The 1000 Workout

A lil surprise for you to kick start the week of 100’s! Not sure what some of these moves are? Just google it!! Post your time below on how long it took to finish! Have fun! And feel free to Pin this on Pinterest! If you wanna follow me, here’s my profile.



  1. I was only able to make to to level 8. I’m going to slowly build up until I can get through the whole thing.

  2. Took me 20 minutes!

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  4. 33:49! Ahhh! Started working out again recently so I can’t wait to see how I improve next time!!!

  5. Denisse Ortiz says:

    this is one of the hardest but dI love love love it

  6. I’m so afraid of today’s set. Plus running…. Oh dear lord!

  7. 20 minutes :( only did 95 tricep dips as the pain was awful!

  8. Can this workout count as a cardio it amps up your heart

  9. 15:50!

  10. I’m not Cassey, but I think I can help ^-^ I used to not be able to do much of them either, but if you break up the amount you do at once, you can get more in. Eventually you’ll build up more arm muscle and be able to get through them with no problem :)

  11. 21:18 mins.
    Btw, I loved it! :*

  12. Does anybody know how many calories this burns?? My arms hurt as hell and I can’t even hold’em straight out for more than 1 second :S

  13. How many calories does this burn about? Oh and my arms? Yeah. Can’t feel em right now.

  14. I’m in love with this blog and everything on it (or in it… sorry, English isn’t my first language o.o), I come here everyday and it’s so fun and inspiring and omfg asdfghjkl I love it!

    But please help me T-T I can’t do mountain climbers, my arms are so weak and it hurts so much I don’t want to stop, but my arms just give up and throw me onto the floor Q.Q What can I do?

    And Cassey, thank you for everything you did to this point, you’re a hero!

  15. you r killing me this took me 38 min. and i loved it got to do it 1more time but not till tonight lol hugs

  16. 23min. Wow. That was intense. Greetings from freezing Finland! :-)

  17. Talk about a killer workout! I managed to 50 of each and I’m Dying!!

  18. 26 min!! and I improved over the weeks great workout thanks Cassey!! :)

  19. Ive done this once a week for four weeks now. This was my fourth week and I completed the entire thing without stopping for the first time :D. 11:45 :). Thanks so much, Cassie! I feel amazing :)

  20. Shetettica says:

    Is it okay to do this throughout the day. Instead of one full workout.

  21. 15 : 27 . omg i meant i am so now, so think how i will look after another year with ur excersizes♥

  22. 15:27. thank you, Cassey for this body – . this how i will look after another year ♥♥

  23. 15:27 !! hahaha did it without stoppings!!! feelin strong

  24. 21 minutes! Cobra pushups were my weakness…not sure if I was even doing them correctly lol

    time for a shower!

  25. first time; 19 minutes yessssssss , but this was intense…

  26. 29:19 ! OMG I’m dying right now. I had to do 4 sets of 25 for #6-10 cause I started to feel it! This is amazing!

  27. 30:05 I started out doing sets of 20, (2 sets) then a set of 40, and I finished with a set of 20. Great workout! Started NutsInNovember today : o

  28. Stephanie check out Cassey’s Want You Back Arms workout!

  29. My time was 21 min. It was an awesome workout and challenge. I could only do 75 tricep dips, my triceps were dying by the end! Thanks for another great challenge Cassey!

  30. Wow, I’ll give this workout a try! ^^

  31. 25 on the nose!

  32. 19 mins!!! I love this workout but definitely have sweat in my eye- it burns like a mother!!!!!

  33. Christine says:

    22:18.. my triceps! ouch!!! the lunges were hard too

  34. 22:26. AHHH!! Triceps are dead.

  35. 28:34…def a killer!

  36. 29 mins!! >.<

  37. OH my LORD!! I’m going to need a fan to finish these, I did 25 of all then just collapsed! It’s so humid here I felt like I did 2000! Darn tropics thwarting my exercise! >.<

  38. Christine says:

    First time 28:13!! Gonna try this at least once a week. Hoping to improve my time. I didn’t do 100 crunches though. Instead I did 20 crunches, 20 leg lifts, side crunches (20 on each side) and then 20 more crunches. That way I was able to target all areas of my abs. The 100 tricep dips nearly did me in, but I pushed through and finished!

  39. Stephanie says:

    My husband and I did this yesterday; took us 19 minutes. We were a bit confused about what half-cobra pushups were but we took our best guess. Fun workout!

  40. How many times a week can I do this workout? Is it safe to do it everyday or should I do it every other day? And did anyone count the cal burned during this workout?

  41. I’m definitely trying this out this weekend.

  42. My arms are shaking as I type! That was really good. It took about 25 min.

  43. Christine Fore says:

    First time I’ve been able to do this whole thing all the way through without a kiddo waking up early from their nap. It took me 29:30! And I am so tired. There was no way I could do tricep dips after 100 half-cobra pushups so I did 100 hip dippers, gotta get rid of that muffin top. I am so bummed to be out of town next weekend and miss your LA Meet-up. Please do another one this summer. How long are you in LA? Want to meet up for coffee? I get back from vacation on Sunday afternoon.

  44. Did the entire thing in 26 minutes. The half cobra and tricep dips were killer!!!!

  45. I’m definitely pinning this! Love pinterest! Love Blogilates!


    About at 2:13 they explain how to do a hover jack well. I don’t do mine on hard wood floor so I do mine jumping instead of sliding. It is like a jump jacking plank.

  47. I tried it on Monday and finished 1 set in 26 mins. I did 2 sets last night and did the first set in 22 mins and the second in 33… Im going to try to get where I can do it 10 times through. It is a really hard workout. Thank you for posting it!

  48. Im new to pop Pilates so this is my first week doing challenges. This was amazing. My husband and I just did it and we feel the burn!!!!! Keep up the good work and cant wait for more!!

  49. What is hover jack? I tried to look it up on the internet but they are not clear on what hover jack is? I did mine just over 30 minutes! I did star jumping jack instead of hover jacks

  50. Did this burn or did this burn! hehe Took me about 40 mins to do every single rep. Can’t wait till it takes me 20 mins! :) I fought to finish so i’m proud. I can only get better. Also, I jumped my feet in and out on the hover jacks instead of doing the towel thing.

  51. About 32 minutes. I split up the entire workout in 5 sets of 20 reps.

  52. hmm this is very simple! niceeee…. oooh and i really hope u move to socal so i can take ur classes!

  53. Excluding warm up/cool down time, this took me about 20 minutes, except I substituted the hoover jacks for burpees because I don’t have hardwood floors. I spread the burpees into sets of 10 between all the moves. The 100 cobra pushups were killlling me. Thanks for posting all these great free workouts Casey. I love them!

  54. Tonya Skinner says:

    Okay, girl!! Me and the hubby just did the 1000 workout. Took right at 28 minutes… and my arms are sore! Those last two back to back (tricep dips and then holding myself up for those hover jacks was killer on my arms!) were tough. Thanks for the workout!

  55. Oh wow! Lol, im gonna try this, i want to feel the pain! lol=]


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