Shorty Awards 2012


Last night was the 4th annual Shorty Awards in NYC! Samantha Bee and husband Jason Jones co-hosted the event at The Times Center. For those of you who don’t know, the Shorty Awards honor the best producers of short content on social media. So like twitter, facebook, tumblr, youtube etc.

I was nominated for the award in #SocialFitness (thank you everyone who got me into the Top 6!) along with @Fitocracy, Christopher Brisley @Takeachallenge, John Basedow @Johnbasedow, @Cellucor, and Karena and Katrina @Toneitup.

My heart was racing so hard when the announcers got to the #SocialFitness category…I was so nervous! Luckily they don’t do drumrolls and dramatic pauses or else might have just stopped breathing and died in anticipation. It was a quick death either way though.


Congrats to Chris, ex-royal navy, for earning the Shorty in our category! I was very excited to meet him and the crew @HealthJoinIn who sponsored the category. They mentioned some cool partnerships in the future, so I’m very happy for what that may bring.

Today I am meeting with some vendors in NYC to look at clothing and new stuff for you guys! Then having dinner at PURE (which a bunch of y’all suggested for awesome vegetarian and vegan dining). The peeps from will be my dinner dates :) Remember them? They’ve designed a cool platform where people can take LIVE CLASSES online all over the world. I can’t wait to try a live pilates class with all of you.

Anyway, I better get dressed and head to the subbers! Or subway. Does anyone say subbers?

<3 Cassey


  1. Congrats. Cassy you looked very like truly hot and cute ,pretty yay etc……. In that dress totally loving it .it was actually great one of the top 6 nominated people yayyyy .love u <3 Nora

  2. You look gorgeous!! love that dress :)

  3. Lauren H says:

    Please please tell me where you bought that dress!! I need it now lol.

  4. Oh my, Cassey i love that dress, you look stunning!

  5. Caroline Frawley says:

    Well done Cassey on reaching the top 6. And this is only the beginning! Congratulations!

  6. Francine says:

    wow Congratulations Cassey!!! :)

  7. Awesome that you were nominated with a group of such great people!
    Hope you’re loving new york! (and no people don’t say Subbers here :) or even subway really unless your talking about the sandwich place, we just say “I’m taking the train.” ! <3
    Oh, P.S. I'm from San Francisco! Whooop Whoop!

  8. Aleksandra says:

    and oh yeah, almost like :)

  9. Aleksandra says:

    Oh my, Cassey.. You looked stunning, that body in that dress, i’m, i’m droooling (as a straight person that i am hahahaha). Meeh, the award would be nice, but not that important really.
    Can’t wait to see new blogilates tops and tanks. Much love and respect.

  10. I seriously must check your blog near enough every hour just looking for updates! It looks like you had an amazing time, and just think – maybe next time it will be you who wins! You deserve it anyways!
    I was wandering if you could do a post about places to visit in NY or what you did over the time you spent? I’m visiting for the first time in a few weeks and would really love to hear your take on it!
    So long as you keep blogging Cassey, I’ll keep reading

  11. Brandelyn says:

    Congrats for being nominated! Next year you’ll get it! :) By the way your arms look even MORE fab than before, what are you doing girl?! Share! xx, Brandy<3

  12. Even though u did not win, u were amongst the top 6 so thats an accomplishment!
    OMG!!! Did I read live classes ONLINE? woohoo! Make it happen Cassey!!! :):) <3

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