Powerflex Workout!


I teach Powerflex on Fridays and thought I’d share the routine I tortured my students with yesterday. In this workout you will need a set of heavy, medium, and light dumbbells and a step. Heavy is 8-12 lbs. Medium is 4-8 lbs. Light is anything under 4lbs.

1 min: feet together, hop side to side
1 min: high knees with hands behind your head
1 min: mud runs
1 min: plie squats
1 min: plie squats with heels up!

1. regular bicep curls, 3 sets of 15 (med) – right leg back on step, lunge and hold as you do your curls. only rest between sets.
2. bicep curls with arms slightly turned out from your body, 3 sets of 15 (med) – left leg back on step, lunge and hold as you do your curls. only rest between sets.
3. hammer curls, 3 sets of 15 (med) – stand feet hip width apart
4. tricep dips 1 set of 20 – legs outstretched
5. tricep kickbacks while in slow skiing or chair position, 3 sets of 15 (light)

CARDIO: 1 min mountain climbers!

1. lie on step, chest flyes, 3 sets of 15 (heavy)
2. lie on step, chest presses, 3 sets of 15 (heavy)

CARDIO: Get in plank, hope feet out to hip width apart, then hop in till feet are touching, then bend knees and hop up til heels touch your butt! that’s 3 moves – out, in, hop. go for 1 min.

1. left leg back on step, shoulder press up as you lunge down, 2 sets of 10 (med)
2. light leg back on step, shoulder press up as you lunge down, 2 sets of 10 (med)
3. fet hip width apart, on floor, shoulder press pulses x20! kill it!!!

CARDIO: 10 pushup burpees

1. Rear deltoid flyes, 3 sets of 20 (light) – make sure you stay low, chest forward, you’re sitting back, glutes engaged, eyes forward

CARDIO: Hold one of your heavy weights in front of your (like photo above) and come into a plie.  Squat up and down as fast as you can for 1 min!!! this is crazy. DO NOT SLOW DOWN.

End with 10 min abs of your choice.

HAVE FUN…..I was sweating. This was good!!!

<3 Cassey


  1. What a great workout!!! I would do one thousand squats for you if you make a super loooong weighted sculpting (popster style) video! A total body torture please!!! Love u Cassey!

  2. Video Please Please!

  3. how many calories you can burn in this workout?

    thank you cassy!!

  4. follow the 90 day meal plan to lose weight all over

  5. Hey Cassey,
    Really love your workouts,
    I want to tone up my body a little bit so I’m doing your exercises and i’m on a diet, I wanted to ask you what kind of workout plan would you recommend if i want to tone up but also focus on my legs ?
    And also, what food should I eat for dinner? Carbs? Protein ? Do you have some meal ideas maybe ?
    Love your blog(:

  6. you should do a video on this one :)

  7. Nicole Boggs says:

    This workout killed my class today. They hated the mt. climber butt kicks-so naturally I’ll be doing them more often ;)


  8. hmm good idea, i sort of just do the workout and see how i feel but good idea!!

  9. Excellent workout!!!!

    Just for future refernces since you won a position in the youtube contest, and are going to be making higher quality videos, could you either add captions or say how long we are going to do a particular exercise, not knowing when there is a end in sight is really frustrating, especially when i stop literally a few seconds before its over. Im deaf so thats why i ask! But i have been enjoying your workouts!

  10. just did this, feel so strong and amazing! about to go do the abs. I love when you posts these workouts, with correct form they are a killer!

  11. basically wide high knees

  12. Ohh! I love all of the things included in this workout! I wish I could go to one of your classes!

  13. That’s awesome! No, I didn’t had so much time, and to be honest after I didn’t find everything on google pics I gave up.

  14. Can anyone help me with what ‘mud runs’ are? When I googled it – I saw trucks in mud, women in mud, and runners in mud. hahaha

  15. I can def work on that! Did u try youtube?

  16. Hi there!
    I love your site and every single video you are sharing, I know it’s much work.
    I was wondering if there is somewhere a printable which explains what is a “Rear deltoid flyes” or “plie squats”. I would love to try what you have posted above, but I just don’t know what some parts are. Just because maybe I don’t understand the english word well. I don’t know. I tried to find it on Google, so I was lucky to finde some pics, but unfortunately not for everything.
    Would be awesome to have a pics printable on hand when doing your workout. Do you have it somewhere or are you planing to do it?


  17. This workout looks great – I’m going to try it either tomorrow or Monday.

  18. I did this workout today at my gym, with very few modifications. Here they call this class Body Sculpt. It was fun and tough. Everyone was sweating :D

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