How to Start Eating Clean

What is eating clean? I say it ALL THE TIME. But I guess I should once and for all blog about it!!! Simplified, eating clean means stripping your diet of nutritionally meaningless foods. This means no fatty, fried, processed, sugary stuff. In comes the WHOLE FOODS.

Did you know that eating clean actually means you can EAT MORE??? That’s right. You can eat more on LESS calories. How amazing is that. Who doesn’t love eating??? Umm I do. I love eating and if I can eat more, gosh darnit, I   will! Eating things like lean protein (chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, tofu, egg whites etc.), veggies (broccoli, kale, romaine lettuce, green beans etc.), whole grains (quinoa, oatmeal, bulgur, brown rice, etc.), and good fats (almonds, avocado) will keep you fuller, longer.

Why? If you eat processed foods, they are pretty much already “broken down” for you, so the time it takes to digest a french fry will be waaaaayyyyy quicker than the time it takes to digest a baked sweet potato with skin. Make sense? And processed foods usually have a TON of sugar, sodium, and preservatives that can make them quite addicting. If you try to ween away from chips, candy, and all that other “bad stuff”, your taste palette will rewire itself so that you won’t want it anymore. It takes about 2 weeks. Today I ate my steel cut oats with NO brown sugar and no milk even (not saying it’s bad, I just didn’t add it). Just oatmeal made with water and the sweetness of a banana. Tasting WHOLE, real food is so much more satisfying in comparison to eating food hiding behing a blanket of nutritionally invaluable junk.



  1. Stop eating anything fried, sugary, and processed
  2. Start eating a ton more veggies and lean protein
  3. Eat things in their whole form! Fresh fruits, veggies, real meat (not patties and chicken nuggets)
  4. Replace refined carbs (like white rice) with whole grains (brown rice, quinoa)
  5. Drink tons and tons of water to stay hydrated
  6. Eat 5 times a day. If this is not possible, it is ok to do 3 a day, but just make sure each meal is balanced
  7. Make and take with you as many meals as you can to not be swayed by temptation

Below is the book I recommended in the video. “Eat-Clean Diet” by Tosca Reno. It is also a staple in my health & fitness library. Great read with a meal plan and recipes inside too!!! Hope you learned a little with this video and article. or if you already knew that, then I hope this motivates you to jump start the eat clean lifestyle. Really, just start eating this way and watch the fat fall off.

  • Careot tracks your calories/food intake as well as weight and exercise.

  • Hi Cassy I was over eating evey night but I gonna tell god I will not sneaking and over eating
    evey night but I try some sleep every night with out eating and doing my tablet.

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    • Ty

      I actually have a problem under eating! Strange right? Like I have days where I eat way too much and I sometimes can go a week with eating literally one thing a day. I do know how to cook really good I just sometimes get tired and end up starving myself unintentionally of course.. I wish she would do a video on over eating and under eating