YouTube Headquarters!

Hey POPsters! Yesterday I was invited to attend a Partner Meetup at YouTube HQ in San Bruno to discuss ways we can improve YouTube. It is about 35-40 min away from where I live. There were about 30 channels there and I met up with some pretty cool people! YouTube wouldn’t let us take pictures of their offices or that huge slide in the middle of the building, but if you wanna see it you can look at the post from yesterday!

I first walked in and saw this. A treadwall. Umm what? I would so fall off of that and die. Super cool though. Oh and I got layers yesterday. Can you tell?

I was allowed to bring one guest, so I brought my sis of course! We started off the day with lunch and mingling, got official YouTube tees, then got a tour of the offices, had some lectures on things from Playlists to Analytics to bugs & fixes, and then we attended a livestream with Glozell. She’s a comedian and she is hilarious!

Everyone had great feedback on how YouTube has helped them build community and connect with people all over the world! I totally agree with this as you know that the reason why Blogilates is so much fun is because we all keep each other accountable! We check in. We encourage. We motivate. And we communicate openly. Thanks to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, we can work out together and ask questions/get answers at any time of day.  We have friends from every where! I hope one day we can have a super huge meetup so that I can teach you all live!!! Wouldn’t that be something??

I don’t have everyone’s picture, unfortunately, but here are some friends I’d like you to meet!

This is Austin Lau. He is the mastermind behind the Next Trainer program. Austin was soooooo lively and full of energy in real life. Thanks to him, I’ve been learning how to make better vids for you guys!

Casey from ShotScience. Their channel is all about basketball coaching. He says that people call him Cassey all the time. I get called Casey all the time. People, can you please get it right!!??? LOOK AT HOW MANY S’s there are!!!!

Me, Susan from StrongLikeSusan (another Next Trainer), and Espree Devora <– she is a business woman extraordinaire. I actually saw her speak at a girl’s entrepreneur conference that I was speaking at about 4 years ago and remembered her feisty/funky personality. We didn’t officially meet until today though! Funny how you can run into people again!

Nicki Sun, Me, and Peter Su. Nicki is a reporter and she interviews inspirational people on her channel…like NigaHiga and that whole YTF crew!!!! Any Nigaholics out there? Umm me! Peter Su is just starting out with a music channel. I love his huge hair. It’s awesome.

I later went to dinner with a bunch of the partners. I ordered steamed green beans with tofu, sauce on the side. Unfortunately they totally sauteed my green beans in a ton of oil. Ugh. Oh well.

Tomorrow will be a GOOD workout. I can’t wait to get back on track. These past 2 days I’ve been out all day and it is exhausting!!!!! I want to go rest, wake up, and start anew. Finally get that stretch video up and film some more. I have a few things on my list: the fitness star videos, a sculpting video with hand weights, and maybe later on some q&a stuff. I really really really wanna dedicate an official upload day but I don’t know if I can right now. I mean, it seems like a good idea, but puts so much pressure on me to create and upload. We will see. I don’t wanna disappoint you guys and conjur false hope for new vids.

Even though the craziness of Christmas season is over with the bags, somehow I am still busy. It is never ending, and I am getting pretty tired. Well that’s it for me today! Wish I could have shown you more pics from inside YouTube HQ but photography was not allowed. Let’s just say that they have a sports bar, tiki bar, giant slide for when you’re late to meetings, rooms named after trending topics (ie. they have a conference roomed named “WINNING” a la Charlie Sheen), and free snacks/drinks all day long. Everything is red, black, and white, just like YouTube!!! It’s so cool and everyone is laid back and chill. Seemed like such an awesome work environment. It’s like corporate, done right.

K have an awesome yellow Wednesday!!!! Don’t forget to post your yellow pics to facebook for me ;)

  • Kate McElhare

    where is your white v neck from? it’s the perfect amount of loose fitting and still flattering.

  • Alicia

    Waayy off topic, but where’s your bag from? Super cute! =)

  • idk why they wouldn’t allow pictures that sounds like just a huge playground hahah! I’m super jealous of the slide. I would go, “wee, wee, weeeeeee!” (like that pig commercial) all the way down lollz.

  • 130888

    Cassey you look fabulous. And what is that you are wearing-denim or leggings? And your hair looks amazing. I loved your hair even without layers. Eagerly waiting for your stretching video. :)