Quick, High Protein Breakfast idea: Clean egg muffins!


I was inspired by a recipe I was reading in Oxygen Mag yesterday, and decided to try my own version of their “Clean egg muffin”. I’m so happy I made these…they are so cute, clean, and lean!

INGREDIENTS for 24 cupcakes:

– 1 red bell pepper

– 2 roma tomatoes

– good handful of fresh basil leaves (cut these from my garden, LOVE the smell of freshly cut basil)

– 3-4 scallions (green onion)

– 6 whole eggs + 4 cups of egg whites

1. Chop up all of your veggies! Then mix them together in a large bowl. Next, whisk your whole eggs and egg whites together in anotehr bowl.
2. Line your muffin tins with cupcake holders and spray with PAM. If you don’t have liners, you can directly spray PAM onto the tin. Then fill your cups with about a tablespoon of egg mixture.
3. Next fill the rest of the cup up with veggies! Then fill to the top with the rest of your eggs. You can pretty much fill to the brim.
4. Pop them into the oven at 375F for about 20-30 min or until you see that they are firm on top.
Yummy!!! I was so hungry. Couldn’t wait to eat.

Simply peel the egg muffins out of your liners and serve with some salsa. Super yummy!!!! This is a great meal for those of you who have super stressful mornings and don’t have time to make an omelet. I have 24 of these and can eat them for bfast for the rest of the week. I suppose you could eat them in the car or on the subway too. But be careful of course!


total recipe: 1061 cals, 34g fat, 32g carbs, 144g protein.

per muffin: 44.2 cals, 1.4g fat, 1.3g carbs, 6g protein.

Amazing! I hope you make these. It will save you so much time in the morning!!! Just refrigerate and pop in the micro for like 30 sec and you’re off!

Happy Sunday yalls :)

<3 Cassey