The 1000 Workout

A lil surprise for you to kick start the week of 100’s! Not sure what some of these moves are? Just google it!! Post your time below on how long it took to finish! Have fun! And feel free to Pin this on Pinterest! If you wanna follow me, here’s my profile.


  • Candyce

    love this! just wondering how many calories this workout burns? and also how many calories the 1000 squat and 1000 ab challenge burns?

    Thank you!

  • Jennifer

    I was only able to make to to level 8. I’m going to slowly build up until I can get through the whole thing.

  • Sierra

    Took me 20 minutes!

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  • Camille

    33:49! Ahhh! Started working out again recently so I can’t wait to see how I improve next time!!!

  • Denisse Ortiz

    this is one of the hardest but dI love love love it

  • I’m so afraid of today’s set. Plus running…. Oh dear lord!

  • Sharon

    20 minutes :( only did 95 tricep dips as the pain was awful!

  • jessy

    Can this workout count as a cardio it amps up your heart