What’s More Important – Nice Face or Hot Body?

face vs body


I was at the gym today (uhh do I even need to say that) and was having a pretty interesting convo with some coworkers regarding faces versus bodies. It was us 2 girls and a guy. We asked the guy, what’s more important a face or body and without thinking he said “body”.

Because the answer kind of shocked me I went onto facebook and asked you guys what you thought was more important. You said face, eyes, and smile. Hm, that’s what I thought!

But I later confirmed this body answer with a few other guys. It wasn’t just him. Apparently a hot body with an okay face is “more points” than a nice face with an okay body. Hmm…but why??

I went on to do my workout as I kept thinking and thinking about what he said. Could it really be true that attractiveness can be earned? Prettiness can be created and controlled?

The answer…YES. At least in the eyes of the onlooker. Not all of us are born models. But luckily, we can control the way we look. Of course I don’t advocate unnatural methods of enhancement, but through working out and building more muscle/burning fat, you can increase and earn your attractiveness.

OK so maybe that’s obvious…the more toned and healthy you look, the hotter you are! Yes yes…big duh, but what I am trying to say is that your potential mate gives bonus points to those of us that take care of our bodies. Now I don’t know why a hot bod with an okay face is “worth more” than a pretty face with an okay bod, but it gives the greater population of us a chance to play in the same league as people who are born beautiful.

I guess it’s sort of like being born into a rich family versus being a hard working entrepreneur. In the end you can make the same money, but you got there for different reasons.

BIG SIDE NOTE: Of course other things to keep in mind that play into the whole attractiveness factor – poise, confidence, smarts, a nice smile, inviting personality, and all that jazz that you can play up to make ourselves sexier.

Yup, so I thought about all that as I was running. Here was my workout yesterday! It was a good, simple one. I suggest you try!!


Cardio: 30 min on treadmill at 9MPH, 1 min on, 1 min off


10 bicep curls with 30 lb barbell

15 overhead shoulder presses with 30 lb barbell

15 upward rows with 30 lbs barbell

Set 2, repeat 3x: ON BENCH

15 chest flyes with 15 lb dumbbells

15 chest presses with 15 lb dumbbells

15 rear deltoid flyes with 5 lb dumbbells

Set 3, repeat 3x: CABLE MACHINE

12 tricep cable pushdowns at 25 lbs

12 overhead cable tricep extensions at 25 lbs

15 lat pulldowns at 55 lbs

Set 4: ABS ABS ABS!!!

Pick 2 songs, grab a fitness ball and do crunches until you finish all 2 songs. If you get bored, do pulses or reach to opposite side.

It was a super awesome, simple, effective workout! I suggest you give it a shot!

Now tell me…what would you rather have? A hot bod or a pretty face? How about when you’re checking someone out?

  • Lynn

    I think face is more important because your face tells you more about who you are. Yes of course having a lean and toned body will tell people that you work out and thus that you are probably strong and that you have some stamina, but a face will tell you what kind of person you’re talking to. And I don’t even think having a perfect, symmetrical complection with nicely balanced out features are as important as we make them it out to be. It’s the way you look out of eyes, the way you smile and if you have intelligent eyes. It’s all about expressions. Everyone can be beautiful and what one person finds a nice body might not be what the other person likes. Also, I have seen so many ‘plus size’ models that are absolutely stunning!!

  • Emily

    OMG thank you this article made me feel so much better I can’t even tell you. I’ve lost a lot of confidence because I had adult acne and there are scars under my chin and nothing I do will get rid of them. I should probably get my chin done too but l don’t have the money right now. BTW I feel so pathetic for even admitting to this because I am a feminist and what I am saying goes against everything I’m supposed to believe–but it’s true in today’s society….women are valued for their appearance than men are. It’s incredibly fucked up but I digress. I have a seriously sick body. I am incredibly blessed and I’m not trying to brag. Amazing legs run in my family I keep my body in awesome shape and I have large breasts. Thank you for this boost in confidence and keep this discussion between us, k?

  • Melissa

    I bust my ass in the gym since 2008 and I have a pretty hot body. My muscles are toned, my butt is tight and the way my body is attracts a lot of guys, I can tell.

    Only one downside:
    I have a butterface.

    Yes, it is true. I have a large nose with a straight dorsum and a bulbous nasal tip which pretty much does not fit my slim & long face. Last year I went to a plastic surgeon and asked for his honest opinion what in fact makes my face look ugly. He said that my nose would rather fit to a male’s face than mine. In school other bullied me because of my big nose, too. Believe me or not but my large nose makes my face ugly.

    I think with nose reduction surgery I could be very beautiful in terms of my body AND facial aesthetics. I want to get this done. I want to be sexy to men because of my body AND my face.

    I think face is very important. You can have a great body but not everyone will find you attractive if your face sucks. In a perfect society like nowadays everything needs to look good.

    • val

      I know a lot of woman who don’t have a nice body, they don’t have any curves or they have a little more fat, and they THINK that they have a nice face because their body is so obviously not good. Maybe your face is pretty but guys care more about your booty….. ;) in addition you cannot earn a nice body if you don’t have a feminine shape with large boobs, small waisy, nice ass and nice legs. You are born with those exept if you decide to become a kardashian….. in addition you cannot have a toned body if you don’t have the genes and you have naturally fat in your stomach….. and you cannot have a nice face of you are full of pimples. I’m just saying thatvso many people who don’t have a nice body and have an avarage or cute face or even ugly…. think they are pretty because man are not attracted to their body.

      • Kate

        That is the silliest comment I’ve ever heard, women can’t have nice bodies unless they have a ‘barbie’ like figure? You seem to criticise a lot of other girls, just because a girl has a little more fat or less curves does not mean that her body isn’t nice. Maybe you shouldn’t have such extreme standards and accept that girls can be pretty/beautiful/hot no matter what body shape or ‘genes’ they were born with.

      • Emily

        i feel your pain girl….i mean i’m okay in the face but by FAR my body is my strongest asset. This guy told me once I was a 6 with my clothes on and a 10 with them off….ouch.

  • lili

    Cassey you have a hot bod and an unfortunate face…

    • Tanya

      You should leave..

    • Juhet

      Can we please keep our comments constructive and maintain a positive environment here?

  • Jake

    Don’t believe what guys say to your face in these matters, they may try to pose off as man-whores (which is sexy for women) to turn you on. I think the correct answer is what you got on facebook. I myself would answer ‘body’ if asked personally with a devilish grin on my face just to turn on the girl and would answer ‘face’ on the net which is the honest answer.

  • Renee

    I think the most important would be a nice personality because no matter how hot someone’s body is or how beautiful they are.. if they have an ugly personality, they will be ugly!

  • whaaat?? all my male friends say face over body!!
    I mean.. yes a hot body is a whole lot of work but at least you can change it without a doc
    and I dont know.. your bod can be the hottest in the world but I think an ‘ugly’ face would kinda ruin the whole picture

  • Shannon

    I think this is an interesting post but I feel a little discouraged after reading it. Not necessarily everyone who exercises and eats right will end up with a “hot body” that was pictured in this post. For example, I work out and mostly eat clean, and I have a strong, athletic build. However, since I’m only 5’3”, I’ll never have that long+lean look that our society deems as “hot”. I was feeling pretty good about myself because I take care of myself and I’m healthy, but posts like this (and others in the media lately) have been bringing me down. I completely agree that you have a lot of control over what your body looks like, but it is just physically impossible for some girls to attain a “hot” body (long and lean) through healthy and safe means just because of genetics. And even though I believe I have a very pretty face, I feel like my self-esteem has been knocked down a peg because although I don’t have a perfect body (few of us do by society’s standards), I always thought that my pretty face would be enough to compensate for the in the eyes of guys. Apparently not. And I’ve always sort of known that in the back of my mind, but it just really hurts to see it actually written out by someone that I look up to.

    And it makes me sad to see people commenting they want to “fix” their bodies and faces. You don’t have to “fix” your body and face because you’re not broken. Do you have two arms and two legs? Are you lucky enough to have all 10 fingers and 10 toes? And what about your face? Do you have two eyes that can see, two ears that can hear, a mouth that can smile, and a nose that can smell? There’s nothing wrong with who you are, and we’re all beautiful in our own way. Don’t try to “fix” you face to look like all of the other girls who wear too much make up because we’re all different and unique, and that’s something we should embrace. If you believe your face is beautiful, other people will believe that too.

    And please don’t call me out as a hater. I love Cassie and POPpilates. Blogilates is the homepage for my web browser because I think Cassie is very motivational and wants us to succeed in our goals. I just feel like we should be focusing more on staying healthy and loving ourselves despite our flaws instead of trying to change ourselves so some guy will think we’re hot.

    • Hey Shannon,

      Thanks for taking the time to write this. So I think maybe I should have taken more precaution in writing this post. I have received some very concerning comments from fans who said they would no longer read my blog. I guess what I was trying to do was to just comment on the fact that we CAN take control of the way we look. I said above that I was shocked that guys think bods are more important than faces…I should have blatantly told you guys I don’t agree with that. But I wanted to share a statement someone else made. I also didn’t want any girls to think that they need to “fix” themselves for guys. HOT is more than just a guy’s opinion or what the society deems as attractive. HOT is the way you carry yourself, your confidence, your charisma, your intelligence, and all that good stuff rolled into one HOT package. We all have different body types and different personalities and we have the power to really make our assets shine. I guess that was what I was trying to say. Please don’t be discouraged. You are beautiful and you are strong and I sincerely thank you for taking the time to write this comment to me. I also appreciate that you said what you said nicely. Even though I can’t see the faces of the people who comment here, it hurts when someone tells me that I should be “ashamed” of myself for writing this. So thanks for the gentle call out. I really really appreciate that.


      • Shannon

        Thanks, Cassey (and I’m sorry for spelling your name wrong in my previous post…oops!). I am glad that you took time to read my post and respond to it; it shows that you really do care about your readers. I love your blog and I think what you are doing for all of us readers is really amazing. You motivate us, make fun pilates videos for us, give us plenty of tools to eat clean, and most of all, support us! Thank you for everything you do. I’ll always be a follower, no matter what.

    • Chicken

      5′ 3″ is pretty average for a girl, so I wouldn’t consider yourself short. There are plenty of lower 5′ short guys out there getting way more heat from the media and the surroundings. Same with bald guys, Asian guys, guys with baby faces, whatever. It is what it is, move on. I see plenty of short guys on the basketball court trying to improve their game. Girls, in general, need to be stronger and fight against these images your environment is feeding you.

      Just a side note, a healthy body shows that you are not lazy. That is worth a lot more than your face when it comes to finding someone to get married with.

  • Jazzafire

    Don’t think too much about that. If you force guys to choose what they think is “better” – hot body or hot face – of course they will think about it rationally and choose an answer. But keep in mind, that when we meet another person we have absolutely no introspective in what goes on in our heads, when we’re looking at this person and we don’t really know what we find attractive or why we like this person, the things we’re telling afterwards are only guesses about our minds.
    There are studies that f.e. found that if you show people two pairs or socks (okay that’s kind of a weird comparison :D hope you’ll get the point) that are exactly the same and you force them to choose one of them and tell you why they’ve picked it, people will tell you the weirdest reasons for it, but in fact no one really knows why they’ve chosen like this, because there’s no introspective in the processes of our brains :)

  • Kim

    I see so many before and afters where guys look like creepy pedophiles or rapists in their before photos (gosh I feel so mean saying that. But that was my first though) and after they lost weight and built muscle they were hot!

  • Ashleigh Gardner

    I would say hot face, okay body, because I can always start a workout routine and fix the body. Fixing the face would defiantly take more work.

  • Shelby

    Tough question! I believe no one is perfect. I’ve always been happy with my face, but my body…err..needs some work. Which is what I’m working on right now! Like many have already said, it’s a lot easier to fix your body than your face (although I think every woman has the potential to be beautiful!). I find it sad that guys would choose a nice body over a beautiful face, but I guess it does prove that the woman knows how to take care of herself. I also think confidence is the most attractive asset!

  • Cassey you have both & more! I believe beauty really shines in personality though. So I guess if you have a determined and gungho attitude about hardcore exercise it will show in your personality and of course body (and you’ll be hot)! I have known pretty people who were not as popular because of their personality. I also met a guy who said, “girls really shine when they are comfortable being themselves.” Of course a little vanity is nice here and there but humility is the most important in my opinion. Beauty really just becomes your own opinion of yourself.

    But anyway, hmmm i would probably choose both if I was given the choice! haha, but yes i love how we can manipulate our muscles to look hotter with more muscle and definition!

    PS… makeup does wonders! haha :P

  • Tanya

    Hmmm, this one is an easy one. Face! Like several other girls said, you can always work hard to fix your body, but no amount of gym time can fix your face haha. But in the end, I’d rather some one like me for who I am not the assests I happened to be born with. That’s what really counts when you’re older and those looks and body fade away. You can only be young for so long….

  • Charlie

    I’m told I have a nice face, and I know for a fact I have a hideous body (untoned, UK 14 etc) so I guess it is better this way round as I can always work the “ugliness” out of my body and in the meantime be grateful for anyone who thinks that I might look OK anyway.

  • Maritza

    face. I can always change my body, can’t fix my face.

  • Vera

    I would rather have a perfect body because it gives me more confidence and more important is it makes me look healthy!
    Thanks Cassey for writing this post cuz it motivates me to exercise harder!! I’m gonna hit the gym tomorrow and will try your workout! <3

  • Emily

    Id rather have a pretty face, because you can change a body with hard work but nothing can change an ugly face, well nothing I am willing to do anyways. My husband actually has a phrase guys use for a girl with a nice bod but ugly face, these girls are called ‘Butter Face’ meaning, Everything BUT HER FACE is HOTT lol. There isnt one for a girl with a pretty face but ugly body so guess it must be true. Im glad as I think my face is my worst feature and I cant even hide it, at least I can cover up by saggy arms lol.

    I love the idea of that workout, Im going to do it tonight, but maybe a little slower on the tredmill.

    • Is there a saying like this for guys? like “but his face” HAHA. I guess as a society we place more value on the wallet size of a man? Not my own opinion of course, just what I have heard. Hmm, OOH like i guess “Scrub”- describes a broke guy… anyway i am way off on a tangent!! hahah

  • Rine

    Hot body… or pretty face.. Idk? If you have a hot body, you can probably “fix your face” (I do believe in the natural way, but…) with make up, and if you have a pretty face, but only an okay body, nothing´s stoping you from working out! Maybe I would choose pretty face, and then work out, until my body turned hotter :D There are ways in each case.. Everyone is pretty in their own special way <3

  • Carolyn

    I feel a little guilty writing this, because I would actually rather have a hot body than a pretty face. But hear me out! This is not because I care about what guys think–any guy worth my time will love me no matter what–but because having a hot body is proof that I care enough about myself to take extremely good care of my body. This also shows that I can care fully about someone else. It’s cliché, but true: Only when you love and care for yourself can you fully love and care for someone else. It’s hard work to care about yourself. Not only are we bombarded with messages of, “you’re not good enough”, but, sometimes, life gets in the way of having our healthiest bodiest. But once you can overcome these media-fueled messages, thereby overcoming your worst critic–yourself!–and make the time for yourself to become a healthier individual, then you can overcome almost any shallow biases and obstacles, and love with your whole heart.

    • I like this answer!

    • Faith

      I like this answer too :) I think within both genders, we see a nice body (maybe not what is typically a “hot” body, even) as someone who can take care of themselves- someone who cares what goes into their body, and someone who takes the time to focus on themselves and their improvement. In a guy, it turns me off to hear they eat poorly and they don’t exercise, they binge drink and they do drugs. Is this because I’m a health freak? Maybe. But a guy who does the opposite shows me that he cares about looking his best, whether he has a 6-pack or not… he’s trying. You gals are obviously conscious of your health because you’re here, so that in itself is a SUPER attractive quality <3