Being Called FAT. It hurts. And you don’t forget.

Hello POPsters,

Yesterday I announced the winners of the Kallisti Body chain. The winners were selected based on their thoughtful answers to “What makes you feel beautiful?” One entry that particularly touched me was Cari Garvey’s. She talked about how growing up people taunted her for her size and how she will never forget the hurt that she endured for being overweight.

Her story touched me because I know the hurt. I was once called fat. It was 13 years ago. I was at a family birthday party, we were all eating together at this long table with all sorts of wonderful foods laid out. I was thoroughly enjoying my plate along with my mom and sister. Then this little girl who was probably a year or two younger than me looks at me and says “Why are you so fat?”

I stopped chewing. My eyes welled up with tears. The edges of my lips curled and I fought the quivering frown overcoming my face. I dropped my fork. Ran into another room. Cried. The kind of crying where you can’t stop and you can’t breathe.

It wasn’t long before my mom chased after me and held me in her arms. She didn’t know what happened but she did try to calm me down. When I could finally catch my breathe to tell her, she laughed it off, saying that the little girl didn’t know anything and that she didn’t mean it. I eventually stopped crying. But it didn’t matter. Kids tell the truth. And the truth was, I was fat. I’ll never forget.

I was 11 years old at the time and chubby. In my yearbook pictures, I had a double chin when I smiled. It was hard to find jeans that fit me. But none of it had even bothered me up until that point. I didn’t even know I was fat. I was active, happy, doing well in school, and had friends. That was all that mattered. But from that point on, I became self conscious. I lost confidence. Body image then became something I was constantly aware of. My body dictated my feelings.

Luckily as I reached puberty, I naturally leaned out as I grew taller. In high school, I was on the Varsity tennis team for 4 years and didn’t ever have to think about working out. It was just part of my routine. I didn’t know much about nutrition either so I’d notice that I’d get skinny on season and gain weight off season/in the summer. One September when I got back to school one of my closest friends straight up told me “You look bigger.” I clearly remember defending myself, saying “No, it’s just the sweater, really I didn’t.” I begged her to understand. It was like I was fighting for skinny. It hurt so much. That was 8 years ago. I was 16.

I would say that from that conversation on, I began my struggle with body image satisfaction. No, I never had an eating disorder or anything, but I can confess that I am very hard on myself when I look in the mirror. I see things I wanna improve, just like any other girl. It’s a bad habit, but being the perfectionist that I am, the goals get harder and harder to reach every time.

Do you know that every time I put up a new video, I have this fear that one of the commenters will say “looks like you got fatter”? I don’t think it’s happened yet, but it’s bound to. I’ve lost definition and put on a few pounds since I moved back to the West Coast. Not gonna lie. I can envision this happening when I read the fat comment…I will freeze up, have chills run down my spine, and think back in detail to when I was 11.

Being called fat is something that is offensive and hurtful. It’s something I can forgive, but I cannot forget. Being called fat is a personal attack on your most vulnerable self. It’s a physical insult that leaves an emotional scar.

But like anything else, we must move on to continue growing. Where do you go from here? You begin by removing yourself from that person or the situation that is making you feel horrible. You are still amazing, regardless of what you look like. (Remember how content I was before that girl called me fat?) If you choose to change your physical appearance/lose weight, then do it with passion and know that you’re doing it for the right reasons. Confidence. Health. Fitness. Then enjoy the journey. Find happiness in your day to day struggles and happiness when you reach your destination. Life is too short to be sad over things like this. Just keep remembering that you are resilient and that you can conquer anything you put your mind to. You just need to want it badly enough.

QUESTION: Are you hurt when someone calls you fat? How did you feel and what did you do to make things better?

PS: I’m banning the word “fat” from my vocab, and you should too. That’s no way to describe a person.


  1. Not a Fun Life says:

    Today, my friend texted me and said, don’t be mad, but you’re fat. And she made it worse. She said she made up a program called ‘Operation Bikini Body.’ I am actually in middle school and people call me a fat pig behind my back. It hurt so bad and she then got mad at me when I confronted her. I have had problems with her in the past, but now, I don’t know what to do know.

  2. Something happened to me today that I didn’t think would bother me this much. Before about 5 months ago, I have to admit I was a pretty unhealthy person. I would just snack out of pure boredom and eat like 3 ice cream sandwiches a day. When I went to the doctor’s to get my physical, I was shocked by my weight. So I decided to turn my life around. I started following your workout calendar and eating clean. Now here I am, a momentarily confident 14 year old girl, although still very body conscious, I’m working on it.

    Jumping back to today, this is what happened. It was after our 2 mile run and I was feeling pretty tired and to top it all off, one of my so called friends grabbed my thigh and said “You have thunder thighs ha ha”. I just said “I don’t need you to point out the flaws I already see.” and I walked away from her. My others friends were comforting me and initially I wasn’t really bothered by what she said.

    Something happened during my walk home though. I just snapped. I remembered what she said and i just started crying and bawling in the middle of the sidewalk. I’m pretty sure other people could see me and thought it was funny or whatever. I forced myself to walk home, eyes puffy and red, and continued to cry when I got home. This was strange because it’s not like I haven’t been called fat before. I mean, I didn’t really bother me as much as today. I’ve been working so hard and to have someone just out of the blue, comment on my thighs, really hit me.

    So I’m curled up on my couch crying and I realize what I’m doing. What I’ve done, it wasn’t easy. I have lost 10 pounds and gained a lot of more confidence and muscle than I had 5 months ago. What she says doesn’t matter because in my heart I know that I’m always going to be improving as a person.

    So so many people get so wrapped up in their bodies and tend to forget that there are other important things in life. Maybe you’re good at math or cooking. Maybe you’re a funny person or a considerate friend. There’s so many things you’re amazing at and your body doesn’t define you as a person, it’s just a part of it.

    Now if you want to change yourself, like I did, it’s not going to be easy. That parts pretty obvious.
    but you have to remember who you’re doing it for. Are you doing it for the people that call you names and disrespect you and label you?? Or are you doing it for yourself because you want to finally wake up and be happy and confident and enjoy YOUR life. My parents always asked me things like, why are you doing this who called you fat? I just told them, it wasn’t because someone told me lies, it was because I was unhappy with my current self and I wanted to become stronger and healthier.

    Just focus on what’s important to you in life right now. What really makes you happy! Maybe having a nice body is part of it but remember, don’t let others define who you and or your body . I’m sitting here typing this and I can feel myself feeling happier and my tears (literally) drying up. Thanks for reading all this because it comes from my heart.


  3. I am 13 years old grade 8 and I am 189 pounds I know I am fat I get called fat a lot and I hate it I get called fat by my family my brothers sisters and parents and relatives and people at school , I don’t know I’ve tried to lose weight but I cant. Each of my friends have called me fat and even the ones I think are nice have . Today someone called me “fattie” my so called best friend came to me and said haha he just called you fat that’s so rude and I just smiled I didn’t know what to do!

    • Those people have no idea what they’re are talking about. Don’t listen to them! I see that you want to lose weight, and first thing you need to do is starting to love your body. If you always call yourself ‘fat’ or ‘ugly’ your body will never change. and don’t worry. if you really want to commit, you can and WILL lose gain confidence, willpower, and muscle.

  4. Being called fat isn’t nice. Ive been a big girl all my life and ive never had a lot of problems the kids or people on the outside being cruel, but its my family that says the hurtful things. One minute we’re good and then they stare. Following the stare comes “you need jenny craig”, “you should go on weight watchers”, “im going to sign you up for the biggest loser”. Its just so hard hearing these things everyday. There was one woman when I was younger and everytime we would go over her house she would ask “how much do you weigh” and why are you so fat. It didnt bother me when I was younger, but im 23 now and I hear these things everyday. Its starting to take a toll on me, I cry more now than ive every cried before.

  5. Fatandhatemyself says:

    I am 43 years old and in the last few years I have put on about 30 pounds. Some of the gain is stress and some from hea

  6. One of the last times I saw my friend, we went to one of her training classes. She weighed herself, and pressured me to get on the scale. I did. I will always regret weighing myself in front of her. I’m about 5’2, and it was 181bs. She said “Wow, you’re pushing 200, you really need to do something about that.” WTF bitch!? I defended myself, telling her that I exercise, and she had the nerve to ask examples of my exercises, to I told her I use the elliptical, my yoga ball, mow the lawn, etc etc. Later that evening she said, “I don’t mean to be pushy, I just don’t want to get a call that you’re in the hospital from a heart attack, cause you’re at risk for cholesterol and heart problems.” Hello woman, I do look in the mirror, I’m aware I need to lose weight! So I retorted, “Don’t worry about me, I’m fine.” She finally dropped it. I’m still pissed, and the next time I saw her, I didn’t eat anything in front of her. I’ll probably never eat or weigh myself in front of that particular friend again, since I obviously can’t trust her to keep the unsolicited advice to herself.

    • That reminds me of the time a couple of weeks ago where something similar happened to me. I have been recently swimming to try to control my weight and I have been watching what I eat, so when my training buddy and I went to weigh ourselves after a particularly hard practice I went first and as soon as I stepped on the scale I hear “wow not much progress for you!!” Umm bitch who do you think you are to talk to me like that. I wanted to punch my “training buddy” in the face. Im only around 5’7 and and around 145. I was trying to be open with this “friend” and told them that I wanted to put on around 10 pounds and try to make my abs tighter, and he was trying to do similar things. Only problem was that he was making progress and actually gained the weight that he wanted to. Anyways, we are obviously not friends anymore and I have increased my food intake to around 5-6000 cal/day (had huge plate of fries for lunch today :) ) so I hope that I can gain some muscle and pass him by the end of this year. Moral of the story is to not let your friends judge you!! Ill keep you posted on my progress.

  7. Hello there, Cassey! I know it’s an old post but I’ve only just read it and – you know, I’ve been following your instagram and youtube and this site for quite some time now, workoud with you, loved you, and I can recall every time you gained a few pounds for some reason it would become a big issue to you, the one that couldn’t vanish ’til the additional pounds did. And I just… I know you’re so into growing and being confident and free but I feel like you might not be free completely, like the issue of your body still exists for you, this 11 year-old version of you still fresh in your mind, and I thought – why not put your self-discovering journey on an another level? I’m talking a therapy here, or meetings with counsellor, whatever, really. I just feel like this issue of you is something that needs to be talked troughht and worked on once and for all. So you can be finally completely free. Regardless of the comments on your body. Please, consider it. I love you :)

  8. A guy I’ve never actually had a relationship of any kind with, but who is really good friends with my two best friends called me fat behind my back yesterday. One of my friends told me about it today and I don’t know what to do. I’m FURIOUS because he has no right to say that about me. It also really destroyed my confidence because I lost SO MUCH weight these past few months (over 20 pounds) and he calls me fat and disgusting. I’m thinking about confronting him about it but I wouldn’t know what to say… So I just cry.

    • Don’t let his words get to you. You can confront him if you want. You can tell him about your progress, hwo you’re trying so hard to be healthier and that it hurts that he calls you this way. Maybe it’ll make him think and not say things like these again to anyone and maybe you’ll feel better with yourself. You can also not do it. It’s okay. It’s your choice. But please, don’t let it get to you. You can cry if you want, it’s actually really good for you to let out all these emotions – rmember though just because he said these things doesn’t make them true. You’re so strong and so brave for working out and eating healthy and trying to change your life. If he can’t see that – too bad. We know the truth. ;) Just carry on and remember you’re amazing, no matter what some guy says.

  9. jade-amethyst says:

    To anyone reading

    I recently overheard my one good friend calling another friend ‘fatty’. I asked her what she said, she told me and after a stare I’d given her expressing my disgust, she stopped speaking to me. We’ve had it out and she told me it was a joke. I’ve stuck with my decision and we haven’t spoken in a while. She told me I was projecting my own insecurities onto the situation.

    (I told her how in my teens my father mentions something about wobble, and from a carefree mind where body image was concerned, I became a stickler for self-critique. I’ve worked intensely on myself over the years doing ‘I am teachings’ and using the Louise Hay book. I’m very happy in my body – even though I have those days when my mind and the mirror serve harsh judgment. In no way was I projecting my own insecurities.)

    I never spoke up about the comment, perhaps I was ashamed, shocked or embarrassed, nevertheless I didn’t. I have a feeling there are other people who would keep quiet too.
    I’m close to many girls who after being called ‘fatty’ or ‘chubby’ even as a joke, have never been able to reclaim that confidence again.

    Our world today is a judgmental world, and with the media shoving ideals into our faces, its difficult to not judge yourself and others. I still don’t believe it gives people a right to say anything mean, demeaning or harsh to anyone, no matter how they feel its justified.

    I’m sticking to my guns on this one, for the girls I’ve just mentioned, for those who never said anything and because I know how it feels to have that said about you (sometimes even when it’s not true and is intended as a joke)

    Right now we’re not talking, everyone in class keeps trying to get us to make up but they don’t know the reason why…
    Am I being to harsh on her?

    Advice welcomed :)

    • Maybe it would be good to talk thing out with her. Tell her exactly why you don’t want to talk to her, what calling people fat can make people feel, give her some examples… Make her see, so she won’t hurt someone in this way ever again. Don’t bottle this all up though. Getting offended and not talking to someone is never a good choice. It’s poisoning and destroying and it won’t do any good to any of you. Be the love you want to see in the world. Good luck! :)

  10. This morning at work my boss said to me “your eating again? No wonder you have a gut.”
    Now I am a mother of 2 amazing children and weigh 150 pounds. I do have curves but have never considered myself to big or overweight. That comment she made shut me down completely. I was speechless and completely offended.I honestly don’t think I will ever eat again. That comment has shattered my confidence. I felt like a cow the entire rest of my day. I hate that someone can make me feel that low. I’m now determined to loose weight!

    • Now, now, what do you mean that you don’t think you’ll ever eat again? You’re on this page because you’re a popsters and popsters lose weight in a healthy way, my dear. ;) Be patient, follow Cassey’s adive, maybe her workout calendar or meal-plan and don’t let comments like this one get to you. People can be cruel and careless in what they say. Don’t takie it too personally, honey.

  11. At school other girls in my class always call me fat, & I ignore. I’m only 13 years old and I weigh 52kg. I don’t think it’s bad but then the way they say it. But at the end of the day I know I have a singing talent. I think the girls are just jealous of my personality….

  12. I’m turing 15 in less then a month, and I’ve been over weight for as long as I remember. I remember being 5 or 6 when I first noticed I wasn’t the same as all the other kids. I’ve always had really good friends who would always tell me that I was perfect the way I was, but I could never think that myself. Everyday since I was around 11 or 12, the fear of people around me noticing my weight has terrified me. I even began sucking in my stomache when I was out in public at that age, and I can’t seem to stop. I even developed a social anxiety disorder from being so self conscious. I often lay in bed and cry because of how badly I feel of myself. The worst part is, no one knows this. I had lived every day of my life surrounded by friends, always being the funny one, but once I go home, I’m a mess.

  13. Firstly, thank you to all the brave people who posted – it has encouraged me to share some of my story and let go off some emotional baggage that I privately have held on for far too long! From a young age my weight has fluctuated and i was constantly scrutinized by family, informing me of my weight gains,as if i didn’t already know. Dinner times were hard, if i attempted to get seconds my Mother would say ” Do you really need that” or “should you have any more” continuously making me feel guilty. This slowly led to me hiding food and binge eating after dinner. Guilt then set in and i started to purge what i ate. My mother caught me once and said i was “selfish for wasting food “. This led to a confusing time for me. I gained a lot of weight from this time and comments were relentless. Melissa you must weigh the same amount as all your family members put together… Melissa – don’t have a bath the water will over flow, oh wait can you fit in the bath…oh Melissa you would be so much prettier if you lost those extra pounds… Melissa, it would be nice to wrap my arms around you…Why don’t you lose weight… and this is from family! Just today as I was walking with a work colleague who just had a baby, another colleague commented on my weight by saying to me – “I cant tell which one of you had the baby” he then laughed and continued with his day. A comment he would not have a second thought about had me in a sobbing state as soon as i got home. As i was feeling down i googled..”someone just called me fat” and here i am. So yes of course it hurts, every word, every feeling of being less of a person because you are overweight, every tear that has been shed, it remains. So, how to cope, persevere – listen to the opinions of those who matter – address how you feel with that person. All things that are easy to say, yet a continuous struggle to do.

  14. I have read a few comments and I was shocked by how offensive some people, even your friends and family can be. It is hard when you get called fat, and I am sorry if you are hurt because of that. BUT REMEMBER THAT WEIGHT IS NOT THE ONLY THING ABOUT YOU. You can be smart, you can be good at playing piano, you can draw very well, you are kind, you have a beautiful smile, you are funny. This is what makes you amazing, not how much you weigh. Everytime people say that you are fat, remember that it is because they feel insecure about themselves. This is why they want to bring you down. Stay strong, and smile. You are amazing. :)

  15. Hi,

    I read your story…I’m so sorry for everything that happened it must have been awful! My mom has always called me fat too, from the age of 4 or 5. I basically lived my WHOLE ENTIRE life listening to the dreadful words of my mother. And as a 5 year old, I never understood. I didn’t care…what 5 year old would? Sometimes, I feel she only says these things just because I am way taller for my age, so logically my weight has to be the bigger numbers as well…But I think all she wanted was a smaller girl, a thinner and prettier girl to brag about and to showcase. That was never the case for me. In fact, not once did she say it could be ‘better for my health’. All she did say is that I’d get a boyfriend and people will compliment me and I could be a model. She made it seem I’d ONLY be doing this for the sake of peoples selfish opinions. As I grew older, the words stung harder. Weight is already an issues for teens and on top of that, is calling me fat. However, whenever she mentioned my weight to the doctor, all she’d say is that I’m an average weight, no need for losing or gaining, which, of course made me cheer a little on the inside. Yet STILL she feels the need to call me fat and shame me. Through my habits, I felt self-conscious about what the people at school would think of me and in fact, covered myself up with longer shirts and pants to hide myself. Even in the Summer! And it surprised me quite a lot when my mom had no idea why I was doing it even though she was the reason I’m doing this. This had created so much anxiety that I was scared of meeting new people. And she would also tell her friends about it as well in front of me! Of course, they didn’t say anything but I felt emotionally hurt that my mom tried to make other people pressure me into the person SHE wanted. Don’t get me wrong, but I LOVE my mom! She cares for me and hopefully I can do it one day too. But when it comes to weight, I feel as if there is nothing else she will care about. My self esteem is destroyed, I’m still working hard to feel good about my body.

  16. It’s horrible to hear those words. I’m in the middle of the struggle with bulimia. It’s something I have to fight every single day, everytime I have to eat someone, if I walk passed a food store, if I see someone eating something or talking about food,… The people I love know about my struggle and support me. But today I was in the car with my friend’s mom and she told me I had to walk the last 5 minutes to my house because I needed some exercise. I wasn’t quite sure what she meant so I asked her… I still wish I hadn’t. She told me I would become fat otherwise. I asked why, to know if she thought I was fat. She said it was coming to that point…

    My friend tried to save the whole situation, but I just wanted to get out of that car as fast as possible. I didn’t know what to do with myself and I’m still crying. ONE comment like that could trigger the whole bulimia-thing again, that’s what’s so hard in recovery. I try to accept myself every single day, I want to look in the mirror and just be satisfied with what I see.

    Since the whole problem started, I’m also having a hard time at college. My first year was excellent, and now I just can’t focus anymore. Everything is about the looks. I can spent hours, days watching Instagram feeds about fitness, health, beautiful bodies and people. I want to believe it motivates me to become more healthy, but in fact it just makes everything worse. I constantly remind myself why I’m not good enough, by comparing myself to famous (photoshopped?) people.

    The people I love support me, but the problem is I’ve become so good at hiding my thoughts, feelings. I know exactly what to say or do so that they wouldn’t think of me as ‘that girl with the eating disorder, or even just “that girl with the problems” ‘. I’d hate to stand the thought of people looking at me and that they would think I’m weak. Because I think of myself as weak, but it’s so much harder when you have to hear that from others.

    It’s the same thing with people calling you ‘fat’ or anything like that. You already believe that you are all those things, but it’s another thing to hear it from somebody else. It just strengthens your belief that you’re not good enough, ‘because they said so’. I always have this small sparkle of hope inside of me, that someone would think of me as ‘good enough’, or even better, that there would actually be something ‘good’ about me. But that small, wandering, sparkle of hope just gets crushed by any kind of negative comments or feedback.

    Right now, I’m just trying to keep that sparkle alive, and I hope it will one day fill my life with the joy of just being happy with myself. One day.

    • From what I have read in that post, you are a strong person. You are fighting an ED, and you are fighting to not to let judgemental people in this world make you sad. Keep fighting! Stay healthy, and always remember that your body isn’t the only thing that dictates whether you are good enough. You are a strong fighter, and this is what matters. :)

  17. This was really hard for me too. I think fat is a very offensive word no matter what. I grew up with anorexia and bullimia and it was hard. I didn’t enjoy eating food growing up and also I couldn’t eat well. I was pretty healthy in highschool and my first two years in college for eating clean and being really restrictive with my diet but also exercising daily.

    But my last year of college I lost it. I gained 20LBs from eating junkie and I came back home. It was really hurtful because my mom would comment my body image and weight and it destroyed me. So I am trying to regain my prime days but it’s a struggle because once you have eating disorder, it somehow stays with you. And I am developing bullimia again and have very low self-esteem. It’s very hurtful that my own mother would comment and compare me with celebrities and other models. Being the skinny smaller girl throughout my life but now being not as skinny is hard. People who knew me since I was little commented, “You got fat!” “You gained lot og weight” is really hurtful. To this day I am tryin to get back to what I was.

  18. I get called fat or chubby, but most of the time its chubby. Once we were visitng my grandma & she had made food for us, I was already dieting so I limited myself to drinking lots of liquids & eating once a day. But I remember her telling me, “Hey fatso, aren’t you gonna eat?” & I just stared at her & she laughed. I didn’t think it was funny at all. The thing is, I don’t feel as if I’m fat just chubby. & she’s bigger than me. She always takes my older sister shopping & then she tells me “You need to lose a lot of weight before I take you to buy clothes, because you’re too big” I’m 5’3 & I have a bigger bust & bottom than my older sister does, but I have a small waist. After all the torment I had gotten from her I began to stop talkinh to her. But she came up to me & said “Why did your dad tell me that you don’t talk to me because I call you fat? It’s the truth!” & I started crying. Not only she calls me fat but my dad has before as well. It sucks being called fat & getting made fun of for it. I’ve thrown up my food before & starved myself to the point where I’ve passed out, buy nobody really cares.

  19. Everyone yur not fat yu just have fat so dont say those things cause then it doeant male yu feel better most of the time

  20. It actually does hurt being called fat!I remember last year when I was in primary school this guy whom used to be my “friend”.I acted like I didn’t care and I fought back.When I got home I cried and cried,My sister caught me crying and asked what was wrong.She comforted me and I felt ok.My mom used to give me lectures about loosing weight,I was about 9 or 10 then.I wasn’t that fat tbh,I was an average 9 year old.I felt like she hated me and it killed me to look at her anytime I woke up.Recently her and my dad told me that I have to cut down on some foods and all that.I have lost quite a good chunk of weight.After the said this I didn’t want to eat dinner.They told me why didn’t I come down for dinner and I said “I’m not hungry”,she said “but you haven’t eaten since breakfast”(all I had was green tea and a lemon slice).They started to feel sorry and they began to force me to eat
    I wouldn’t even drink a glass of water.Thats how bad it was getting.They don’t talk about weight anymore and have gotten soo supportive!I haven’t had any sugar today and I’m really proud :) xxx don’t ever call anyone FAT it’s worse then a punch!

  21. Danielle says:

    My boyfriend called me ugly and fat yesterday. He’s called me fat before but yesterday he said I’m getting bigger. He said “your still young, you need to go excersize or else in 3-4 years your gonna get 300-400 pounds.” I’m only 17, I have a 6 month ol baby. His dad won’t watch him long enough for me to even take a hour jog or walk. It’s to hot to have a little baby out in the heat for an hour, plus he doesn’t like his stroller to much so most likely I will carry him the whole time. I can’t lose waight just like that. What my boyfriend doesn’t know is I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I’ve been called fat ugly for sure, all the time. But i learned to cope with it just because I was use to it. But I’m not use to being called fat and ugly by the love of my life. I mean he doesn’t call me beautiful anymore he literally calls me ugly and tells me I’ve ” gained some weight”. I’m so hurt. I don’t know how to cope, I’ve been with him for almost 2 years and he’s never made me feel this way about myself. I love him a lot, he’s the father of my baby. But I don’t know what to do. He’s clearly not happy with me anymore because of my appearance and I am defiantly not happy with him making me feel ugly and highly self conscious. I’m balling my eyes out. I’ve never hated myself so much. I’m afraid to eat. When I see myself in the mirror all I see is a fat cow and I get disgusted. I hate myself.

    • He says you need to lose weight? Tell that asshole he needs to get off his ass and stop being a sorry excuse of a dad who’s gonna end up drunk and homeless covered in his own piss in 3-4 years.

  22. I have been called fat a few times and it still hurts to be called fat because Im 12 I’m 5’3 and I have big thigh which I hat but I been exercising to lose thigh and stomach but today I have been called fat by my father few time and it hurts me by that. So sometime I would eat little food or nothing at all he time me that I’m just going to eat one piece of chicken today and I did argue cause that wasn’t good for my health but now I feel better about myself cuz I learned to love mybody no matter what

  23. Being fat really does hurt, I’m glad someone has experience what I did/am. I’m 15 and ever since I was 12 my family has always called me fat. Mostly my mom and grandma. My dad used to a little but he stopped. The thing that hurts the most is that they call me fat, but they know I’m working on my weight. I’m not that fat. I have big boobs, rather skinny waist, with a big butt(thanks squats!). Anyways I am trying to work on my weight and I’m doing the best I can but all they do is call me fat and it doesn’t motivate me, it depresses me. It does make me work harder , it makes me hate me look in the mirror even if I lose 20 pounds, all I will see is that girl who my family has been calling fat for years. I hate it so much . I have an older sister who is has a body like me but my family doesn’t say anything about her weight to her. Nothing. It’s just me. My mom isn’t that skinny, she has weight too but she always picks on me. I’ve grown the hate the girl in the mirror. If I lose 10 pounds, 50 pounds, or even 100, I will always see myself has the fat girl

  24. Ok. So I am apparently not alone out there. I am 53 years old and I read so many of the heart breaking accounts from young girls and women out there. To this day I am very over weight and I too have struggled with this all my life. Every time someone makes a fat joke, a fat comment, I try to not let it sting. Today I was at a family get-together for a family members graduation brunch. High school can be a rough time and a comment, not directed at me, but said by the high school senior that had just graduated, “I hate fat people.” For whatever reason it was said, though again, not directed at me it hurt. The reason it hurt is because after it was said, they realized what they said, and they glanced at me. I pretended I didn’t hear, but I did. Still hurts, still stings just like ions ago when I was in school. This “fat” thing has left me with virtually no self-esteem and cynical. Please watch what you say, you never know who is listening.

  25. my heart is breaking in two says:

    i am in my twenties and it still hurts when people call me fat. for the last couple weeks my brother been calling me fat and my family say that i lost lots of money and time trying to lose weight and that i will die fat because i will never lose weight. it huts me so much. i have been spending lots of time in my room to avoid people because i feel safe when i am alone without anyone calling me fat and worthless. i have bad thoughts because of the worlds that my family tell me. it has made me hate them so much that i just want to move and it is very hard for me to sit down with them and actually have a conversation. for this reason i keep myself locked in my room so that no one can see me. so i know how people feel when it comes to being called fat. it kills me inside and sometimes i dont know what to do about it but cry my heart out.

  26. This article was tough for me to read, but necessary. Thank you so much for posting.

    All my life, it has felt like my family has made it their duty to remind me how fat I am. It’s to the point where I’m not even sure what I look like anymore, I just feel like a product of what everyone tells me I am.

    One of my earliest memories of this was at the Thanksgiving table, probably when I was around 5 or 6. I reached for a piece of turkey and my grandmother swiftly swatted it out of my hand, telling my parents that I was chubby and “didn’t need any more food”. I was hungry and eventually cried. My mother took me into the next room just so that I could eat a piece of bread.

    Then in my latter years it was my father. Constantly telling me I “could stand to lose 10 pounds”. I never developed an eating disorder, but I developed an unhealthy mentality towards food. I’d go on insane diet and exercise kicks out of sheer panic for what my parents or my grandmother might think, and then inevitably relapse into a giant pile of chocolate and/or fried chicken.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is this: all my life I’ve tried and failed with controlling my weight, getting healthy ,getting in shape. I just want to feel strong and have energy and feel good about myself. Do you have any advice for how to get on track? How do you keep all the negativity out while trying to focus on yourself?

  27. A Hurt School Girl says:

    This article was very hard to read because I feel like someday the same would happen for me… I’ve been called fat several times and it hurts so much, on the outside I look tough I say everything is ok but as soon as I get home I lock my doors and cry in my bathroom. My own family also insults me and tells me that I’m fat all the time. Today I was calledft again, this guy asked everyone “where are u from?” I said I’m from a mythical place I might be a dragon or a fairy as a joke and he just murmured under his breath “an overweight fairy who can’t fly” to be honest inside I felt like I was going to explode into tears! I know I’m fat I don’t needs to be told that! I’m starving myself and I have nobody to talk to abou this… This article really helped me… Thanks for reading

    • Hey Hurt girl, I’m sitting here helping a friend who just got called fat too. Been called it myself a lot as well. Usually by boys who are dumb. Don’t let any dumb boy determine your happiness. Get a good comeback line like “ohhh, bullying, I see you’re finally good at something” and walk away. Then for goodness sake, go talk to someone about it!!!! If you are feeling like exploding and starving yourself, you definitely need someone to talk to. Kids help phone, a friend, a nurse, a cousellor, a teacher, a mom, anyone!! Don’t keep it bottled up inside because then you will eventually become really unhappy. Oh yeah, and tell family member how you feel. They likely think they are kidding and it doesn’t bother you (because you never show it). They need to know that you are hurting inside. And if your family happens to be full of dumb boys….good luck! Never let anyone decide how to feel about yourself. And remember, people bully because they are hurting inside too. Maybe the boy is feeling down about himself because he just read this blog and I called him dumb…sorry boy…or maybe he has zits or sucks at math. Who knows? but he puts down other people as a way to make himself feel better. It might help you to know that and maybe next time you see him, be super kind, give him a compliment. Maybe it will fill his bucket so he stops being so darn mean. Go girl!

    • When I was 5, my mom would go to work before I came back from school, and my dad would be there. My mom left me and my older brother food but my dad would never help us heat it up, so he would take us to McDonald’s or or fast food. After a few months and a few peanut butter and marshmallow creme sandwiches I got bg but, I didn’t know till my brother said “Gained 1or 2 HUNDRED lbs?!” I didn’t know what to say I was so sad I went to my dad but he said he agrees with him it made me so sad. I ran to my room with hot chocolate mixture and ate them I got bigger and bigger 1st grade 80lbs 2nd grade 105-130 3ed 150-178 4th 180-190 then 5th 200-211 I was so sad because I looked at photos I was huge and my brother made sure I knew that he called me “fatty, ugly, huge, reaterd, I just take up space time and food.”

      I’ve learned to accept I’m big and I will never be a “stick figure” even if I want but my brother will. I know I’m pretty and I’m a good singer but there’s two things I’m sad about,once a boy came up to me and said “is that your brother?” I said yes and it was and under his voice he said “then why are you so fat and he is so skinny?”then he started to walk over to him. The last thing is I never knew thee was bad food when I was little if my mom had stayed home from work and fed us well, I would not be a “fatty”

      Thanks for ryour time

  28. I just got bullied at school today i was walking to the bathroom with my friends we walked inside and 3 other girls from my class
    We’re in there 2 of them i was friends with but 1 im not so all of a sudden she starts saying Macayla you talk to much i just ignored her ,2 other girls walked in whom I don’t know and the bully Mekka called me
    Fat the 2 other people who i don’t know started saying dont say that!and the other 2 girls were saying calm down Mekka!my 2 best friends were saying are you alright i said yes lieng and hid my tears.Then i left and my 2 BESTIES came to one of my BESTIES was friends with the bully but not anymore .I went back to home and did not say anything.i dont know if i should tell my dad plz help-10 year old

    • Sometimes when people are bullied, it makes them feel bad about themselves. To feel stronger, they take it out on other people by bullying them. The mean girl picked on you, because she felt bad about herself. There is nothing wrong with you, and just ignore her. <3

  29. I’m called fat a lot… It really does hurt and I cant ignore it. Sometimes I just wish I could die and I’m trying so hard to be good enough for everybody. Yes, I do cut and yes I am suicidal. Being called fat is one of the things I’m called. Also for the question I feel like bursting into tears whenever I”m called fat also nothing ever makes things better it just floats in my mind reminding me everyday that I AM FAT… Anyways that’s my story…. Bye now!

    • Daniela, Oh sweetheart, I am so sorry that someone is using words to hurt you. Name calling is really just a way to make another person feel better when they don’t feel very good about themselves. I know it seems like people that name call are powerful, and popular…but, that changes. Daniela, you were made with a purpose. Some of the most beautiful women I know are not SKINNY. Please don’t think being fat or being called fat defines you. Listen, you have taste buds for a reason! It’s OK that you eat. Do not stop eating. Take a paper plate and create 4 parts…write one of these topics on each part…relationships, spiritual, exercise, and food. Color in each piece of the pie according to how “good” it is. Then, write down what you can do to make yourself feel better in any of those areas. Being healthy is the most important, and that includes being kind. The people that are name calling are UNHEALTHY. Don;t strive to be like them. You don’t need to ignore those people, you just need to fill your life up with so much good stuff that you can’t hear them anymore. :) xo

  30. Eva Heyward says:

    I was called fat today by a group of girls I try my hardest to think postive about my weight but this really hurt. They said I looked like Theodore and I’m goofy I know I’m really stupid and I don’t want them to think I’m upset and give them the satisfaction. I am so upset, I don’t know what to do but this article really helped. Thankyou

    • Eva Heyward says:

      What’s the point in life

      • Hey girl! To answer your question, I think the point in life for you right now is to reflect if you believe what those girls said is really true. It seems as if you’re really sad and I think this is an opportunity to prove them wrong. They’ll be satisfied if you harm yourself. Ignore anyone who calls you such names but if you feel there is something wrong with your weight, you should work for it! This is coming from my personal weight loss story as well :) I was never called fat but I was definitely overweight and losing weight for two years was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve actually lost a little more than 20 pounds–who knew?! So anyways, I don’t think you should let what those girls said eat you up inside, but if you’re still upset, it’s probably because you believe them. The best advice I have for you is to ignore the motherf*cking haters and make healthier choices ONLY if you personally feel you should. Hope this helps! And remember–the POPsters are always here for you! <3

  31. This article made me sad. I think there’s a lot worse things in the world you could be than fat. No one should feel like they have to lose weight over some thoughtless comment. I’ve never been overweight and I’ve been called fat, and I’m now struggling to recover from an eating disorder. The people passing rude comments are the ones that need to change, not you because of their unwarranted opinions. It’s much better to look chubby and be healthy and happy than to lose weight because you don’t meet the standards of someone who would say hurtful things to you. Maybe they’re saying it because they feel bad about themselves, hurt people hurt people, rise above it.
    “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

  32. when I was younger my brothers wrote a song about me called “YOU EAT LIKE A PIG” the will sing it to me everytime I eat :'( it hurt so bad

  33. My sister got the habit of calling me fat from our father. I even thought about committing suicide on her birthday. “surprise, you don’t have to feel ashamed of being related to me anymore.” I’ve decided to remove her from my life, but I’m the bad guy for doing so. People talk about how you’re supposed to remove poisonous people from your life so why does that rule change because she’s family?

    • I’m so sorry for what your sister put you through! That sounds awful :( No one deserves that kind of treatment, and just remember to smile; you are beautiful! (You are right to try and avoid her- you shouldn’t have to put up with that crap.)
      I used to be very skinny as a child, but since middle school, I’ve put on some weight. I’m average for my height, (I’m 15 years old, 118 pounds at 5’4 and I’m an ectomorph) but my family (especially my little brother) makes fat jokes. They used to bother me a lot, but now, I deal with it by telling them that I’m not fat- I’m just big boned. (Or during Christmas, I told them I wasn’t fat, I’m festively plump xD)
      I find that it’s so much easier to make a joke out of it and make them laugh. It shows everyone that I’m not bothered and that I really don’t care. In that sense, the atmosphere suddenly becomes friendlier and the joking doesn’t feel like it’s really intended to hurt me anymore as I am laughing with them! (And my “I’m not fat, I’m-” jokes are pretty hilarious :))
      Anyway, I completely understand that it’s so hurtful and unkind when people try to put you down- but don’t let them get to you! Chin up, gurl! :) We’re here for you, and you’re absolutely beautiful!

  34. Im 4’11 and weigh 113 and short for my age so im more compact and i hate it people who dont know me will say i am and it really does hurt. It encourages me to work harder to prove them wrog and laugj in their face when im in better shape. People are NOT fat they jusy have extra fat no one should be described as fat

    • hi everyone my name is Sophie in confidence I am going to tell u my story x I had a boyfriend called Reuben it was stupid of me to go out with him I thought he was nice I was wronge … I dumped him and since then he has been calling me ugly fat a sket a slag dumb and a geek I cant take it anymore !!!I cant help the way I am I no im not the hottest girl n the world but im definatly not fat far from it not really that ugly im a bit of a slag I suppose I walk around with short skirts full make up extensions ect but anyway don’t let people bring u down for who u r u need to be proud of who u r be proud to be different :) bye for now

  35. I had always been as thin as a rail. That is until I gave birth to my son and I ballooned. Even though I am not overweight, people still call me fat because they might be comparing me to my old self. I am a size 10 now. I do not mind being told that I gained weight or i got bigger but what i dont appreciate is the fat jokes….people throwing jokes as if they own me or had the slightest bit of idea what im going through. My father in law told me he’d ask someone to kidnap me and hide me from the world for 6 months until I lose the weight
    Or that since I am going to be a lawyer I should trim down or no one would hire me. Sometimes it hurts that all the good things you accomplished go down the drain just because you have a bit of unwanted flab somewhere. I hate living in a world where you are nothing when youre not thin.

    • Jammiedodger says:

      I’m in school still and people compare me to a chipmunk and call me fat saying I’m storing for the winter even though winters ending it hurts I try to just brush it off but it hearts each time it feels like someone’s stabbed you in the heart I have had a medical condition to do with my weight and I’m recovering but every time people call me fat I feel like I wanna be anerexic just to prove them wrong but I that’s bad so I won’t but it just hurts so bad I feel like they have put a tag on me that I can’t shake off they wind me up cause they know I’m not quick enough to get my stuff back when they take It it’s hard but as people who are called fat or overweight we’ll muddle through don’t worry

  36. I just suddenly been overwhelmed with a horrible feeling. I’m not overweight, but I’m not entirely happy with how I look.
    so for the past 3 months i’ve been eating better and improving myself and I’m really getting a vibe from it. But I’m broken down to the bottom again. This girl i know, out of NOWHERE in our conversation, decided to tell me I look fatter. Why? the F? I don’t understand her reason. It’s getting on my nerves so much now, because she’s not even fat and she always complains that she’ll get fat. These people seriously get annoying. So even though I work so hard, she doesn’t give a damn about what I’d feel if she tells me that. So I told her that was mean and she covered it up with a halfas*ed excuse about my muscles or something. It’s so offensive. You’re honestly right, cassie. Fat and whatever you want to call someone with a little bit of extra weight is not right and I’m definitely changing the way I feel about this person. Her warped sense of beauty. I honestly don’t even know anymore. I don’t know what to do.
    I should just forget about it andd forgive her but its hard and I don’t know. I just can’t believe she’s so selfish. I can’t believe it at all.
    and it hurts.

    • Gurl, as hard as it is, feel sorry for that poor girl who was unkind to you! She’s clearly jealous, and I know it’s tough, but if she says anything, just give her a condescending smile and brush it off. Some people try to put you down because they’re so jealous of how beautiful you are, and those people are just not worth it!! :)
      I sincerely hope that my words offer you solace, but I know how hard it is to feel broken and hopeless. I’ve been through it before, and I really felt like I wanted to die. But you know what? Those rude, jealous, and immature people would just win. What better way is there to get back at them than to hold your head high, keep striving to better yourself and achieve your goals, and look beautiful & fabulous?
      Chin up, gurl! :) We’re all in this together, and we’ll all support you! Just like anyone else reading this post, you’re beautiful and let no-one ever tell you otherwise!

  37. One day when i was 13 my dad was driving me home from a doctor’s appointment and i asked him if we could go for coffee and he said….
    “no, we cant. You heard what the doctor said about your weight”
    “but dad….the doctor didn’t say ANYTHING about my weight”
    “that’s only because your SO FAT that the doctor didn’t even want to mention it.”
    This made me cry, but he didnt ever apologize.

    • Okay what the hell?! I’ve been scrolling through these comments and feeling sad, but this is the only one that has made me want to stop and comment. That is awful, and it’s called psychological abuse. Annie, I hope you know that is NOT right, and is not what a father should even THINK of saying. If he does this on a regular basis, you really need to cut him out of your life, like Ashe did to her sister above, and you should consult a counselor, because that is literally abuse. I’m so sorry you had to go through that.

  38. Well, the truth hurts.
    My mother, up intil recently had not missed a day at the gym since I was born. 20 years and going strong. So needless to say, my family is in pretty good shape. Me? I work out 5 times a week, and take my supplements to look better.
    I have never been called fat. That’s cause I’ve never been fat I suppose, but I know the feeling. I’ve always had a small frame, so gaining muscle was always difficult for me. All the girls always thought I was supper skinny which sucked considering how much work I put into getting bigger.
    Different problem, yet the same complex.
    HOWEVER, I appreciate the criticism. Over the years the hard work has payed off, but I always do appreciate it when someone tells me I’ve lost muscle, or gained fat, or neglected to workout my legs so now I have toothpick legs.
    Criticism hurts, but it’s good to recieve it. If you’re fat, and know because someone told you, far from being offended you should be thankful. Thankful that someone cares enough to be honest with you. Get up and do something about it rather than crying at home.

    • You are joking, aren’t you? I am overweight. I gained 60 lbs after my son died because I could not handle the loss. Relatives have called me fat and it hurts. I know I need to lose weight and am working on that in my own time. What I do not need is commentary or personal attacks by people who are supposed to love and support me. I appreciate it when people notice that I am healthier, however I do not need to be torn down to motivate me. It hurts me very much and I wish they would stop tearing me down and take a moment to look in the mirror. We are all flawed.

    • RAY, get the F&5K out of this page! Idiot

    • You should be thankful that people call you fat? We all know that we’re fat because of people like you and the rest of society labeling and ridiculing us. For most of my life, I was blessed to have a decent metabolism. I considered myself average in weight, not model skinny. I was happy with my size but my own mother and grandmother would constantly critique my body. In the past three years I fell into deep depression and gained 60 pounds in one year. And you know what I got? Instead of a mother who would support me and encourage me to overcome my depression, she would brush it off as me making things up to get attention and then criticize me for how fat I looked EVERY DAY. And I should be THANKFUL for that?! I hit my rock bottom and was struggling to recover while my own mother and grandmother continued to bring me down and ridicule my body image and I should be THANKFUL?! I needed help, a hand to reach out and tell me that things would get better and that I would be able to overcome this. I needed a friend who would support my goal to losing weight and commended on my hard work for trying to take back control of my life. I never got that. All I got was society critiquing my body image. There is nothing to be thankful for. I am recovering from depression because I want to take back control and be happy again. Telling me how awful I look and saying that I look like I’m a pregnant woman is not motivational. It is degrading. People like you should be ashamed to even think those tactics work on a person’s psyche. You’re no better than those magazines and public media who constantly bring down people.

    • When I was living in Japan, all my friends and students there said it is normal to tell someone when they are starting to look fat. They think it’s helpful, and that not telling someone that they should lose weight is being a bad friend.

      I don’t like it. As a kid I was called fat by my immediate family members, even though I wasn’t fat. I just matured faster and was thicker than most other girls my age (I’m actually the smallest person in my immediate family). I feel I am a pretty strong and energetic person, even more so when I was younger. But I felt like I was emotionally scarred into believing I was fat and obsessed over my body so much that it’s affecting me majorly as an adult. I’m just starting to realize I have an eating disorder.

  39. Being called fat can hurt you, when I was growing up my brothers wrote a song about me being fat and eating like a pig :(

  40. My boyfriend told me the other day that he thought I wasn’t as “in shape” as I used to be. He hesitated long enough to think of the words, that clearly he was thinking of a “nice” way to say I’ve gained weight. I am by no means fat, or skinny. I’ve always been pretty active and naturally athletic and muscular. But never thin. I’ve had pretty great confidence and self esteem. But the past couple boyfriends (and really good looking friends) have slowly made that harder. When my boyfriend told me that, I felt like it broke me. The one person in my life that I thought, thought of me beautiful no matter what…. well I don’t believe him now. I can’t believe him. I look in a mirror and see every single flaw, every extra pound. I can’t imagine how to be naked in front of him now. I love him and he’s the man I want to be with for the rest of my life, and he says the same about me. But clearly physical attraction is important to him. What if some day I’m in an accident and no longer am “pretty?” I could have a stroke, or get caught in a fire! What will he think when I’m pregnant? How can I trust that he won’t leave me someday for a prettier, more fit person? How do I get past this?!

  41. I am 27 years old , 5’8 and weigh 240 lbs. I been fat all my life. I don’t even eat in front of my dad because it grosses him out. My mom calls me fat everyday too. I was the only sister of 4 who was always overweight. My scheduling manager’s kid even called me fat. I heard him tell his mother that girl is so fat I fell in love with one guy and he broke up with me, I took it so hard because I truly feel like he was the only guy who would love a girl my size. There is no way I will ever have a gorgeous man who will be okay with my fat self. I wish I could say I starve myself but its too hard. I truly dislike myself. I feel like growing up I was seen as the ugly, dark-skinned, dumb and FAT sister. My other sisters are nurses and pharmacists and I guess my parents never really cared about my education, I remember them always saying I never study, and that what I am taking in university was a waste of time. I tried so hard, so hard to make them be proud of me too. Ran home everytime I did well on a test just to prove that I wasn’t dumb and smart as my sister and maybe they could talk about me to their friends. Anyway, I realized my parents didn’t really care for my education so I majored in whatever I wanted, til this day after graduation if you asked my folks what my major was they couldn’t tell you. Have no clue.

    • god, you know… I get it. I really f’in get that. and it sucks. the only thing worse than not having the support of your parents is not feeling the support you yourself.

      As someone who has been drastically overweight… health endangering overweight…. it is a day by day, month by month situation. It hurts. It’s always going to hurt but when you choose to ignore and focus on your progress could be the best day of your life. GO Nima. GOOOOO!!!!! GO out and do great things and feel wonderful about yourself because that is who you are. I really believe than.. Forget ignorance and just be in your success. You are not you because of your size. You are you because of your fight and power and strength. I’m not even bullshitting. I really, genuinely believe in your ability. And Cassey believes in you. She is so positve how can you even handle that?! You are you and you are beautiful. Please, please, please use your self awareness to make the world a better place. xx

  42. I’m called fat alot. It hurts. Since 3rd grade my self-esteem has gone from high to none at all. I can forgive but I can’t forget. It really hurts. Some days I just come home and cry. I don’t think some people really think before they call you names. They just do it but either way it still hurts. I have lots of friends and I do well in school but emotionally I’m broken. Some days I don’t even want to go to school cuz I don’t know if someone’s going to call me fat or not. My brother even called me fat. One time he got mad at me and he told me to move out the way “with my fat self”. I’m just… Tired of it all. Even my best friend called me fat. She was like ur so fat and I know she didn’t mean it cuz she was laughing but it still hurts. Sometimes I can laugh it off but other times I walk away or go in the bathroom to cry.

  43. hurted girl says:

    Im called fat everyday and I Cry alot my sisters call me fat and my dad and people in the street and it hurts very much I was out from half an hour and then I was standing these 2 guys were talking about my size then I went home and I cant forget it :'( my sisters talk about my size infront of ppl and I feeeell embarressed and I want to cry till now

    • sparkle2290 says:

      my mom dad, sister all call me fat. my sister lost her charger and she blamed it on me i said “no i didnt! i didnt i didnt!” she said “YES U DO!” i asked “WHY WOULD I LOOSE IT?” she said “YOUR FAT! UR SO FAT” and i started crying soo much and i still am.
      like 1/2 a year ago when she was nicer to me i told her how much it hurts me when people call mee fat. i tell her i cry every time. i tell her i think of suicide way too much, i told her i even tried it once i told her i have cut. i have about twice but my sister finds out and says “WHY U CUTTING FATTY? IT WONT MAKE U SKINNIER” so i just scratch my legs really hard. im 12 and my sisters 16. she told me how she sometimes is called fat and doesnt like it but shes pretty skinny and i dont want to use anything she told me against her and i begged her just now if she could stop using it against me i was in tears asking and she said “GO AWAY U FAT SLUT” it seems like people arnt judged by their kindness or how they are on the inside….people are judgd if they are fat or skinny. if ur skinny ur perfect and if ur fat ur an ugly beast

  44. I get called fat by my step brother step sister and 13 year old step sister she calls me stretch marks but it’s not my fault my grandmother used to feed me a lot when I was younger and she thought it was cute but now I cry. My steps even called me these things today and I also get called fat from some boys and girls but honestly I’m chubby not fat I don’t understand why the girls and boys pick on me when there is gigantic girls in my school unless they like me or want a reaction out of me so yeah here is my everyday life by the way I’m 12 years old

    • right im 15 ive had it to but whats that thing what pweople say words dont brake somthig but trust it dose but not being funny but get over it ive had a lot of people trying to kill her self but it didnt work i talked her self out of it and it is just over a stupid word and if u dont like it then get help or do working out please dont just watch ur self get hart fight for your self x

    • Oh my goodness, you poor dear. :( Keep your head up high, and I know it’s hard, but don’t let those people bother you! You are BEAUTIFUL! :) Smile! :) Those rude and immature people are just so jelly (jealous) because you’re so pretty, so they feel the need to put you down. I’ve seen the prettiest girls sobbing their hearts out because they’ve felt so broken by the hurtful things people say, but they didn’t realize that people were just jealous and were trying to hurt them! I think that’s what is happening to you. So every time someone says something nasty, just remember that they’re just jealous of your beauty. :) No one can take that away from you, and don’t let them! :D Smile everyday and be happy, Alexis! xoxo

  45. It’s so weird… I was chubby when I was 8, and I was pretty fat when I was in my mid 20s. For some reason, I was NEVER bothered when people call me fat. I remember one of my good friend yelled out to me saying “Fat bxxxh!” (we call each other names like ahole so the b* word didn’t bother me, though nor the fat part). And a lot of friends during my fat period told me I have gotten so fat.

    I had a friend asked me “What the hell happened to you?? What did you do?? Gotten so dxmn fat!!”
    And my answer was ” *laughs* Lol, nothing! That’s probably why! Well most of the activities that I do is sit, and I work an office job.”

    Not sure why, I actually feel strange that so many people are bothered by it, but that I actually don’t. I didn’t care that I was fat, and I knew I was fat, but I was happy. People calling me fat was the same as people telling me I am a girl, telling me a fact, or people telling me hey your hair has gotten longer.

    I did lose a lot of weight later however, due to me wanting to present myself better.

    I think, lose weight for yourself if you feel bad about it, whether it’s because people bluntly tells you a fact, or it’s because of your health, or you feel that you don’t look good. If you feel healthy and happy about your image, it doesn’t matter what others say, someone telling you you have gotten bigger is no difference from someone saying your hair has grown longer, just tell them :”ya, I know. I am happy the way I am though.”

  46. anonymus says:

    I was called fat today by one of my friends. It bothered me because she did it with two people present during lunch time. I felt so embarrassed that i barely ate and on top of that she said that i didn’t eat because she had offended me. I just wished she would of pulled me to the side and told me.

  47. i haven’t eaten lunch in a month


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