Intense 8 Minute Butt Workout w/ Davey Wavey

Your workout for today! Time to tighten and perk up the BUTTOCKSSSS!!!!!!

Love Davey and how naturally funny he is. Which brings me to talking about my GBF situation. Remember when I posted that last week? Anyway, GBF and I met for the first time after 4 years of not talking and it was a little awkward for the first 3 hours. Pretty formal. Obviously, we had lost the chemistry that once super glued us together. It wasn’t until hour 4 that we talked about the stuff that hurts. To make the long story short, GBF and I said that the rebuilding of our friendship would be a HEALING process. I dont know if we will ever be the same but then again, things could turn out even better.

I am happy that we finally connected and encourage you to write a letter or reach out to someone who’s been on your mind and let them know how you feel. I mean, you have this one life, why not do everything you can’t make yourself happy and to brighten up someone else’s day? Chances are that person is probablyΒ thinkingΒ about you too. And remember, it’s not a GAME about who wins or loses by being the first one to make contact. You both win when you build your relationship.

Have you ever rebuilt a friendship or relationship with someone? Was it weird?

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  • Jamie

    I love Davey! ive been doing his workouts for a couple months, some days i dont do them but my gosh my but has gotten bubbly! and im a very slim girl so a little bit shows alot!! after i started doing this ive gotten referred to as the white girl with a booty! love this video it really got my but hurting! thank you guys!!

  • Sad to admit I’ve been following your blog for several months but I’ve never done any of your workout videos before! I always had excuses ‘not enough time, I don’t want my roommates to see me, etc’ but the fact was I was just a scaredy cat. 2 years ago I used to do over 20 hours of dance per week and daily 30-40 minute pilates work outs, but since I quit dancing and started focusing on school I’m nowhere near that level. This morning I saw this workout and said, ‘hey, it’s only 8 minutes. I’ll do it.’ and oh man, I almost couldn’t get through the first move. But then I did, and I found the will to get through the rest of it, and now I feel awesome! Thank you Cassey and Davey, and please do some collaborations soon!

  • LP

    Why do I feel this workout more in my thighs than my butt? Especially the “iron throne.”

  • Ginger

    Girl look at that body! Love you both!

  • You and Davey are both so bright and cheerful, I love your collaborations! Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to try this :)

  • i left one for dead. i thought i could become the winner over the fact that i would’ve never allowed myself to contact him again. we broke up after a few last horrible months together till he tried to call me/text me, which i both ignored. so much was left unsaid, and i think i hated him for a very long while because at the end of our relationship he ran away without giving me the chance to “heal” us out. when he finally contacted me, i did ignore him, i swear on god i wanted to hear his voice but i couldn’t allow myself to take that call, or else all the silence wall i had built till that moment would have been wasted away. i still think about him once in a while, yet i don’t think i’ll never forgive him.

    • kyle

      then call me!! i wont hurt u… anyway my advice is stand strong and dont let that easyly tear u down