Lean Out Mini Meal Plan

Inspired by my readings about clean eating in books, blogs, and magazines, I decided to share with you a mini diet plan that will help you lose fat. This is a pretty strict plan but if it’s just 7 days, I am sure you will be fine! Consult with your doctor if you’re not sure if this is okay for you.

Meal 1 Meal 2 Meal 3 Meal 4 Meal 5 Meal 6
1 cup egg whites 4 oz lean protein(chicken breast, white fish, tofu) 4 oz lean protein 1 scoop protein powder + water 4 oz lean protein 1/2 cup cottage cheese
1/2 cup oats 1 cup steamed or fresh veggies med sweet potato 1 med fruit 1 cup steamed or fresh veggies 1 TBS sugar free jam
1/2 banana *meat must be grilled, steamed, or boiled 2 TBS salsa *this meal is optional!

Drink at least 2 L of water each day for 7 days and you will notice a change in just a week. You’ll be tighter and there will be more muscle definition. But you MUST FOLLOW this plan. No snacking allowed. Avoid salty foods, high sugar condiments, and workout 5-6x that week for maximal results. 1 hr POP Pilates, POP Cardio, or POP HIITS/PLYOs will do it.

Have fun! Don’t wait til Monday. START TODAY. Who’s in?

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  • Tina Schwarz

    I have heard before there is a science to pairing types of food per meal (both portion and type) for example a palmful of protein, 2 fists full of veggies and a thumb size of nuts or healthy fat. My question is, do you have to treat this plan like that or can I combine and make a smoothie out of my fruit and veggie portions and eat 2 servings of my protein at once etc. At the end of the day you would still be consuming the same amount of calories so does it matter how you mix it? I get that spreading out your meals is better but sometimes I get thrown off and need to “catch up” during the day so I would blend as much as I can together and drink it. This happens more often than not for me…

  • Jodie Reohorn

    been on this plan for nearly two weeks now and have lost 9lbs already, I have paired it with the PIIT28 Programme! The first couple of days were quite hard, I felt really hungry and had a lot of cravings but by day 4/5 I felt a lot leaner, and was no longer hungry between meals. I have found the breakfast works well if you blend the ingredients together to make a thick smoothie, I add protein powder to it as well. :-)

  • Zoe Bond

    Before I try this meal plan, can someone that has already done this tell me if you loose your boobs or butt. I am not saying that not having them things are a bad thing, I’m just not wanting to loose them things as I’m young.

    • Ann-may

      It’s always different for each person. If you do the workouts, it will tone and lift everything, which accentuates your body’s best features.

    • Brittney

      I have tried this diet plan once before just to kit start getting back into eating healthier. It does just what she says-gets you a little firmer and you feel better, but your not going to see huge results, especially like “losing” your butt or breasts. A diet plan alone isn’t going to do that-unless you are very underweight, in which case you shouldn’t be trying to cut calories anyway. It is possible to lose fat in your butt (more commonly) and in your breasts as well, but for that to happen you have to lose fat (a diet plan alone won’t do that) you need cardio. If you do it right, cardio like running, etc. will actually strengthen (along with other exercise) the leg and butt muscles and you will lose some of the fat that covers that muscle and your butt should look more defined, not flat. It also depends on how your body stores fat, and loses it. I’m not sure on this part, but I don’t think its very common for most women to lose fat in their breast when dieting. I’ve mainly hear about that happening to female athletes with really low BMI’s. But if your just trying this diet for a week your not going to see drastic results like losing your butt or breasts.

  • Alyaa

    Whoever has tried this, what were your results? Is it worth the try? Thanks!

  • Chloe

    Hi everybody,
    I’m 14 (I’ll be 15 this month), and ever since I’ve been about 12 1/2, I’ve had some bothersome belly fat. I’m healthy–I’m 5’6.5 and 119.5 lb.But I have a really small frame. My belly pooches out all the time, and I have very little muscle.My legs and arms are slim and (my legs at least) are nicely toned, it just doesn’t match the rolls of fat of my belly. I tried doing some of Cassey’s workouts to hopefully flatten my stomach, but my core muscles are so weak that I can hardly hold my legs up without completely destroying my form! Please help! Does anybody have any suggestions for diet/sports I should join/workouts? Is there a type of dance that would keep my legs slim, not bulk up, and trim my stomach maybe?
    Thank you so much in advance!

    • Stevo

      Get to a gym. Learn the technique of the main compound lifts (Squat, Deadlift, Shoulder press and Bench press). Build strength, build muscle. Compound movements use multiple muscle groups and will give you more “bang for your buck” so to speak. More muscle = more calories used on a daily basis. If your fear is “Getting too built/bulky” then throw that idea out the window. Putting on serious muscle mass takes a LONG time so you won’t get “bulky” any time soon and in order to do so you’ll probably have to eat in a certain way to get that big. In terms of reducing fat in certain areas – it doesn’t work that way. You can’t do 1000000 sit ups and spot reduce fat from your mid section. Fat comes off all over with time. Good diet, exercice and consistency is the key to progress. Lots of small, good decisions make for great overall results. Keep at it and you’ll see for yourself.

    • Nina

      I actually didn’t have very strong core muscles either when I was your age-it’s something I’m still constantly focusing on. It takes a lot of persistence to build up core muscle, so keep in mind its going to be a marathon not a sprint! I would recommend starting with some of Cassey’s beginner ab workouts and do as many movement reps as you can. Eventually you will find the movements will get easier and you will start building core strength. As for dancing, maybe give belly dancing a shot! It helps build core strength and its fun! Check out Neena and Veena on YouTube. Good luck!

  • Anneka

    Hey guys, so I think the meal plan is these same six meals every day, am I correct? If so, what would you suggest if I go to school and can’t eat in class, so I can only eat twice (breakfast & lunch) between 6:30-3:00?

    • sam

      I have the same problem and I was thinking of making a smoothie with the banana, the sweet potato, and the medium fruit that I could drink during the day, then making the meal 3 protein into an after-sports snack or something. Just a thought though, would love more opinions :)

  • Tina

    I can drink milk instead of protein powder? and nuts instead of lean protein for one of the meals?

    • Stevo

      If you wanted to replace protein powder I’d replace it with lean meat rather than milk. There is little to no fat on this plan (by the looks of it depending on the nutritional values of the cottage cheese). Instead of replacing protein for nuts I would keep the lean protein and add in the nuts ontop of it rather than just having one or the other. Give it a go see how it works.

  • miya

    what can I use instead of protein powder?

    • Stevo

      Probably lean meat that is equivalant to around 25-30g protein.

  • amalie

    Hey Guys!
    I started this mealplan today, but since we don’t measure in cups and so on.. i DK I have to do it i grams.. but the first meal I get to being 112grams of oats!? can that really be??
    and also is the oats with milk or the oats blended with egg whites and banana?? (2 or 8egg whites in the first meal) I’m really lost here :S..

    • Ariel

      1/2 cup of oats make with water
      Measure 1 cup egg whites then cook
      Cut one banana in half and eat it.
      They don’t all need to be mixed together. Hope this helps! ????

    • Akmy

      hmm…why dont you try using normal cup n measure? im not sure about how many gram but i think just using normal cup to get the roughly measurement should be ok…and u can try blending the rolled oat until like flour consistency, then mix in egg whites & banana to make pancakes~if dont like pancake, then the oatmeal is supposely prepared using water, but mayb you can add cinnnamon for flavour/ mix it with the mashed banana…and i did read somewhere in the bottom that the 1/2 cup of egg white is equal to 8 egg whites :)

    • Asha

      Hi Amelia,
      I’m considering doing this meal plan. If you have the £1 stores around you, they usually sell the ‘cup measuring tools’, super cheap and very useful.
      In the meantime, this weblink is useful to convert cup to gram measurements for different food items:

      Hope this helps and keep us posted on how you get on.
      Ash x

  • Clarissa

    Whats the recipe for the Salsa

    • Ariel

      Just use reg salsa from the stores. Hope this helps! ????

  • Abby

    Am I able to switch out the cottage cheese from meal six with something else?

    • Ariel

      Greek yogurt!

  • Adriana

    Hi, how do the meal plans work? They are numbered 1-6, so do I change them everyday and are they just for lunch?

    • Micaela

      1-6 are the six meals you should be eating in one day.

  • Anna

    This seems like a lot of food for one day. Can someone who has tried this diet give their opinion? I’d like to give it a try.

    • Jen

      I have done it!! It defs makes a difference to your body!

  • Alondra

    Do you have any plans that can be on the go for school ?

    • Ariel

      Just make your meals in advance (meal prep) and take them with you. Hope this helps ????

  • Washfieka

    How does this meal plan work? Is everything listed under meal 1 meant to be eaten together or is that 3 different options you can have as meal 1?

    • You need to eat everything! :) The breakfast is hard to get through, not going to lie xD I’m full after just the oatmeal haha!

      But all in all, you should land around 1500 cal for one day, if you eat as you should! (so don’t skip anything, 1500 cal is already pretty low!)

    • Johna

      Mix all breakfast ingredients togeter for pancake. Top with banana!!

  • Dulce – MexicanPopster

    What about a plan to gain a little extra weight or muscle ypu know ?

    • Gabrielle

      Well, The chicken will add protein and if your looking to gain some weight i would go to bananas and oranges. :)

  • Grace

    Hi I was wondering how much people lost with this

  • Janette

    How does the meal work like breakfast lunch and dinner?

    • Christina

      Each meal is to be eaten every 2-3 hours. So meal 1 might be breakfast and 2-3 hours later you have meal 2 and so on…

  • babrajen

    do i have to have the salsa in meal 3 also is there any special veggi that i should use

  • Lucy V

    Is there any way to substitute the first meal???

  • Pam

    For meal 6, can I put the mixture on a oat cake?

  • Lovella Jose

    Is there any substitute for protein powder?

  • kristina

    i dont get it you have to eat all 6 meals in 1 day or you have to eat 3 every day please help :\

    • Carmen

      You’re suppose to have all 6 meals in one day and repeat that for the duration of the 7 days.

    • Kelsey

      I think it’s 6 every day

    • Kelsey

      I think it’s 6 meals a day

  • Layla

    is there any substitute for salsa all together I’m jut not a fan of it. Looking for alternatives but will eat it if there is nothing else

  • hi I just want to know I’m drinking green tea every morning and night. will this effect the meal plan I’m about to take or it won’t have any problem ?

    • Katie

      Hi! I’m pretty sure it’s completely fine and will even help aid in fat loss, since green tea is known to help with digestion and metabolism :) But be sure to drink plenty of water since caffeine might dehydrate you a little, and maybe drink your second glass at lunch since the caffeine might keep you from getting the best night’s sleep possible :)

  • Sabrina

    Is this a good idea to do if I’m type 1 diabetic?

    • Ellie

      I would ask your doctor like she recommended just to be safe

  • Holly

    I really want to eat healthier but i don’t eat lots of the foods listed and don’t have access to others so are there any good substitutions because i don’t eat banana, chicken breast, white wish or cottage cheese and i don’t have access to protein powder or tofu. Any help is most appreciated. :)

    • Sabrina

      What do you like to eat? There are substitutes galore for all protein options such as beans, eggs, and other fish. There are also so many different fruits you can choose. You may not get the same results but you’re still picking healthier options.