My Black Friday + Some RIDIC Activewear Deals!

On Thanksgiving, I vowed that I would not go shopping on Black Friday.

On Black Friday, I breached that contract with myself.

I headed out to the mall to join the festivities! :P

I don’t shop very much anymore which is weird because I used to be a shopaholic. I think I used to be literally ADDICTED to shopping when I was in high school and college. I could barely go a week without shopping and my closet would be OVERFLOWING with clothes. It got pretty bad. There was a point where I never repeated outfits for a whole semester. It sounds crazy but the secret to this was actually in shopping sample sales. Has anyone ever been to one? If you’re in LA, head to the California Market Center and those showrooms around Fashion District. Once a month, they have sample sales where you can buy tons and tons of pieces from next season (yes you get to know what’s in style before anyone else does ) and the clothes are dirt cheap. Keep in mind that these are designer clothes. I’m talking brands like BCBG, Michael Stars, Juicy Couture, and Betsey Johnson just to name a few!!??!

Usually the samples run in size 2-4 (but there are larger sometimes) and you should know your size before going. You’re not allowed to try on. The women who shop these things are like certified fashionistas and they come prepared. We all wear comfortable clothes and carry rolling luggages or huge tote bags with us as we traverse the buildings and hop from one showroom to another. The showrooms don’t have bags to give you, that’s why you have to bring your own. Haha, oh man, thinking of this makes me want to go to a sample sale so badly!!

Anyway, it’s so weird now because all I wear are sneakers and workout clothes! So yesterday I thought it’d be nice to go get me some “regular” clothes. I pretty much stopped regular clothes shopping when I quit my corporate job last year. I didn’t go too crazy today at the mall but I loved every piece I got. Here are some of my faves from today:

Okay not exactly falling under the “regular” category but…Grey and Lime Nike trainers!!! Aren’t they super cute!!?? Recently I’ve been addicted to this color combo so I was excited to snatch this pair up at the Nike Clearance Store for 50 bucks! In case you’re wondering, the style is “FREE XT MOTION FIT.”

Isn’t this the sexiest, sparkliest, sassiest dress ever? I was in love when I saw it!!!! My sis and I are going to a party next week and we needed something super cute to wear. Got this from Foreign Exchange. $54 then extra 50% off!

doesn't that back look awesome?

Jackelyn got this dress, also from the same store. We were dying over that hashtag back. It was $39, then we took an additional 50% off!

AND NOW…for some CRAZY awesome activewear deals!!! 

OK guys, listen to me when I say these are ridiculous deals. Get your activewear NOWWWW. I used to work with these brands when I worked in corporate fashion retail and these guys are all big players with high quality stuff.

The IDEELI BLACK SALE ENDS at 11:59PM TONIGHT. Yes as in Saturday, November 26th tonight. To get the deals, you have to have an account. You can sign up here, it’s free. Once you’re there, go to ALL > Women’s > IDEELI Black Activewear.

That’s it! I wish I had known about this sooner. I must snatch up some goods right now. I am in love with that double twist back cami from Fila. Let me know what you end up getting! Happy shopping everyone…and let’s get ready for the holidays! What did you get on Black Friday this year? Tell me below!!!

<3 Cassey

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  • Bindi

    oooh, i wish i had been there…. maybe it’s for the better i wasn’t. haha. every year they have a big sale in singapore and singapore is like a shopping-mecca. the sample sales sound awesome but also as a headache, i wonder if there is anything like that in this region… i would love to go…

    nice items you got cassey! and you two will look super hot in those dresses, have fun girls!!!

  • saim

    OMG. Wish I wre in USA, blak fri sounds bril. Mite plan a trip 4 nxt yr! Kate, luv hw u spent! We hav sumthn similar cald boxing day sales which is a day aftr xmas bt its noway as gud as ur sales. Bt aftr seeing kates shopn spree above, im lukn 4wad 2 boxing day.x

  • Kate McElhare

    OMG great deals!! I got soo much stuff yesterday on Black Friday. I got my boyfriend a Kinect for XBOX360 and I got my mom a new crock pot for 19$, 2 16 pc. dish sets from Corelle for 18$ each, and Zumba for Wii for 30$. (all from Target). I ordered Skinny Slim Gym pants, another Henley pullover sweatshirt, navy crochet slippers, and a grey zip up from Aerie- all 40% off and free shipping! All bras from JcPenney were 15.99 or 9.99 so my mom and I stocked up on some of those too. My mom bought a 19 inch flatscreen tv and a 32 inch flatscreen tv from Best Buy for her bedroom and the kitchen. I also bought my family a new toaster, a Keurig coffee maker (50$ steal!!), and some new mixing bowls and measuring cups. Gap also had 40-60% off the entire store so I snagged a few gifts for my brother.

    As you can tell, I LOVE BLACK FRIDAY!!! I have a birthday coming up in a week, so I was proud of myself for getting the majority of my purchases for others.:)

  • saimh

    Errrm, whats black Friday?

    • It’s a shopping holiday in the us when all retailers go crazy with sales!

    • maja danacko

      it’s a day after thanksgiving ,they have a biggest sale ever only usa