifting the weights!!!

  44. Oh and orange :)

  45. I’m sucha stress ball lately!

  46. Michelle says:

    I’m sucha minx! ;) I like the pink ones best.

  47. Martyna Lochstet says:

    “I’m sucha squat-junky!!!”

  48. Andreina says:

    I’m sucha lover of all that is healthy for the mind, body, and soul!

    fav color is purple or a lime green!

  49. I’m such a fist pumping, ass shakin, belly clenchin, gym junkie, blogilates lover!

    <3Pink :)

  50. i am sucha crazy lover of blogilates!!!!!

  51. Suzanne Daneault says:

    I am sucha’n iron warrior!
    I like pink!

  52. I’m sucha fat burning, booty toning maniac :)

    I like the black!

  53. I’m such a hopeless dreamer.

    I like the black gloves!

  54. Danielle Turrin says:

    I am sucha fitness blog junkie!
    And I like a surprise when it comes to glove color!
    Thx!!! xoxo

  55. Shelly McIntosh says:

    I’m such a sucker for new workout gear!!! Love the orange – they are all uber cute!!!

    Thank you!!

  56. I’m such a Mom. :)


    I am sucha momma trying to get her groove back.

    I like the blue, pink or black.

  58. I’m such a newbie, with the heart of a FIGHTER!

    Fave color is blue :-D

  59. I’m such a sucker for CUTE workout gear!

    <3 pink.

  60. I’m such a nerd and a gym addict!!

    I’d like the blue please (:

  61. I’m such a fashionable hardworker
    And my favourite color definitively has to be pink <3

  62. Stephanie says:


    Black please :fingers crossed I win:

  63. forgot to mention the colour hehe i’d love pink:)

  64. I’m such a diva-tastic-hard-working-health-freako-and-gym-rat-but-hopelessly-dessert-lovin’-med-student-girly-girl!


  65. I’m such a ball of excitement!!!

    I would say the blue or the orange ones :)

  66. Lan Tran says:

    I’m such a hard driven person. My favorite color is turquoise :)

  67. Courtney says:

    I’m sucha photography junkie, with a flair for architecture, yoga, sparkles and pilates.

    I would love love love the black one, they are so versatile!!!!!

  68. I’m sucha … weak little girl!
    But with POPpilates I work on myself every day. <3

    The blue ones are gorgeous!

  69. Im such a happy girl!

  70. I’m such a sucker for cute workout gear.

    Pink <3

  71. I’m sucha crazy girl!!!
    All of the colors are super cute. Pink would be my first pick!

  72. I’m sucha hard-worker!

    :) AND THATS A GOOD THING. I like to keep busy. I am 16 and I have 2 jobs, I go to school and am an honour roll student AND I still find time to go to the gym 4 times a week for 2 hours! :)

    I love the black ones! :)

  73. I’m such a fashionable hardworker
    And my favourite color definetly has to be pink <3

  74. I’m sucha health nut…. and it all started with the 90 day challenge. I love my fitblr now!

    I would love the pinks ones. =)

  75. I’m sucha determined fitness nut! I WILL reach my goal and be toned & healthy!
    The black ones are too cute :)

  76. Isabella says:

    I’m such a POPs-ter maniac who is in LOVE with the sore-ness after a crazy workout!

    I’d love the pink, any other colors are fine too ;)

  77. I like the blue! :)

  78. I’m such a BOSS!
    Especially when lifting :]
    And I would totes pick pink :]

  79. i’m such an endorphin carrier!The sun in up and it was a full active weekend hiking and cycling race today,i’m so sunburnt but so happy:)

  80. Fieza Zaza says:

    I’m sucha Blogilates fanatic!

    My favourite colour would be pink. Pink makes my world go round (;

  81. Stephanie says:

    I’m sucha…. SUPASTAAAAAAAA… especially when I’m doing my star jumps.. xD… I like blueeeeee

  82. I’m sucha sluggard – except if I really wan’t to reach a goal!

    I looooove the light blue ones! (:

  83. I’m such a hard working, pavement pounding, sweat inducing, push through the pain, come out on top, give it everything I got gym girl.

    blue please =)

  84. I’m sucha enthusiast! And I love the pink!!

  85. Angela Quinn says:

    I’m sucha newbie!!

    I like the blue :)

  86. Debbie D. says:

    I’m such a rockstar!! (blue, or black…thanks for the giveaway)

  87. Danielle says:

    I’m sucha beautiful, strong, and independent lady now, thanks to my friends, family and Popster community that help me keep going!
    Green or pink :)

  88. Skittlef_ says:

    I’m such a juntti. (Hillbilly in Finnish!)

    Fave color is light blue.

  89. I’m sucha workaholic! (it’s tax season and I’m a tax accountant)

    I still find time to work out and take care of my body, though. I love the pink ones. :)

  90. I’m sucha WINNER!!

    and i like pink, yellow, or blue!!!

  91. Fave iz Yelllllllow

  92. I’m such an OBSESSED POPSTER!


  94. I’m sucha badass!

    I <3 the yellow!

  95. PalomaDove says:

    I am such a mama that needs her groove back!!
    Purple is my favorite color!

  96. I’m sucha peanut butter lovin’, exercise freak!

    Who wouldn’t want pink?
    May the odds be ever in your favor.

  97. Joelle Mocibob says:

    … a champ who is working at becoming a strong woman through lifting weights and staying active, which includes doing Pop Pilates videos, of course! :) Love the black!

  98. Im such a WINNER!!!!

    OMG i love theese gloves!! Yellow please :)

  99. I’m sucha dreamer :)

    I love the blue ones.

  100. I’m such a chocoholic!

    Would love the pink ones =)

  101. I’m such a…surprise to myself sometimes!

    I’d love to get a pair in pink – which is HUGELY surprising since about 80% of my workout wear is black or grey :)

  102. strong woman, inside and out. :-)

    yay pink!

  103. Malissa Bahr says:

    I’m sucha…honeybadger when I workout

    I love orange:-)

  104. I’m such a addict for getting in shape and eating clean!
    I love the light blue or black ones. :)

  105. ..foodie! (fitness- loving foodie, of course :-P )
    I’d have to choose yellow!

  106. I’m sucha fox since I started with Pop Pilates ;) yaaay!!

    I love the yellow ones!

    Have a great day! :D

  107. Aleksandra says:

    I’m sucha dork!

  108. Stephanie says:

    I’m such a believer, I keep on pushing! :)

    My favourite colour is the yellow :)

  109. I’m sucha bride-to-be with Blogilates slimming-me :-)

    Gloves: Blue.

  110. I’m sucha sucker for that “I can’t move” feeling in the morning after a good workout haha

    All of them are great! But since I have to choose.. I’m going with pink. Or orange. Or yellow. God. I can’t choose haha

  111. Georgia says:

    “Im sucha good girl, badas* girl when hitting the mat!!”

    I like the pink! :)

  112. I’m sucha lady!

    I would love the pink color!

  113. I’m sucha weirdo!

  114. I’m such a gymaholic who is addicted to POP Pilates and loves Cassey for her amazing workouts <3

    The black ones are the best

  115. Manpreet says:

    I’m sucha sick popster…:D
    I love blue..:)

  116. Julianna says:

    I’m sucha WEIRDO!!

    and I love the orange :)

  117. PRadhAYiNi says:

    im sucHa ” bLOGilATER”

    and giMME this

  118. Isabelle D. says:

    see such a blond… forgot the color… Yellow :)

  119. Isabelle D. says:

    I’m such a blond! OH my god! I got all freaked out bc when I looked down at my shirt, I noticed I had a retarded lopsided nipple!!! So happens that a piece of popcorn had logged itself right there while I was pigging out at the movies watching Hunger Games! OUF! (true blond moment)

  120. Im Such a Winner!!
    or Im Such A Fighter!!

  121. Jennifer Nguyen says:

    I’m sucha beast at the gym, yoga, and doing pop pilates!

    Loving the black. Would be really kick ass with the rest of my workout gear.

    Thanks Cassey! Keep being inspirational to all of us :)

  122. I am sucha workout girl that actually needs gloves!!! My boyfriend keeps telling me that!!! He would be surprised to see me show up with them….he would actually think that I listened to his workout advice!!!
    Pink is my favorite color!

  123. Phyllisia says:

    I’m such a BAMF!!

    I love the orange!

  124. I’m sucha sweaty yogi!

    I love love love the yellow, these would be great for spinning classes as well!

  125. “I’m sucha Australian hippie from the bush that loves to pump iron”

    Any colour would be fabulous!

  126. I am sucha sucker for candy…. (eating some right now lol)

    black please :)

  127. I’m sucha lifting addict!
    I’d love black :D

  128. I’m such a BEAST! That’s what hahah ;) I’ll be needing these gloves on a daily basis for sure since I’m starting Jaime Eason’s livefit program! I would love the plain old black color though :) That way it goes with every outfit no matter the color lolz.

  129. I’m such a lover of bright colors! They make working out so much fun.

    Orange I think is my fave for the gloves.

  130. Annaleigh says:

    I’ve been working so hard over the past 4 months to reach my New Year’s Resolution! Your videos are an awesome tool.
    If in fact I win this giveaway, I’d love the blue-teal lifting gloves! Keep up the hard work, Cassey!!: )

  131. I’m such a dancing maniac!

    (black matches everything :] )

  132. Jessica Nguyen says:

    I’m sucha veggie fanatic!!

    I love the blue gloves! :)

  133. I’m such a swim fanatic! :D

    Blue is my favorite color

  134. Jasmine B. says:

    I’m sucha hardworking girl that loves to strive for success and good health.

    (i would like the black lifting gloves)

  135. I’m sucha resilient person.

    Color: black because it would go with anything.


  136. Loredana says:

    I’m such girly girl, who trains every day without glowes because I couldn’t find them anywhere in XS. In love with pink.

  137. I’m such a proud momma :)

    Gotta love the pink!

  138. Tiffanie P says:

    “I’m sucha badass!”

    blue please :)

  139. im such a sexy momma

  140. oops and i thought you said fav color not which color gloves and i like the black and blue ones the most

  141. Cristal Mata says:

    I’m sucha Blogilates addict :3

  142. im such a geek
    and my fav color is red violet

    btw love your vids, theyre so motivational and always leave me sore the next day :p

  143. I’m sucha cinephile! :)

    I would love the gloves in pink. :)

  144. Christina Plum says:

    I’m such a self motivated gym girl and love it!!!black please

  145. I’m such a work horse.. ( or so my 90 year old neighbour calls me when i’m hauling yard waste up and down the hill.. I just look at it as a great workout)

    Love the pink the best!

  146. I’m sucha NEWBIE to this new healthy lifestyle and Im LOVIN IT!!!

    I would love pink or blue! :)

  147. Im such a workout-aholic

    The pink one is cute ;)

  148. fabulous goddess!

    Light blue is pretty!

  149. I’m sucha protein pancake addict! love eating them for breakfast lately, especially with peanut butter, mmm.

    and I would love blue or yellow :)

  150. I’m such a ‘I will get better at it, type of girl.’
    Sun Kissed!

  151. I’m sucha gym girl. (cheesy i know, but its so true, Luv the gym)
    hmmm pink or blue… If I win, surprise me :)

  152. Maria Valadez says:

    I’m such a crazy mom that loves to workout… =D

    I like blue… =)

  153. I’m sucha new wife!
    The pink is the girliest, is it a question? :)

  154. I’m such a positive outlook kind-of-person…everything in life happens for a reason! (and a pink-loving, super girly girl, vegan, health&fitness freak who absolutely lives by inspiration blogs like yours:)

  155. I’m such a powerful, strong, and amazing woman!

    (Oh, and my favourite gloves are the pale blue ones. ;) )
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! :D

    – Laura S

  156. Erika Schorr says:

    I’m sucha-weight lifter newbie! Always have wanted some nice sculpted arms!
    Thank you so much Cassey for being such an Inspiration! <3

    P.S. Your workouts have gotten me off my rear, working out, eating healthier, and enjoying the journey to a healthier lifestyle!
    Blue or Orange

  157. I’m sucha sexay, sweat dripping, wall climbing workout pearl!

    Pink if I’m lucky :)

  158. I’m such a sleepyhead today lol!
    Pinks ones are cute!

  159. I’m such a BEASTETTE!!

    (Keeping the sweat ladylike)

    And I would love the aqua blue :)

  160. “I’m sucha fan of laughing while I work out.”
    It gets me through those “hard, don’t want to be at the gym” days. If you work out next to me expect to be laughing or making me laugh.

    I will take pink please. LUV!!

  161. I’m sucha WARRIOR PRINCESS! :)
    I would love to get the color pink because it makes me feel girly and cute, but I would be lifting so I would feel like a warrior. And it would encourage me to lift!

  162. Segunda Vasquez says:

    “I’m sucha a weight training freak!”

    Like the pink gloves :)

  163. Drew Arnold says:

    Im sucha dance-a-holic!
    I like the bubble gum colored gloves :)

  164. I’m sucha workout freak now that I have all the support from you and your webpages..thanks Blogilates!!! muah
    I’m gonna go out on my own and say aaaarange (orange) thx.

  165. I’m sucha workout freak now that I have all the support from you and your webpages..thanks Blogilates!!! muah

  166. I’m sucha “determined to better myself” person. (I tried looking for one word that meant it, but I couldn’t find it. I’ll invent one!)


  167. lisa marie davis says:

    Im such a warrior princess I Love the pink!!!
    Thanks Cassey!

  168. I’m such a NURSE! sometimes I catch myself laughing at the most medical things and making medical-related jokes. ahhh :D and of course my non-nurse friends don’t get it. hahahahahaha

    I’d love Orange gloves, GO SF GIANTS!

  169. Natalie Rose says:

    I such a huge fan of your energy and motivation…. you push me…. and I would totally rock pink ones liftin’ 45s haha.

  170. I’m sucha nerd!

    and I would love pink.

  171. I am sucha FIGHTER. Fighting for heath, wellness, a better me, and CONFIDENCE every day.

    Pink (:

  172. I’m such a beast ;)

    My favorite color is the orange ones :)

  173. I’m such a Humans v. Zombies freak. That gives you a heck of a workout.

    Also, the light blue ones please (:

  174. I’m such a hard working mother that I keep the house clean AND fit in my workouts…okay it’s only mostly clean. :)

    I like the orange!

    Roll for initiative,

  175. I’m such a boss!
    The blue ones are so cute!

  176. I’m such a animal lover. :3

    I like the blue ones :D

  177. Sarinaa ' says:

    Im such a fit freak that craves for a sexy toned bodyy ‘
    Orange please !!

  178. I’m such a heavy lifter that I need new gloves often. Lol. But it’s true!

  179. I’m Sucha sucka for blogilates !

    Any colour is fine by me, they are all adorable~

  180. I’m sucha motivational miss! Eager to workout and stay healthy.

    Thank you for this opportunity.


  181. I’m sucha…sexy, crazy, fierce, and determined beast!

    Blue please :]

  182. Im such a go getting gym girl who is hooked on blogilates as well

    ** pink please**

  183. Jennifer Oprysko says:

    “I’m sucha mess!”

  184. Azalyn Vallee says:

    Healthy lifestyle girl!!

    Pink one’s are my fav :)

  185. I’m sucha health nut ! In love with heath & wellness – that’s me for sure !
    love the PINK ones <3

  186. Im such a go getting gym girl who is hooked on blogilates

    **pink please****

  187. Melissa Panchoo says:

    I’m such a shower singin’ diva ;D
    the black ones look hot!

  188. Antonija Bozic says:

    I mean….I’m such a girly girl!

    Would LOVE the orange ones…thanks!

  189. Azalyn Vallee says:

    Healthy lifestyle girl!!

    Pink one’s are my fav!!!

  190. I’m such a foodie addict!
    I would like PINK please :)

  191. Stephanie says:

    I’m such a fitness fiend! :P

    Pink pretty please! :)

  192. Trinity Rojas says:

    I’m such a momma POPster! Baby girl tries to work out with me!

    I love the teal/blue gloves!

  193. Antonija Bozic says:

    I’m suck a girly girl!

    Would LOVE the orange ones…thanks!

  194. I’m suchha girly-girl.
    Pink, pretty please

  195. Elizabeth Eckenrode says:

    I’m suchapoppilates freak! :)

    I would LOVE to have those black ones! I might just go buy these anyways if I’m on my university’s cymbal line next year! I need some good lifting gloves to protect my hands from all the cuts and keep my skin from peeling off!

  196. Marjorie says:

    I’m such nerd, who is addicted to gym! I lift weights and try to educate my gals on its benefits. I would love the yellow ones.

  197. Livia D. says:

    I’m such a newbie to weightlifting (but I’m lovin’ it)!

    This would be a sweet birthday gift! I’m 25 on April 1st :)

    And I like the orange gloves.

  198. “I’m sucha goof!”

    I like the red ones.

  199. Ashneey B says:

    I’m such a foodie :D
    Black please!

  200. I am such Cards fan and volleyball freak!!!

  201. I’m such a wannabe Bond Girl!

    Pink! Totally, completely, absolutely pink!

  202. I’m such a funny person ;P
    I like the black ones!

  203. Rayna Erickson says:

    I am such an exercise addict.

    Gotta love the PINK

  204. I’m such a powerful and confident woman!
    I love pink!

  205. I’m sucha realist

    I’d love pink please! :)

  206. I’m sucha a weenie when it comes to my hands! I need those gloves!
    PINK please

  207. I’m such a slower than dirt runner, but loves doing every minute of it!

  208. I’m such a pushover for avocados! That vegetable is the way to my heart.

    The pink ones are adorable.

  209. Katarina Rookes says:

    I’m sucha workout freak!! :)

    and I ♥ Pink!

  210. I’m sucha Blogilates POPsters mania!

    Blue Blogilates Gymgirlapparel Gloves <3

  211. I’m sucha Hunger Games freak!

    The pink ones would be great for lifting weights so that I can get as strong as Peeta does from throwing bags of flour!


  212. Im sucha ASIAN : Simply put an objective, and I will WORK hard to achieve it.

    orange look great !! :D

  213. Melissa D. Laughter says:

    I’m such a sucker for some free Gym Girl workout gloves!

    bubblegum pink would be great…

  214. I’m sucha fitness DVD freak! I love making my living room my gym and with POP Pilates, I can make a gym anywhere!

    I’m loving those orange lifting gloves.

  215. I’m sucha goof :)

  216. I’m such an excited girl if I win these gloves!
    I’d love black gloves.
    ps: Don’t let my name fool you… I really am a girl with a weird name!!! (maybe this should have been my response to “I’m such a..”)

  217. i’m sucha… tough-as-aligator-skin-bamf ;)

    *refering to.. you know ;3
    ps, wearing pink makes me feel like a fit beautiful aligator princess.

  218. I’m sucha fan of going to the gym to train like a tribute and talking myself into one more rep or one more minute.

    Black goes best with everything!

  219. Rebecca Franklin says:

    I am sucha strongsexyconfidentfitcourageousbeautifulawesomemotivatingmotherofapopster.

    I like blue!!

  220. I’m such a dreamer! Yet such an executioner!

    My favorite color is warm GOLDEN YELLOW!! c:

  221. 1. blue or 2. pink! please :D

  222. i’m such a sore person after spin class! It’s not even funny… the bike chairs are so hard and i’m trying to push my limits every time!

  223. Brittany A. says:

    I’m sucha dancing diva.

    I love the blue!


  224. Heather Smith says:

    I’m such a Career … i just didn’t know until of late ;)

    let the games begins :)

    (mockingjay-pin gold, if i win)

  225. alicia arvizu says:

    I’m such a gym rat & love body pump :] & I love the YELLOW gloves!!!!

  226. Linda Stone says:

    I am sucha newbi lifter!!

    Blue or pink

  227. Yellow is beautiful :)

  228. I’m sucha hot tamale. ;D

  229. I’m such a cat lover.


  230. Christina says:

    I’m such a shoes addict!


  231. Marion Costa says:

    I’m such a workout-a-holic!

    Blue to match my shoes!

  232. Catherine Beard says:

    I’m sucha go-getter!

    Pink :)

  233. I’m such an optimist, opportunist and totally original.

    Black :)!

  234. Amy Barnhart says:

    I’m such a blogilates fan! :) and Hunger Games fan too!

    Blue or Pink, please

  235. Im such a tribute because of you :p and hopefully Ill be a victor!

    Orange all the way

  236. Leanna Chan says:

    Im sucha..foodie!!!! (healthy foodie)


  237. I’m such a goof! Doing something silly every day helps bring that extra smile to my face. :)

    I dig on the Licorice gloves. Black goes with everything!

  238. Courtney says:

    “I’m such a sweaty palmed thing!”
    I have hyperhydrosis, so these would be awesome! I like the black.

  239. oops first word that popped in my head LOLOLOL just read the definition

  240. Demolisher! I demolish the weights!

    Pink Please!

  241. Michelle says:

    I’m sucha.. insanely crazy klutz!

    I like the blue gloves. They’re darling!

    Much love Cass xo

  242. Im such a philanderer!

    -blue please

  243. Tina Casey says:

    I am sucha happy and blessed person!!! Love working out.

    Orange please!!!

  244. I’m such a workout addict :-)

    I like the orange ones :-)

  245. I’m such a … HUGE FAN. You’ve made working out so fun, I walk away a million times happier because a) I’m working to make myself better and b) you always cheer me up!
    (love the yellow – you’re the best!)

  246. I’m such a furious, fabulous, feminine, flavorful, flawless, flirtatious, flexible, funky, friendly, fearless, fetching, fascinating, feisty, fun force to be reckoned with. Alliteration, gotta love it(:
    Pink Please! (Twice in a row, whoo!)

  247. Tina Casey says:

    I am sucha happy person who LOVES

  248. Hmmm…. I’m sucha Pilates freak!
    Blue! :D

  249. jennifer cortez says:



  250. I’m sucha girly girl that loves Pop Pilates!

    Pink of course :)

  251. I’m such a lifting enthusiast!
    I love light blue if I win!

  252. I’m sucha BAMFD!!
    (Bad A** Motha F*n Dancer xD)
    and I’m such a dork that I could only come up with that… oh goodness ^_^; lol~
    The blue is lovely~

  253. I’m such a lover and a fighter! And I like pink :D

  254. samantha r says:

    I’m such an idiosyncratic adrenaline connoisseur.

    Favorite color: Orange (or black… whichever is available) XD

  255. I’m such a nerdy girl

    Then tell me which color you like best if you win: Sun Kissed

  256. I am such an adrenaline junky!! I love doing anything and everything that is challenging dangerous andthat I have to work hard at.

    I would so love pink or light blue. ;D

  257. I’m such a diva warrior princess haha!! I’m really lovin the pink :)

  258. I’m such a beautiful badass!
    Pretty please?!

  259. Melissa Marco says:

    I’m sucha amazing woman! Only took me 32 years and 2 kids to realise

    I would love blue please!

  260. I’m such a fitness junkie!!

    And girlie girl as well so pink pink pink ;)

  261. I’m such a sarcastic person!
    I love the pink :-)

  262. I’m such a Blogilates addict (:


  263. I’m such a loud girl so I’ll take yellow please! :)

  264. I’m such a newbie at lifting.

    Black pleeeease!

  265. BELINDA VASQUEZ says:

    I’m sucha a Jesus girl, looking to feed myself physical and emotional…..=)

    Like the Blue onces!!!!

  266. I’m sucha workout-aholic!!! =D
    I LOVE pink!!!!

  267. Girly girl! So, pink please <3.

  268. Pop pilates girl!!!

  269. Jen Nguyen says:

    I’m such a dork (:

    I like to try to make everything fun and most of the time it comes out different from what I intentioned but not in a negative way! People just think I’m weird and dorky from it~

    Blue, please.

    Good luck to everyone!

  270. I’m sucha cheesecake lover!

  271. I’m such a… girl! And I love it! Pink for me, please.

  272. I’m sucha…nerd! (I love the yellow!

  273. I’m such a geek! Is my geek showing?
    I like the taxi-cab yellow or the orange.

  274. Annie Krzys says:

    I’m such a Blogilates loving , gym rat!
    My favorite color is GLITTER…but pink will do:)

  275. sweetheart.

    I would love pink!

  276. I’m sucha a strong women!

    I would like the blue or orange, please.

  277. I’m sucha chocoholic!
    I’d like the pink gloves and I hope it’s a international giveaway.

  278. I am a believer that everyone should do blogilates as it makes you so happy and everyone deserves happinest in their lives.

    If I was to win I would like pink gloves, thank you=)

  279. Sandy Phan says:

    “I’m sucha lovely obsessed fitness girl” (:

    I love the blue gloves!

  280. Michelle Souchereau says:

    I’m such a wanna be!! Wanna eat healtier, wanna be fitter, wanna be stronger…
    black or pink

  281. I’m sucha NERD!
    -from school, work, to working out I make sure I learn whenever I can to understand how to make my life better.

    blue gloves <3

  282. Stephanie says:

    I’m such a Pilates Princess!

    I really like the PINK ;)

  283. I’m sucha soccer addict!
    I’d like the orange ones :)

  284. Jennifer says:

    I’m sucha clutz! And I can believe I haven’t inured myself badly because of that yet. Maybe these gloves will help prevent anything =P
    I love the blue!

  285. I’m sucha lover! :)

    Seriously, I love everything. Sometimes I feel like I have so much energy and love that the only thing keeping me from going all over the place is my skin.

    I like the pink or black ones. <3

  286. Emmanuelle says:

    I’m sucha sucker for giveaways :) Pick me please :)

    Colour: Orange or Pink.

  287. Stefanie says:

    I’m such a freak for all things fitness!
    Thank you for the opportunity, stefanie

  288. Stephanie says:

    I’m sucha beast!!
    Yellow :D

  289. Victoria says:

    I’m sucha burpee girl

    *any kind give them to me-LOV THEM ALL*
    – so excited for the hunger games workout!!!

    color: orange

  290. Allie Mac says:

    I’m such a sucker for POP Pilates and Blogilates :)

    I love the light blue color

    and oh my gosh cassey I love you even more now for saying that! haha I’ve been obsessed with the Hunger Games ever since the first book came out :)

    Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  291. I’m such a CUTIE!!!

    I want PINK! <3

  292. Andrea Wehr says:

    I’m sucha corset obsessor/enthusiast!
    Love the pink or blue : )

  293. I’m sucha obsessed fitness freak!
    I’d like the blue gloves ^^

  294. I’m such a sucker for fitness freebie giveaways! :)

    The blue pair look great! Thx!

  295. Janice Walker says:

    I’m such an old fart but I’m not letting that stop me from getting my buff on!

    Black please.

  296. Laura Simpson says:

    I’m sucha middle-age weight lifter newbie.

    If I win any / all colors would motivate me. Am enjoying pushing myself to benefit from bone density building from weight lifting, pilates and yoga. Thanks for the fun offering!

  297. maryjane harrison says:

    oh, and I would love orange if chosen, please!

  298. I’m such a POPilates fan! (:

    Thanks so much Cassey!

  299. maryjane harrison says:

    I’m sucha She-Beast…in the best way possible. I never give up and I never give in to the obstacles thrown my way. I struggle with lots of health issues but LOVE my physical strength training as much as my mental strength training. I’m a warrior for my own health!

  300. I’m sucha nerd who loves to workout!
    I love the color pink.

  301. I’m sucha …health nut!

    And black please :)

  302. I’m sucha strong healthy vibrant 52 year old who loves lifting weights and would love purple or orange gloves!

  303. i’m such a GIRL (and proud of it)!

    i like the black and pink!

  304. Jenny Blicharz says:

    Hey Cassey! Hope everything’s super great with you!!

    I’m such a completely AWESOME BUNDLE OF FUN!

    BLUE please! I just started doing Crossfit / did my first deadlift a few weeks ago! Lifting heavy weight! SO exciting.

  305. I’m sucha lover of burpees! Kidding, but a pair of black gloves would definitely make me work harder and sweat like an athlete!

    Love you! <3

  306. I’m sucha stong beliver in myself!

    Blue is my favorite

  307. Big fan of Cassey and popilates!

  308. Shannon Switzer says:

    p.s. my last name is Switzer. oops.

  309. I’m sucha lifting champ! I’d love a pair of the blue please!

  310. Liz Heiduk says:

    I’m sucha fitness blogger fanatic!!

    I love the blue :)


  311. Siobhan Carroll says:

    I’m sucha envious of the awesome fitness clothes I can’t get as live in Ireland! I even been looking for nice lifting gloves.

    I love the blue raspberry one :D

  312. I’m sucha basket case =)
    And I love pink!
    Thank you!!

  313. I’m sucha blogilates fan!
    I would pick black gloves.

  314. Yevgenia Simonova says:

    I want to redo mine, if that’s fine :)
    I’m such a energetic freak trying to get some smoking, sexy abs;). hehe
    I just wanted to mention that this is my first time viewing your website Cassey, and I think it’s wonderful :)
    Well, if I do get these amazing gloves, i would want the blue ones :D. Well to who ever gets them, I hope they work hard in them:)

  315. I’m such a POPilates addict! I can’t get enough!! I like pink :)

  316. I am such a Rock Star ;)
    Any color would be great!

  317. Elena Ish says:

    I am such a dork and won’t change! lol
    Love all colors!:)
    Elena Ish

  318. “I’m such a fitness junkie!” I love the blue gloves! :-)

  319. I’m such a dreamer :)

    My favourite color is blue

  320. i am sucha sucker for cute lifting gloves and will look great when doing a blogilates workout
    it would have to be pink :)

  321. Sassy Gym Diva! I like working out and looking good at the same time :)

    I love all colors but purple would be first! :) thanks chica!

  322. I’m such a girl!!! =)

  323. I’m such a newbie to weight lifting! I think these super cute gloves would help me get myself to the gym way more to show them off :D

    My fave colour is blue :)

  324. I’m such a dedicated weightlifter with no gloves and calluses :D
    I love the pink ones!

  325. I’m sucha sucker for giveaways!!! I so need gloves to protect my dainty hands from blisters; )

    Black goes with everything!

  326. Sheryl Brothers says:

    I am sucha grateful gal if I win these gloves! : )
    I would like the pink ones please

  327. Christine says:

    I’m such a WHINER! I need a pair of BLACK (cause they match all my crazy colored workout clothes) lifting gloves so I don’t get calluses!!!

  328. I’m such a lazy,lazy,lazy butt!

    I love the pink ones!

  329. …studmuffin! Favourite colour is PINK c:

  330. I’m such a fitness princess :)

  331. I’m sucha: schatje!! ^.^

    Yellow!!! <3

  332. I’m suchan explorer!
    I like the black ones best. Yellow second. :)

  333. I’m Sucha Ogorgeously-gasmic wellness freak!

    Blue or pink please :)

  334. I’m such a DORK!! =p

    I definitely would love the color Pink please!
    I hope I win because I need lifting gloves to protect my hands when I lift. And i’d also wear them when I walk my dog (she pulls hard and hurts my hands).Her gear is pink so we’d be matching =)

  335. Pilates & weight lifting chick!

  336. I’m such a klutz! Stopped counting the times I slipped or fell or dropped something on my foot while working out!

    Yellow is awesome! harder to lose!

  337. … optimist (as in, I’m optimistic I’ll win! haha)

    Love the blue ones!

  338. Nicole Guzman says:

    I’m sucha college student, training hard yet eating so bad !

    Orange looks fancy

  339. I am sucha spaz.
    I like the blue or black. But they are all good colors…

  340. I’m such a tofu addict! I tried it for the first time last week (after 7 years of being a vegetarian, whhut?) and I love it.

    They are all so pretty but the blue matches most of my gym outfits.

  341. I’m sucha gym rat.
    Pink, please! :-)

  342. and i would love pink^^

  343. I’m such a BUTT BRIDGE ADDICT!!! <– And I'm not ashamed!!

    Pink, pretty please :)

  344. sandy ellis says:

    Im sucha freak for orange:)

  345. Sara Ahmed says:

    I’m such a crazyfunworkingfoodlovingopenmindeddancingriot =]

    Blue please!

  346. sandy ellis says:

    I would love a pair cause I have callouses from lifting 4 years and would love to try them out. Most gloves I have tried were too thick. I love colorful stuff too.

  347. i’m sucha lazy girl who wants to learn pilates w<

  348. Dana Stiles says:

    “I’m sucha tough mama!”

  349. Sara Ahmed says:

    I’m such a crazyfunworkingfoodlovingopenmindeddancingriot =]

    I love green!

  350. I’m such a pialtes addict!
    i’d love pink or purple

  351. I am a strong, independent woman!

    My favorite color is pink :-)

  352. I’m such a _____ … dedicated college fitness motivator! I like the black gloves. :)

  353. I’m such a lean, mean, weight lifting, clean eating machine!! :)
    I seriously NEED the blue ones in my life!!

  354. “I’m such a perfectionist!”

    The blue is lovely! I would like the blue lifting gloves.

  355. I’m sucha lucky person to have nothing holding me back from my goals :D

    I like pink:)

  356. Im such a strong momma beast!!

    Orange! :)

  357. Sometimes I have to remind myself “I’m such a rockstar!” when I need to power through. The blue ones are so pretty!

  358. I'm such a begger! PLEASE, PLEASE pink says:

    I lead a P90X2 workout/fellowship group every morning at my Church, hit the gym, do Wellness Wednesday workouts with my class (Pre-K 4 teacher) AND coach Upward Soccer :) Fitness nut

  359. Shawna Ann says:

    I’m such a come-back kid.

    Blue. :)

  360. I'm such a begger! PLEASE, PLEASE pink says:

    I lead a P90x2 workout group at my church, hit the gym, and do Wellness Wednesday workouts with the kids in my class each week (pre-k teacher at Christian school), AND coach Upward Soccer. All about fitness!

  361. I’m such a POP pilates superstar!! :]

  362. Missie McLagan says:

    I’m Sucha weight lifting, carido running machine!!!
    I like the white and black ones:)

  363. I’m such a over-thinker! I’d love these in Blue Raspberry!

  364. Jessica Perez says:

    I’m such a burpee bee-oh-double ess BOSS. Lol
    And pink is my fave color :)

  365. Healthy eater, except occasionally when I decide peach bellinis are a must …

    Pink please!

  366. Breanna Kosmicki says:

    I’m such a POP addict and can’t kick the habit.

    Black, blue, or purple.

  367. I’m sucha beast in the gym!

    I’d love any of the colors!

  368. Taylor Regan says:

    I’m such a strength lover!
    Black! (:

  369. Im such a sucker for cute gym gear!

    I’d like black :)

  370. Correction:

    “…even though I ‘played’ to win…” (damn spell check)

  371. Ann Marie Chambliss says:

    Im such a Headhunter weightlifter!!! BLUE please :)

  372. I’m such a teen Diabadass! (I have type 1 Diabetes!)
    Blue :)

  373. I’m sucha fitness and health freak!

    I love pink

  374. I’m such a sweat dripping, ass kicking, working on my fitness machine!
    I would LOVE a black pair!

    haha I loved this, love reading all the creative comments!

  375. “I’m sucha lucky girl to win these gloves even though I fight win the millions lastnight.”

    Mustard or Orange popilates please. :)

  376. I’m sucha endorphin addict! >.<
    I love pink :3

  377. Jazz Afire says:

    I’m such a nerd!
    Black <3

  378. I’m such a(n) Endorphin junkie!

    I’m a sucker for Pink!

  379. I’m sucha POPilates addict!
    I would love the black ones :-)

  380. I am a “Katalista”

    ANY COLOR looks good!

  381. I’m such a bar-protein-making-maniac! and I love black ;-)

  382. I’m sucha girl! A STRONG GIRL!

    love the pink! <3

  383. I’m such a baby!

    I need these blue gloves so my hands stay pretty :)

  384. I’m Such a Girly Girl Bad Ass

    Who’s love Pink & Yellow!

  385. I’m sucha sucker for chocolate chip cookies!

    That’s why I could really use the blue gloves :)

  386. I’m sucha Popster!!!

    I choose black because it matches any of my fitness outfits! :)

  387. Angela Mahoney says:

    I’m sucha random person!!
    I love orange!

  388. Jess Powell says:

    I’m sucha motivated fitness lover!!! And I would love blue :) xx

  389. I love the pink!

  390. …Preggo!

    Pink! :)

  391. Lauren campion says:

    I’m such a believer in myself!

    Pink please!!

    You are great! Thanks :)

  392. Melanie Rodriguez says:

    Im such an ex-couch potato freak! :)

    I love the blue and the black one!

  393. I’m sucha buuuurn addict! :)

    i’d love to have one of these in blue color.


  395. I’m sucha workoutaholic!

  396. those would help me not to feel discomfort when pulling myself on my monkey bars or doing my leg raises while hanging in the air. Pls pick me, I like the black ones. Thank u.

  397. I’m such a pop Pilate addict. Could really use a pair in any color.

  398. I’m sucha workout-clothing-addict :D

    I would love the blue ones <3

  399. I’m such a POPster-maniac that is addicted to the sore-ness after a mind-blowing workout!

    I’d love the pink one ;)

  400. Kim Kristy says:

    I am sucha mom trying to get my body back! I would like the blue – but any color is good :-)

  401. Jen Payne says:

    I’m such a fit mamma! (I like pink!)

  402. Nerissa Mata says:

    I’m such a gym whore!

    I would love a YELLow pair ;)

  403. I am such a fighter. Orange please.

  404. i’m such a conqueror!

    orange please! :)

  405. I’m sucha determined girl :P Would love pink lifting gloves.

  406. Nina Long says:

    I’m sucha liftaholic! (If that’s a word!)

    I like pink!!

  407. persistent person!

    i like the pink :)

  408. I’m sucha GUMP

    I’d love the blue or the pink!

  409. Kristen C says:

    I’m sucha dedicated individual! to life, love, and fitness <3

    black please :)

  410. I’m sucha tough and strong gal!

  411. I’m sucha cardio junkie, it’s about time I did some lifting!
    I would love pink lifting gloves!

  412. I’m such a girl! I like pink!

  413. Francine Ciobanu says:

    Im such a POPilatesFreak!
    I would like to have a pink one please! hahaha

  414. I’m such a nerdy girly girl!

    I love pink!

  415. I’m such a Positive, Outrageous, Permanent follower of Blogilates!!!!

  416. I’m sucha diva swag hustler.
    Haha idk!
    And pink is my favorite :)

  417. I’m such a girl! In a house full of boys (Hubby + 2yr old + 4yr old boys) I need PINK. If I could have my workout gear in pink I would. I even made “kettlebells” and wrapped them in hot pink duct tape – bad a$$ punk girlie girl :)

  418. You made me laugh with THG quote. *giggles*

    “I’m sucha rainbow!”

    I don’t mind any color really. Not even the pink color (for those who judge me!). They all look great. The odd are hardly ever in my favor, though. LOL

  419. I’m such a saucy minx! Haha!
    I like the blue and pink, match my bootie shorts ;)

  420. I’m such a girly girl
    I would love pink!

  421. I’m sucha wimp [at least that’s what I always think BEFORE I workout… After I always realize I’m much stronger than I think! :)]
    black or orange please!

  422. I’m sucha POPilates bedroom workout addict who needs to go to the gym and start lifting!

    black or pink :)

  423. I am sucha girly girl with a whole lot of spice– I continously challenge myself untill whatever it is, changes me!!! Vxx

    I love all the colors!!!

  424. Taryn Miller says:

    Hipster workout junkie in beast mode for poppilates…
    Black please!

  425. Ela Antonio says:

    I love the blue color, for the gurlalou sweating workout…

  426. I’m sucha fitness freak! :D

    blue. :)

  427. Noo why it did not work haha i said :
    I’m sucha motha-suucker for weights!! Yes. Tx ;))

  428. “I’m sucha spaz! I mix up my workouts with about ten different activities but always pop pilates!” Gotta keep my spasticness entertained!

    And blue! I’ve been looking for weight lifting gloves all week, so cute!

  429. I’m motha-suucker for weights!! Lift those little tigers!!

    Color: this dynamic blue! Luv it!

    Tx a lot for your giveaway Cassey u’re awesome! Big kiss.

  430. I’m sucha motivated exercise junky !!

    I like the blue or purple ones :)

  431. I’m sucha POPaLifter!

  432. a POPilates and workouts addict! :)

  433. Oh! and black <3

  434. a POPilates loving, photography loving Popster! :D

  435. Michelle Corlee says:

    a workout freak!

    P.S. I <3 Pink :)

  436. Heather Foss says:

    Pop pilates girl!
    Blue :)

  437. Beast (when it comes to working out)!
    Color: pink

  438. I like purple or pink :)

  439. I’m sucha “spandex- wearing, iPod bumping, sweat dripping happy gym rat!”

    The black is cute and would go with everything!

  440. I’m sucha Gym Girl!

  441. I’m sucha Southern Bell! (I like something like purple, blue, pink; lets go with blue)

  442. Anna Golikova says:

    I’m such a warrior.
    White :)

  443. Ming Xiong says:


  444. Elaine Ma says:

    I would love pink!!
    Thank You<3

  445. Virginia Balseiro says:

    I’m sucha badass!!!!!!!!!!

    I want PINK! <3

  446. Mervi Haahti says:

    Im such a hardass :)

  447. Ming Xiong says:

    an addict to weight lifting!

  448. Yevgenia Simonova says:

    I’m such a weirdo.
    My favorite color is light blue, well blue. :) hehe
    Thanks. Hunger Games!!! :P

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