Fairytale Workout

Remember when I hosted the Blogilates Fitness Star Challenge a while back? Well, FINALLY I got to filming the winning videos.

Let’s congratulate Janice from LA for creating the Fairytale Workout!!!! I had so much fun dressing up and listening to her storytelling during the routine. Give it a try guys! And watch me be INSTRUCTED instead of being the INSTRUCTOR for a change :P

Next week, I will reveal the next winner. There are 3 winners in total. Have fun and please congratulate Janice! Good work girlie! You are so creative!!!!

<3 Cassey

  • Amber

    Good job, Janice! Nice workout. =)

  • Saima

    OMG, just did this after 3 rounds of thankful thighs and i am dying! Janice, well done, this is a brill workout, especially luv the star burpees, & when i say luv i mean h8/luv! :)

  • Lea

    Wahaahaha cool workout:) Janice, you rock:) Hahaha cool motivation words for Cassey:) And the burpees:) awesome:) and I love your mat Cassey:) haha:) nice work*

  • Sonia

    Nice! But somehow I cant manage the Prisoner Get Up. Any clue or trick you can share to help?

  • Sherie

    Thanks Janice, that was so much fun! I even borrowed my little sisters Disney tiara for the workout!

  • Kari

    I had fun doing this very creative workout! Thanks, Janice :)

  • Linda

    Awesome Workout, so sweet :) Congrats!

  • Lilly

    Hey Cassey! I just first want to start off saying…great job, Janice with the workout! It was so much fun to do! So cute! And Cassey, you always keep a smile on my face while I do POP Pilates! ……But anyway, I have a big thing to ask/say idk…I didn’t post it to facebook though because people can see what I post and this is kind of eh..I don’t like my friends seeing! :p So I need to lose 20 lbs in 10 weeks and I’m just worried that I won’t be able to achieve this…I’m getting paid $300 if I do lose 20 lbs in 2 months….but I weigh 154.5 and I’m 5’4….. what do you think?! Can I acheive this while still eating healthy?! I do realize I will have to be very strict but I don’t want to do it unhealthily…PLEASE HELP ME!!! :/ …. :) thank you, you’re so amazing! <3 <3

    • you can lose up to about 2 lbs a week safely! if you follow the 90 day plan EXACTLY, this will happen most likely. good luck!

      • Lilly

        thank you! :)

  • Janet

    Hey, LOVED this video! Janice, thanks so much for your creative twist. Seeing this it hit home in a new way that you really can be fit and strong and tough AND love frills and tiaras. :-) Cassey, also wanted to thank you for the way you are spotlighting members of the community by doing this. It’s such a great idea!

  • Scarlett

    How fun and creative! I loved the story you told Janice! It makes the workout so much more fun when you think you are dodging villains and cleaning the floor for your evil stepmother instead of thinking your forcing yourself to workout LOL :) Way to Go! You truly are a POP Princess!

  • Nice workout, cute twist! Way to go Janice!

  • Natasha

    how many times should we do this as a workout?

  • great idea and great workout! :D

  • Ha! I love this. Way to go, Janice!! :)