Cute Lifting Gloves Flash Giveaway!

This must be your lucky week!!!! We are doing another 24 hr flash giveaway! This time…you’ve got the chance to snag a pair of super cute lifting gloves in luscious candy colors from Gymgirlapparel! I’m picking 2 lucky gals!


So pretty!


I will pick 2 random winners who can fill in this blank in the comments section below!

“I’m sucha _____!”

Then tell me which color you like best if you win :)

Good luck and may the odds be ever on your favor!

(Ok sorry I just had to!!!!! I’m editing the Hunger Games video and I can’t stop!)

<3 Cassey

  • Becky

    I’m sucha color whore! If it’s bright, I’ve gotta have it! I can be strong, AND pretty! Just watch me! ORANGE for me, pretty please!!!

  • Hello,
    How are you? Today I have seen your Ladies cycle and racing gloves in full, half fingers in leather, Lycra, Gel or padded palms and other road winter glove that is why I am interested to supply you these gloves because I am making all of styles gloves in my small factory using latest techniques for Adults, Kids, ladies and gents and supplying to many national and international buyer in different part of the world.

    There is no problem to put your logo in printed, embroidery, heat transfer and embossed on your gloves in best quality at low prices.

    We are offering door delivery services by courier if you feel any problem in to deliveries; please let me know if you have any demand so we could send you samples for your kind approval with our very best cost with in time delivery of order.

    Awaiting your soonest reply with any demand of gloves to start our sincere business relations.

    Sincerely yours,
    Usman Sarwar (Partner)

  • Leigh Petty

    I’m sucha blog junkie!
    My favorite color is black because it will go with everything!!!!

  • I’m sucha ninja ;)

    My favorite color is black because that is the color of ninjas XD

  • Samantha Clark

    I’m such a Fitness Vixen ;]

    <3 Black

  • Manuela

    I’m sucha beast at the gym ;)

  • Toyota

    I’m sucha facebook stalker!!!
    hahah :) I love blue!

  • Callie D.

    I am such a beast in da’ gym!

  • Kristina

    I’m sucha rockstar! and today is my birthday :)

    • Kristina

      oops a color – I like the pink

  • Robin

    ugh see..and blue!!

  • Robin

    I am sucha “clutz” who NEEDS these gloves!!! Thanks!! xoox

  • Kaley G

    I’m sucha runner!!

    And sushi addict.. :)

    I like the blue!!

  • Miriam Cantin

    I’m such a fitnessholic
    They are all cute but the blue one is the cuter!
    Thanks :) xxx

  • Alexis Parbery

    I Am Sucha….Person in need of gym gloves!!! LOL I also am sucha fan of yours, you’ve helped me greatly on the path to being healthy so thank you! I would like any color.. but black, pink, or blue would go best with all the stuff I wear :)

  • I’m sucha hair headcase!

    I LOVE the blue!!!

  • Jana M.

    I’m sucha sucker for competitive swimming!(:

    The yellow are the cutest!(:

  • Andrea Alon-Alon

    “I’m such an AWE-INSPIRED person because of Cassey, an awe-inspiring fitness guru ever!”

    xoxo. Yellow. :D

  • Miss H_I_A

    “I’m sucha yummy mummy lifting weights!”

    I love the orange gloves..! :)

  • Kelly

    I’m such a BAD ASS!

    Yellow :)

  • Kelly

    I’m such a BADASS!

  • Meredith N.

    Oops, and Pink!

  • Meredith N.

    I’m sucha new addict to working out and I’m HOOKED!

  • Lori Beneteau


    i love blue

  • Kristal

    I’m sucha seafoodie! <3 < <3 < <3 And would love to be pretty in pink :)

  • Diana

    I’m such a nerd :P
    favorite color is blue :D

  • tammy Haagmans

    I;m such a loser! (Because i never finish my workout because i’m out of breath)

    Favorite color: Blue or Pink!

  • Lori Beneteau



  • I’m such a all- star mom!
    And I am loving the pink ones!!!!

  • Amy Rouse

    “I’m sucha wuss when it comes to the sight of blood !” (how random is that…)

    I love the bright orange!!

  • Melina

    I’m such a girly girl – definitely the pink ones!

  • Hannah

    “I’m sucha dedicated pilater’ ;-)


  • Sarah

    I’m such a winner!

    i like blue and pink! (:

  • Shannon Weston

    I’m sucha sucker for peanut butter and jelly on toast!

    the teal. :)

  • Erica Heule

    I’m such a fighter!!!