Giveaway Time! Fit Activewear Booty Shorts, Bra and $100 shopping spree!

Happy Friday POPsters! Do you love me? Because I love you.

Congrats on nearly finishing your first week of being on the 90 day Challenge. Eating clean is awesome isn’t it? Especially when you can begin to see the results! It make you wanna work even harder. Don’t be afraid to weigh in or take measurements of your body weekly. Seeing changes in numbers can really help push you too.

But know what else makes you wanna work even harder? Looking good when you work ut. YUP! I say it all the time. Looking good relates to feeling good and feeling good will make your performance top-notch. It’s the truth and it’s psychology. I have a closet dedicated to just workout clothes. I’m serious! I even hang some of them! Maybe that’s why I love working out so much…

So to help you guys stay on track with your meal plan and your clean eating, I’ve partnered with FitActivewear to do a special giveaway. This time…there will be 3 lucky winners! (Yay more chances to score!) Here are the prizes:

* $100 GRAND PRIZE shopping spree at FitActivewear!!! (1 winner)

* A pair of Mini Fit Booty Shorts (1 winner)

  • Those are the shorts I’m wearing! I honestly think these are the perfect length for booty shorts. Wide waist band is comfortable and forgiving.

* The One Shouldered Sports Bra (1 winner)

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the asymmetrical design! Funky.

Are you crazy excited!!???!! Cuz I am!!! Here’s what you have to do to be entered. Super easy ok!

  1. Go to FitActivewear’s Facebook fanpage and give ‘em a “LIKE”
  2. Then “LIKE” the Blogilates Facebook Fan page
  3. Make sure you’re already signed up to receive my newsletters where I’ll be announcing the winner. (It’s a new one, you’ll actually get emails this time!)
  4. COMMENT BELOW and tell me:
    1. Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?
    2. What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
Good luck everyone! I am so happy we get to pick 3 winners this time! Yayayayayay!

<3 Cassey

Note: Open to US and International fans worldwide! We will be checking both fan pages and the newsletter email directory when picking a winner. So please make sure you follow the above steps very carefully! Winners will be selected randomly. Contest ends on Friday Nov 4, 2011 at 11:59PM PST.


  1. The booty-licious booty shorts are awesome. I’m a lot prouder of my butt since working out on the 90dayChallenge.I’ve already lost an inch and a half around my waist and I’m only 3 and a half weeks in.
    To keep motivated, I look at where I was. I see how self conscious I was, and that once I felt good in my own skin. Without looking back, how could I possibly learn?
    Thank you.

  2. shabby eslami says:

    I love both of them soooo much!! But since I have a bit more booty on me I would have to go with the shorts because I could fill them out better :D

    I have been an athlete most of my life, so motivation to work out and eat healthy always came from knowing that it would help me excel in my sport. A few years ago I developed intense food allergies and stomach problems that almost practically ruined my career. It took a while, but I managed to get my health back thanks to exercise and clean eating. I have learned to be so much more aware of my body and exercise and clean eating are pretty much a way of life..

  3. Elaine Voon says:

    1) I love both, but I prefer the bra! It’s stylish and funky at the same time!

    2) What motivates me to eat clean and workout hard? The promise of a fit, bootilicious body! One that’s healthy and it makes me feel good!

    I love your workouts Cassie!

  4. Samantha Clark says:

    A. The bra! It’s soo sexy!
    B. That feeling I get when the scale reads one pound less! And the confidence I feel when I see the results in the mirror. :]

  5. I would love to win any of these prizes because I don’t really like my body and with me working out and looking at my self lose weigh would be a huge accomplishment. I’m 14 years old and weigh 140 pounds. I’m always wearing big t-shirts and sweat pants. But even if I don’t I just wanna thank you because I’m starting to work out and eating right and seeing results!!!

  6. Vanessa Anderson says:

    I love the booty shorts.
    The thing that motivates me the most is that my aunt died of a heart attack because she was obese and it make aware that I was over weight myself. I went to the doctor to get myself checked out and I was told that my cholesteral was a little high so I am motivated to get myself in shape and I lost 15 pounds already by following the 90 day challenge that you have going on and exercising 5 times for about 2 hours. My family also has high blood pressure and diabetes that runs in the family so this motivates to get back on my game and stay healthy.

  7. Keishla Loor says:

    A) I love the bra! It’s stylish, sexy, and has the same effect of a regular sports bra. Booty shorts are cute too but for my body, I’m self conscious about my butt haha.

    B) Clothes and actually having energy to enjoy and experience life are what motivate me to eat healthier and workout. I would love to walk into a store and have almost everything look great on me! lol And having energy instead of relying on coffee or unhealthy energy drinks to keep me awake throughout college is a goal of mine :)

    Being a college student = broke. Therefore, winning free workout clothes would be awesome :D

  8. no but we now have a contest for a body chain from kallisti!

  9. hi! i just discovered you here!this page and all your workouts are sooooooo cool!and i love the way you ancourage us to keep “killing” it';) is the contest still running???? i want that bra so bad!!!!! and also what makes me try to eat clean and work out is that i want to be the best i can for my husband;)

  10. Definitely loving the booty shorts :) possibly because I love my butt and legs haha.

    And my motivation? well it starts with my busy schedule and horse. My schedule is absolutely nuts, so for the past year, I’ve been eating nothing but junk food. After taking the time to really look at myself, and the scale, i could just think wow, I got fat; and morbidly unhealthy! My horse also plays a big part in this. Although people think that horseback riding is not a sport, it is! it requires so much leg and core strength that its painful after a while! Whats really hard in riding though, is the competing, such as jumping, barrel racing, etc. Well although I’m a jumper, I really think that barrels seem like so much fun, and difficult. I can tell that every girl who does the barrel racing is built, and I want to be too… because I want to do it. Not only for myself and because I think its fun, but also because I think my horse, Stormy, would have a great time. He is after all an ex-race horse :)
    So that is my main motivation. To gain the strength to accomplish something that I’ve always wanted to try, and also to eat healthier so that I don’t put myself in an early grave.
    Also, as a bonus, I try to inspire myself in the short run by saying that once I lose some tummy flub, I’m going to go out and buy one of those cute black high waisted pencil skirts to pair with a white blouse and some heels. I’m going to look legit ;)

  11. shabby eslami says:

    The booty shorts, because who doesn’t like to show off the booty!? The booty is such an attractive feature already, and the booty shorts would just make it that much better.
    My motivation comes from the adrenaline rush of pushing my body to the max, and the feeling I get after an awesome workout. And of course it also comes from looking good in mt booty shorts :D

  12. My motivation mainly stems from my determination not to fall back into my eating disorder. I suffered from Anorexia for seven years, and have been attempting recovery for a year and a half now. I have gained around 10kilos of muscle, and still look slim. Except this time, I look healthy. Eating healthy and exercising gives me confidence. I feel amazing all the time. Most of all, it helps me to love my body, which is something I’ve struggled with my entire life. I’ve never liked my appearance, and it is going to take a lot of work, but I know it’ll be worth it in the end. I don’t want to be frail anymore. I want to be strong. Toned. Fit. Healthy. Exercising and eating clean is the gateway to all those things.

  13. Catherine says:

    a] I like the bra better because I only have one sports bra :) but the shorts are really cute as well!
    b] My motivation is the fact that I could actually feel satisfied with myself, since I’ve always be very self-conscious. I feel jealous of girls with perfect bodies and it also causes trouble to my relationship. I’ve been trying to lose weight really hard and I’m seeing results, which is a great motivation as well :)

  14. 1. I am IN LOVE with the sports bra!
    2. My motivation to eat clean and train hard was when I set out to compete in my first figure competition a year and a half ago. Since then, I’ve competed in 4 shows and placed top 5 in each of them. The training and nutrition is a part of me, it is a lifestyle and I will only continue to do what I do. I have never felt better than this last year and a half of my life. Overall I am more confident and know I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to! I have inspired others and want to continue to spread the word of eating clean and training, especially to women! There is no better feeling than walking out of the gym on a high because of a great workout! And why not look cute in some new gear while doing so?!

  15. 1.) booty shorts for suree(:
    2.) my motivation would definitely just be my personal fitness and getting my self confidence up! also staying fit for basketball!! hehe i just love being fit. i feel like it makes me a stronger person!

  16. 1. bra or booty shorts? I LOVE the sports bra! =)

    2. What motivates me to eat clean and workout hard?
    Having one of my family member (my dad) passing away due to bad health conditions really motivates me to live a healthy life style. It really opens my eyes to really think about life in a different way. I changed my way of eating and started to exercise on a daily basis. Due to my change in eating clean and exercising I feel more energy, strength, better mental focus & performance. I feel in better shape then I ever have been.

  17. Mary Raupp says:

    1. I am DIGGIN’ the booty shorts! too cute!

    2. What motivates me to work out and eat clean is knowing that I am doing WHATS RIGHT for my body, because it FEELS GOOD, and because it makes me LOOK HOT! It is the only way to LIVE!

  18. OOPS!! Forgot to answer…Of course, I LOVE YOU TOO!! ;-)
    Thank you!!

  19. Michelle T says:

    1. I like the shorts more because I have a pear shape body so it’s really hard for me to find clothes that fit well. An one-size booty shorts? Yeah! That’s awesome.

    2. What motivates me? You and the fitblrs on tumblr. And partially my old tennis self who was in the best shape possible and who was confident. I just want to be happy and let this part of life just go away already. I need to stop letting my weight and body issues stay an excuse my entire life. You helped me and you continue to help me daily.

  20. Love the Bra! Both are Awesome…love how their cut.. I’ve been battling back from health issues even with clean eating & exercise, however, had I not practiced that way of life, I would have never made it through! Needless to say, THAT ALONE motivates me every, single, solitary day! Just want to let you know, because I think I am too late for this contest anyway…. YOU are a unique & wonderful inspiration! I wish you continued success & I see you as a shooting star in this world!! So glad I found you!! Thanks for smiling your way through the toughest exercises, that is certainly a motivation too!! I can always count on your smiling face when I want to just collapse! Congrats to the lucky winner of these super cute & well designed fitness clothes!!

  21. 1. I love the sports bra the best
    2. What motivates me to eat right and work out is to help me live at my fullest potential and feel better about myself. Who motivates me is my friends and family. My goal is to lose the fat and gain more muscle because I have been really busy with school lately. You’re videos always inspire me to work out, they are so cheery! Thank you!

  22. I like the booty shorts!

    What motivates me to exercise and eat clean is that I feel so much better when I do these things!

  23. A. I like the shorts better.
    B. My goal is looking good in a bikini after having 2 kids. Now that I am at my ideal weigh. I just have to work harder to improve my cardio plus toning up my muscles. Finding out about your sites and you is destiny. You are a positive role model and an inspiration. Thank you for being you, Cassey! <3

  24. That sports bra is super cute, but gosh so are the shorts!!! lol hard decision!

    What motivates me to stay healthy & eat clean is the way it makes my body feel so ALIVE! I feel connected physically, spiritually, mentally when I make that commitment to nourish my body! Since I’ve started taking control over my unhealthy habits, the confidience I have gained in feeling comfortable in my own skin since choosing this path is so rewarding:) Everyday I wake up motivated to take care of myself so in turn I can take care of others, especially my children…I do it for them so down the road they can pick up the same habits & know just how important it is to take care of “YOU” because its the only “YOU” you are ever going to get…make it the strongest, healthiest, & happiest:)
    Thank you Cassey! You girl, are such an inspiration!!

  25. A. No doubt, booty shorts! ^_^
    B. Honestly, my motivation is clothes! I love shopping and I love clothes! And to be able to buy the cutest clothes, I gotta have a healthy, lean, physique! ^_^

  26. A. I love the booty shorts!

    B. Looking good while wearing the booty shorts and looking good for the boyfriend too.

  27. 1) Who doesn’t love rocking bootyshorts?! :]
    2) What keeps me going during a tough workout is the knowledge that I will be a better person after it. Working out and keeping a healthy diet really shows the character of a person! When you look at fit people you know that they are passionate about their own well being which transfers into all that they do.
    Also, after a workout, I feel like I can tackle the world :]
    Just call me Super Girl!

  28. 1. I love the booty shorts! I usually wear capris to work out but this would be a great thing to wear!
    2. I am motivated to eat clean for many reasons. One being that if I don’t all the working out I do would not serve a purpose. I also feel better about myself when I eat clean. There is such a great feeling about working out hard, like the entire workout had a purpose. Personally, I think if you don’t work out hard why bother?

  29. I’m in love with the Bra
    I am motivated by other people’s progress pictures & stories. Knowing that if they could do it, then so can I. Hearing about all the great things that come along with exercising and eating clean (besides the weight loss.) But, what motivates me most is pictures of what I consider to be a “perfect body’ or “my goal body”.
    These things combined make me feel embarrassed about how lazy I am sometimes and motivate me to get off my bum and do some sort of exercise.
    Seeing the results of working out and having other people notice my progress is the ultimate motivation.


  31. cassey thank you so much for everything u do,& especially this!

    i would love those shorts,for those times u mention break out those booty shorts!!! lol

    i work out to gain energy & happiness. a clean diet also helps me w my awarness & that stubborn fat u just cant burn in the gym.



  32. Ellie Beahm says:

    1. I love the sports bra!

    2. I am tired of always having to be self-conscious about my body, what I am wearing, and how other people see me. I don’t think anyone should have to feel like that. I can’t wait until I feel good enough about myself to be able to wear a bikini again! It’s been years and I’m only fifteen.

  33. Debra Sim says:

    Love the Bootie Shorts!
    Meeting my goals!

  34. Brittany Coffey says:

    This comment was me, I figured I should probably put my last name since Brittany is pretty common. :)

  35. Nina Long says:

    A) Looooove the booty shorts!
    B) Seeing the results push me to eat clean and work out hard. I always want to test my limits and eating protein instead of sugary cereals in the morning always helps me lift that much heavier!

  36. I love the sports bra! What motivates me are the awesome results I see from only a few days of clean eating and working out! :)

  37. Kaitlin Bolcar says:

    I looove the shorts!
    & working out and picturing me at my goal weight!

  38. 1. i love them both but would probably prefer the booty shorts since i have a very large chest ;D
    2. getting healthy and feeling energetic!

  39. A. I love the bra. It’s so different than all the other sports bras out there.
    B. Looking and feeling good. Absolutely.

  40. I loooove the bra!!! To have a chance to win this one is the reason why I’m trying to write a text in English right know ;)

    Eating clean can get really hard for me sometimes because my family likes to store bad foods everywhere. What motivates me to stay away from sweets are basically 3 things: I like to watch workout videos (like yours :) and pictures that inspire me to get up and move. I also love to buy new workout clothes. And the last thing is that I deal with my diet as if it is a hobby that means that spending time to workout and educate myself in terms of a healthy lifestyle makes me automatically want to eat healthier. If I don’t enjoy what I do than I won’t eat right.

    Love from Germany :)

  41. A. LOVE the booty shorts!! They’d make my butt look even better than it already does ;)
    B. I love the way I feel after a really sweaty workout. Maybe a bit tired, but I also feel empowered, strong, and healthy. I get that same feeling after eating a good meal: refreshed and strong. And if I don’t work out for a while, or I eat really poorly one day, I notice a drastic change in my mood. I’m a little more irritable, my self-esteem is a little lower. Leading a healthy lifestyle is incredibly beneficial, not just physically, but also emotionally. Woohoo!

  42. Shirin Soroush says:

    Hey Cassey! Thank you so much for keeping all of us motivated & also doing this giveaway :)

    1.) Both are super cute but I’d prefer the shorts!
    2.) What keeps me motivated is knowing how much better I feel mentally when I work out regularly and eat better. Does wonders for my anxiety and also regulates my sleep cycles. Love it!

  43. 1. I love the bra! It different and way cuter than regular bra but looks like it still gives great support.
    2. What motivates me to get fit is my health and the way I feel. I used to be very fit in high school and as a child but as I grew up, I started to let life take over. I stopped playing sports and cheering and as a college student I’ve taken to snacking while studying and doing all-nighters. I’ve become unhealthy and don’t like the person I’ve become.

  44. check, check, check!

    1. I love the sports bra!
    2. Looking good not only for me but for the HUBBY ;)

  45. Thank you Cassey for all that you do. I love your videos. They are challenging and I feel sore days later! =)

    A. The sports bra is super cute, I love the asymmetrical design as well!

    B. I work out hard, so I can prove to myself and myself that even with a busy schedule like mine, you CAN have the body you desire. What motivates me to eat clean is to put the negative stereotype of vegetarian = ‘carb’-etarian aside. To show that just being vegetarian doesn’t mean you’ll gain weight, or be unhealthy. I want to redefine what others seem to misinterpret about vegetarianism.

  46. madeline mcdaniel says:

    I like bra better the pattern is pretty and it’s modern!
    What motivates me to eat clean and workout hard is , eyes on the prize! working out hard definatley pays off and it’s a goal personally.. blogilates motivates me the most because I have quick access to videos anywhere I am and can workout on the spot! Plus a free meal plan.. can’t beat that.. LOVE blogilates!

  47. I love the bra!! Eating clean and working out help me maintain my BUSY lifestyle…plus I just love it!!

  48. Amanda Greenberg says:

    4a. One of those bras would be so nice!
    4b. What inspires me most to eat clean and exercise is knowing all of the health issues that run in the family and that staying healthy will prevent/delay those issues as well as just make me feel amazing all around.

  49. i love the booty shorts <3 fits better for my butt ahaha your such an inspiration. work out is another love for me thanks to you!

  50. jennifer cortez says:

    bra. Cassie motivates me!

  51. A. I like the bra better!
    B. Looking good and feeling good!

  52. I love the booty shorts and I get motivated by the way I feel after working out or eating healthy, like they say, a healthy body equals a healthy brain and I am more motivated because of how happy I am when I stick to something like this!

  53. You are just too cute :) Love the outfit…

    Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?

    Both are super cute, but the bra is very unique and a must have! :)

    What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?

    What motivates me to eat healthy/clean (although it is SO hard sometimes) and work out is knowing that I am doing something good for myself. My mom passed away two years ago this month to breast cancer, and although she had a long hard battle, her diet and exercise made a difference for years. She went on a very strict diet and exercise routine–organic everything, etc and for a long time her cancer was shrinking. That is a motivation in itself–to not only want to look healthy but feel healthy from the inside out.

    The feeling I have after working out and eating right is phenomenal and it keeps me energized and motivated from day to day.

  54. I love the booty shorts for sure! Super cute.

    I am motivated every day by the way my body feels and looks now versus how it felt when I was eating junk and not doing much exercise. Now that I eat clean and exercise regularly I feel clean inside and out and this gives me the energy to keep going with this complete lifestyle change. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  55. Jennifer Arreola says:

    Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?
    I love those booty shorts! They are perfect to define a woman’s curves. They are extremely cute and divine. The colors are gorgeous!

    What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
    Fitness and wellness are my greatest interests in life. I have always been active with sports growing up, but I have always had an issue with my body image. My self-esteem is not at the point where I would love it to be; though, I do realize the difference in how I feel being related to how my lifestyle is. I have significantly seen improvements in my emotions when I eat clean– which is such an amazing feeling! Why would I want to stop eating like that when it helps me entirely– mind, body, and spirit. When I see my peers also striving for a healthier lifestyle, it really motivates me to continue.

    Thank you Cassey for uniting all of us together! You are a huge role-model to me :)

  56. I love the sports bra. It definitely elevates fitness to the level of fashion.

    I decided to get fit and eat healthy after a very good friend of overdosed on heroin. He loved life and was an amazing artist, but he didn’t treat his body right. He told me he wanted to live, but he continued to drink and do drugs. After his death I decided that I had to eat right and exercise in order to ensure I lived a long and healthy life. I went from never running a mile to running a 1/2 marathon in under two hours. It’s been amazing to see how people can change their whole lives just be being kind to their bodies.

  57. Andrea Alon-Alon says:

    **I like the one shouldered sports bra.
    **Being Healthy and Fit is the reason why i love to eat clean and workout hard. Since the day we moved in America i started craving for candies, chocolates, cakes, ice creams and all sweet (bad) stuff. I remember the chocolate that i love the most is “Ferrero Rocher”. I didn’t really care how much i ate everyday. I don’t have any idea that what i’m doing is really bad for my health. Then i started to realized my weight went from 100 to 120lbs. :o my face became so Round that i don’t know what to do to hide myself. Those times are STRESSFUL =.=. So i tried out to search stuff about diet, eating health, and workouts. I tried some for 2 weeks then i brokedown. Although i brokedown, i stand up and tried again until then i started losing weight. Stress are gone and feeling Healthy :) special thanks to Blogilates for it’s encouraging posts. and “easy to make” Healthy Foods and Super HARD core but fun Workouts! i’m so happy that i found this website. I would also like to say how much i love Cassey Ho’s workouts, her encouraging words makes me finish the workout til the end. I LOVE YOU CASSEY! I LOVE BLOGILATES! I LOVE BEING HEALTHY AND FIT! :D

  58. Andrea Alon-Alon says:

    **I like the one shouldered sports bra.
    **Being Healthy and Fit is the reason why i love to eat clean and workout hard. Since the day we moved in America i started craving for candies, chocolates, cakes, ice creams and all sweet (bad) stuff. I remember the chocolate that i love the most is “Ferrero Rocher”. I didn’t really care how much i ate everyday. I don’t have any idea that what i’m doing is really bad for my health. Then i started to realized my weight went from 100 to 120lbs. :o my face became so Round that i don’t know what to do to hide myself. Those times are STRESSFUL =.=. So i tried out to search stuff about diet, eating health, and workouts. I tried some for 2 weeks then i brokedown. Although i brokedown, i stand up and tried again until then i started losing weight. Stress are gone and feeling Healthy :) special thanks to Blogilates for it’s encouraging posts. and “easy to make” Healthy Foods and Super HARD core but fun Workouts! i’m so happy that i found this website. I would also like to say how much i love Cassey Ho’s workouts, her encouraging words makes me finish the workout til the end. I LOVE YOU CASSEY! I LOVE BLOGILATES! I LOVE BEING HEALTHY AND FIT! :D

    Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?
    What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
    oe shouldered sports bra

  59. I’m just going to copy & repaste because I realized my facebook email and normal use email didn’t match so yes. Here we go.

    a) I LOVE the booty shorts. I’m not to the point where I feel comfortable with workout bras, my tummy is not up to par for showing off!! But I’ve always had naturally muscular legs. I ran in school, and always rollerblade everywhere as a teenager. I also rode my bike EVERYWHERE.

    b) The whole blogilates community inspires me. I really wanna make it through this to prove to myself I do still have my insane will power! When I don’t feel like exercising I sit down and watch an entire video of yours and it gets me back into my groove of determination, and reall pumps me up!!

  60. 1. I like the sports bra! :)
    2. My friends and family motivate me to stay healthy and workout. I’m also going to Ireland in 4 months and I want to feel healthy and look my best!

  61. Laura Ann says:

    1. Loveee the booty shorts ! Plus, extra motivation to keep my legs and butt in shape ;)

    2. So many things motivate me to workout hard and eat well ! It makes me feel so much more awake, energized, happy, and overall good about myself. If I ever go astray I know that I have my cousin and best friend to help me get back on track ! We do all the videos together and especially love the partner activity one you did with your sister. I believe that teamwork and friendship helps to push you further and further in your workouts and healthy eating habits, which is another great motivator :)

  62. A) I love booty shorts, definitely while running. Not only are they uber comfortable, they also attract some attention ;)
    B) I eat clean and work out hard to motivate myself, and my family. We aren’t always the healthiest people (Western Bacon Cheeseburgers anyone?) But while following Blogilates and watching Pop Pilates videos, I lost 35 pounds! I had no gym membership, no weights! Just determination and the motto Just Do It. Since my weight loss, my mom and dad have both lost weight with Weight Watchers. I’m so proud of them!

  63. Daisy Tyler says:

    a) I’m really diggin the shorts, they’re adorable!
    b)I really try to be fit and healthy because I know life is short and you only have a certain amount of time to enjoy it! I want a body i can be proud of and eating habits that keep me looking healthy. I also love animals so i ate vegetarian for a very long time, it is healthy and it is a cause i believe in. I feel like i can do anything i put my mind to and motivation is the key to getting things done, especially when you exercise . sometimes its hard to begin and you want to procrastinate but it starts getting easier and easier and it actually makes me feel accomplished.I want to be healthy and have self confidence, and Im on my way!

  64. I’m motivated to eat clean because I want to live longer and have a clean diet. In general, eating clean makes me feel better about myself, mentally AND physically. I’m able to focus in school more, have a more positive attitude, and the list goes on. I also like to eat clean because I so don’t get breakouts, gain too much weight, and look good in body hugging clothing.
    I really want to get over my “disordered eating” and make it a thing the past and start off on a clean slate. I just found out about the 90 day challenge, so I am starting off late. It is better late then never though :)

  65. Cassandra Hendrycks says:

    Hi Cassey!!!
    I love the booty shorts!
    My motivation is my son and knowing the great results i get from working out and eating clean! and YOU of course are a huge motivator!!! THANK YOU :)

  66. Loving the bra! (and the outfit!)

    I work out and eat clean to feel good! Working out and knowing I’m on a healthy diet is a great way to boost self confidence.

  67. Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?
    The bra is cute! ^-^
    What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
    Thinking about the good results I’ll get in the end and knowing that it’ll make me healthy. :D

  68. I adore the top, mainly b/c it’s unique. Short you can get anywhere, tho I do love the 2-tone effect :) Both adorable, but the bra wins out in my book!

    My motivation to eating healthy n working out is about my future. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum, so know how they both feel. When I was overweight – I was depressed. I became a hermit and closed myself off to everyone. I had no motivation; I was lifeless. Losing weight helped me take back my life! Its not just a physical transformation, but an entire life make-over (: Who doesn’t LOVE that?? Yea it was hard work, but it was well worth it.

    How we look determines how we feel; n how we feel determines how we think; n how we think determines our actions; n our actions determine our future. I was reborn in many ways. I love life again n b/c of that can love on others. You can’t give what you don’t have. But I have it now…. I plan on paying it forward by helping others take back their life as well. I have the motivation n courage now to conquer the world … and I’d like to see someone try to stop me :) lol It’s all about helping others!

  69. 1. Love the sports bra! The asymmetrical lines are awesome!
    2. The way it makes me feel, the energy I have and the power it gives me to know I can accomplish ANYTHING!

  70. 1) Love the sports bra
    2) I like the way I feel after doing a good workout. It gives me energy. Eating good foods are easy if I just think of my kids. I would like them to have a healthy mom, that can play and be around for a long time.

  71. haha ur funny!

  72. 1. sports bra! its so cute!
    2. What motivates me to eat clean is the not feeling disgustingly bloated and full after eating something greasy, fried, salty, etc. Knowing that I ate something healthy and nutritious puts me at ease. Also, eating clean is a challenge for myself because I always have struggled with my weight and binge eating. When I would have a bad day or feel stressed out, I would go eat chips, candy, whatever I can get my hands on. Eating clean gives me a way to say no to the unhealthy food that is hard to resist and say yes to new things I have yet to try. Eating clean is also a way to lose weight and feel better about myself by making smarter food choices.
    What motivates me to work out hard is the fact that I can get to the desired weight I want to be. Eating clean and working out goes together with losing weight. I am not one of those girls who can eat whatever and stay skinny. Almost everyone in my family is skinny, but they do not workout. I like to feel strong and be physically independent. I feel amazing after a workout, and I cannot believe I have not started sooner.

  73. I really like the whole package. It is so stylish and hip. Everywhere I go I am looking for that entire workout outfit in every store in Florida. Someone needs to help a sister out and bless her with a way to get my body in one of these sexy and cute little outfits. I am spinning my wheels here and getting dizzy while I am looking.

    The things that motivates me to excersie is that it took me along time to come to the place about the truth about losing weight. It was no secret magic pill, no short cut, no tricks of the trade or even just a little bit of false hope, no ones fault, no excuses for me. It was pure truth about a life stlye change, discipline and never giving up. Losing weight the good old fashion way. Eating healthy, knowing the facts and putting those things into action. Knowing how long it took me to understand that and to finally see the weight come off keeps me from going back to my old habits and being overweight. I have come so far to ever look back!!!

  74. I like both the bra and booty shorts! If I had to pick only one, it would be the booty shorts because I’m not comfortable with my tummy yet. Also I use to be thin and had nice legs, so the booty shorts would motivate me to get fit so I can flaunt my legs again! :)

    I’m motivated to eat clean and workout hard because I want my old body back, and it would be awesome to be able to say “I use to be fat.” Another reason is because I want to gain back my control over how my looks and feel!

  75. miranda von Reyn says:

    I like the bra!

    And what motivates me is my health! I’ve got to eat better and exercise to keep clean!

  76. Kristina G. says:

    I love the sports bra!
    My motivation for eating clean and exercising is because it keeps me healthy and feeling good. It also makes for a healthy heart.

  77. A. I’m in love with the booty shorts! Wearing exercise clothes (especially cute ones!) motivate me to my fullest while working out.

    B. I want to look in the mirror and see a slimmer and toned body. Working out and looking my best is what makes me feel good about myself and your exercise pilates videos have really been an inspiration to me. You always have such a fun and easygoing approach to your videos, I just can’t help but be on the floor! Thanks again for all your work!

  78. Shailynn Tan says:

    1. I love the booty shorts! I’ve been planning to get one, but winning one would just make my day!

    2. What motivates me is my passion to work in healthcare as a physician assistant and helping others! Eating clean and working out is so essential because how can I take care of others if I can’t even take care of my own body.

  79. I absolutely love both! But I really, really, love the bra! It’s just so freakin cute.

    My motivation to eat clean and workout is to be an inspiration and an encouragement to those around me. My children, my friends, my students. The eating is the hard part for me, but I know how much better I feel when I make right choices.

    Thanks for all you do Cassey!

  80. I am all about the sports bra. What an original design!

    As for eating clean and hard workouts, I am someone who has struggled with depression and existential questions about my place in this world and in relation to others. Eating clean and staying active has given my outlook a boost. Plus, I work with a lot of youth ages 4-19 in a city that is defined by its deficits rather than its assets. I focus on the strengths of our youth, and I like to model for them the things that they can do to help themselves – even if it’s just to feel better about the personal choices they make regarding eating and physical activity.

  81. 1) booty shorts!! can’t get enough of them. they make my thighs and surprisingly my calves look great!!
    2) my family is what motivates me to just be healthy in general. my dad has been overweight for about ten years now, and he’s been changing his lifestyle since August. he’s looking so great, has more energy, and claims he feels better physically now than when he played varsity football 25 years ago. it’s so inspiring, and definitely humbles me everytime.

  82. 1. In love with that sports bra!

    2. My motivation is being an example of health for my future children. I don’t have kids yet, but will someday and I want to teach them a healthy way of life and to make healthy choices, but how can they do that if mom isn’t practicing what she preaches lol. So that gets me to the gym

  83. Hello Cassey :)
    I really love the booty shorts – simply for the reason that I want to look good, I have always craved having a sexy bum!
    My main motivation is wanting to be happy, and with your POP pilates workouts, I am able to just enjoy exercising? I can’t believe I just said that! But I really do, I enjoy exercising, because I understand that it will only benefit me in the future with a healthy and toned body :)
    Thanks for the opportunity, and influence to stay on the healthy and happy side of the plate :)

    Thank you

  84. The top is both cute and super sexy! One of the things that motivates me are the booty shorts! I work out HARD and eat HEALTHY because I want to feel comfortable in shorts, and one day, booty shorts! There’s no perfect weight for that, but the stronger I get, the better I feel! Right now I feel comfy in mid drifts thanks to Pilates, but my end goal is booty shorts!! Extra booty!!

  85. 1. The asymmetric bra wins, hands down!In the words of stylist Rachel Zoe (aka. one of my idols), THIS IS SO MAJOR. :) I’ve never seen seriously gorgeous workout wear like this! Must have this in my life.
    2. When I work out and eat clean (and get enough sleep!), I wake up in a great mood everyday. I also feel really strong and ready to take on whatever life throws me into. One of the goals I’ve set for my life is to be a positive influence on every person in my life, so working out and eating clean is definitely helps me achieve that!

  86. Hi!
    I’ve been watching you for some time,and i admire you for your lifestyle,as i admire all the women that pay attention at how they look and what they eat…I’ve never been an active person,but since i found out that my grandmother has cancer i’ve decided to change some things in my life..starting with food & sport.And on 4 nov is my birthday so it would be a verry nice surprise if i win anything.The sport bra is awsome!

  87. I love, love, looovveee the booty shorts :D

    And what motivates me to eat clean and workout hard is to think of how sexy and toned I will be when i’ll have achieve all this, and how thin and happy I will be, thanks to you Cassey and your amazing videos, and thanks to your 90D challenge. Healthy is a lifestyle, my lifestyle<3

  88. Yay! These clothes are so perfect for my Blogilates video workouts!

    1. I like the booty shorts most! But both are super cute.

    2. My motivation is just how my body reacts when I care for it. It feels GREAT. Of course there is the motivational aspect of clothes fitting differently (more flattering) as well. :D::D

  89. A. Booty shorts all the way!

    B. Pretty clothes and styles motivate me to eat clean and work out! Looking better leads to dressing better, and vice versa, so it’s a positive feedback cycle!

  90. laura orlowski says:

    I would love the booty shorts.

  91. 1. Booty Shorts yeaaaaa

    2. I’m skinny but wanna look amazeeeeeeee so I have to eat clean!

  92. A. I love the sports bra! :) I’m tired to see those unisex big gray shirts at the gym! Working out in style is much more fun and a great motivation! :)

    B. It feels great to be in the shape of your life and feel healthy, strong and confident :) The last couple of months taughed me that If you really want something, get your butt up, work hard for it and in the end all this hard work will actually pay off!!! It does not only motivate me to eat clean and work out hard, but also helps me pursuit other goals in life! :)

  93. I’m loving the sports bra (not sure I can rock the hot pants, yet).

    I eat clean and exercise to feel better about the body I live in. Since becoming a vegetarian and a runner I feel so much stronger. It’s an amazing contrast to feeling weak, unfulfilled and disgusted with myself – I spent far too many years on that track. I’m liking this one MUCH better, thank you :)

  94. I love the sports bra!

    I have never been this inspired to challenge my self. The blogilates community is helping me to finally reach my goal weight. In the past I have struggled to stick to a health plan but this time I really want to push my self because of everyone’s support.

  95. a. i LOVE the booty shorts!

    b. what motivates me to work out is the desire to want to feel good about myself. i want to look in the mirror and be happy with what i see! i also just want to be healthy. i have 2 young kids. i want my daughter to see my good habits and confidence and follow in my footsteps, and i want to be able to do all the crazy things my son will want me to do!

  96. I like the bra better – love the asymmetric look! :-)

    My motivation for eating clean and working out is that I just love it. It makes me feel healthy and happy and gives me a lot of self-confidence. I couldn’t imagine living without all those super delicious healthy foods like fruits and veggies. And I love how I feel after a really good workout – just GREAT! To know that you have done something for you body and for your health is an awesome feeling. Oh and I love Pilates! And the “Pop” makes it even better haha… :-)

  97. I love the bra! Super cute

    I like to eat clean and workout because it makes me feel proud of myself. When I make it through a day of complete stress and all I want to do is eat, but instead choose to work-out; I’m so proud of that choice. Makes whatever was so stressful, seem so small.

  98. 1. I love asymmetric design of the sports bra, but if i had to pick one, it’s the booty shorts…. they’re fierce!

    2. How happy doing exercise makes me feel! Even what can seem a relatively small task like completing one of your workouts feels like such an accomplishment…. and it’s helped me to be more confident in myself :)

  99. I love the sports bra!

    I love working out and eating clean because of the way it makes me feel. I feel so much more alive and energized. I even feel more focused in school. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself, thank you!

  100. Angelina Dezubiria says:

    A. I really like the booty shorts.
    B. What motivates me to eat clean and exercise is just the simple motivation to be healthy. I am studying to be a dietitian and psychologist to help women and men who have eating disorders. In order to help them better they’re lifestyle, I want to show people what good it does to stay healthy and exercise as well. Through my ability to stay fit and healthy, I will be able to help many people and there is nothing more important to me than for that to be my career for the rest of my life. :)

  101. 1. Booty shorts!

    2. I’m a rather girly and vain type of person so I looking and feeling good is motivation enough for me!

  102. I love the booty shorts!

    I eat clean and work out because I have a son who needs his mom to be healthy for him so he has a good example. I don’t want him to see me eat poorly and learn bad habits. Health is a big part of my life, and I want to show my baby that it is so important to stay healthy, eat clean, and workout. Each and everyday.

  103. Eeeeek, uber tough question….I think the shorts…no the bra…no the shorts. UGH, I need both! LOL

    I eat healthy and clean to keep my body feeling its best and keeping my food allergies under control!!

    Love your videos girl!

  104. I also like YOU on Facebook!!!


  105. I liked Fit Activeware on Facebook!!

  106. A. Booty shorts!
    B. I want to live a long life.

  107. 1.) Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?
    If I had the option, I’d get both! haha. But, since I HAVE to choose I would have to pick the booty shorts because I am in need of some workout shorts. I usually have to wear other shorts that tend to not work with my body when I work out and I think that having them would be what I absolutely need!

    2.) What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
    The major thing that motivates me to eat clean and workout hard is that overall I feel great about myself and that I am accomplishing something that is fantastic and healthy for my body in the long run. I can really see a difference in my attitude when I workout compared to when I didn’t. I also get motivation by seeing other people workout and the results that they have accomplished. I used to be on the dance team in both junior and high schools. After I went to college, I did start to gain some weight and had been starting to get dissatisfied with my body because I wasn’t getting all the exercise that I was used to. I decided that I needed to make a change in my habits by trying to eat healthy and to exercise regularly. I am so happy that I have started to make these changes in my life!

  108. a) I LOVE the booty shorts. I’m not to the point where I feel comfortable with workout bras, my tummy is not up to par for showing off!! But I’ve always had naturally muscular legs. I ran in school, and always rollerblade everywhere as a teenager. I also rode my bike EVERYWHERE.

    b) The whole blogilates community inspires me. I really wanna make it through this to prove to myself I do still have my insane will power! When I don’t feel like exercising I sit down and watch an entire video of yours and it gets me back into my groove of determination, and reall pumps me up!!

  109. I love the uniqueness of the bra, ive never seen anything like it. The booty shorts are really hot though.
    What motivates me to keep pushing through all the workouts and clean eating is combatting the eating habits ive had my entire life, and changing them now while i am young enough to do so. I love the support from facebook, and the you tube videos are really motivating. I really want to be ripping while in my 20’s so I know i can always get back to that. Thank you blogilates for sharing meal plans and workout plans, its just what i need. Aloha!

  110. 1) I love the bra, as it very different from anything available in Ireland!

    2) Well a number of thing motivate me, such as when I buying new clothes, find out that my hard word and clean eating is paying off as I now my old size again. Seeing and feeling so much better as I have lost 28 pound sense last January. I have found that my old confidence has come back and I have more energy and less moody due it eat less sugar food and drinks. Your blog has been I great help and you are great motivation also.

  111. Alexa Rossetti says:

    I love the booty shorts!

    What motivates me to eat good and work out is to get to see the difference that it makes. Its awesome that you have the complete control over how you look. I never really cared what anyone thought but have always been very hard on my self. People would tell me that Im crazy, and that I look fine and to stop pushing my self so hard. That will never happen! I was never flexible. As soon as I started doing pilates and stretches to go along with my running I noticed a huge difference. Eating good just makes me feel good. I have anxiety and depression in my genes and before I start to feel negative about my self I remember how working out and eating good makes me feel.

  112. A) Definitely the bra! I need something that holds the girls up but also has a little bit of fashion behind it!

    B) And what motivates me? The look that’s going to be on my boyfriend’s face after he sees me for the first time in 2 1/2 months time! eep! :D

  113. Caroline C says:

    Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?

    The sports bra is amazing! You can look good while working out. You don’t have to wait until you’re fit to look good while working out. I think what you wear to the gym can go a long way toward helping you stay motivated and confident — and can even improve your workout performance.

    What motivates me to eat clean and workout?

    I read this article: In a recent poll by People magazine 80% of women reported that the images of women on TV, movies, fashion magazines and advertising ads made them feel insecure about their looks. In addition, the poll indicated that women are made to feel so insecure that they are willing to try diets that pose health risks (34%), go “under the knife” (34%) and 93% indicated they had made various and repeated attempts to lose weight to measure up to the images. What this tells me is that the media plays a big part in our society regarding how we look at ourselves. Body image involves our ability to perceive, imagine, and experience the emotional and physical sensations about our bodies. It is highly influenced by self-esteem rather than by actual physical attractiveness as judged by others. It is not inborn, but learned. This learning occurs in the family and among peers, but these only reinforce what is learned and expected culturally (J. Lightstone).

    It is this statistic that motivates people like you and me and everyone around that we interact with to eat healthy and to exercise to stay fit. The best part? Using media (remember how I said it plays a big role?) to POSITIVELY EDUCATE others one day, one person at a time. Thanks Cassey and Blogilates!!!

  114. 1. I Love the Bra and the booty shorts but! I’ll hv to go w/ booty shorts~ <333

    2. There are lots of things that motivate me to eat clean and to stay healthy, when buying new clothes my choices become very limited, If clothes I like dont fit me I get frustrated. I want a nice body not just so I cant fit into clothes I like but to be proud of my self that Ive accomplished something through much hard work. As a college student I dont get to eat healthy food a lot. But loosing weight and toning up and eating healthy is a lifestyle change, Living a better lifestyle and taking care of my body so that I look good and feel good; thoughts like this motivate me to eat healthy as much as I can.
    Honestly; YOU've motivated me a LOT, Your workout vids are the best ive come across. I love them, they've helped me feel so much better about my self. I love seeing changes in myself as I continue to workout, I used to be around 180lbs and now I'm around 165lbs though I'm not where I'd like to be yet but its all thanks to you! If not for your crazy fun workout vids I'd hv lost all motivation to continue!
    Thanks Casey~ <3

  115. Hi there! I love your site and your videos!

    Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?
    I like them both equally!!!! But if I have to choose one, it would be the bra because it’s so different!

    What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
    I’m an actress, so I need to stay fit for my profession, but most of all, eating clean and working out hard makes me feel really good about myself and makes me lighter and happier throughout the day! What more motivation could I need? lol

  116. 1. I like the bra. The style is so cool and the support must be awesome.

    2. I actually only started to be committed to working out when I found Pop Pilates. Other past workouts didn’t motivate me long enough to stay tuned but Pop Pilates is different. The beginning was extremely hard but I’m slowly becoming more flexible and feeling great, which also leads me to have a cleaner diet and I’ve pretty much cut out all junk and high fat food. Thanks so much Cassey for your great workouts.

  117. a. Bra!
    b. My mood is my motivation. Eating clean and working out hard makes me feel happy and better about myself and puts me in a better mood!

  118. Hele-Liis says:

    1) I really really like the shorts.
    2) For me the motivator is feeling good. There’s nothing better than feeling flat, pumped tummy instead a hangin’ one.

  119. (a) LOVE the booty shorts!
    (b) Not only do I feel more confident about myself when I work out and eat clean, I also feel healthy, have more energy, and am in a better mood! While the way my body looks is important to me, I am even more motivated by the health benefits and taking as much personal control over my health and longevity as possible.


    a)I like the bra best as I haven’t seen anything like it before, plus while the shorts are hot! I live in England where its cold! so the only place they would get seen is in my front room while im doing Pop pilates!

    b) What motivates me to work out and live clean? The more results i see- the more i want to work harder. When you can start to see definition i lost all desire to put bad things in my body (although everyone needs a treat sometimes…) Plus looking at Cassey being so strong and slim makes me a tiny bit envious lol but makes me realise how much our body’s are able to do! (my pilates teacher is a middle aged hippy man- his cool but i don’t exactly have body envy of him lol)

  121. A. I love them both, but I’m afraid of booty shorts atm.. :(
    B. The way I’ve been feeling lately has made me realize how unhealthy I had been eating/living before the 90 day challenge started!! I feel so much more energetic and just GOOD. I don’t want to go back to feeling sluggish and crappy! THAT’S my motivation!

  122. A.Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?
    The bra is pretty awesome. It has this asymetrical thing going on! And no matter what people say… it’s fun to be fashionable while working out!
    B.What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
    My motivation is my lifestyle. A sound mind in a sound body; nothing feels better. I NEVER regret going to the gym and eating clean. I don’t do it to achieve a particular goal (although it helps motivate a lot of people). I do it because that’s who I want to be: healthy and strong.

  123. 1. I LOVE the sports bra! It’s so funky :)
    2. For the longest time I’ve wanted to be healthy and be able to keep up with my kids (I teach dance and gymnastics!) Having danced for 13 years and then quit, I gained a bit of weight. Getting back into running and working out is hard! but every day that I see my kids helps motivate me, they’re my constant reminder. I want to be a good role model, not SKINNY but HEALTHY! I’m doing it for them. :)

  124. Megan Williams says:

    1) Im a sports bra lover so of course my choice is the sports bra.
    2) The thought of being able to wake up and not base what I’m wearing that day on whether or not I can fit into it. I want to look at magazines and seeing the outfits the models wear and be able to say “I could totally pull that off.”

  125. Cindy Nazal says:

    I love both honestly but I know I would totally wear the booty shorts..I starteddoing pop pilates last december 2010 but didnt do it long because Ifound out I was expecting my third child…SO here I am back and ready to start again..Ive been doing pop videos almost everyday for the last 3 weeks and have lost 10lbs in my thighs and butt which I thought was impossible lol My hubby even noticed my hourglass figure I love it..I do have to confess I swear like a sailor at sometimes during the video but Cassey your motivation is wonderful I feel like Im there in the studio with u working out.Keep up the good work and I will get into that bikini this summer which I havent done in like 7 yrs with confidence…

  126. Hi Casey! How are you?

    Well,i started to take care of myself about April 2011, before that, i used to live in the US and then moved back to my hometown, Argentina. And i got reallyyy depressed! and i would just eat and eat,and eat all types of candy,and procesed foods,gummy bears,doritos, anythinggg! that really sucked, because when i was younger i used to dance,play sports, i really did have an active life! and i was really fit,even though i was like 10 years old.

    So now this year, i stared eating correctly, i follow a biological nutritions diet, if thats the right way to say it in english.. Its pretty complex everything,but lets just say, people who follow this diet, dont drink milk or yougrts, expecialy not the store bought ones filled with color dyes and all that. we bearly eat meat, and it all has to do with what meals are good for your organism, no white wheats or sugers, all whole grain. lots of nuts and good oils. and we practicly livee on fruits and veggies. No cokes,just water,or coconut milks or stuff like that.

    and well all this year i got into that, and keeped myself in that, i never looked back! its rarly when i “pig out” which for me,that would be eating a whole pack of cookies or something, and not just because i wanna be really fit (apart from that) i used to get like cramps in my stomach,and always feel bloated,and icky and this like that which was horrible,and getting my life on track this way, really changed my life,
    i feel so muuch healthyer, and i work out almost everrrr day! or in the gim,or pop pilates, or yoga,or any other thing i might be doing!

    And i really have to thank you Casey andd The Tone It Up girls, you guys really helped me start working out at home, that way i could start really getting worked out at the gim for more than minutes xD

    So yeah,thanks for that! i love your site,and your workouts,how you help people, how active and friendly you are (: best of luck to you ♥

    From Argentina.

  127. hi there! i want the booty shorts!

    what motivates me is that i just want to have a healthy body inside and out for the long term. i know a lot of people are suffering from illnesses when they grow old and i want to avoid it as much as possible though it is somehow impossible (maybe) by doing this small behavioral changes that will really affect my life. :)) i just want to live a healthy life up to thE fullest! :))

  128. Colleen M. says:

    The booty shorts are just too cute.

    I just started the 90 day challenge today. My dogs motivate me to eat clean and work out hard because I want to be able to keep up with them. Play time with them whips my butt. I’m also in the process of quitting nicotine. Whenever I want to smoke I do a 15 minute workout instead, or hike with my dogs for an hour. It keeps the stress out of quitting smoking. I think the meal plan will be good for my skin as well as the rest of my body. I’m really exited about finding POP pilates, it’s just what I needed.

  129. and I can’t wait to see if I win a prize! haha

  130. I eat clean and workout, so I can be stress free! I’m in college, and the workload gets so hectic so quickly. Once you’re behind it’s almost impossible to catch up again. There are a lot of late night studying, and early morning classes so it’s imperative that my body can function correctly.

  131. a, can i choose both? hehe, i would if i could. if not i would say bra because im in need of a new fitting one since my chest/bust has gone smaller (thanks cassey, haha)

    b, my motivation for working out is to feel and look good from inside out. and that i want my bellybutton to say “oooh” instead of giving me a sad face in the mirror!

  132. I love the bra! And feeling energized is what keeps me motivated.

  133. Kate Fitzsimons says:

    1. OMG i am IN LOVE with those shorts!! Im from Aus and its so hard to find cute gym shorts here, majority are baggy and dont seem to sit right – but they look gorgeous! To ever get cute shorts i always have to get them shipped from the US and always so expensive!!

    2. YOU DO!! Your pretty much the best motivation a girl is ever going to get! But so I don’t sound like im just trying to suck up lol my motivation to eat clean is the feeling i get when i go to sleep each night knowing i fuelled my body with the exact nutrients it needs and then waking up and seeing a flat stomach in the mirror and knowing it is my bodies way of thanking me aha. and i am always motivated to workout hard due to my Polar Heart Rate Monitor, if i see it slip below 80% of my max HR during my HIIT it really motivates me to kick it up a notch and make sure i dont slacken off – because your heart rate never lies! And i definitely believe, you only get out what you put in, so never give anything less than your best effort every time!

  134. I love the bra (but not sure if I’m still comfortable wearing it alone like you do Cassey).. that’s what the 90 challenge is for!
    What motivates me is the way I feel after I work out. I still dread it everyday, but that “high” feeling afterwards and that sense of accomplishment is what I connect with before every workout. It seems to work, but I still have a ways to go to reach my goals!
    Thanks for all you do Cassey.


  136. Yvonne Brady says:

    A. LOVe the Bra! Does the one shoulder support well? It looks great!

    B. Cute clothes like this motivate me to eat well! I wouldn’t have the confidence to wear just a sports bra like this without treating my body well and enjoying the results.

  137. I am so obsessed with workout clothes and the minute I saw these I fell in love.
    A. I definitely would have to go with the shorts. I love my booty and legs and these comfy booty shorts help me feel great about myself while working out.
    B. What motivates me? Not only do I want to look healthy and fit, but I want to FEEL healthy and fit. I push myself every day to make healthy choices, turn down that giant bag of reese’s peanut butter cups, because I know that in the end, feeling healthy and feeling great about myself will be so worth it! That is what motivates me and keeps me working my butt off .

    Thanks for the opportunity for this giveaway!

  138. 1. Definately the booty shorts!

    2. I need to challenge myself to get back into shape and get healthy by eating clean, looking hot in those booty shorts is exactly the jump start I need.

  139. I prefer the booty shorts, the bra is super cute but I don’t think it would provide the support I need.

    I do my best to eat clean and workout hard because I know that the better I treat my body the healther it will be.

  140. Stephanie L says:

    Looove the bra top. If I don’t win, I’m def gonna order one anyways- I’ve never seen a cute design like that before!

    Gonna sound weird, but I’m motivated by Relay for Life to eat clean and work out. Every year at school I’m on the planning committee for Relay and at the end of the year all of our hard work pays off when we raise a bunch of $$ for cancer and see all the cancer survivors- I know there are a lot of studies on what to eat/staying healthy to avoid cancer, and they might not be true, but its definitely worth a shot! & looking great is a nice benefit to it too ; )


  141. im posting this comment here too (i posted it on your youtube channel also) not because i really want to win, but becasue it feels good when i let it out, and know that someone is understanding me ^^

    – oh but if you do pick me i guees id like the bra (its soooooooooo cute ^^)

    it was because,my brother and father were constantly making fun of me and making me feel..well like crap calling me fat, a tank,a guerilla and so on. that I got so depressed and stopped looking at myself in the mirror(im not lieing but i havent looked at myself in the mirror since i was…hmmm.. 15, 16 and i am 18 now)it kills me not being able to look, but i guees i want to achieve “CONFIDENCE” and look at myself in the mirror for the first time in so long and say “hey you are beautiful ^^”

  142. I love love LOVE those booty shorts, but the bra is really nice too. But, booty shorts are my favorite.

    What motivates me to work out is my sport. Well, I am a figure skater, which I hate to say it but requires you to be pretty thin. So, I’m always motivated to stay thin, but healthy, so I can help my figure skating!

    You’re the best Casey!!

  143. Marina Chekhovskiy says:

    I would prefer the sports bra! the shorts are cool too- but i have a ways to go before i’ll feel comfortable wearing those ;)

  144. A: Shorts!
    B: Imagining myself on the beach 2012

  145. I love those booty shorts!!
    I would say that my drive to be in the best possible shape is what motivates me to eat clean and workout hard. I have always been into fitness and eating healthy, but I never really committed to it and made the effort to change my lifestyle. Earlier this year I finally made the big step to commit to healthy eating and working out. It was extremely hard at first, but now it just comes naturally and I can’t believe that I ever just sat around eating junk food and being too lazy to workout. People like you inspire me to keep going and keep pushing!

  146. I love the booty short. They look very comfortable and give me motivation to tone my body even more to look great in them.

    My motivation to eat healthy and to start living a healthy life is my four kids and my husband. I have one biological son and 3 step children who look at me as there mommy. I want to show them to live healthy and be a good role model for me. I am 22 years old and have 4 children in my hands, 4 delicate minds in my hands, its up to me to make sure that they live a healthy life and have good guidance through out there lives. I also am motivated by my husband. He is the light of my day and I want to keep me looking like who he fell in love with .. I also want to keep him motivated and show him that im not a lazy person. I believe by living this life I can inspire so many people. Even if I just touch a few peoples lives that a few more that wasn’t changing before me. I have a blog .. I want to become a personal trainer, a motivational speaker, and an inspiration to many peoples lives. This is all worth me living a healthy life. Too many depend on me for me not to !

  147. Antoinette says:

    I absolutely love the booty shorts!!!! Though I like the asymmetrical look of the sports bra as well. =]

    My motivation is mainly to be healthy and happy, and look good!! I have noticed that working out and eating healthy on regular basis greatly boosts my energy (both physical and mental) and simply just makes me feel good overall. =]

  148. Victoria Lim says:

    Hello Cassey!

    I love the fit booty shorts! Actually, I love everything on that website. I’m short, so the mini fit shorts would finally fit me like regular length shorts compared to other people.

    I eat clean and work out because I wish to make healthy choices in my life. Both sides of my family have a history of heart problems, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. One grandma and one grandpa have passed away in recent years due to a heart attack and related problems. Recently my brother, who is only 24 and of medium weight, got a physical and was told that his cholesterol levels were that of a 40-year-old. It was frightening, and because of that he and I vowed to be healthy and eat clean together, since your health and your body is so important, and something that we have control over to treat as best as we can. We don’t live close to each other, so we email and text our workouts to each other, or healthy eating choices we make or recipes we find. Our parents also do their best to eat healthy and get in what exercise they can with their work schedules. We all were extremely saddened by the loss of two grandparents, and they are in a way motivation for our future health. I have gotten so into this fit lifestyle that several friends have started along this path too, after seeing how fun working out and feeling healthy can be. Hope you have a great day, and love the workouts and recipes you post!

  149. Heather M says:

    I’m thinking the booty shorts! :)
    I am still trying to find my motivation to eat clean and workout hard, maybe the booty shorts would start that !! ;)

  150. Hi Cassey!!

    1. I love the booty shorts! I’ve always been proud of my boodylicious backside, and I think they would show it off quite nicely :)

    2. I have many reasons that I eat clean and workout hard. I graduated in May from playing DII collegiate soccer. Not having a vigorous daily workout regimen, my body has changed quite a bit. I want to learn reasonable habits to carry on through my whole life. Down the road, I want to be an amazing mother, an effective employee and a loyal friend. I cannot be those things if I’m not fit and happy with my own body! I hope to be an example to all those around me :) I dont’ have a lot of money, so having your blog to rely on for great clean eating tips and workouts has been a true lifesaver!!!

  151. Lauren Judd says:

    1) I love the sports bra! I always need good support while I’m working out, so I love sports bras that are cute and fashionable. Looking good while I work out helps me work out better!

    2) What motivates me to eat clean and work out hard is my daughter. I’ve never been a horrible eater, but I didn’t eat that great, either. When she was about 6 months old and I started her on solids, I realized how healthy I was feeding her, and that I needed to be eating healthy and clean to be a role model for her. It’s also important to me to teach her that exercising is good for you, and can be totally fun! She is almost 2, and already loves “essercise!” – I hope to instill healthy habits in her that she will keep around for life, and I want to stay healthy so I can be around for her! Okay, I just wrote a novel, so I’ll end it here – thanks for your wonderful videos!

  152. Hi,
    booty shorts are the best !
    What is my motivation? huhh, just to stay healthy :-) Luckily I don’t have to drop weight , etc.. And curiosity. Sometimes I make experiments ( using myself ) to find out the effects and results of different diets, workouts.

  153. Loving the bra!

    What keeps me motivated is seeing results and knowing hard work is all going to pay off!!! and every ones feed back for sure

  154. The booty shorts definatly.
    The main reason i want to eat healthy and excerciise is so that i can lead a healthy life. I i am a mother of two and i have deciided to make a change in my lifestyle so that i can set a great eexaample for my son and daughter. Growing up i had an eating disorder because i never had anyonee show me the right way to stay aat a healthy weight. And now with w that i have a daughter of my own i want her to groww up eating healthy and eating right. And i want the shorts so i can really see a transformation in myself

  155. I love the bra!
    The booty shorts are smexy too though!
    I love to eat healthy and workout because it makes me feel better!
    Sometimes I’ll go down to the track and just jog a few miles simply to clear my mind. Eating good just makes you energized and gets you going. i love it!

  156. I love the booty shorts! Since I’ve started losing weight I finally have the confidence to wear them.
    And working out has motivated me to eat clean, when I’m out running or at the gym I have so much more energy if I’ve been eating well.

  157. Booty shorts!!! Although the top is also super cute :)

    I want to feel good about how I look. Also, I have a history of piriformis syndrome, so if I don’t take care of my body, I would be incapacitated. Yuck!

  158. 1) I love the booty shorts!

    2) I’m motivated to eat clean and live healthy because I’m determined to make a positive change in my life regarding my body. I battled bulimia w/anorexic tendencies for a few years and then once I recovered switched to being fearful of eating healthy/exercising–I was afraid I would return to eating to little and overexercising. I have always felt better when I eat clean, and I’m a competitive person who has to have a goal in sight, so the 90 day challenge has been perfect for me!!

  159. Karina Sandoval says:

    1. Booty Shorts! I love the colors and they look so comfy.
    2. I have finally reached a point in my life where I feel great in the skin I am in. One may ask how I got to this point in my life. My reply? By simply wanting it. I was once at a very low point in my life. I began to gain weight, and I was one of the slowest runners on my cross country team. I hated this feeling. I was being recognized on my team for all the wrong reasons. I wanted people to recognize me as the strong, fit, fast girl on cross country. So, 6 moths ago, the discipline kicked in. Over the summer, I made it a goal to run and follow some of the Pop Pilates videos EVERY SINGLE DAY( except on Sunday, my off day hehe) and I began to feel healthier and cleaner. This change in my life began to show in my training. My times improved, my coach honored me as captain for the girls cross country team, and I also made the varsity team. I was finally being recognized for all the right reasons–I was finally happy. Every day I am motivated to work my buns off and make sure I eat clean not only to continue my dedication towards becoming a better athlete/captain and person in general, but also to inspire my teammates and show them that with hard work and dedication, their goals cold be fulfilled.

  160. Andrea Ada says:

    A) I like the sports bra better. It’s not your typical sports bra and the first of its kind that I’ve seen.

    B) I work out hard and eat clean, because I love the confidence that it provides me. I feel that when one is confident, it exudes both inside and outside.

  161. 1. I love that booty shorts, but must admit I like the bra more. I absolutely love the one-shoulder look! My wedding dress (I got married this summer) even had one shoulder.

    2. I have a couple motivations. Every girl who gets married says they want to be fit for their honeymoon, but then they quit eating healthy and exercising after they get married. I don’t want to be like that; I want to be sexy for my husband for life! Also, I have been blessed with being “skinny” my whole life, but I have finally realized that there is more to being healthy than just being skinny. Eating right and exercising is the way to go, because you are actually “fit” or “healthy” and not “skinny”. Plus, it makes you feel really great exercising on a regular basis!

  162. 1) I LOVE them both but if I had to chose I would go for the booty shorts.
    2) What motivates me to eat clean and workout is the fact that there are many things in my life that I do not have control over and what I can control is the food I consume and my motivation to exercise all by will. Nonetheless, I also what to lose weight and tone up not only to look better but to feel better about myself and comfortable in my own skin. :)

  163. The bra is too awesome so it is definitely my favorite.
    I am motivated to eat clean and workout because it is something that effects how I feel and I get to control it. I love knowing I am doing good things for my body. Plus, there is no better feeling than feeling your workout :)

  164. Anastasia says:

    1. I absolutely love this bra, it’s design is pure genius!!!
    2. What motivates me to achieve my fitness goals is the opportunity to inspire other people, everyone in my family, especially my little sisters, my friends. Motivating someone is not an easy thing, everyone always has some lame excuse no living up to their fitness potential, but when you can change lives and fitness level not only for your self but for other people as well it just shows you how much one person can do.

  165. 1) I LOVE the sports bra!
    2) I’m eating healthily to gain back my self confidence and overcome the disordered eating which has taken control of my mind and body. Exercising is my way of escaping and allows me to push my boundaries, i want to get the best results possible from my body! This time i’m doing it the healthy way, plus i find that new fitness equipment and workout clothes are great motivators…

  166. What motivates me to eat clean and be healthy is the fact that my mom is struggling with diabetes and it runs in my family and i don’t want to have to struggle with this either and i motivated my mom to go on the 90 day challenge with me :)

  167. 1. Booty shorts!!!
    2. The body and feeling I get. I always regret not working out now. It’s crazy!

  168. it wont let u? what do u mean? explain so i can help.

  169. 1. I like the bra b/c I especially love the asymmetric design. Very unique.

    2. What motivates me to eat healthy & exercise is for health and having the energy for my demanding job. I always feel sluggish when I’m not eating right and don’t get to exercise. Your blog definitely gives me an inspiration to do it all.

  170. Ashleigh Gardner says:

    Also, I was trying to get added to your mailing list, but it won’t let me.

  171. Ashleigh Gardner says:

    Hey. I like a sports bra better, because I am not built for booty shorts. :)

    I am motivated by my love for my fiance. He is in the Army and is becoming super buff and we are getting married and the summer, so I want to look fantastic for him. :)

    Thank you so much for helping me and providing a meal plan and workout plan. :)

  172. Lilian Hoang says:

    A. I think I prefer the booty shorts, because my bottom half is something I am more confident about and if I’m wearing something that flaunts anything that I feel good about, I work harder and go the extra mile… Just cause I want to wear it longer.
    B.What motivates me to work harder and eat clean is when i see results from what I’m doing. I love knowing that hard work pays off, and when I see a positive change, it’s a total motivation booster for me. Whether it’s dropping one pound or being able to button up a pair of jeans I used to fit, when I begin seeing outcomes, I work even harder knowing that I’m actually getting somewhere.

  173. 1. I love the sports bra!
    2. I am so tired of not being able to keep up with my dog when he starts running!! So I need to get in shape for his sake and my own. (:

  174. I like the sports bra more because it has a very unique design that I’ve never seen before.
    Being healthy and having the energy to do the things I love motivates me to eat healthy and to exercise.

  175. Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?
    uhm i like the bra better. the shorts are super cute too but the bra is different than usual.
    What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
    i just want to be toned and healthy and look cute in everything and have glowing skin so eating right and working hard isn’t too difficult!
    thank youuu x

  176. 1). If I HAVE to chose only one, I love the sports bra most.
    2). What keeps me motivated- fighting off obesity, diabetes, and many other diseases that run in my family, that is associated with being over weight!

  177. I LOVE the Bra!!!!

    What motivates me to eat clean and workout: My husband and my kids! I want to have the body I had when we first met. I know he still loves me, but I want to look my best for him ALL the time! I also want to eat clean so that I can be a role model for my kids and their diets. They need healthy food just as much as I do!

  178. A. I LOVE the bra. It’s simple, yet sexy.
    B. What motivates me the most?
    My pictures from 2 summers ago at my fittest- couldn’t care less what the scale had to say because I was in great shape & confident. I want to be that girl again after this challenge.

  179. Hi Casey! Thanks for an awesome giveaway :) Fit Activewear stuff looks so good, I want it all too!

    1. I actually love that bra, I think it’s gorgeous and I’m all over one-shouldered things, but the booty shorts are too cute!!! ha, I know that’s kind of a cheat answer…
    2. The confidence I get when I do both at the same time is worth so much. Pairing together a good workout and eating clean is such motivation to keep going in and of itself just because of how good you feel!!!

  180. Reina Perez says:

    A. The shorts!
    B. Those booty shorts are my motivator. I’d like to be able to wear booty shorts again like I could in my 20’s. Hoping this challenge gets me my pre-kids body back!

  181. Jessica Barker says:

    Hi Cassey!

    I love them both! But if I had to choose, I’d pick the sports bra, so chic!

    I get motivation from people like you, the Tone It Up girls and the community of online friends I’ve formed through Facebook. Checking in on your blog and looking up new workouts on YouTube helps keep things fresh and fun! And of course I am motivated by the way I look and feel when I am eating clean and exercising every day. Thanks for all your hard work! It really means a lot!



  182. 1. I love the booty shorts they are so cute!
    2. I like feeling good and clean on the inside and I remember how I feel when I’m good and that keeps me motivated to stay on track.

  183. can’t take my eyes off the sports bra!

    I’m motivated to eat clean and work out hard because I’ve lost 30 pounds since I changed my eating habits and exercising regularly (running and pilates are my favorites) and I’ve kept it off for a year :-) It has improved my energy, managed my stress levels and of course, you can’t beat the endorphin rush.

  184. I would loooooveee the booty shorts, they look amazing.
    Also I don’t own any yet, so that would be just great for POP Pilates and dancing.

    I don’t really have a problem with staying fit, because I’ve always been active and can’t get enough of any sports. Eating clean is more of a health issue for me than something to make me lose weight. I love cooking and I like to use natural ingredients for all my meals, so I guess that covers a lot. BUT I have no discipline when I’m eating, so my goal is to control my portions a little better :-) I’d love to see my abs properly someday…

  185. booty shorts always provide that extra motivation!

    Feeling great and seeing results make me want to keep up all the hard work! <3

  186. Hi Cassey!
    1. I want the bra!
    2. I love being active and staying healthy because I am ADDICTED to endorphins! I’ve been a runner since I was in 8th grade, and nothing gets me all hopped up and gives me crazy energy like working out! Adding POP Pilates has made me even that much crazier. I hope I win cause I will ROCK that bra! Fo’ sho’.

  187. I am loving the booty shorts! So cute, and they look like they are comfy as well!

    I’m motivated by trying to keep up with my 5 year old. Nothing lets you see how out of shape you are better than chasing and racing kids, and then losing! ;)

  188. 1. I love the bra! Although hopefully by the end of the 90 Day Challenge, I can rock the booty shorts too.
    2. I am motivated by seeing numbers move on the scale and the tape measure! Seeing progress motivates me to keep going.

  189. I like the bra more. I’m trying really hard to tone up my tummy and love handles to make them look good, so working out with the bra gives me more motivation to work harder! Being able to see my tummy getting tighter makes me push more during my workout and go harder. And when it comes to eating clean, I have such a big issue with that because I’m always tempted to sneak a bite of something. But whenever I wanna do that I hold the piece of chocolate or cake or whatever in my hand, and I tell myself “are you that weak?is it worth it?” and by the time I have the answer the piece of food is back in its place and I’m drinking a bottle of water instead! So I really think it’s discipline and being stronger that the sweets that keeps me motivated to eat clean. And as for the motivation for working harder, I imagine what I want to look like and I imagine what I wanna wear when I look like that, and suddenly I feel like doing 3 rounds of cardio instead of 2! :)

  190. 1. I like the sports bra
    2. I have had cancer and the eating clean and exercising make me feel better and I hope to look better as my eating habits have taken a hit.

  191. 1. I love those booty shorts! The pink is so cute (matches the running shoes I put on my Christmas list!).

    2. My motivation is my husband — he means the world to me, and there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for me (he’ll even cook dinner if I don’t have time to, and vaccuum the house — which are two of the things he hates the most!). He’s an active duty soldier, and fitness is really really important to him, so I try to keep myself in shape as a little way to say thanks to him :) That’s definitely my primary motivation: staying sexy for my amazing husband! But, I’ll be honest, I also want to be able to look great in booty shorts like those!

  192. Hi Cassey :)
    I really like the booty shorts because my legs are one of my best assets! I stay motivated to eat clean and workout hard by visualizing my success and thinking about how I will look and feel if I continue to make the right choices!

  193. I love booty shorts slightly more ;)

    My motivation? Comments, that I’ more firm and that I look slimmer… Whoa :D

  194. 1) the shorts are so CUTE!!! i want to match you!!!
    2) what motivates me is my family and knowing that the healthier i am the better i am with them. there is a problem in my family with obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, So when i am healthy i serve as proof that the rest of my family too can break the cycle of obesity, and they can be healthy and happy too!

  195. Hi Cassey!

    1) Love dem booty shorts!
    2) When it comes to eating clean, i like trying new clean (and raw) foods. I feel so much more energized to get up for my classes in the morning and take on the day when i’ve been eating things that my body recognizes. I don’t think my workouts are worth it unless i leave that gym or class hating life a little bit ;) i like finding new boundaries for myself and consistently pushing them further. When i run it feels like i can do anything in the world.

  196. 1. I like the booty shorts better.
    2. Knowing that being healthy is one of the most important things to a healthy life is what motivates me. It’s not so much about being skinny or losing weight, but actually being healthy. Being fit and strong, and knowing what you put in your body is what is best for it. I want to be able to live longer without medicines to keep me alive, and I want to be able to run and play with my future children and grandchildren, rather than watching them from afar.


    It’s all about the motivation to get in shape for my WEDDING in 68 days!! I have always eaten well and tried to stay active but with this wedding coming up so fast before he goes into the military… I have to get it together quick!

    Thank you so much for your videos… Thanks to you I’ll be ready for my big day! <3

  198. I really love the shorts! They are super cute and ilove the length and waistband’ :D

    Why I love working hard? Working hardproduces results ;) it’s as simple as that. I have a goal to be a professional contortionist and that’s a chlorine commitment to having a flexible beautiful healthy body. If I don’t work hard, my dream goes down the drain. Nutrition and exercise is sostraoght forward… Workhard, get results. :D

    I liked bothpages already ;)

  199. 1. I love both! But probably the booty shorts!!
    2. I’ll admit I am eating clean and being healthy a lot for the outer, physical results, but I am also doing it for my overall health. To be better inside and out. :)

  200. Catherine M. says:

    I forgot to say why I am motivated to workout hard in my comment! haha

    I’m motivated to workout hard because it makes me feel accomplished and because it makes me feel healthy and energized.

  201. Catherine M. says:

    I would have to say the booty shorts! They’re super cute and I am a huge fan of my booty ;)

    I am motivated to eat clean because I have always had problems with food and I am discovering that taking out all the crap that we can put into our bodies make a HUGE difference in how I feel and my energy levels! Also eating clean makes me feel so good about myself :)

  202. Jasmine Rae says:

    1. Definitely love the shorts :)
    2. My motivation is knowing that I’m being the best I can be, as a person. I love the feeling of being fit, being able to beat my boyfriend at running, and looking in the mirror, seeing that my hard work is paying off. As well, my mum motivates me immensely. She is by far the fittest woman I’ve ever met, and I’m constantly asking her questions about fitness and running, and I aspire to be like her. She’s definitely a fitness goddess.

  203. Allison Verde-Haum says:

    It makes me feel good, look good gives me energy to take care of my family!!

  204. 1. both are so cute, I love the bra, but I don’t own a pair of booty shorts so I think I would pick those if I had a choice.
    2. I love seeing my thighs shrink and my cellulite go away! It’s great to actually see my legs looking better and that encourages me to work out harder and eat clean.

  205. A) I like them both, but the bra seems to be calling my name. I am always looking for a good sports bra and i really love the design of this one. It’s so unique.

    B) Feeling good about myself and being able to do what i love is what motivates me to workout hard and eat clean. I love waking up and looking at myself in the mirror and being able to say, I look good today. Plus eating clean gives me the energy i need everyday to live life!

  206. A Lyavdansky says:

    1. The bra is really cute, so are the shorts, but I don’t think I’d be comfortable wearing such tiny shorts in front of guys in the gym. ;)
    2. Thinking about heart health keeps me motivated. I am an RN student and know just how scary it is to not eat clean or workout. I also love to do yoga in a class setting, it removes so much stress and bad energy! And looking great is an awesome built in plus! :)

  207. I love the shorts! I have a J-Lo booty and I think it would look great in the shorts. :)
    I feel so much better working out and eating better versus the times that I did neither. Changes such as these help me feel better about myself, and I’m starting to get those closest to me on the “healthy” track as well. Now THAT feels good!

  208. Stephanie says:

    A) I LOVE both, but the sports bra is my fav! I love styles that use something different to give it that extra wow.
    B) Stepping on the scale and looking in the mirror and seeing what hard work can do. When I’m not feeling it, I’ll go online and look up some fitspiration, that always gets me in the mood immediately! Lately, I’ve had the POPsters Tumblrs to follow so I’m never at a lose for inspiration and motivation!

  209. Sharon Lizotte says:

    I love the sports bra! plus i’m not a big fan of booty shorts.. yet! I eat clean and work out because it makes me happy. I feel better about myself when i’m healthy

  210. I get motivated to eat healthy and exercise by reminding myself how good it feels. I feel good when I eat good. I have more energy to work out when I eat good as well. As a result, I LOOK GOOD! :) It all works out pretty well! :)

  211. Love the booty shorts! My motivation to eat clean is to feel good about what I’m putting in my body, free of guilt! I don’t want to eat a heavy meal and then try to eat clean after that to make up for it, I’d just like to get a good routine down that I can stick to! With a structured workout and good diet I want to get in better shape and be able to feel good about the clothes I wear :)

  212. I love the bra!

    I work out and eat clean because it feels good and it makes me look good and it inspires others to follow suit :)

  213. Booty shorts!

    Seeing results and feeling refreshed from eating a clean diet. Plus, there’s nothing better than a great run after a stressful day at work.

  214. Megan Wooding says:

    love the bra!

    my inspiration to eat clean is how i can feel what I eat affecting my body, and I know its working towards my goals at the gym too.

  215. Booty shorts!

    I’m motivated by the sheer fact that I’ll be more energized and happy during the day, and that I’m setting myself up for a future healthy lifestyle.


  216. 1. Booty Shorts, Definitely!
    2. I grew up in a family where obesity and lack of physical activities was a part of my daily routine. I wasn’t aware of the food I ate and how it really affects my body. All I was aware of was that I needed food to survive, and what my mom made at home was good. I learned the importance of eating healthy and the basic understanding of general nutrition concepts, specifically focused on fruits, vegetables and whole grains when I joined an internship two years ago. My family had a really bad history of obesity and high blood pressure. I was aware of this and wanted to make a change in my family. I want to do this the right way by working out daily and eating right. Not by taking pills, etc.!

  217. What keeps me motivated to eat clean and workout hard is how good I feel after I finish either of the two! This past summer I’ve made some drastic changes to my diet; I really take care not to eat so much sugar or filler foods when I could just as easily be reaching for fresher alternatives. I also love how strong I feel, knowing I can bike up a certain hill in San Francisco, or even not being afraid to try a new kickboxing class. It’s awesome to feel capable and valuable as a result. I love my body more and more as I’m journeying to fitness.

    Thanks for your help to keep me motivated!

  218. Natasha K says:

    Looking great and increase my energy and mood!

  219. 1. Sports Bra

    2. Hi Cassey I started watching your Turtorials back when I used to live in Germany, now that I am working in Boston I have more time for Fitness ( also its a very active and sporty City) , and enjoy every single bit of your Videos and Food recommendation. Thank you for putting so much heart in what you do, it simply is fun to work out with ya :)

  220. 1. BOOTY SHORTS!
    2. Fitness is everything, I motivated by others in my world of crossfit and super eaters, and even those who are unfit and chose to stay unfit. I love the feeling of endorphin’s after a great workout, its priceless!!

    and you are FAB!! Thanks!! xoxo

  221. The bra is so cute and would make working out feel that much sexier. I’m inspired to work out harder and eat healthier now because I want to fit into my pre-pregnancy, pre-kid jeans again. I’m almost there after two months!

  222. 1. I like both, it’s too hard to decide between the two! :) the bra is super funky and unique, which i definitely appreciate. but i wear booty shorts a lot! :)
    2. my boyfriend actually motivates me to work out a lot. he himself works out often and when i see him getting ready to go or working up a sweat it makes me jealous! also, i love summer, and i love fashion. so i really want to be able to have no limitations when it comes to expressing myself through fashion. confidence! <3

  223. Judith Chuang says:

    A. Booty shorts!
    B. The physical change in appearance, the feeling of keeping fit and staying healthy, and the constantly higher energy level I feel!

  224. 1. The booty shorts!
    2. I’m motivated to eat healthy and work out because I play rugby for my college, and in order to actually do well in the sport I love I try to eat as healthy as possible and work out to stay fit.

  225. 1) defiantly booty shorts!
    2) my drive to take care of my health and prevent disease due to obesity, high processed diet etc for my future self and family!

  226. 1. The sport bra! So cute, it’ll look great when I’m doing belly dance!
    2. I woke up one morning and decided I was tired of being overweight and in a bad shape. Since then, I never stopped! What motivates me is my progress so far and how great I feel. I never want to go back!

  227. 1. the bra!!!

    2. I love seeing results and the boost of confidence it gives me when I know I look AND feel good!!!

  228. A. Sports bra! So cute
    B. I am motivated by you to become the healthiest me that I can be. My family has serious weight problems and I am motivated to be a healthy example for them. I am in my 3rd year of college to becoming a Nutritionist so I am motivated to be healthy for the people I will be helping.

  229. Bra- I want to see how well I can stick to something if I really put my mind to it. Im 7 pounds over my high school weight and would love to kick my butt in gear and get back down to that weight. Plus it doesnt hurt that Im going to Mexico at the end of January (perfect time for a Bikini Body!)

  230. 1. Booty booty rockin in those shorts!
    2. Struggled with very unhealthy and extreme dieting. I want to do this the right way and the healthy way.

  231. I do it because I am a dancer and I have to take care of my body because my body is my art.

  232. I like the booty shorts.

    The thing that motivates me the most to workout and eat healthy is the feeling I get when I don’t workout or eat healthy! That sluggish lethargic feeling always motivates me to get up and get out of my slump. And once the feeling is replaced with confidence and tons of energy after a good workout, then I just want to keep it up.

  233. I love those booty shorts!!
    And what motivates me is being a personal trainer- I need to set a good example for my clients! like you said- sometimes you need to listen to your own advice! so i’ve really been trying to eat clean and push myself in every workout so I can be the person I want to be!

  234. Stephanie says:

    Oh! And i love the booty shorts ;)

  235. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been very fit and obsessed with my weight before, and ive been an overweight emotional eater- 2 completely different sides of the spectrum. Right now what motivates me to eat healthily and work out is not only seeing my body transform, but seeing myself get closer to my goals! I graduated college in may and am unemployed. At this point in my life i need goals to keep me occupied and focused in positive ways! So im revamping my body and my health, and will run my first ever 10k next year :) Feeling and seeing the difference on my body and mind keeps me going :)

  236. 1. Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?

    I absolutely love the bra!

    2. What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?

    I’m fairly new to finding dedication to working out, it used to be something I would have to force myself to do every week or two, but now I love it! I think that’s in no small part to recently discovering Pilates as well. I suppose what motivates me is my boyfriend, who is very health conscious and will never put off a trip to the gym.. that and finally seeing some results, I just can’t wait to get fitter and healthier! :D

  237. gabriella Corrado says:

    a) They are both super cute, but I think the I like the bra, its unique.
    b) I am motivated by how great I feel after a healthy day and of course by you, Cassey !!!

  238. Catherine says:

    a) I like the booty shorts.
    b) I like to stay healthy and I wanna run faster! Also to be fit :)

  239. I love the bootie short!
    YOU motivate me a lot ! I love love love your workouts ♥♥♥♥

  240. 1. booty shorts! too cute <3
    2. ok, this probably sounds completely superficial, but every time a watch anything kpop or cpop i just feel like if that 5'2'' girl could look like that, then i could do it too

  241. I love the bra because how much better is that than the typical bra you see on everyone else. i want it!

    I keep healthy by working out and eating right because it is the only way I ever find myself truly being happy. And I definitely want to stay happy.

  242. 1) I like the booty shorts more, mainly because my shoulders are really broad and i have a lot of back fat so the sports bra wouldn’t flatter my body at all.

    2) I get motivated when I encounter healthy people, or when I see people working out at the gym, whenever I see someone eating healthy. The most motivation I get is to look at models or fitness girls that could look so good in just a sports bra and workout clothes. It makes me want to get off my butt and run a mile so I could feel like that, or look like them. I’m doing this for myself as well, I love the feeling after working out, coming out of the gym as if I’ve taken a shower but I’m really covered in sweat, I love feeling energized and awake after eating healthy and exercising.

  243. I eat healthy and workout so I can fully experience my life. I also do it so I can fully appreciate my body. I mean, how can you love your body if you just push it to the side- which is essentially what you’re doing when you eat fastfood because you’re in a rush, or you miss a workout because you’re tired.

  244. 1.) sports bra!
    2.) I work out to build a better, healthier, tighter, stronger body than the day before. I strive to be the best me I possibly can, and that includes not undoing all of my work my NOT eating clean. My body feels SO much better when I give it the fuel and nutrients it needs!

  245. I would love to have the sport bra!

    Obviously Cassey & whole Popster community! But most important of all is I want to challenge my body and see how far I can achieve! Having tone bod is one of my biggest dreams I haven’t fulfilled yet! So its time to do so!

  246. Booty shorts!

  247. I love them both but if i have to choose one it is the shorts.

    What motivates me? You! Your body is so perfect!
    Having an active lifestyle and eating healthy are important to me because I want to live a long life and look well in it.

    many greetings from Germany! I Love your videos!

  248. 1. The sports bra :)
    2. I workout and eat well for me. It helps my mind stay clear and relaxed, and it helps me smile and enjoy my life so much more.

  249. 1) I LOVE BOTH. Although I prefer the bra because of its stylish strap. So hard to find fashionable sports wear where I live >_>
    2) What motivates me is this website!! And mine and my boyfriends love for running together! Even if he is so much better than me…for now!

  250. 1.I love the booty shorts!
    2. After I found out I had a thyroid disease, I realized how important it is to take care of your body with healthy foods and good exercise. Not only that but feeling and looking good inside and out makes you feel confident!

  251. Love the sports bra! I am always looking for new interesting workout wear and the bra is so incredible and different!

    My motivation to eat clean is my health. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease this year and love feeling strong and better on my new clean diet. My motivation is to gain back the weight I lost and be a STRONG and HEALTHY young woman! Love your videos, they really push me when I feel like being lazy in my living room, I just turn on one of your videos and it pumps me up! Thank You!

  252. 1. I really like the booty shorts! They look super cute!
    2. I’m motivated to eat clean and work out because I like to push myself, especially when it leads to greater outcomes. Not only do I love taking pride by the results I get, but I feel really good and energetic after a hard workout, or a healthy meal:)

    Thank you Cassey, for doing so much to help every one of us♥

  253. 1. I love the bra! the asymmetrical shape is so different and adorable. I would feel so pretty working out in it:)

    2. What motivates me to stay fit and eat clean is feeling my best during the whole process. I used to have such a hard time motivating myself to be active consistently because I found myself always doing the same things. Finding your videos and workout/meal mean something new to try everyday! and they are challenging so I’m always striving to do more reps and keep up with you!

  254. I am motivated to stay healthy so I am able to stay healthy as well as able to look and feel amazing.

  255. 1. The booty shorts are adorable <3
    2. The people that motivate me to workout and be healthy is my family, we have a long history of diabetes. My mum always tells me to be healthy because she tells me that she loves me very much and wouldn't want me to end up dying 10, 20 years younger because i "couldn't" be asked to exercise or stop eating junk food, or pick up a fruit. She tells me everyday that I'm beautiful and that i can do it because she believes in me, and this is the reason, that i workout and try to be the healthiest i can. She is my inspiration and i love her a lot <3
    -Thanks mum <3

  256. Sheila Umatiya says:

    A) I love the sports bra!

    B) I’m motivated most by knowing if I work out, eat healthy & push myself that I’ll be confident and love my body in anything I decide to wear.

  257. nooneytoons says:

    omg i LOOOOVE that pic of you with ure arm as the l from blogilates. its beautiful!! you look great and its cutely artistic. its my fav pic of you for sure. i dont have facebook so i guess that means i cant be in the contest but im still going to answer the questions… i actually really like both but i like the shorts just cuz i like legs. what motivates me to eat clean is because my body reacts badly to inflammation so when i eat processed type stuff– i feel it right away. eating clean is hard tho, too bad its the most important part!! also, even tho i resigned up, i stil have not received any of the newsletters?

  258. First Off let me say this diet is AMAZING! I can already see a difference and I started late :) You are such an inspiration.

    Now on to the entry question “what motivates you to get healthy and lose weight?”

    I have always been a very active individual involved in sports and out door activities. Since gaining weight I have done little of these things, which I LOVE. I am no longer comfortable in my own skin due to my lack of fitness. I am motivated to lose weight by my desire to be not only satisfied with who I am but also how I look. I plan to achieve and maintain this new healthy lifestyle so that I can do all the things I love once more. I really want get back to playing softball and hopefully make my college team. All these and much more are my motivation to get and stay healthy.

    Thank you so much for all you do.


  259. Those booty shorts look fabulous, especially with the wise waistband!

    Maintaining maintaining my health would be my top reason for exercising and eating healthily. I like feeling strong and fit because it gives me a morale boost, giving me confidence, and I feel great, especially after long, tough exercise periods. Pilates can be done easily anywhere and having an accessible method of exercising (rather than having to go to gyms) makes it so convenient and easy to exercise at home.

    Pop pilates has given me so much diversity in my pilates exercises so THANK YOU so much Cassey! Of course, I’m always sore but feeling great after following a video. :)

  260. Booty shorts! =D

    What motivates me? My mother, which is horrible considering that she doesn’t eat clean at all. I’m hoping that by looking at how I’m changing my life that she will be able to change her life as well as get healthy because whatever she is doing now is working against her health.. I want to see her live a long and happy life.

  261. Hello Cassey! Can’t I just have both? XD But if I really have to choose, I want the sports bra~ It looks comfy and it’s so unique!

    At first my motivation was simply because I wanted to look good in clothes, so I wanted to be skinny. But then after reading a lot of fitspo blogs and watching a lot of vids, I think it’ll be greater if I’m fit too. I really want to do your workouts without looking like I just run away from an assassin, lol. <3

  262. I have tried numerous times to eat CLEAN, and I have failed because I needed someone to keep me accountable. POPSTErs is keeping motivated beyond what I have ever been. YOU Cassey are an amazingly positive, energetic, encouraging instructor/friend/leader! I am believing in myself to finally loose the 15 pounds that I have not shredded since my child was years ago!! I have worked out so hard and “straved” myself to burn these last pounds, but I have failed. I know that I know Clean eating is the key to my health and fitness..not a fad diet or the newest diet pill. This is the diet all our bodies were intended to eat I believe….at least the natural whole foods. Thank you again!! And I can not wait to have the beautiful sports top!!! ;)

  263. 1. I love the bra… not many out there that cute, but still functional!
    2. Having an active lifestlye and eating healthy are important to me because I want to live a long life and do all of the things I enjoy!

  264. shirley wong says:

    I`m loving the sports bra! It shows a twist in a typical sports bra, where you can dress in style while sweating ! :)

    My motivation for keeping healthy and staying fit would have to be you, and the everyday stuff that I do since I attend cadets. If I feel that I`m unfit and I`m not as physically strong enough, I would work hard to achieve that goal, and use some pop pilates to help me out, and since you do the work out with us, it makes me that much more motivated to finish the workout video.

  265. I really really love the sports bra!
    What motivates me is being able to look good in the clothes I want to wear instead of feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable.

  266. That’s such an awesome prize, I’m pretty sure who ever wins will feel motivated just wearing that workout gear! :D
    Honestly I don’t think anybody motivates me to work out – although my mum does try to remind me to – but I really push myself to workout hard and eat clean because I REALLY want to love my body, and everybody has a hard time loving their bodies <3 I also want to workout hard so I can help other people to do the same so they are healthy too :)
    Good luck to whoever wins cos everybody deserves a prize!! xx

  267. I love the bra! Feeling better and stress management is what helps me to eat healthy and exercise. The days I exercise, I sleep well through the night and am more calm!

  268. I love the booty shorts and they look super comfy.
    Cassie you definitely motivate me but when I am unable to watch your videos I motivate myself. I know the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and I am all for it. Thanks for everything :)

  269. Answers:
    1. I like shorts because they compliment my figure and accentuate my legs.

    2. There was a time when I was extremely fit and regularly exercised, but due in 2002, I began to go through some life altering challenges and I began to overeat. While it is a struggle, I’ve returned to my fitness regimen and trying my best to “eating clean”& exercise regularly because at one point, my physician explained to me that my triglyceride levels were nearing borderline diabetes. I used this as a warning sign that my body was saying, “take better care of me, or I’m giving up!” I take pride in the creation of the body and want to show my God appreciation for it, so I’m devoted to making healthy eating choices and living an overall healthy lifestyle.

    Thank you for your supportive blog.

    ~ Rachel

  270. I work out and eat clean because it makes me feel and look amazing :) Being able to wear those booty shorts will be such an amazing reward for how far I have come!!!

  271. Naomi McIntyre says:

    Those Booty shorts are amazing!

    I discovered your Pilates videos on youtube last spring, followed by your blog and it has completely changed my life!
    I was always one of the least sporty and least healthy people and you have helped make a huge difference. I am on the track to a healthy lifestyle. At only 5”2 and weighing in at almost 75kg I am now down to 55. I am more toned than I have ever been and I have so much energy.
    I feel like the shorts would really help show off my new confident self and help me continue the journey you helped me start. As a student I haven’t afforded to get my own sexy sports clothing before. Its all super baggy now!

  272. 1. I loveeeeeeeeee the booty shorts!
    2. I eat clean mainly because the after effects of eating junk food or fast food is just awful. Body feels sluggish and heavy. But after eating right for the whole day plus drinking lots of water, my body feels really unsaturated. Working out hard is important for working synergistically with eating right to make you feel your best everyday. Plus looking great is a wonderful bonus

  273. Yuliana Nunez says:

    I love the bra it is so cute!!!!!
    What motivates me to eat clean and workout hard is fear. When I was young I used to be an over weight child and when I was about 12 or 13 years old I had to loss about 50lbs. The reason for the weight loss was that I was a dancer and in order to be able to obtain my pointe shoes I had to loss the weight. Ever since lossing the weight I work hard to maintain myself and never let myself get to unhealthy weight I once had. So what motivates me is a good fear.

  274. love the booty shorts! looking and feeling good motivates me :)

  275. Diatta Harris says:

    I prefer the sports bra and am motivated to work out to keep up with my two small children ages 9 and 4 so I am around for a very long time. I also want to stay appetizing to my husband *wink*.

  276. Kristen Niemeyer says:

    I love the sports bra! You motivate me to stay active Cassey! My husband is a great motivator too; he’s kind of my hero. CJ is a state trooper and in the national guard, he’s very active and so supportive of my healthy lifestyle. We’re such a great pair. This morning I said to him, how many married couples do you think drink protein shakes together?! :) Sending lots of positive energy and love your way Cassey. ~ Kristen

  277. I am in love with the sports bra!! I have never seen anything like it!

    I work hard to eat clean and workout hard because I love the feeling! I feel so much more energized and happy when I do it. It is such a good mood lifter and energy boost. Also, I love seeing results. All the pain of working out is totally worth it in the end when you receive compliments on your body!

  278. A) I lovee the booty shorts!
    B) I do it so that I can have self-confidence and because I want to be healthy! :]

  279. A. I would love the bra! As a big girl, I’m big on top, so I need good bras for support.

    B. I want to work out and eat better so I can feel better about myself, and not be so conscientious about my body.

  280. 1. bra all the way!!
    2. eating well and working out and being fit is a great feeling! i love being able to feel so nice every day!

  281. I definitely love the booty shorts, they are SO cute and perfect for working out or just lounging around in. It is really hard to find the perfect pair of spandex-y shorts with length, color, and fabric but I LOVE those!

    I am motivated to work out and eat clean because it is something I have a very hard time with. Not so much the working out part, but I am a horrible eater. I am the one who says, “oh I will start that diet tomorrow….one more cookie wont hurt….after this I will stop.” I have been doing that for a year now, and it only ends up making me feel worse about myself. Finding your page Cassey really helped me find the strength and confidence to stick to something, when I see how dedicated you are, it makes me want to fight for my own change! Plus, my boyfriend is an collegiate athlete, and he spends HOURS in practice a day and is sculpted from rock. The other girls on the team look perfectly fit and ideal, and I just want to make him proud and feel confident when I am with him and all his track friends.

  282. Shruti Sheladia says:

    1. Def the sports bra
    2. I’m motivated to eat clean and workout because I need to stay in fit as a dancer. I used to dance since I was 5 years old, and once college began I hardly have time to dance. Now that I’m starting dancing again (auditioned and got into 3 of my university’s dance team YAY!) I need to get into shape ASAP.

  283. Love the bra!

    My motivation is seeing results! Knowing all the soreness & sweat paid off is such a good feeling. I love seeing new muscle definitions form & my next goal is to get abs like yours!

  284. I love the booty shorts, and YOU keep me motivated to eat clean and exercise!

  285. Rubi Rodriguez says:

    1. I absolutely love the sports bra! I love the over the shoulder/cross over look! So funky and different and stylish! Looks like it would support well too!

    2. What motivates me to eat clean and workout is my desire for a healthy and fit lifestyle. Nutrition has always been a passion of mine but my body doesn’t really reflect it. This is my time to practice what I preach. This is my “boot camp” if you will. I want to learn discipline and be able to say I reached my goals with some hard work and the right mentality. I’m not motivated as much by results because I know that comes with time but rather the way I feel! I have so much more energy and drive at work and at home! My attitude is more positive. That’s how I know I can keep going – the 90 Day Challenge is helping reveal the REAL me! And that’s what excites me the most. Thank You, Cassey! You are a Godsend and you don’t know how much your movement is helping so many people.

  286. 1. I love the asymetric bra, so creative and original.
    2. I built a real support system to ensure that I will eat clean and exercise hard :D First, I wrote down my short term and long term fitness goals. I review them every week, have them pinned on my vision board and I carry a photo (goal) in my wallet, so I look at it when I have hard times. Second, I feel good when I eat right. I just can’t live without training, it’s my passion, my way to relieve stress, my lifestyle. I love to hang out with friends that are equally interested in being active. And my biggest motivation is that feeling of acomplishement after every workout I finish.

    have a nice day, cassey!

  287. 1. Bra! And generally sports bras are so GREAT so show off sexy shoulders :)
    2. My motivation to eat clean and excercise is the energy OVERFLOW I get from doing it! If I look 6 months back and think about all the junk I ate and how much of a couch potato I was, I just think about what damage I might have done to my body back then! And when I feel like eating a Snickers bar or greasy chinese, I just think back and suddently I don’t feel like eating that stuff, and would much rather eat a carrot or 3 :)
    I want a strong, fit, healthy body and mind – and the feeling I get after every workout is worth every drop of sweat and tears! So mostly it’s because I feel much better mentally, but also physically, I aim to reach the body of my dreams, and I feel like I come one step closer every day – especially with this 90 day challenge, it’s very motivating to see and feel results after only a week!

  288. : 1. I’m totally feelin’ the booty shorts! :-P

    2. Well, I just want to start loving my body while looking healthy and fit. Furthermore, I want to see how far I can push myself. And I love doing POP Pilates :-P

  289. Erica Liss says:

    Yeah work out buddy!!!! You are awesome! And I definitely wouldn’t have made it this far without you (or Cassey for that matter) either!!

  290. They are both adorable but since one has to choose it would be the bra!
    The thing that pushes me to eat clean and workout is wanting to be healthy. I want to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.

  291. Dear Dear Cassey ,
    M commmenting it 4 the first time but can’t resist to tell you that I LOOOVVEEEE YOuuu. U have been my bigeest inspiration.

    1)I, oh ….loveeee the Booty Shorts(so so so vey much!!!!!!!)
    2) Nice and effective workouts keep me motivated, like YOURS.
    I’v always have the tendency to put on on my lower body. i hated that. Always used to do some monotonous moves of yoga which i never enjoyed. Now as i started explorin’ good & peppy workouts ,i came across yours and in the very first instance i got addicted coz of ur guidance and nice Smile.
    The proper direction keeps me goin’ and i push myself much enough now like never before.Started to see the results the pilates way.
    Its very very imp to enjoy ur workout… the more u enjoy , the better motivated u r. So am i, cuz of ur pIlates.And i mean it.

    I also workout hard coz it makes me BELIEVE in Myself!!
    To cut short, my biggest motivation in eating clean and workin out is All YOU, Cassey.
    M so thankful to u!
    Love ya smile!!

  292. Hello Cassey !
    1 – I LOVE the booty short. Suits you very well
    2 – My motivation is that one day maybe, i could wear kind of clothes you show us elsewhere than in my bathroom ;-). I’ve been following some of your advice and a lot of you video for one month in order to improve the way i perceive my body, wich is not great … and it works, i gradually melt down my muffin top ! Thanks a lot for the time you spend on your blog to help people feeling better ! And thanx for making video even non englih speaker can understand (Im french by the way) ! Bye Casey !

  293. 1. I would love to have that sports bra!
    2. I’m motivated to eat clean and work out hard because I’ve never really done that before. I was overweight practically my whole life and still am so a few months ago I decided that has to stop and I really have to change myself. I’ve already noticed some changes so that keeps me going. I just love preparing healthy foods and working out every day. I hope this trend continues with me and never stops. :)

  294. Hey :)

    First of all I like the sports bra better. I love the booty shorts but I still never bought a sports bra and I’m dying to have one and this one is just extremely sexy. I love it so much.

    Then I started eating clean in order to lose weight and later then I started to work out. Now I’m really happy with my body and I don’t do it to lose weight anymore but I want to stay fit and get in shape more every day. I love sweating and beating my own records. Healthy eating and working out makes me feel beautiful, sexy, I am better at school and my skin, hair, nails look better. Also I’m not the dumbest kid at PE anymore. Also I really love that I can say, that I eat healthy and know more about food than others. It just helps me finding myself I guess.


  295. I love love love the bootyshorts!!!

    Well I really want to make my lifestyle healthier. I love how I feel after a workout: tired and sore maybe but happy that I was able to do it and push myself. and a warm shower after a workout is one of the biggest treats in the world I think :)

  296. Aww we love you Julia aka papernun :)

  297. Laura Montonen says:

    1. The sports bar is adorable! I love it!
    2. Being healthy to me is not just a physical thing. Of course I want to look good and have the body I’ve always wanted because it will bring me lots of confidence and I won’t be ashamed of myself anymore. However, its also about being healthy overall. Being mentally healthy by eating clean food and exercising. I believe that by doing so I can create an overall healthy lifestyle for myself. I just find that I feel so much happier, more energetic and I have this love for life when I exercise and eat clean. It feeds other aspects of my life as well, not just the physical aspect of it :) I’m sick and tired of saying “oh I’ll start on Monday” or having the guilty feeling of eating something I know I shouldn’t be eating (eating a big amount I mean), so when the 90 day challenge came along I was so happy. This is my time to work hard and see results I have only dreamed of, THANK YOU so much for helping me and so many other people out :)

  298. I love the bra! I love booty shorts but my torso is bigger in ratio compared to my legs so the waistbands tend to fit too tight while the legs might be too loose.. I hate when it happens :/
    I love eating clean and working out hard because it gives me energy to get me through my long days at school and keeps my mood level :) Plus “clean” food is usually way more colourful than unhealthy food.

  299. Emma Pericaud says:

    I love the bra!! :)
    What motivates me to eat clean and exercise well is the amazing feeling it gives you and how much more energy and confidence you have!

  300. 1. the bra !
    2. what motivates me to eat clean and live a healthy life style is my dad, he would always smoke,drink and eat unhealthy when he was younger, now thats he older he suffers from many health problems. i see that and dont want to end up the same.

  301. Oh crap and bra. (^

  302. ah ha I know this may make some ppl feel uncomfortable but I really want to be honest. I decided to start working out and eating healthy more because afew yrs ago I had came to terms with me being Transgendered and am currently still transitioning into womanhood.

    Its been kinda tough I’ve had to make allot of life style changes and one of those changes being how I diet and exercising. ah a large pizza became a salad and lifting weights at the gym became doing Pilates or Zumba. ha Pilates has really helped though; with all of the bending and stretching, along with cardio, really helps in giving me a more slimmer body and sexy curves that I’m looking for. Anyways I’ve been inspired by you guys and the community. Take care.

    – Julia

  303. Hi Cassey <3, me & my family are doing you're 90 day's meal plan!!!
    Yes, me, Mommy&Daddy ;) we're eating more healthfully thanks to you!
    a) Well, I would like the bra, but I don't mind if I get the booty! :) Okay?
    b) Im rather not too tall but To my thin self Ive got Too much weight so Im doing my best for this !! for my body, and myself & my health.

  304. 1.bra
    2.What motivates me to be healthy….well I am not really fat but i have a flabby tummy and I know that once I am done with the 90 day challenge I am going to really victorious. I always live on the “tomorrows” but when i saw the 90 day challenge thing on your post it hit me that this time I had no excuse to wait for tomorrow. Every time i work out you’re always cheering us on and i hope some day i’ll be fit like you! so i guess just thinking about how bright my future looks and everyone else who is doing this challenge makes me so excited :D

  305. 1. This is a tough one.. I’ll have to go with booty shorts! ;)

    2. I’ve been battling with myself for years trying to fully adopt a healthy lifestyle and achieve good health. It’s the natural high I get from working out, doing pilates and yoga, along with a clean diet filled with whole foods that has changed me into a completely different person filled with energy and confidence. I really like a challenge too, so this is somewhat of a test to prove to myself I have what it takes to stay committed and achieve the goals I’ve set for myself.

    Thank you so so much for inspiring us. I know we all in the Blogilates community appreciate everything you do. <3

  306. 1. I love the sports bra, it’s so unique and cute!
    2. I’m motivated to work out and eat clean by seeing other girls with amazing bodies, and by knowing the fact that I’m going to get healthier and more fit.

  307. Jessica Gammie says:

    1. LOVE the booty shorts. nothing wrong with showing a little booty, not that my white girl booty is all that impressive. But Cassey is helping me with that ;)
    2. What motivates me to eat clean and work out hard is that soreness I get the day after working out reeeally hard. It hurts so good! I love it!

  308. Joanne Pan says:

    A. I really really adore the booty shorts! :)

    B. I think the idea of having a healthy body motivates me to clean and work out hard. I used to have a food problem, when I would binge and purge (it was really bad). I got some help from friends and we just went through pictures of what my insides would look like after I kept treating my body like I was. It was disgusting and unhealthy and every time I feel lazy or I want to binge on candy I think about those pictures. That’s why I work out – because I never want my body to become irreparable.

  309. Beth Shapiro says:

    1. I am LOVING those booty shorts! :)
    2. What motivates me to eat clean and work out? First of all, I love how I not only feel physically better, but I am in such a better mood! I feel accomplished, I feel proud of myself and I feel like I can do anything. I love setting goals for myself and working hard to achieve them. Thanks so much for this opportunity. :)

  310. My pick are the Booty shorts because, I mean, they’re long overdue. I need those.

    What motivates me to eat clean and workout hard?
    I have come to see that doing so empowers me. I know I’m in control and that I making right choices. That knowledge alone makes me feel like a super woman. It truly comes from within, and I love the feeling. <3 Thanks for giving me that, Cassey, 'cause it all started with POP Pilates.

  311. a. I love both!! But I think I like the booty shorts more.
    b. I just love how good I look and feel!

  312. A. Damn, I love both! But I think more of the bra <3
    B. The vision of the new, comfortable, happy me, to look in the mirror and love what looks back would be my motivation. Just to love myself in every way possible.

  313. Hi Cassey!

    I recently discovered you on Youtube and I love the workouts you do, they leave me feeling tight and energetic!

    (a)I would say I love the whole outfit but I would say if I had to choose I’d choose the SPORTS BRA! It’s so cute and creative and would absolutely make me feel great while working out!

    (b)The things that motivate me to workout and eat healthy are the ways in which it makes me feel. My body is content after a workout and even happier after I eat healthy foods. I feel energetic and upbeat whenever I eat healthy. Definitely having a support group, or a constant motivator like your blog and Youtube videos DEFINITELY motivates me to do what’s best for my body! So thank you!

  314. Hi cassie! I like the bra better (I don’t have the confidence to wear booty shorts…yet.
    What motivates me is YOU! I love working out “with you” and also the feeling that I get after a work out. feels great. Actually, I was doing the rollups earlier and my 3 yr old nephew walked in and tried to copy me,he laughed everytime he rolls up because he can’t do it.haha and he asked me who you were, I told him, you’re my workout friend :)
    BTW, my bday is on nov.1st,I’m turning 24, so this would be an amazing bday gift.*fingers and legs crossed*

  315. 1. I love the booty shorts!
    2.what motivates me is how much energy I have after eating clean and working out. I feel like I can do anything!

  316. A. I prefer the bra ~ <3

    B. There are a lot of things that motivate me.
    A big part is, that I simply want to be able to:
    sit down without covering up my belly, wear sexy tight dresses without always seeing that belly, go shopping without being super frustrated in the changing room and I simply really want to know and be able to say that I eat healthy. It sounds dumb but it's somehow important to me.

    Another reason is, that when I was 13 we moved to Tokyo and suddenly I was surrounded by all these fast food restaurants and I started eating at Mc Donalds like every day and when I missed Germany I would simply eat sweets and I really wasn't able to control my eating behaviour anymore.
    I would eat when I was sad, when I was bored, when I was watching dvds, when I was reading, when I was at school, while sitting in the train… actually always.
    I never was fat but I gained about 15 kg (.. 30 lbs?).
    Before I was pretty thin but I guess simply because I still was a child and hadn't really hit puberty yet or.. I don't know.
    And I want to control what I eat, and not the other way around.
    So… yeah :)

    Sorry posted it twice. Forgot the tumblr in the first one.

  317. Lisa Karst says:

    A. I prefer the bra ~ <3

    B. There are a lot of things that motivate me.
    A big part is, that I simply want to be able to:
    sit down without covering up my belly, wear sexy tight dresses without always seeing that belly, go shopping without being super frustrated in the changing room and I simply really want to know and be able to say that I eat healthy. It sounds dumb but it's somehow important to me.

    Another reason is, that when I was 13 we moved to Tokyo and suddenly I was surrounded by all these fast food restaurants and I started eating at Mc Donalds like every day and when I missed Germany I would simply eat sweets and I really wasn't able to control my eating behaviour anymore.
    I would eat when I was sad, when I was bored, when I was watching dvds, when I was reading, when I was at school, while sitting in the train… actually always.
    I never was fat but I gained about 15 kg (.. 30 lbs?).
    Before I was pretty thin but I guess simply because I still was a child and hadn't really hit puberty yet or.. I don't know.
    And I want to control what I eat, and not the other way around.
    So… yeah :)

  318. a. The booty shorts look amazing!

    b. A little silly sounding, but having the strength to do your videos is a great motivator.

  319. Yay an awesome giveaway!! :D

    1) Can’t deny those booty shorts!! ^_^ I guess playing volleyball make you get used to that!
    2) What motivates me is that I want to become a Gyaru (Japanese fashion) and to buy the clothes overseas I have to lose enough weight and be super skinny because I’m already tall so that’s a challenge. I had lost 12 pounds before but I let myself slip and gained 5 of them back…I felt like a total loser. But now with the Blogilates meal plan and pop pilates, I’m feeling better than ever and I’ve lost 2 lbs. When I get back to what I lost before that’s when I’m really going to push ☆

  320. The shorts are absolutely adorable!

    When I eat healthy and exercise I have SO much more energy and confidence, not to mention a much better attitude!

  321. I love the bra! It’s so stylish!
    I’m motivated to get toned! :)

  322. Luv u Cassey says:

    1. It’s a really hard choice but I’m gonna have to go with the bra :) it’s so adorable!
    2. You are really what motivates me…I WANT YOUR BODY!

  323. I love the booty shorts! What motivates me is mirrors!

  324. Hello Cassey…
    Thank you for a great giveaway…
    1) I just love the bra!
    2) Im motivated as I want to get healthy and get fit.

  325. I like the bra more!

    Eating clean and working out have always been sooo incredibly important to me, not only because it makes you glow with radiance, it gives you energy, a freshness to life, and good habits you can have the rest of your life. It does not only benefit you by looking good now, but it will benefit you in the long run, when we all age, less wrinkles from healthy eating, and a better , stronger, and spunky body when we are getting old. Healthy eating and exercise is what we were always meant to do, and the reasons reveal themselves automatically as soon as you start healthy habits. Less stress, less depression, clearer mind, better body, better skin, better hair. everything is better when you are healthy.

    love you Cassey

  326. I love the bra! It makes your breasts look stunning.
    My blog motivates me to work hard and eat clean. One year ago I adopted the organic and clean lifestyle and lost 35lbs-I started my blog 1 Fit Chick to help motivate me. :)

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  327. I really like the shorts. I would so wear them to gymnastics!

    I stay healthy and exercise so I can be at the top of my game. I want to jump higher, run longer and faster, swing stronger, and flip faster.

  328. 1. I love the booty shorts!
    2. The way my body looks and feels after so much work and effort is what really motivates me.

  329. Hey Cassey,
    Great giveaway!
    1) I love the bra! Love the asymmetrical top.
    2) Im motivated by feeling great when I’m eating healthy and exercising and by making my body the best it can be. I have to say that the changes in my body shape also help! :) I want to feel confident in anything I want to wear and be able to be a healthy role model to my family and friends.

  330. Hey Cassey,
    Great giveaway!

    1) I love the bra! Love the asymmetrical top.
    2) Im motivated by feeling great when I’m eating healthy and by making my body the best it can be. I want to feel confident in anything I want to wear and be

  331. I love the booty shorts!

    Having an alert mind and feeling stronger each time after a workout is what motivates me.

  332. Yay! Give aways are fun!

    1. Ahhh, tough pick! But maybe the booty shorts. Cause I don’t own any, and those ones look really flattering.

    2. I’m still trying to find the motivation. I’ve tried EVERYTHING, buddy system, goals, lists, workout clothes I like, a bunch of different activites. I’m starting to think it might be community that makes me want to get up off the couch. If I see other people that are working out then it makes me want to get up and join them!

  333. 1. The Sports Bra!!
    2. My Kids – they are my world and I want to be around forever to watch them grow-up. Plus getting back to my pre pregnancy weight would be nice.

  334. i) I really love both of them, but the bra has my heart! It’s so different, and pretty!
    ii) One of the major things that motivates me to eat clean and workout hard (followed by looking great, duh!) is my overall health. I’m a Type I diabetic, and I have been since I was little. Eating healthy and getting exercise makes not only my body feel great, but it also helps me keep my crazy illness under control! Plus, the “happy feeling” that I get after working out is so worth it. It’s like my own personal set of happy pills!
    Thank you for the contest!

  335. A- I prefer the shorts! The bra is very cool and different but I never work out in just a sports bra so the shorts are more practical!
    B- When I eat clean I just feel better. I’m also determined to eat clean and exercise more during the winter because I usually get less exercise because it’s freezing outside where I live and the holiday season is coming up which is usual when I pack on the pounds!

  336. A. Booty Shorts all the way! What better way to strut your after a killer workout (like yesterday) stuff then an amazing pair of booty shorts!

    B. Multiple reasons, biggest one if for my future, starting these healthy habits now can last a lifetime. I want to be happy and health in my future, and not have anything, anyone, or even myself hold me back from my full potential. The best part about all of this is finding people/ a community who enjoy and willing to strive for it too. (^^)b

  337. Stephanie says:

    i love love love the booty shorts! (:
    what motivates me to eat clean and workout extra hard is most of my family has diabetes and health problems and it really motivates me to want to exercise and be healthy, i really don’t want to end up like that, there are so many people in the world who cant be healthy because of their birthplace and things.. also i see people in the world with cancer and all of these terrible diseases and it really makes me realize how lucky i am and i should cherish the body i have and be healthy<3 (:

  338. I would like to win the bra please!

    And I like to eat clean and work out hard because I want to become a better me. I wanna be stronger, not only mentally but physically as well. Throughout my whole life, my body has been judge, and I would like to prove to those haters, that I can be fit and their words can no longer hurt me.

    Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity! You are my role model! Thank you sooooo much!!!

  339. 1.I love the booty shorts
    2. My motivation comes from wanting to be more healthy which in the process helps you to look and feel better. I also use what I learn from your workout videos and meals I share them with my family & friends as a way to get them to eat better & workout. You make workingout fun and more enjoyable.

    Thank you for doing this Giveaway!

  340. I loveeee the sports bra! Booty shorts aren’t my thing (yet)

    Something that bugs me about myself is that I have a huge appetite compared to regular people. I really hate it, but when I eat healthy I stay on track and make sure to not go overboard. That’s my motivation right there. I just don’t want to go back to my old eating habits that made me feel gross. I also have blemishes on my face and acne scars, but I hope that with eating healthy it’ll clear up.

    As for working out, I don’t really have a problem with it. I love it! It ain’t a good workout unless I sweat a lot! I think my motivation is to be in the best shape ever. I used to be a chubby girl when I was younger and I don’t want to be known as that anymore so I’m determined to get fit and burn off the fat and tone up

  341. 1. Booty shorts are sooo cute!
    2. The love eating healthy because it makes me feel so alive! Eating healthy and exercising regularly keep me not only healthy but I’ve attracted a lot of positive attention. Thanks a lot! :)

  342. A) love the booty shorts.
    B) What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard? I am motivated because both my parents have health problems. I want to be healthy and I know that by eating right and staying active I will be able to do that. I want to live a long health life with my children and teach them to be health as well.

  343. Stepfanie says:

    I am motivated to eat clean and workout hard by wanting to live the highest quality of life possible. Just over three years ago, I was nineteen, I was told I was at risk for cardiac arrest due to complications of an Autoimmune disease and pneumonia. I took charge of my life by eating a vegan diet and exercising regularly and I have been medication free for two years. There is no better motivation than that.
    Oh, and I like the bra the best haha.

  344. I like the bra!
    How much better I feel eating clean and working out motivates me, along with wanting to be a healthy fit mommy and wife.

  345. Oh wow, I’ve never seen a bra quite like that, that’s suuuper cute! I have to say though, I prefer the shorts since I find them way more practical (I LOVE booty shorts for sports and dance!!)

    What motivates me to eat clean and workout hard is the GREAT feeling afterwards. I feel happy and healthy, and best of all, a whole lot less stressed. As a university student, I can sometimes feel very overwhelmed with school, but being healthy really helps keep my grounded.

    Thanks for this giveaway Cassey + Fit Activewear!
    PS You make a great model for Fit Activewear’s stuff, you look super cute ;D

  346. Love the shorts! I don’t really have any curves but my long legs are one of my best features so I love to show them off (:

    I definitely work out for myself – being active and eating right keeps me sane. My life can be crazy in all sorts of ways that I can’t control, but I know that my body and my fitness is something that I can. And when things are crazy in my life, all I have to do is pound out a few miles or hit the gym to make myself feel better and more confident in my ability to tackle whatever I’m facing. Also, of course I love to look great and feel good about my reflection!

  347. 1. I love both! :) But I could definitely use a new sports bra… plus it is SUPER cute!!
    2. What motivates me? Myself. All my life I have gone through trying to please other people. Make sure everyone else is happy, make sure everyone else is satisfied first… Everyone else has ALWAYS come first at any cost. I love helping people, and it makes me feel great to be a “nurturer” but I finally realized it’s time to take care of me. If I don’t take care of myself, how will I ever have the energy to take care of anyone else anymore? (You know, that whole, if you aren’t happy with yourself first, you can’t be happy with anyone else? It’s so true! And I finally get it!!)

  348. 1. I’d like the booty shorts because my legs are one part of my body that I like to show off. The pink band is classy no doubt.

    2. What motivates me is that ever since I started working out, I’ve kicked off my depression. I had a rough couple of years in high school but now I’m doing real well and I have the motivation from you and God to thank for it.



  350. 1. I am totally loving the booty shorts!

    2. What motivates me is living a long healthy life with no health complications or worrying about my cholesterol or high blood pressure.

  351. Madison Anderson says:

    1. I think they’re both cute, but if I have to choose, I would say the booty shorts! :)

    2. What motivates me to workout hard and eat clean is the way I feel afterwards and for the rest of the day. It’s a nice, happy, healthy feeling! Best feeling in the world.

  352. 1. Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?
    Although both of them are super cute, I really would love to own that bra. It’s amazing ^__^

    2. What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
    The fact that there really isn’t a bigger reward than being proud of yourself. When you work out & eat right & you see yourself changing, both inside & outside, you realize that none of that could have happened without your own personal effort. Whereas you may not have realized your worth before, now you are a walking prize. You can’t control SO many aspects of your life, but this is something that is completely in your hands. I don’t want to let myself down. I want to wake up every day to a healthier, happier, more beautiful & confident me.

  353. I really like the bra.
    My motivation is energy level and of course looking good in my clothes.
    Have a great weekend.

  354. I always like bras the best! knowing that I am stronger and look good, which gives me the confidence to go work with my beautiful life …(for my kids &my husband)

  355. Kate McElhare says:

    I definitely like the bra!

    Having high energy levels and doing well on my exams at school (plus, not getting sick!) encourages me to always eat healthy and work out whenever possible. I do allow myself splurge meals and some treats, but having a yummy smoothie or 2 servings of veggies with dinner, makes me feel awesome about my body.

    Being a college student, my life is very, very stressful. I love when I reach for a yogurt or granola bar or make soup over picking something fattening. I maintain peace by getting my sweat on, indulging when I need a little something sweet, and stretching every day!

  356. a) I am FREAKING IN LOVEEE with the booty shorts. I feel so empowered in the ones I have now from TJMaxx.
    b) One of the main things that motivates me to eat clean and workout hard is remembering how FAR I HAVE COME! Over the past 2 years I have been through a lot with my family and it caused me to develop depression and GERD from the stress. I ended up gaining a lot of weight which didnt help my depression at all and in turn I started binging and throwing up to try and keep from getting bigger. I am in my sophomore year of college and this year my roomate is a group fitness instructor and an advocate of eating extremely clean. I have lost ALMOST ALL of the weight I gained and I finally love my body again. :) I have also overcome the eating disorder with the help of my sister. I am a much happier person these days and appreciate life now more than ever thanks to my addiction to staying fit and healthy!! :)

  357. I would love to have the sports bra!

    My motivation is to stay beautiful!!!

  358. I love love the booty shorts. I really like to show off my butt, even when it’s just me working out at home, and I feel so sexy whenever I wear them and always push myself harder–probably because I can see everything!

    You know, I used to hate working out.I was a cheerleader, and I had had a lot of issues with food and my body even though I was always skinny, having the same petite frame as my mom. After I got better, I never wanted to work out again because I thought it would trigger some past negative emotions for me and make me relapse. But my freshman year of college, my roommate started going to the gym more, and she raved about these machines you could chase dragons on. Seriously, dragons. So it was basically a video game that made you sweat. I did it once, and I had so much fun, and only wanted to go back because I wanted to see if I could win the game! But I also felt a difference in my energy level and motivation, and soon began to go back for more than just the dragons. A little over two and a half years later, the me now works out 5-7x a week, loving outdoor activities, obviously POP Pilates, and some other at-home intense cardio/strength workouts. And eating clean is working out’s happy partner—I feel fresh and whole(like the foods I eat) afterwards and I literally feel like a rockstar and can do anything!

  359. 1. I loooove the booty shorts
    2. I am constantly motivated to eat clean. After gaining over 70 pounds with my second child…I made a conscious decision to take better care of myself. I became a certified Pilates Instructor, I lost over 70 lbs., and now I teach Pilates, watch your amazing videos, incorporate your work into my teachings, and I have more energy then my children. I am motivated by my beautiful children!!

  360. I really love both the bra and the booty shorts. I used to play volleyball so I live in those. But I really like the uniqueness of the bra. I have been doing hot yoga 2x a week now for 3 months and have been wanting to go in just a sports bra top, but scared that my abs aren’t quite there. I think I might be ready after the past couple weeks of eating clean though, and that would be really cute for the first time! Also, what inspires me to eat clean and work out so much is knowing that I am doing something good for my body. It feels great to look good on the outside but what’s inside really matters just as much. Life should be long, beautiful, and healthy till the end.

  361. I love the bra :)
    What motivates me to eat healthy and workout is that I know it’s going to pay off in the long run. I want to be strong and healthy well into my old age.

  362. Charlene Lacambra says:

    1) BRA!!
    2) What motivates me to eat clean & to exercise is mainly my health!! I’ve gotten sick before & had to stay in the hospital for about a week so I know just how important it is to keep your body healthy & fit, & strong & to put GOOD things into it. Without your health, you have NOTHING. Because if you’re not healthy, how could you enjoy all the things there is in life?! Also, I love the way I feel after a good workout, and I love the way my skin clears up. (I also have eczema & eating bad foods is a huge trigger.) I just want to be the best person that I could be & eating healthy, & exercising is all a part of it! :)

  363. 1. I love the booty shorts!
    2. To me, happiness and healthiness are inextricably linked, and a healthy body is a happy mind, so I eat clean to be good to both my body and mind. As someone who’s fought bulimia, I understand the stresses an eating disorder wreaks mentally and physically. Eating clean leaves me in a peace of mind and is a way for me to know that I’m treating myself right!

  364. Kaitlin Bolcar says:

    A. Looove the shorts!
    B: What motivates me is when I think about what my body could look like to what it looks like currently! Although today I ate a lot! & I feel horrible now! Working out all weekend! Loving this giveaway Casey!

  365. Im in love with that bra so beautiful in its unique design. My motivation for eating healthy and staying fit is being able to keep up with my boyfriend when we run and workout together. One day I’ll beat him in a race…one day. :)

  366. Debbie Lu says:

    1. I like the booty shorts! I like the bra, too but it’s not something I would wear especially since I’m not a wear a bra and nothing over it kinda gal.

    2. Feeling, great, light, and energized motivates me to eat clean and workout hard.

  367. 1) Bra!
    2) I started eating clean about a month ago after u recommended Tosca’s book. I used to be really moody and constantly tracking calories etc. But with eating clean, I just feel so much fresher and healthier! And definitely a lot less moody! And I don’t really worry about calories anymore since I just count portions:) As for exercise, I’ve always been sporty & competitive, and I guess I just love the sense of accomplishment you feel after a workout, plus the endorphin release, and keeping in shape. Pilates is just a plus because it shapes your body in such a nice way, as opposed to making you bulkier, and its a great stress reliever.

  368. The booty shorts are incredibly adorable~

    My motivation is not only just looking around at the people around me but in knowing that anything and everything I do will influence my quality of life I lead. If I cannot have peace of mind with finances, I can at least have it in my health and longevity. Also just looking at my mom and how she went from being someone small like me to very sick and medication making her big which led to depression and then that opened the door to poor eating habits which have made her even bigger.
    I do what I do in hopes that perhaps my success will help to motivate her to try and turn things around.

  369. A: I am looovvvving the booty shorts!
    B: Looking and feeling good in my clothes motivates me to stay in shape and eat clean!

  370. I love the shorts!

    My motivation is the way it makes me feel healthy and energized.

  371. I’m in love with the booty shorts, but overall, I love both bras, and booty shorts! XD
    What motivates me to eat healthy and live an active life is the feeling it gives me. It rids of all my stress, and gives me the satisfaction that I’m actually able to get fit, and look good! But most of all it makes me feel confident about myself. ♥

  372. Sarah Dang says:

    The bra, all the way!!!
    My mum and grandmum motivates me to eat healthy and maintain an active life. They were overweight and on the brink of developing diabetes, but they found the power to turn their lives around. And I don’t want to be like them!

  373. Hey Cassey,

    It’s hard to decide what I like better but I really like the bra! That design is different than anything I have currently.

    I have struggled with an eating disorder for a little over 3 years now. At one point I was diagnosed Anorexic and have been trying to find a healthy balance/relationship with food again. I’ve been back and forth with trying to find a nutritious meal plan that works for me. Thankfully you came along and I began working out with you on a daily basis.

    What made me even happier was the new 90-day challenge you created. Joining this program has been so helpful mainly because I feel like I have so much support from you and the Blogilates community. You are showing me that eating clean foods can really help me achieve the body I’ve always wanted in a safe way!

  374. I always like bras the best! As much as I love booty shorts I get so sweaty in hot yoga and then I’m sliding all over the place doing arm balances and binds lol! So cropped tights and bras are my signature look!
    And I like to eat clean and workout hard because it just makes me feel amazing. I used to not eat very well (I did workout hard though because I was a dancer) at all and I was always tired, felt sick, and never really felt great about myself. I feel so much better now and I lost a fair amount of weight too – just goes to show you that it’s true that your diet is 80% of how you look no matter how much you workout!

  375. 1) can’t really decide! i guess i’d have to say the shorts!

    2) pursuing being healthy, and a good example for others!

  376. “Liked” both pages :)

    A) booty shorts!!!

    B) Seeing results faster by eating a squeaky clean diet & knowing how accomplished I’ll feel after a hard workout!

    Thanks for another great giveaway!


  377. I love the shorts.. Super cute. But not going to to lie, the bra is also very flattering.

    1. Well, I have been eating clean for a few months now. Its been a gradual change for our family. I have a 2 year old son and a very busy husband. Eating clean is a gift to myself and my family, for all of our struggles. Eating healthy organic foods makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something, I don’t have to wonder where my fruits and vegetables come from. They are delivered to my front door by a CSA and we love eating all of these healthy foods. I can’t stomach junk food anymore, I see food as fuel now that I’ve worked through my past of emotional eating and all of that. I’ve tried other eating plans, but when I look at the bigger picture eating clean/paleo eating is the smartest and healthiest route. I want to teach my son, our future that fruits and vegetables are exciting! He prefers broccoli to junk food anyday! I want to teach my son to get up and jump around, some tv is okay but not all day.. lets not be sedentary. Lets get up, lets jump around, lets play, lets explore, lets go for a bike ride, for a run, lets get some energy out so we can sleep well tonight and live longer. My family is my world and to imagine that feeding them processed or pesticide ridden foods could be the death of them, I can’t bear it. I’ve adjusted our budget so we put more towards food and less towards unnecessary spending. I want to be a massage therapist (starting school in January) and a personal trainer. I want my son and husband to admire my will and strength and know what a healthy strong woman looks like. She eats vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and healthy proteins and fats… and then she runs like the dickens to stay strong for the ones who need her most!

    You’re an inspiration Cassey, I admire your drive and will to be a strong healthy woman. I’m joining you for these 90 days!!! WOO!!

  378. Cera Natasha says:

    Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?
    I like booty shorts better, i need to tone up my stomach a bit more aha.
    What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
    Just thinking about looking better and feeling better. And just thinking about how satisfied I’ll be when I put on my prom dress June 2012, it’ll be all thanks to you Cassey! <3

  379. a. I love the booty shorts!
    b. What motivates me to eat, clean, and workout hard is the accomplished feeling I get after I’m done. To feel that accomplished then spurs my motivation in other areas like education. After I workout, clean, or eat well, my brain functions better, allowing me to write better lesson plans for my students :)

  380. 1. I do not own a pair of booty shorts, so I would like those. Although it is a toughy to have to choose between the two.
    2. I want to be the best me. I know it’s in there and I’m so close. I want that strength and the body to show it. It’s a personal gratification to be able to say “I did it.”

  381. The sport bra!
    I eat clean and workout hard because I see the big picture in life. My health is a lifetime investment. If I can’t find the time or money to invest in it, what else after is worth investing in? I work out hard to feel the burn, to test my will and most importantly to remind myself that I am ALIVE. Working out is my greatest high and I want the best body of my life. Lastly, if I have my health I feel I will always be one step ahead in life.

  382. A) I love the booty shorts!
    B) I motivate myself to workout and eat clean, but I’ve found it’s easier to stay motivated knowing many others are in this with me, like with your 90 day plan :)

  383. a) the booty shorts of course!
    b) My boyfriend is my motivation. I want to be at the same fitness level as him or even surpass him. I also don’t want to be worried about what is jiggling while wearing a bikini :P

  384. LOVE the bra
    i have two kids and they have energy for days and i try to keep up with them. it just feels good after a great workout

  385. A. I like them both!! Though I have to say I like the bra better because it’s super cute (and it’s getting too cold to wear booty shorts :( )
    B. I always go through cycles where I bum out and stop exercising for MONTHS. When I finally snap out of my funk, I freak out and exercise like crazy–and it makes me realize that I love that feeling after exercising where you feel crazy happy and proud of yourself. I also like being a role model for my little sister. I like encouraging her to be healthy and I can’t do that if I myself am not healthy.

  386. Erin Abercrombie says:

    SHORTS :) Who doesn’t love booty shorts :) so so awesome! My biggest motivator this week has been this amazing community. Just when I think I’m having a hard day someone goes and makes it all better! Sharing tips and secrets on tumblr has honestly been the highlight of my week! Thank you Casey for bringing this all together! It’s amazing!!! And a BIG thank you to FitActivewear for supporting our journey! Good luck to everyone!

  387. shorts are da bestt :D
    knowing that I am stronger and look good, which gives me the confidence to strut my thing is the reason I get motivated

  388. I recently just found your website! I love it!!! Thank you so much for creating it!

    A. Sports bra!!! You can never have enough!!!
    B. My motivation comes from a few different things. One is my son. I need to stay active and healthy for my son! I’m a stay at home mom who needs to be able to keep up with him. I also want to be a good role model for in in staying healthy and fit! Two, is my husband! He’s a soldier and gets up every day to go to Physical Training. Right there is enough for me to get up every day and do it for him! I want to stay fit and in shape for him. Three, is myself! I want to get back to my pre-pregnancy body and I also stay in shape/ healthy to live long and make the most of my life!!!! Those 3 things keep me going! :)

  389. Liked both!
    A. I love the bra! I love tops and things with interesting neck lines or sleeves.
    B. I love the fact that change is always possible, for better or for worse. You get to choose every since day how you’re actions are going to affect your life, and eating clean and working out are two of the best ways to make your world (and the people around you) better.

  390. The garments… I love both, but for myself I’d go for the bra… minus a bit of muffin tops I have developed over the years I am quite ok with my upper body, but I truly dislike (nice gentle words…) my thighs… they’ve always been too big to my taste and refuse to get slimmer…
    As to clean eating.. I’ve tied many diets, I’ve been better and worse to myself.. smoking, drinking, not sleeping.. all sorts of things. Then I started clean eating for a few months and I felt and looked fab!! Light, bright, never hungry, never full and heavy… and then I’ve become stressed and grabbed whatever I had laying around.. from the very moment I started feeling awful, both mentally and physically, I’ve developed acne and very low moods, become horrible and depressed person…. I’m back on my way up again, even though I still haven’t resolved the problem that made me go off the track, but I believe feeling better from the inside (of my body and mind) will help me approach those issues with a different perspective… now I just feel like a failure all over, and this is not what I want for myself!
    Thanks for your blog and workouts, you’re a star xxxx

  391. Zicara Turvey says:

    A. I like the bra better.
    B. Seeing results, having energy, and being able to do things I never could motivates me to work out.

  392. Olivia Davies says:

    I just LOOOOOVE Those Booty shorts! I need a pair so badly to show off my new booty after the 90 day meal plan challenge :D

    The plan is my current motivation, as well as inspiring others! I’m determined to get everyone to fall in love with pilates and fitness and post everything you share in the gym, with flatmates and family :D Also love eating clean, there’s nothing better than crisp, sweet natural foods such as apples, greens and berries

  393. I like the booty shorts (though I love the cute asymmetrical neckline of the bra) — I’ve lost 25 lbs in 3.5 months with dieting and yoga/pilates, and now I have a booty to show off!

    I do hot yoga / hot pilates, and you can’t do it if you don’t eat clean. You get sick, you don’t get as much benefit…it’s no good, basically. It’s easy to stay motivated to eat clean when I know why I’m doing it — that feeling of peace and accomplishment when I leave the studio at the end of class.

  394. A. booty shorts!
    B. I’m motivated by seeing my body change for the better and knowing that I’m stronger and healthier than I was before.

  395. Marie Schmidt says:

    1.) I LOVE those booty shorts! Wearing something that cute covering my hiney will push me to work harder!
    2.) I’ve struggled with self-esteem and body image issues since I was 15, and some of those feelings are still lingering eight years later. When I eat clean and workout hard, it makes me feel fierce, sexy, and healthy. I love seeing results, I love the boost in energy, I love feeling stronger, and I love the motivation I get from everyone around me! I want to keep eating and working my way to a hotter body, a body I am truly proud of and have no qualms about showing off!

  396. I love the booty shorts!!

    The reason I eat clean and try to live a healthy lifestyle is because heart disease and cancer run in my family. My Mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and has suffered with high blood pressure for as long as I can remember. I want to stay fit and healthy so that I can break the pattern and live a long healthy live, and hopefully through my efforts encourage other family members to do the same.

  397. I love the booty shorts!!
    Seeing results that I want is what motivates me; See that what I’m doing is making a difference. But also seeing people I want to look like is inspiring! Cassey, Maggie Q, and my pre-pregnant body are what I’m aiming for! Thanks for everything Cassey!

  398. Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?
    ~Love the bra, the shoulder strap is a fun change from the normal. It makes me wanna sculpt my arms & shoulders even more!

    What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
    ~Being raised by a big health nut dad, he taught me the importance of eating tons of vegetables and fruits, avoiding refined/artificial sugars, and avoiding bad ingredients in processed foods. It’s important to me to pass that onto my young daughter. Feeding her the same healthy clean foods that I eat, will help her to have a strong healthy body and eating lifestyle as she grows. Being grateful for my body and enjoying life to the fullness motivates me to workout harder, so I can challenge myself and realize my capabilities and surprise myself. And that I can be a positive example for my family, and encourage them to always want to take care of their bodies inside and out. My biggest challenge is getting my husband to change his eating habits and to workout with me. But I know my example and being able to cook for him will just help him get there. I hope that once I get to where I want to be physically, he will want to challenge himself too!

  399. DEFINITELY THE BRA! It’s so cute! What motivates me? I just like the happy feeling I get after I work out. My body and mind both feel great. :)

  400. Zsófia Farsang says:

    booty shorts pleeeease :)

    haha, my motivation is absolutely silly.. i want to be able to party with my grandchildren to dubstep. this thought always cheers me up and keeps me focused :D

  401. A) Bra
    B) Eating clean makes me feel good mentally, emotionally AND Physically! It doesn’t get better

  402. 1. I LOVE THE BRA!
    2. I’m most motivated to eat well and workout hard when my boyfriend is about to come visit from out of town

  403. I like booty shorts :) i would really really like them!

    My motivation is you. Because I can see, that eating clean and workout is better not only for my body, but also for me. I’m much happier person now, when I lost over 20 kilograms. I have self-confidence, I know that my faith can bring me far. And that is my motivation, because I still insist in healthy way of life. And you are something like my guide…because you show me how to workout hard, but still have best time when we are sweating :))

  404. I LOVE that workout bra. It’s so stylish! And what motivates me to eat clean and workout hard? First of all, my birthday follows a few days after the challenge ends and what better way to look good for my birthday!! I’m also motivated by the popsters in this community and you of course Cassey! I love how you’re encouraging in your workout videos. Makes me really wish you had a studio in So Cal! I HOPE I WIN!! :)

    2ND i love the sshorrttss!!

    break out those booty shorts,)
    3rd i really find it so much easier just to live a clean healthy helps w physical & mental health.WORKING OUT LITERALLY MAKES ME HAPPY.especially w u cassey<3
    thankss a ton

  406. 1. I love the booty shorts so I can show off my legs!!
    2. What motivates me to eat healthy is being able to have the occasional treat and not feel guilty about it later. What motivates me to work out is feeling myself get stronger and toned. I love seeing muscle definition!!

  407. A. I love the booty shorts!
    B. What motivates me to eat clean and workout hard is knowing that afterwards I’ll feel great, look great, have tons of confidence, and that I’ll live a long, healthy life. : )

  408. I love the booty shorts, they look comfy and cute.
    The thing that motivates me is the fact that I feel better when I work out, not only about myself and my body, but I have more energy. I am finally happy with my weight and my new toned body, my husband likes it too. I am gonna keep it up so that by eating right and working out I get to be on earth longer to see all my kids grow up.

  409. Both the bra and the shorts are super-cute! I am having such a difficult time deciding between them! I have to say the shorts, but only by a slim margin, and only because I already have a(n admittedly old) sports bra, haha.

    That second question is a really difficult one to answer. Over the course of the last five or six years of my life, I have done every exercise under the sun, and probably tried about the same number of diets. I will admit that this fascination with working out and dieting was not really a fascination–it was an obsession, and an unhealthy one, at that. In fact, only recently, it only ceased to be unhealthy. I have been vegan for almost two years now, but this past May is when I really found my stride, and realized that I couldn’t keep abusing my body with too much exercise, and not enough food (or too much food, when my body periodically decided it had had enough of my starving it). But you know the funny thing? When I started to eat like a sensible human being would on a vegan diet–and I don’t mean ‘diet’ in the ‘lose weight’ way–my body relaxed. It’s injuries started healing much more quickly. I wasn’t stressed out and unhappy every time I thought about exercise. I stopped agonizing over my inner thighs and my waist. It was fabulous.
    I am positive the fact that I switched from all-kickboxing, all the time, to yoga and walking, was also a major factor in my newfound “body zen”. My primary exercises are still yoga and walking, and you know what? I don’t feel any stress or resentment towards them. I actually look forward to these exercises, and, even though it is over six months since I found my happy, the feeling of excited anticipation is still quite new. I love how my body functions, and am amazed at the changes it has gone through since May.
    Now, you might be wondering, ‘Wait. If you’re so “happy” with your body, why are you doing this challenge?’ The simple answer? Because I have a lot of very, very strong, toned muscles (yoga is the best!), and I want to show them off! I am extremely proud of my body, and I want her–me, we–to shine! I didn’t know how to safely go about cutting a bit of fat–and, I stress, *a bit*, to show off my lower abs–and I didn’t want to experiment on my own, running the risk of accidentally ruining the delicate balance my body and I have managed to achieve over the last six months.
    So, this happy-body vegan will rock on and go forth, eagerly anticipating the day her lower abs will decide to stop being a wee bit shy, and all of her gorgeous muscles can shine even brighter.

    P.S. Also, not gonna lie: I am kind of in love with the vegan meal plan, as it incorporates all my favorite foods! =D I am one of those (slightly odd) women who enjoys eating plain tofu, haha.

  410. - I actually like the booty shorts *does booty pop*

    -My motivation for eating healthy & exercising comes from me wanting to live a better, longer & fulfilling life & also from the negative reaction I’ve gotten from people around me. I’m 5’7′ and well within my BMI, I weigh 130 and that’s healthy for my height, but I’ve always been told from my mother that I’m too fat & my stomach is too big and it’s always hanging out. Over the years it has gotten so bad that I actually started to believe what she said and also others who have said negative stuff to put me down. At one point I just stopped eating. I’d go days without food because of all of it. I have to say that it has really lowered my self-esteem into the ground. I have a high metabolism, so I never really put on that much weight & when I do it all goes to my thighs and ass lol *lucky me*. My boyfriend is the one who actually looked on me and told me that my body is just fine & he loves it the way it is but because of self-esteem issues I seriously don’t believe him. I’m harder on myself than anyone else is, so I see flaws. All together I’ve used all of this negativity to push myself to do something I want & to prove everyone who ever said something bad to me-prove them wrong. To prove to them that they have no hold over me & my body is just fine how it is. So right now that’s all that is pushing me to do something positive and great for myself and to empower others to do the same. My boyfriend helps me out a lot, by pushing me on my worse days. I remember how I was complaining to him about my body & usually he says “it’s fine how it is, stop comparing” but this time he took me by surprise when he asked me “if you hate it so much then what are you going to do about it?” This really opened my eyes and made me see everything differently & since then I don’t remember complaining to him about it. Each time I feel down I remember what he said and I just put on my clothes and start doing some Pop Pilates or go for a run by the field. Where I’m from skinny isn’t and I doubt will ever be the in thing, because majority of males here (Jamaica) like their female counterparts with meat on their body. I guess I could say that I use everything that I’m faced with as a stepping stone for a better me and a better and happy future.

  411. LaRae Cromer says:

    A) the sports bra is adorable! I have tons of pairs of shorts but only a select few bras. (as well all know, keeping the girls in place and comfortable is pretty important too!)

    B) I love working out because it’s simply a hobby! I could spend hours at the gym! I love working out with my husband (ex military guys are the bet trainers! And being married to one makes it all the more fun!) clean eating makes you feel so much better than junk food! You feel lighter, and the possibilities of combinations are endless! Fruits and vegetables are my favorite food group, so naturally I’m going to WANT to eat clean :)

  412. 1. The booty shorts are pretty awesome!! I need a new pair too! :D
    2. Results are what motivate me to eat clean! I also just like the foods and feeling good about myself. It’s like a circle of joy!!

  413. A) I love the sports bra. It is so effin adorable!

    B) This one has a few answers to it.
    1. I make a thinspo board. Where I put pictures of models or the jean size I want to be and put it somewhere Ill see it everyday at least 5 times. That is a big one for me.

    2. I keep a journal of my journey. (Which for the 90 day challenge I am using tumblr.) And if I cannot fill the entire page I write I CAN DO THIS over and over again until I fill the page up. (Silly, I know. But it really motivates me.)

    3. I have a pair of jeans that when I started my journey I couldn’t even get past my thighs. Each week when I weigh myself I will also try on these jeans. I can now button them, but they still give me muffin top. Anyway, to see how I progress with those jeans is a bug motavator for me.

    4. Youtube. I watch a lot of workout and diet videos on there. My top three are you, sarahfit, and the tone it up girls. That keeps me going on the times I don’t really feel like working out, but know I have to.

    5. This might not count, but my friends and family. Every time that question comes up “did you lose weight?” makes me feel amazing. Makes me work harder to get more to ask. That’s the question I ask myself everytime I think about picking up a cupcake.

    6. Eating Clean – I imagine a tub of fat everytime I see a fastfood place. Sickening I know, but I won’t stop. Lost my appatite by then. Chocolate has always been my weakness and I do have dark chocolate every now and again, but when I think about eating it I force myself to think about break outs.

    7. I always try to join challenges. Like the 90 day challenge or Trulyjess’s Christmas Losers. I try to be in some sort of challenge or compeition. I am a very competitve person, so if I think someone is going to do better than me, that motivates me to do better and beat them.

    Wow… that was more than I thought.

  414. A: I Love the sports bra. That asymmetric neckline is so unique!
    B: I’ motivated to eat clean and work out hard because it makes me feel great physically and mentally. Nothing is worse than beating yourself up over eating crappy food and not working out. So when I workout, I make it count! The more sweat, the better! :D

  415. I love the booty shorts (my favorite thing to work out in!

    I’m motivated to eat clean and workout by how I feel after. I have so much more energy and just feel happy and healthy!

  416. I honestly love them both, but if I had to pick, it would be the bra.. its so unique!

    I love feeling comfortable in my skin! Self confidence helps me to excel in other parts of my life other than life at the gym too. Working out in front of a mirror motivates me.. it lets me see what I need to work on and see my progress! :]

  417. Lydia Thorne says:

    A) I love the sports bra! So incredibly cute!

    B) I’m motivated to eat clean and work out hard when I start noticing “small” changes in my body. I started my first ever exercise routine this past summer, and jogging everyday has not only helped me to lose weight.. but it is also so motivating to be able to breathe easier, to have a better cardiovascular system, and to live a healthier lifestyle. To set and meet those mini goals, whether it be miles or pounds, is extremely motivating!

  418. I love the sports bra. Very cute.
    And what motivates me is the way my body looks. I hate stretch marks and looking at them pushes me further and further. They push me to try new things and strive for the body I want. Seems weird but it works. (:

  419. A. the sports bar is sooo cute!
    B. I’m more motivated to eat clean and workout harder when my hubby is willing to do the same. It’s hard to be healthy when your partner loves junk food!

  420. A. I really love both those items!
    But maybe getting the shorts would give me incentive to keep improving my lower body! I could wear them all the time a watch myself shrink into fitness.

    B. I have only been following Blogilates since September. But ever since my sister introduced me to this wonderful community I have a desire for fitness like never before. This time, I said to myself, I’m going all the way.
    What motivates me to eat clean & workout hard is the promise I made to myself: that I would NOT spend another hot summer out of the pool and off the beach out of embarrassment for my body.
    Literally not taking a single swim during the whole season!

    I’ve never been so serious about getting myself healthy and in shape.
    Thanks to you Cassey I’ve been working hard & eating clean and I know I will reach my goal.

    <3 You are a real role model

  421. I love the sports bra!!

    What motivates me is I want to be in shape, I have struggled with my weight all my life and want to stop struggling with it….

    thank you so much!!

  422. 1. Love the booty shorts!
    2. I’m motivated to eat clean and work out hard because I love the way it makes me feel about myself afterwards.

  423. The entire outfit is cute! I especially love the booty shorts – the red colored waistband is so hot! Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me because I love feeling good on the inside and stronger each day~

  424. 1.I love the booty shorts because when I wear them, I can see how much I have accomplished over the weeks and they make me feel so fit and toned!

    2. I love exercising and eating healthy because it raises my mood and makes me feel accomplished and I feel that I can do anything I set my mind to. I feel more confidence in the clothes that I wear and my friends are so jealous of how motivated I am and how toned I’ve become. It was tough getting started, but I’m so glad and proud of myself in what I’ve accomplished and I believe in myself even more than I did when I first started. All thanks to pop pilates! Cassey, you are so energetic and encouraging and so supportive of all the people who follow your workouts and your song choices are awesome! I am ever so grateful that I found your videos!

  425. yayyyyyyyyy another giveaway!! :D
    i’m so excited there are gonna be 3 winners this time
    more chances of winning ahhh! :D

    A. its so hard to choose one… they’re both so freakin cute on you! i’m gonna have to go with the booty shorts tho

    B. being healthy motivates me to eat clean and workout hard. other than that i do it to be happy with the way i look and feel :)

    thanks for everything cassey!!

  426. 1. gimme those bootay shorts! :)
    2. i love eating clean and exercising because of the way my body feels! i actually look forward to feeling that burn, i have so much energy, and i already feel my confidence increasing. i can’t see many results yet but i know this will be a part of my lifestyle from now on!

  427. 1.The bra!!!
    2.The one thing that really motivates me to eat clean and workout right is the fact all this is the least that I can do for the overall health of my body .Plus its only the balance between a healthy mind,body and soul that makes one a complete person.
    P.S :- I love your blog!!!!Keep up the awesome work :).

  428. 1. I love bra!
    2. My biggest motivation is the idea of myself looking fit and healthy. I want to be proud of myself and more embarrassed of my body on the beach. I want to be able to wear what I want and know that it will fit me. I enjoy workouts because I feel stronger every day and I love it!

  429. 1. I love the booty shorts!! So cute!!
    2. Eating clean and working out makes me feel so good at the end of the day. Plus, I have a trip to Hawaii coming up in a month, so that’s a good motivation there, too ;)

  430. Lacey Poulsen says:

    A. The bra! Super cute.

    B. I am currently working on transforming my whole self and that includes my eating habits and working out. They are essential in helping me keep focused, feel good and stay positive. Gotta put forth effort to staying healthy and looking good!

  431. I love the bra top!!! It is quite unique but looks like it wouldn’t be uncomfortable.

    I lost 33lbs and am so close to looking the way I did before. That is what motivates me :)

  432. love love love all of the items…though i am in definite need of a new sports bra :)

    I am motivated to eat clean after seeing my brother struggle through severe ulcerative collitis. I’ve changed my eating habits to mirror his trying to keep him as healthy as possible for life. When it comes to working out I love the feeling of success after I’m done with a great workout and working to get back to the results/body type I had in my early 20s lol!!

  433. I LOVE the bra!!
    Cancer runs in my family. A lot of family members and friends have passed away from cancer. That’s what motivates me to eat clean and workout hard!!

  434. 1. I like the bra!
    2. What motivates me is the feeling I get after I have accomplished a hard core work out. Its such a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Alli wanna do is get stronger, more flexible and be able to LEAD an intense cardio work out class. What motivates me to eat clean is the feeling i get after i have consumed food, fresh, satisfied and content. I hardly ever feel that way with food, im always wanting for me…but with such a big fiber and protein intake for the first time in my life i feel at peace with food. but combined, i work out now for FEELING i get rather than the look…which never use to be the case in the past. i would crash diet and then feel like a failure. since blogilates, i no longer feel that way!

  435. omg the bra looks so pretty! :)

    I’m motivated to eat clean and work out hard because I want to see how far I can push myself and after the sweaty workout I always leave the gym feeling prettier und and healthier. I love this feeling! :)

  436. 1. I really like the booty shorts and I hope I can wear something like them soon (maybe after the 90 day challenge?)
    2. I’m really motivated to eat clean and workout (in the shorterm) because I have a debutant ball coming up in January for my university’s junior women. In the longterm, I’m motivated by my end goals, which are to look and feel healthy, and to be able to wear a pair of riding boots and skinny jeans!

  437. Jamie-Lynn says:

    1. Booty shorts! i love my legs and my butt! they are the most built, muscular part of me and i looove to show them off!

    2. my inspiration for eating clean is my beautiful daughter. Im a young, single mother and without me, she’d be alone. I know my timing and everything wasnt perfect when i had her, but without those decisions i wouldnt have her now, and i cant imagine my life without her. We always eat clean together and she loves to march and run and dance, shes my cardio queen, always keeping me on my toes! And she loves to “do” your videos with me. her favorite is the muffintop/love handle exterminator! She loves the shimming at the end! lol
    but this post has gone on way to long! lol
    love you cassey and fellow popstars :)

  438. oh and the amazing mental benefits are really what keep me working out — i go stir crazy without it! also, i did your obliques workout video for the first time yesterday and my sides are SO sore today!

  439. Both!! But if I had to pick one then.. Bra!

    I am a ballroom dancer and that alone motivates me to eat clean and work out hard. My long term goal is to compete professionally, to maintain a healthy “dancers body” i have to work out and eat clean.

    Your blog/videos also motivate me to workout!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  440. i love the booty shorts! they are adorable.

  441. Holy crap that bra is adorable! My health and how my body feels (rather than looks) is what motivates me to maintain healthy habits!

  442. Arilys Lagomasino says:

    1. Loveeee the booty shorts!
    2. Why I eat clean?! Makes me feel great and especially that i am setting an example for my 2 little boys! And the end results….are amazing.
    Thanks Cassey!

  443. 1. The bra <3
    2. When i started working out a few months ago, i felt better in my body. Then i slowly started to eat clean. With working out, i met new people. I have now more friends than before (& some are more reliable than my oldest friends !!), i feel more friendly, i'm glad to go to bed … but also to get up early in the morning to get my workout in. I have a more active life & I love it. I also adore seeing my love handles & my muffin top disappear as I push myself to get better/stronger/fitter/healthier

  444. I love the booty shorts! And I love eating clean and working out because I like to test my limits, improve my strength, and feel great. :)

  445. Cari Garvey says:

    I love both but if i had to choose I think it would be the sports bra…I am hoping that once i am done with these 90 days i can feel comfortable wearing booty shorts…that will be my little gift to myself for getting fit…hot looking booty shorts

  446. i like booty shorts!
    i am motivated by the awesome fresh feeling i get after. i feel healthy and strong!

  447. signed up for newsletter!

  448. liked you on facebook!

  449. i liked them on facebook!

  450. Sam Thompson says:

    1. The bra! (So fabulous)

    2. I’m inspired to eat clean and workout because I want to set a healthy example for my younger sister. It’s so hard to NOT have unrealistic expectations of your body based on the images we see in the media–and disordered eating seems to be becoming more prevalent. Therefore, I stay healthy so she knows it’s important to be happy & healthy too! (and plus it makes me happier!)

  451. A. I love the one-shouldered bra top! B. Eating clean makes me feel amazing- feeling good is the best motivator.

  452. Stephanie says:

    1. I love the bra! I’ve always loved the assymetrical look!
    2. I love the way I feel after I’ve worked out and eating clean helps me to feel better too!

  453. Love the booty shorts!!

    I love to eat clean and stay healthy to see the changes my body makes. It’s amazing what a clean diet can do and I love to push myself first of all to stay healthy and second of all for the great feeling when u see the changes in your body.

  454. Hi!

    A: I adore both the booty shorts and bra, but if i HAD to choose? I would say the bra! The asymmetrical design is so beautiful!

    B: I workout so i can be fit enough to travel the world and live my dreams! My next few challenges will involve 20 day treks in Tibet and up to the Mt Everest base camp, so i need to be in top health! These dreams of adventure travel are not so far away because of your videos and daily encouragement! Your support is more valuable than you could possibly fathom! Thank you so much Cassey! You are helping so many people achieve their dreams!

  455. I prefer the booty shorts and what keeps motivating me is seeing results and feeling better.
    I feel so much better with sport, more alive and healthy, every day.

  456. I absolutely love the shorts.

    I eat clean and work out because first and foremost it tastes good and second I like the feeling I get after a good long workout.

  457. Sandra Denker says:

    I’d love to have the bra cause I would’t wear the booty short in public, it’s sooo short. But I aim to run a 10K in a sports bra next year to show off my -until then hopefully achieved- toned belly.
    So, eating clean and working ot hard makes me feel good, cause I’m more energetic and feel better about myself.

  458. My favorite is the Booty shorts. And what motivates me is looking good!!!

  459. Becky Hepinstall says:

    I love the booty shorts!

    I workout so that for the first time in my life I can say that I’m truly healthy :-)

  460. a. love the booty shorts :)
    b. Eating clean and working out make me feel amazing overall and that impacts every other aspect of my life. Love to feel good, be healthy, and be happy :)

  461. erika sierra says:

    Bra :-) !!!!

    My main reason is my family history. 70% of my family have diabetes :-( my father recently had his toes amputated due to such a horible disease. He inspired me to eat healthy and exercise to prevent the familt disease!

  462. 1. I love the bra!
    2. My boyfriend and I are currently in a long distance relationship, I can’t wait to show him my new body the next time he sees me! The immediate changes are such a motivation to keep on track. I am so excited to see where this challenge is going to take me! :)

  463. A) I’m in love with that outfit! But I’d have to say the bra is outstanding, it looks comforting and supportive with a flare of sexy with those straps! I would feel outrageous hot while working out in it!

    B) I’ve always been the bigger girl on my volleyball team and amongst my friends and I’ve had a huge self-consciousness my whole life about my body. Its thanks to finally being done with this terrible attitude and unfit lifestyle that I’m working hard to improve myself. I need to eat better and work harder, and I am doing it, thanks to Cassey and her 90 day challenge! I’ve already felt better drinking purely water! My protein pancakes give me hope that I can enjoy sweet things in life that are good for me! I work hard to be the woman I have always wanted to be and I’m going to be her…thats what motivates me.

  464. A. booty shorts ftw! :)
    B. RESULTS motivate me. I love how energized and healthy I feel after eating good food and that satisfying soreness you feel the day after an intense workout.

  465. I love that bra. :D its so adorable. And very creative with the design. to bring out that inner fashionista.

    Im motivated to work out because as a 17 year old mother, i refuse too look out of shape and feel gross. I used to work out all the time but when i got pregnant people poked and pryied at it and i lost confidence in myself. I was very depressed, and that resulted in an outword way. Now after finding you Cassey i relized i can get back to the same size you are ( were the same height). Even though the last week has been torture im proud to be vein and say, watch out all those girls that made fun of me im going too look better than you!!! :P CAN I GET AN AMEN! :) tehe. anyways that my story, my son and i are always busy. would be nice to really win something for a change. But if no im winning by just following this program. THANKS ALOT! <3 LAINEY

  466. I like the booty shorts better. They’d give me more motivation.

    My daughter motivates me. She’s so active, and I want to be the parent that is a good example for their child. My family and friends motivate me, too. Tumblr also motivates me, because I want that rock hard body. I want to look at myself in the mirror with confidence. If I don’t love my body, how can I expect anyone else to? Also, I feel a lot better when I eat better. Not so bloated and fatigued. I feel weighed down when I eat something I know is bad for me.

  467. 1. I love the booty shorts! Want!

    2. I can’t describe how much eating clean and working out has changed my life thus far. It has pushed and inspired me to break the pattern of unhealthy and disordered eating habits that I’ve harbored for so many years. It provides strength, both inside and out, and Blogilates has truly proven that making this lifestyle change is not only completely possible, but not as hard or as scary as it once felt by going it alone. Thank you for being there for all of us and being the light at the end of the tunnel. :)

  468. PS: Used the email address that I subscribed to your mailing list with – hope that makes it easier to confirm my entry :)

  469. Samantha Briss says:

    Bra! Booty shorts aren’t my thing…yet. After the 90 day challenge I’m sure they will be!

    What motivates me to eat clean is how I feel afterwards. Having the 6 meals a day and having them be cleaner foods is great because I’m never hungry, and I’m never stuffed to the point of being miserable. So I’m always content! The motivation to work out hard is kind of the same, its for the feeling afterwards. Also, the feeling of walking up a long flight of stairs and not feeling winded like I used to in high school! It was very discouraging to be thin, but still not able to keep up with everyone else. So now that I’m still the same size, but in shape, I feel much better!

  470. I’m in LOVE with those booty shorts! I don’t own a sports bra, but I love booty shorts so much! They make me feel so confident when I’m working out and putting them on and seeing my progress in them!
    My motivation to workout and eat healthy is so I could one day have a family and be able to help them make good eating habits and be able to have fun with my children without being out of breath or not able to play with them because of my health.
    Your pilate workouts have motivated me so much! I reward myself with your workouts after I finish my cardio workouts. I want to be the thinner, healthier me that I know I have inside myself and thanks to you, I’m almost there!

  471. Chelsea Hoffman says:

    1. I love the bra top!
    2. I want to finish losing all my baby weight, while instilling healthy eating habits in my children. I want my family to have a healthy lifestyle.

  472. I’ve been wanting a fashionable bra-top, so that’s my pick :)

    I’m motivated by my clients – I always want to set a good example for them. If they see were to see me struggling with completing a workout or getting winded, it affects them.

  473. Tonya Nelson says:

    I like both the bra and the booty shorts! But I think I’d prefer the bra.

    I’m motivated to eat clean and work out hard because I’m young and in college. Though I haven’t gained the Freshman Fifteen, there’s no reason to be lazy and not put my body into top physical condition. I’ve always been pretty naturally skinny, but there are definitely areas that need work and being lazy and out-of-shape now won’t set me down the right path for the future. Also, working out and eating right gives me a lot of energy–which is what I need more than anything between school and internships. In order to keep up with the fast-paced world, I need to be in shape to do so.

  474. So great of you guys to do this!
    My favorite is the sports bra, it is so unique, the shorts are definitely just as cute but I need to work harder on my “booty” to be able to rock them lol.
    What keeps me motivated? Well there’s alot of things that keep me going, my friends and family have been very supportive! Eating clean makes me feel sooooo much better and I’m discovering new foods all the time that are super healthy and super yummy! And finally what keeps me motivated to workout is the burn I feel from the previous day’s workout, but while I’m working out Cassey is the one who keeps me going she makes everything fun and keeps you smiling through the workout and I have never found that in any videos before, also she is very fit and is the picture of what I want to look like someday! Thanks so much for doing this you are so sweet.
    Kate :)

  475. I really like the shorts! I’m motivated to eat clean to show results and work hard because I want to look good and be healthy!

  476. Clarice Nakata says:

    1. I love the booty shorts! :)
    2. This all about me! I do it for myself and I just want to stay happy and healthy! The soreness the next day is also great motivator as well! How do you get through it? Keep working out!!

  477. Zulma Garcia says:

    Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?
    Loving the booty shorts, recently just lost 25 lbs!! :)

    What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
    The way I feel!! At the end of the day it’s a sense of accomplishment knowing I fueled my body with the right nutrients and busted my bum at the gym! I not only do this for myself but for my 3 children, I do not want to be a hypocrit by telling them to be healthy and active if their mother isn’t. I want to set a good example for them and give them the foundation for a long healthy life.

  478. Elizabeth says:

    a) I love them both equally! but if I had to choose it – sports bra :)
    b) working out and eating clean – results in radiating skin and a stronger body which in turn boosts my confidence! It is also an amazing stress reducer, so I can get through my grad degree alive!, and helps me concentrate in class. AND something I didn’t think of before, the 90 day plan is actually saving me money. :) I am not eating out nearly as much and I stick to a specific list at the grocery store.

  479. 1. I love the booty shorts! Want!

    2. I can’t describe how much eating clean and working out has changed my life thus far. It truly has pushed and inspired me to break the pattern of unhealthy and disordered eating habits that I’ve harbored for so many years. It provides strength, both inside and out, and Blogilates has truly proven that making this lifestyle change is not only completely possible, but not as hard and as scary as it once felt by going it alone. Thank you for being there for all of us and being the light at the end of the tunnel. :)

  480. Wow, so many comments!! I’m gonna answer booty shorts because, to be honest, I feel that my legs are my best asset…so showing them off is a little boost to my motivations. But my real motivation comes from visual images…when I see someone super fit something inside me stirs because I KNOW I can do it too. Instead of getting jealous or spiteful I just work harder.

  481. 1. Loooooove the sports bra.
    2. Getting the body that I want motivates me to eat clean and workout hard. Remembering that everyday is a push in the right direction and that I will eventually get there helps too. So patience and consistency is a major factor.

  482. 1. Sports bra

    2. I eat clean and workout to protect and maintain my body; not only for the present but for the future! What motivates me most is my influence on others. Many of my friends and family look up to me for their execrise and eating habits!

  483. I’m in love with the booty shorts!

    In all honesty the community on Tumblr. I have my own goals I want to meet, but its the people on Tumblr who are really pushing me to stick with the plan :)

  484. 1, i love them both but if i have to choose one it is the bra :).
    2, i´m a fitness freak so for me it is a life style to workout and move everyday, eating clean is the hard part but it is easier to eat clean when i let myself have 2 unhealthy eating days every month :).

  485. Love the sports bra! (I also love the booty shorts, but I tend to wear sports bras more than booty shorts ;)

    I workout and eat clean because it makes me feel the best! I know I’m getting everything my body needs. Now if I could just get enough sleep, too…!

    Thanks =)

  486. 1) Booty shorts- love them!

    2) I motivate myself, I really found myself being down about my body- I’ve always been tiny all my life and then all of the sudden, I started gaining all around my waist- I never ate healthy nor did I ever watch what I ate. After a few months, I got it together and realized I need to make my top priority ME- if I feel good about myself, I’ll be a happier person, I youtubed pilates and luckily found your classes online, thank God, seriously I have never been so motivated to get up and work out, thanks to YOU :) Thanks alot Cassie- clearly you have made a difference in many people’s lives. We <3 you!

  487. 1. I like the sports bra!
    2. I’m definitely motivated by seeing physical changes whether in the mirror or on the scale, just like you are. I also love the energy and good feelings I get from exercising and eating healthy!

  488. A. I LOVE the sports bra! Such a cute design!

    B. What motivates me is knowing that I am making myself healthier and happier with every workout. When I work hard during my workout, I always leave the gym with a smile on my face.

  489. 1. I like the sports bra!
    2. I love seeing changes in my body! I’m addicted to working out and I’d hate to waste all the work by eating unhealthy so I try my hardest to stay on track :)

  490. 1. I love the booty shorts. Talk about a motivation to get a fab butt!

    2. When I workout hard and eat super clean, I’m doing it not only for myself, but for my future kids. The healthier I am, and the more healthy habits I start now, the easier it’ll be for me to have and raise healthy, beautiful children. Knowing that I’m working for a better future for myself gives me a lot of confidence in the gym that I didn’t have before. I feel beautiful and sexy and no one can take that from me if I work hard for it.

  491. I like the bra better!
    I’m 19 and recently married, my husband, who is a Marine, really motivates me and I want to look even more amazing for him! Plus I want to wear some cute clothes! :)

  492. Meredith Lee says:

    Booty shorts! I have a great booty because of POP pilates, I need to show it off!

  493. I like the gift card the best, but between those two I like the shorts !

  494. A. I love the sports bra. It’s so unique!
    B. I’m motivated because I want to live longer! I want to see the entire world and enjoy doing it. My short-term goals are motivated because I’m going on a trip this spring with all my friends and I want to be happy with myself, energized, and confident… I want to look how I feel… beautiful and strong!

  495. 1-Booty Shorts :)
    2-By eating clean and working hard I can do anything that I want to do, be anyone I want to be without being weighed down (no pun intended :p) by silly things like not working out when it is something that I love to do. It builds confidence in myself that I didn’t used to have before. As for eating healthy I like to think that I’ll live forever, but I won’t get there by eating food that’s terrible for me.

  496. a) I like the bra- I’ve never seen anything so cool, and asymmetry makes you look like an art-deco piece if you wear it with a bright pop of color, like in those shorts!

    b) I’m studying to be a physician, and I feel that they have unfortunately lost their credibility over the years for malpractice suits and hypocrisy with their own lifestyles clashing with the healthy practice that they preach. As an aspiring physician, I want to be as healthy as possible not only for myself, but to set an example to my future patients, to help change the negative stereotypes of doctors- to truly embody the concept of wellbeing and health, and help others find it!

  497. Arielle Castillo says:

    1. I love the booty shorts!

    2. My motivation is living in South Florida! It’s warm here all the time so you can never hide under bulky layers.

  498. a. I LOVE those booty shorts!
    b. I do it because it makes me feel good about myself. I feel like I can do anything :)

  499. That is the world’s cutest bra! Want it so badly! And the shorts are nice, too, although I feel like they wouldn’t look as sexy with my massive thighs (cycling + hilly city = man thighs)
    I like to eat clean and work out because it makes me feel better and I feel like I’m doing something for ME. F— being super skinny, I want to be strong and in charge of my life! I spent about 15-18 hours a day at a desk, so the food I eat and the exercise I get is my “love my self” time

  500. Booty shorts or bra? that is a hard one I love them both but I think I like the shorts slightly more.

    the reason that I like to eat clean and exercise is how great it makes me feel.

  501. A : Booty Shorts! (I love my legs ;D )

    B : What motivates me is that know if I eat clean and exercise, and do awesome on the 90 day challenge, that afterwords I will feel so accomplished! Not to mention have a kick a$$ body, as well!

    Thanks so much for all you do Cassey, the 90 day challenge has been making me feel SO MUCH better and it’s only week 1! <3

  502. A. I like the booty shorts better, but the bra is pretty cute.
    B. What motivates me are the results. If you look good, you feel good.

  503. a) Booty shorts so that by the time these 90 days are over I can wear them to the gym and not feel the least bit self-conscious.
    b) My biggest motivation is my health, my relationships and my future. My biggest dream in life is simply to be happy and after fighting EDs for the past 7 years give or take a couple good ones, I want to finally get over it and put it past me. I want to be healthy not sick, I want to feel confident in my ability to be there for my loved ones and to be there for future loved ones. :)

  504. I like the booty shorts more. The girls are big enough that I have a hard time believing an asymmetrical design would do the trick.

    I’m motivated to eat clean and work out by wanting to look good and keep my energy up.

  505. Jennie Deike says:

    I think the Bra!! I have a hard time finding one to fit and hold things where they should be!! Being active is soo important. I was “too” active and injured my lower back. Now pop pilates keeps my core strong and pain free!!

  506. Tiffany Shivanonda says:

    Hi Cassey!

    A) I can’t really decide which one I like better. That bra is super unique and super cute and the shorts look very comfortable!

    B) I work on a cardiac floor at the community hospital here in Tucson, Arizona. I see what poor lifestyle can lead you to and I want o keep myself happy and healthy! I also take care of my mother at home and I cant ale care of anyone unless I’m in good shape to do so.

    Thanks for the opportunity and advice!!!!


  507. I have been following POP pilates for almost two years (can that be possible??) and I am addicted! Thank you so much, Cassey, for your advice, inspiration, and motivation!
    A. I love both, but I have to go with the booty shorts. They would accentuate one of my favorite parts of my body :)
    B. What motivates me to eat clean and workout is the desire for a healthy lifestyle. Not only do I want to be healthy for myself, but I want to be healthy for my husband and our future family! I have been given this one life and I want to live to live it to its potential!

  508. Thank you for the chance for the giveaway!
    1) I love the sports bra!

    2) What inspires me? My son. I want to be able to enjoy him being a kid and keep up with him throughout my life and I will never be able to do that if I am unhealthy. At five years old, he’s already running around like a maniac and if I am able to keep up with him a day at a time, it’ll make our lifetime bonding experience that much more fun!

  509. Elizabeth W. says:

    Hey Cassie!

    A) I normally don’t have much interest in sports bras, mainly because they all look the same to me (maybe its just a me thing), but that is too cute.

    B) I used to be very inactive, and the first time I went running everyone was so surprised. Nowadays, I love exercising outdoors, with friends, and with your videos. I like to indulge in food, as long as it’s healthy. Exercising and maintaining my diet makes me feel good afterwards, and its becoming a routine so I don’t even have to think about it. After exercising I feel good knowing that it will all pay off and it keeps me healthy, confident, and feeling beautiful, both on the inside and outside :)

    Thanks for this, I really appreciate how much time you put in for the blogilates community.

  510. A. I like bra than the booty shorts
    B. When I was young, I seem to always get sick so it motivates me to eat clean and work out hard. Being healthy makes life easier. I can participate in more activities.

  511. Jazz Afire says:

    Awwww… Can’t decide which one I like better, both is sooo awesome! I think I’d pick the shorts :)

    I just love to be active and I love healthy food. It’s so cool to see changes in your whole appearance just because of simple changes in your diet and do sports or just being active :)

  512. A. Booty shorts please! Love em!
    B. A lot of it is self motivation. I’ll wake up &just want to do something. On other days, my husband motivates me, because we go to the gym every morning at 5! My Tumblr gives me another big boost. Also, I just want to be fit, so when I have kids, I’m a good role model.

    I'm motivated to eat healthy and exercising because I struggled a lot about my own body image since living in South Korea. I have put a lot of pressure on myself like most other girls in South Korea to achieve the "skinny look". Having a pair of thin legs and a tiny waist is considered attractive. But the skinny image may not be the healthily image that most people may perceive. I know that I can't achieve the Victoria Secret Model body but I know100% that I can achieve a strong healthy body.
    The elderly people in South Korea changed my view about exercising. Exercisng should not be percieve as "work" neither should we stop exercising once we are satisfied with our body image. An elderly man told me that we are like machines that needs to continuously move our body actively in order to prevent health problems arriving sooner. Another elderly man told me "You can borrow money (to pay off those hospital bills) but you can't borrow health"!!

  514. 1. I’m lovin’ the booty shorts! :D
    2. I’m motivated to eat clean because I really want to get over the disordered eating habits that I’ve had in the past. I love the way eating clean and working out makes me feel, and my bad habits in the past have basically made my weight yo-yo all over the place, but now I’m super excited to push myself and lose weight and get results I never thought were possible. :)

  515. Should be *CLOTHES not close…duh!

  516. 1. I LOVE those booty shorts!!!! They’re so cute and they look totally comfortable!! The sports bra is very cool but I think I would have a hard time getting used to the over 1 shoulder design.

    2. What motivates me? Well, there is the obvious, to lose weight. My best friends wedding is next year and I’m a bridesmaid, so I’ve finally made this a priority to stick to. And to be honest, this is the first time I’ve stuck with it for more than 1 month. I normally quit, for no reason but not caring enough about my goal to stick to it. To me, it was oh, this 1 thing wont hurt, than 1 thing turned into 1 day, 1 day turned into 1 weekend, a weekend into a week etc of bad eating and not being active. But I also feel better eating whole, unprocessed foods. I haven’t had soda in over a month either and I am paying more attention to the labels of my food including ingredients, not just calories. Following all the fitspo blogs on Tumblr really reminds me what I strive for and I know what I need to do in order to do it. New workout close always make for workout motivation! Who doesn’t like to show off new clothes!

  517. samantha r says:

    A) Bra. B) What motivates me to remain healthy are my passions. I want to fulfill my fervent, growing pursuits and the only way I can properly do so is by maintaining a healthy, confident, beautiful body- not just aesthetically, but internally and emotionally as well.

  518. 1) They are both SO cute…I guess I’d say the shorts…tough decision though!!!

    2) The results are what motivates me…I’m naturally very skinny, so I’m working out to build muscle. It’s been so amazing how quickly my abs are shaping up, the fact that I’m building arm muscles I’ve never been able to have despite other forms of working out, and the fact that my husband says my legs actually have shape now (after a lifetime of having “chicken legs” as people have said to me). Basically the more results I see, the more I want to work out! I’m actually at a place where I’m happy with my body after only a few weeks of pilates!

  519. 1. Love the sports bra!!! I really need a good one!

    2. What motivates me is the fact I already lost 6 pounds in 5 days!!!!! Plus I want a healthy lifestyle change not a diet. So far this has been probably one of the best choices I’ve put myself through the last year. I want to lose 100 pounds and with the motivation from friends, family and the support from the Blogilates Website I KNOW I can and WILL! Thank you Cassey!

  520. I LOVE the bra! It’s sooo unique and fun! I’m still breastfeeding right now and could use the extra support! LOL

    Im motivated to eat clean and work out because I’ve just had a baby and an ready to feel like myself again! I had a rough pregnancy with extreme swelling in my legs and of course – weight gain! I’m looking forward to feeling and lookin like myself again (and I envision myself as a fit, active, healthy, MOM…haha!). I’ve already thought ahead to what my “excuses” will be to hopefully avoid them…example “I’m too busy with the baby”, “i dont have the time” …etc BUT I’ve made the decision that my son should never be an excuse for me becoming fit…he should be part of my motivation! SO I guess my motivations are feeling and looking like I’m still in my prime, being healthy for my son, and also accomplishing a goal I set for myself (because there is no better feeling than working hard and seeing results you want)!

    So thankful for the blogilates community and am really enjoying this journey :)

  521. Darlene Whittington says:

    A) The bra! I’m all about asymmetrical, one-shouldered tops! So cute & sexy! rawr! :)
    B) When you look good, you feel good. And vice-versa. A few years ago, I was working at a stressful, time-consuming, sedentary job where I ended up becoming extremely inactive as a result. I gained about 40lbs somewhere along the way and decided about 2.5 years ago to take control and make a change. It’s a lifetime journey/struggle for me but I know I never want to find myself at THAT point ever again. I may not be where I want to be today but I’m better than where I was before. Onward and forward! :)

  522. 1. i like booty shorts better but that bra IS super cute.
    2. i tend to be motivated by outside sources such as track or my competitive nature haha.

  523. both the shorts and bra are super cute, but I think I prefer the shorts! what motivates me are the results I’ve already started seeing from the 90 day challenge and my fellow popsters I’ve started following on tumblr :)

  524. I like them both! Can’t believe your making me choose! ok if i have to choose I’ll choose the shorts (i think).

    What motivates me is seeing results amd feeling good, after a bad day i find excercising really lifts my mood back up. I’ve always been slim but working out has helped create definition so thank you.

    BTW, i bought some clothes from body language and OMD i love them! Makes working out more fun! Thank you for introducing the PP community to them.

  525. I absolutely love the shorts!They are design so fashionable and can show those well tone legs!
    What motivate me eating healthy and working out is the fact that there’s a lot of sickness going around my family.I try my best to stay in shape, improve my physique and have a healthy heart! :)
    Being healthy and feeling good makes the self esteem stay higher!I enjoy seeing results and being tone!Happy training everyone!

  526. Jennifer Elford says:

    A) I would have to say I like the bra better :) I already have lots of bottoms, but no cute tops!
    B) Working out gives me a sense of accomplishment and confidence in myself that as a younger child I never had. It makes me feel good about myself and my body! I look around and see how much obesity and other health problems have affected soo many people my age, and even toddlers, and I feel as though I have an obligation to be as healthy as I can be. My body is a temple!

    Thanks Cass!!

  527. I really like the sports bra! It’s cute, fun and fashionable!
    My friends, my roommate (who is doing the challenge with me) and of course everyone on Tumblr and Facebook who is doing this challenge motivates and supports me!

  528. Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?

    What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
    Fitting into my jeggings, knowing that I’m making healthy choices, feeling strong & fit, and stress-free! (or as stress free as possible!)

  529. A. The bra is gorgeous and so much fun! I have yet to see a trendier, cuter bra that actually does its job! So yeah, the bra!

    B. I’m motivated to work out and eat clean thanks to my incredibly inspiring mother. About a year ago, I dropped 40 pounds but then began a new job and am a senior in college and the stress added on about 15 of them again. My mother, being the amazing woman she is, has lost 89 pounds and works out every single day and only eats the cleanest foods. She is still working on it, and is almost to 180 thanks to her lifestyle change when her highest weight was nearing 280 pounds.She has really inspired me to get back into my ultimate passion : running, as well as losing those last 15 pounds again. We keep each other motivated and never let the other one down even though we live a few states apart. I’m 10 down with 5 to go, and viewing fitness as a long term lifestyle choice as opposed to anything dealing with diets is why I do it! I love fitness!

  530. I love the one-shoulder bra! I have always had a thing for anything one shoulder and that looks super cute!

    My reason for eating clean is for my future. I am 26 years old, but I have always struggled with a little bit of weight that just doesn’t seem to come off. I am overweight now, but that won’t be for long! I am motivated to make strides and big changes in my daily life and my overall health. Peak bone mass comes and 30 and I want to be ready! I am tired to having clothes be just a little too tight and uncomfortable.

    I had no idea you were doing a 90 day challenge and I started this past week too!! Great minds think alike! Now I can follow you for inspiration! THANKS! :)

  531. I love the shorts!!

    What motivates me? Well…
    short term – the amazing boost of mood, confidence and energy that strength training, cardio and eating clean give me, I think it’s the best way to start and end my days.

    long term – shaping the body I desire, seeing results from hard work and doing my part to promote a healthy life for myself and the ones I love around me!
    Thanks Cassey for your endless motivation!

  532. I love the booty shorts.

    I’m motivated to eat clean because I feel better about myself knowi ng im not putting junk in my body .I work out and push my limits
    And that feeling of I did it is just amazing .

  533. a) Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts? – Hmm, I think the bra? I like the shorts but my stocky thighs usually don’t do well in shorts like that – they ride up =/

    b) What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard? – Seeing results keeps me motivated! And how good I feel after a good workout.

  534. Eti Antonova says:

    1. I love the bra, since it’s a very quirky design.
    2. There are many reasons why I workout, but chief among them is the satisfaction I get from knowing that, unlike many things in life, how much I exercise and how far I push myself is pretty much under my control. Oh, and being able to enjoy chocolate from time to time without worrying too much about your weight is an added bonus!

    Thank you for this cool giveaway! Keep up the great work, Cassie! <3

  535. a. the booty shorts, I always work out in a shirt because I sweat, so I don’t want to have this cute bra that I can’t even show off :P

    b. my mom, she doesn’t diet, she just eats healthy and walks everday and has so far lost over 60 pounds in the past couple of months. If she can do it, then so can I!

  536. Signed up for your newsletter :)

  537. I liked Blogilates on FB too!

  538. I liked FitActivewear on FB!

  539. so excited for the challenge AND give away!

    I liiike… the bra better

    what motivates me is feeling great about myself and feeling waay less stressed after a work out. and seeing results, of course!

  540. Good day Cassie!

    I would love to have the bra. stylish, sexy and comfy for health and fitness conscious girls like us :)

    I am motivated by your blog to get active, eat healthy and commit ourselves to positive lifestyle. It helped me a lot to change my outlook in life. through your blog and all your posts I am inspired and motivated to work hard to toned my body and healthy lifestyle by eliminating all the negative things and toxins in our body.

    Thankyou Cassie, keep on inspiring us :)

  541. Danie Sauret says:

    Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?
    Booty shorts definitively both make a great & perfect combination but if i have to choose one it will be booty shorts :D

    What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
    Being a little bit better day by day, besides of being healthy even if it’s hard at this times i try to do my best every day. And about the workout, i can’t leave it anymore, i like to challenge myself because that gets me the feeling of getting stronger, more agile & confident at the same time, so who doesn’t want that?
    The human body is great & perfect, it has barely no limits in what you can do with it so i think that everyone should dedicate more time to let their bodies develop to their greatest shape so we could actually take advantage of them.
    So i hope i get this send hugs Cassey & again thanx for everything :D

  542. 1. I Love the Bra
    2. I love eating clean and working out because i like feeling healthy and having energy .Also because i like to see how much i can transform my body and how hard i can push my self, it is so rewarding to see yourself accomplish something you couldn’t do before !

  543. Bre price says:

    1) I love the bra! I love the asymetrical design. And like someone said above me, I’m a little self conscious of my legs. But hopefully not for long ;)

    2) I’ve always been conscious of exercising, but eating clean is sort of a new thing for me. I’ve been doing a lot of research about it, on your site and many others. I’m still getting used to it as it is only my second week. I’ve messed it up a few times, but overall I love the way I feel when I eat clean!

    Thanks Cassey for all your hard work and the videos and blogs that has helped me stay motivated!

  544. Hey Cassey,

    I love the bra– never seen one like it– super cute and unique!

    I’m motivated to eat clean and workout hard because I want to stay healthy and happy for all the other commitments I have (work, student teaching, and school!) When I eat clean and workout, I feel less stressed and more in-control of my life!

    Thanks! -Lauren

  545. 1. The sports bra!! Its awesome!

    2. I FEEL so amazing and strong when I eat clean, this, and the inspiration from the Blogilates community. ALways keeps me going if Im having a bad day.

    Love you guys, excited for this competition.
    Viks xxxxx

  546. I think I like the bra the most! I just love sports bras in general– so comfy!
    I’m most motivated by those mornings when I feel disgusting putting on my outfit for the day and changing it like ten times until I feel semi-decent (ugh today was definitely one of those mornings…).

  547. Really love the sports bra! The design is something I have never seen before for a sports bra!

    What motivates me is that I have so many people around me doing amazing things including my brother in law with MS. I took for granted my abilities and let myself go while he struggles just to walk. I decided to get on the bike, use my EA Active and then I found you-Cassey! You have helped me remember that I need to do this for myself, for me to be happy and strong! So glad I’m a popster now!

  548. 1. bra
    2. workout? spend all my time to walk & run and save money on transportation
    meal? again save money on junk food & eating out
    ultimate goal: transfer the fat from my body to my wallet LOL

  549. The bra is amazing! I’d love to show off how hard I’ll be putting in :)

    I’ve been overweight since high school. But during college, I lost about 70 pounds. My last year of school was hard for a lot of personal reasons and I let my routines slide and put back on thirty pounds. I want to do right by my body.

  550. Jenna Vance says:

    Woohoo for another giveaway!

    A. Love the shorts, super cute.
    B. My motivation comes from many places. My wonderful support system (workout buddies are the best), the surge of energy that I get after every workout and my upcoming trip to Jamaica to name a few! <3

  551. I love them both but if I have to pick one, it is definitely the booty shorts. When your booty looks good, it makes you feel great!!!!

    Eating clean and working out just makes me feel so much better about myself. Also, my healthy eating habits are making my family eat better too. I’m leading my family by example by creating healthy habits for them too.

    Thank you for making working out so much fun!!!

  552. 1. I love the booty shorts! I have been looking for a good pair to do my leg workouts in.
    2. I use my stress to motivate me to workout and eat a clean diet. For me, working out is a release and its my “me” time; working out is something I do only for myself and the results and feeling positive about myself keep me going. :)

  553. 1. I loooooove the booty short! So adorable!

    2. To be truthfully honest. My motivation is to be able to wake up and look at myself, see my hard work show and feel sexy and beautiful about my body. It may be vain but that’s the truth.

  554. That is so hard. I think I would choose the bra. I love the one shoulder!
    What inspires me to eat clean is my family, I struggled with bulimia and anorexia for 5 years and when I decided that I was done 2 years ago, I became a “clean” vegan. And it worked because I didn’t want to binge on “clean foods”, I knew all of the good they were doing for my body and so I was able to tell myself that it was ok for me to eat them (and keep them down). I’ve gotten away from clean eating during my recovery, which I think it was pretty necessary because I’ve been able to confront ALL of my fear/bad foods and get past it. I’ve gone from being someone who wanted to be a skinny, waif to someone who wants to be strong and fit and I know that eating clean is key to that. I want to be around for my son and my husband, and be a good example of how to take care of your body. When I was in the thick on my eating disorder I wasn’t really “present” but with a baby and a husband in the Army I have to be, and that’s why I’m eating clean.

  555. The sports bra. The design is really unique, plus I’m a little tall for booty shorts.

    My motivation to workout and eat clean stems a lot from my recovery from a few injuries and a couple of surgeries to correct them. I want to push myself to be more active than every before as I recover.

  556. 1.) jeez, both are cute, but if I had to pick one, I’d say the booty shorts; I have enough cute tops, but not enough booty shorts!

    2.) hmm what motivates me…well I initially started working out and eating clean because I was getting married in April and I had 6 lbs to lose. Well I lost the 6lbs and got married, next came the honeymoon. The honeymoon isn’t until the end of November, but I struck with being healthy because I looked and felt amazing. I’ve dealt with various episodes of severe depression and anxiety since I was 14-ish, and I’ve discovered that eating clean and consistent activity helps keep me in the world, so to speak, rather than in my head. I’ve always been active but when I put my mind to accomplishing physical achievements it really improves my mood. So far this year I haven’t had 1 depressive episode as I’ve been focusing on improving my fitness, eating the best that I can, and really…living outside myself for once. To be honest, that’s all the motivation I need; feeling better mentally and physically. I won’t say that a healthy lifestyle is a cure-all for what ails you, but it helps and it has definitely improved my life and my mentality.

  557. my motivation = my life. Right now I’m actually trying to gain a bit of weight. I want to be strong, energized, beautiful, healthy… not weak, frail, and emaciated. #notcute

  558. I love the bras! My *girls* are in dire need of a little support :)

  559. Christina says:

    wooooooo, another giveaway! :)

    1.) As much as I love both, I gotta say the booty shorts.

    2.) I eat clean because it’s the best thing next to exercise I can do for my body. I only have this one body and I want to take care of it and try and make it its best as much as I can! :) I come from a family who has a history of heart diseases and diabetes and I don’t want that for my body and my future family’s either! Cassey, you’re such an inspiration for being healthy. Seeing your results and the way you look is motivation for the rest of us to eat well and work out hard! I and the rest of the POPstar community can’t thank you enough! Keep doing what you’re doing. :)

  560. So cute!
    I like the booty shorts. I’m a booty shorts fanatic just like you :)
    I’m not gonna lie, the only thing that motivated me when I first started trying to get healthy about 6 months ago was my appearance. However, now that I’ve been doing it for a while, and doing your 90 day plan of course, I have really been thinking a lot more about how it makes me feel. I have tons of energy and feel so strong! I also suffer from anxiety and depression, and regular exercise has made SO much of a difference. Oh, and you motivate me too Cassey, along with all of the other supportive Popstars! :)

  561. I love the sports bra! It’s so funky! A doctors visit motivated me to eat clean and get fit; my blood pressure was getting high and my cholesterol was too! I’m only 23 so I took that seriously! Now whenever I don’t feel like doing my best, I think of my highs cool basketball coach. She was really tough and expected a lot from you,and even though it’s been 5yrs since I graduated I still remember how I hated letting her down. So I think of that, and it usually pushes me through a workout.

  562. A.) I love the booty shorts!

    What motivates me to workout and eat healthy is just one I love it and love the feeling afterwards and the accomplishment of working out hard! Of course I imagin my dream body and push through saying “You’re just a little bit closer to getting there!” I’ve never been skinny, always been chunky but know I’m starting to lose it and I want to lose more! The 90 day challenge has been great for me I already lost 3 pounds! Do you know how much I’ve tried to lose and actually lost? None. This makes me feel like “Wow if you really change your eating habits, then the rest is easy!” I stay motivated all the time and just seeing how YOUR body transformed is even better!(:

  563. a. I love both, but I really live the booty shorts!!! I can never seem to have enough shorts for working out, and those are too cute!!!!

    b. Feeling prepared (cute workout clothes help!), setting goals, measuring progress, and knowing my “why”, all are things that help me stay motivated and on track. ;)

  564. i absolutely love both the shorts and the bra! they both look flatering :) what motivates me to work out hard is looking fit, feeling good, healthy, and strong, and knowing that i can wear old clothes again!

  565. 1) I am in LOOOOVE with that sports bra! It is fierce!
    2) I am motivated by my own success. I watched my body change from obese to healthy and amazed myself at what I accomplished. I proved to myself that I could do things that I was convinced I’d never be able to, and that pushes me to continue to challenge myself.

  566. 1. Booty shorts! So cute.
    2. I feel so much better about myself after eating a healthy meal or working out, overall cleaner and stronger mentally and physically. So, I just think about how I’ll feel when I see the desired results! Also, I’d love to see my butt in those booty shorts, that’s motivation for some Butt Blaster today.

  567. 1. I love it all but if I had to pick one it would be the booty shorts! They are just so cute!

    2. I am motivated to eat clean because of the way I feel everyday afterwards. I’ve been following your meal plan for the 90 day challenge as well as I can this past week and have so enjoyed doing your videos on youtube! My body feels so good after a workout, especially when I have eaten clean the whole day. I am happier and have more energy when I eat clean and exercise. I am in college right now (as a Nutrition major :) ) and it can be very stressful, not to mention the fact that I don’t have a whole lot of money to spend. As much as I possibly can I buy all fresh fruits and vegetables because who would want to eat anything else?!

    Thank you for putting your blog and all of your videos together to help so many people! You are so inspiring!

  568. Abby Thompson says:

    1. I love them both! :) But I guess if I have to pick, the sports bra is my favorite.
    2. I workout and eat clean for a couple of reasons. First, I’m an exercise science and wellness major, so I know all of the effects leading an unhealthy life can have in the long run. Also, I feel so much better when I workout and eat clean. I feel much more alert and focused in class, at work, etc. And of course, I workout to look good :)

  569. this is another awesome giveaway :) thanks cassey

    1. I LOVE the booty shorts
    2. What motivates me to keep eating clean and being overall healthy is that I see my family eat junk and because of that they gain weight and become less motivated to do anything. I dont want that I love being active and Ive always wanted to be different from my family and by being healthy and taking control of my life is what keeps me motivated. Another plus is the amazing benefit of having a killer body ;)

  570. Keisha Nangcas says:

    I’m really loving the sports bra! :)
    And what motivates me to work hard and eat clean is the fact that I’m not the only one doing this challenge and that other people are working just as hard as I am.

  571. Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?
    – I actually really like both! Haha. I know it sounds like the cheap way out, but I honestly can’t choose. The asymmetrical design of the bra is so funky and unique and the booty shorts just looks so hot.

    What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
    – My boyfriend! We both had an epiphany about our lifestyles and decided that it’s not where we want to be. We wanted to get healthier and get more fit! So decided to keep each other accountable of each other’s eating habits and workout sessions; and it’s been working great! It’s awesome to share a healthy lifestyle with someone you love. :)

  572. I LOVE the sports bra!

    Seeing results and feeling good about my self is definitely what motivates me to workout hard. And in turn, working out hard motivates me to eat clean! I don’t want to do all this hard work for NOTHING! :)

  573. I prefer the booty shorts!
    What motivates me to eat clean and workout hard is the fact that I have been overweight my whole life and I decided to make a change. I want to know what it feels like to wear any outfit I want and not be constantly worried about my stomach or other areas showing through. Now that I have started to eat clean and work out hard, what motivates me is that amazing feeling I get during/after working out and how healthy and clean my body feels when I eat healthy. I don’t feel bloated or have any regrets anymore and it’s wonderful. I was also born with a radial club hand which limits some of the workouts I can do but I don’t let that stop me, I find alternative exercises to keep me going. I want to prove to myself that I can do anything and be the best me that I can be. :)

  574. I’ll usually say that I prefer the booty shorts, but the asymmetrical top is so amazing!
    I work hard in first place for vanity, it may sound vain at the begging but, who doesn’t love to look good? but what keeps forcing me to work hard is that king of euphoria I get when exercising! like when you are shaking but anyways don’t want to stop! that is what keeps me working very hard, and the feeling in my body once I’ve finished It makes me feel so proud of myself!
    And about eating clean, I don’t like it that much, but it will be such a waste to work out hard and then ruining by tons of super-unhealty things! Also I’ve been trying different brands and I’ve found really delicious and healthy stuff!
    And your posts on this blog, they really motivate me to work harder and look better… thank you for that Cassey!

  575. I love the bra.

    What motivates me to eat clean and workout hard is the desire to be the best “me” i can be! I like pushing myself and seeing what I am capable of. Most often, I find out that I can do a lot of things that I did not think I could do before. Also, a little competition doesn’t hurt since that fuels me too. I am veryyy competitive :)

  576. Stephanie says:

    1. Love the bra! (although I cant wait til I love my legs enough for those booty shorts!)

    2. What Motivates me? My fiance has been deployed in Afghanistan and comes home next month I wanna look good for him when he gets home. I also wanna blow everyone socks off walking down the isle in January :) Besides those things what motivates me is my happiness and well being. I feel like a million bucks everytime I work out and thats a “high” I think everyone should get used to :)

  577. I love the booty shorts!

    What really motivates me to change my lifestyle and eat clean and workout every day is the thought that I will one day have children. I want to be there for my kids as long as I possibly can and be healthy, and pass on my healthy habits to them so they don’t have to be teased for being overweight like I once was. I want to look good, feel even better, and know that what’s going into my body is wholesome.

  578. A. I love the Booty Shorts!

    B. What motivates me to eat clean and work harder is my younger sister. After my mother passed away; I figured I need to keep healthy so I can promote a longer life with her. It’s been pretty rough and she needs a lot of guidance and love. And by being able to keep up with her; helps me to stay strong and keep doing what I need to do for the both of us.

    Also, knowing I can commit makes me feel quite motivated. It isn’t enough to start something but to actually complete it. And working hard and eat right are really big commitments in someone’s life. It’s an ongoing achievement each day and I plan to stick to it. :)

    I must say – I really love PopPilates; it’s been quite motivating as well :D

  579. Stephanie Hayden says:

    1) I’m going to have to say the sports bra! I love love loveee booty shorts and have a couple, but I don’t have any cute sports bras, so I need that one!
    2)Many things motivate me to workout, even when I don’t want to hit up the gym cause i’m feeling out of it, I just think about how great I will feel after I go and that it will get me closer to where I want to be. Also, my workout buddy motivates me, we currently live 7 hours apart since I had to leave for school, but made a secret facebook page where we have to report what we have done and it pushes me to work harder. We give tips and support and I wouldn’t have made it this far without her help. Shout out to Erica!!

  580. 1. I loooove booty shorts :))
    2. What motivates me is the results i see and the energy it gives me! I love feeling the endorphins and the rush I feel after a good run

  581. Sarah Huggins says:

    I love the shorts! I recently lost around 15lbs and have been looking to pick up a pair of shorts from them! Thanks for the giveaway chance, excited to start following you!

  582. Sara Randall says:

    I love the booty shorts! Results are my motivation to workout and eat clean! I’m at the gym lifting heavy or running around everyday of my life and that calls for a lot of clothes! I’d love to win some gear! Thanks! :)

  583. Stefanie Brown says:

    A. I like the sports bra because my favorite part to show off is my abs! After 2 babies, I’m proud to have a fit stomach.
    B. I’m motivated to eat clean because of the way my body feels. I don’t get headaches, have energy to keep up with my 1 and 4 year old boys and feel more confident. Plus, I’m passing on good habits to my children.

    Thanks so much for your blog and program – Loving it!!

  584. Jessica Whitlow says:

    1. Love the bra! Booty shorts are cute but i don’t think I have the legs for those.. yet

    2. My motivation to eat clean and work out is wanting to be happy with myself. I want to look better and feel better, not just physically but emotionally as well. I have always been very critical of my body, it is a never ending battle that has left me depressed for most of my life. Exercising helps me feel better about myself and the way I look because every time I work out I feel like I accomplished something. I eat clean even though my husband doesn’t because it makes me feel so much more balanced, I have more energy and I don’t have anxiety over eating things i know aren’t good for me. Thank you so much for your workouts and all the inspiration that I find on your blog. You motivate me everyday, you are amazing Cassey! <3

  585. Kassie Finley says:

    This is so exciting. I have lost 4lb since starting the 90 day challenge and I love doing your workouts. So much so I went and bought my first real workout outfit and now I need more lol. I love the bra!

  586. A. Bra!
    B. What motivates me is confidence! I slouch into a uncomfortable depression if I don’t feel good about myself on the outside and inside!

  587. BELINDA VASQUEZ says:

    What would I want they are both so PRETTY AND SOOOOO CUTE!=) but if i had to choose i think i should go with the booty short! Being healthy for ME AND MY BOYS IS BIG…I have hypotyroid and sometime its hard to stay the way a person whats to look but its been easier with GOD BY MY SIDE AND ALL THE SUPPOSRT WE OR I GET ONLINE…so from the bottom of our heart thx!=)

    What motivtes me is family, friends and and loving me for myself!

  588. I loooveee the booty shorts! The reason I workout and eat healthy is to feel good about myself! It’s a stress reliever, and a hobby at the same time! It really makes me feel good to know and be in tune with my body so well, and to see results pushes me to exercise and eat better even more! :)

  589. Elizabeth says:

    I LOVE THE BRA!!!!!!! Hahaha, SO CUTE!!! That whole outfit makes me wanna go to the gym and show off!! :D

    My motivation for eating clean is love. I have so many people that mean so much to me, and I am finally at a stage in my life where I can say I truly love myself! I owe it to myself and everyone in my life to be happy, healthy and strong. The more I take care of myself, the more I will be able to help out others:)

    I do have to say though, what KEEPS me motivated is Cassey (of course, so inspirational and SUCH a great role model) and all of my new friends in the tumblr 90 day challenge community! The support is outrageous, only 5 days in and this has already been such an enlightening experience. Thank you all!

  590. Wendi Hollmer says:

    I like them both but if I have to choose I would pick the bra.
    What inspires me to eat clean and stay fit is I love that it makes me feel GREAT after my workout and it decreases my stress level substantially. Working out and eating clean increases my energy level and I feel more in control.
    Fingers crossed.

  591. I love the top! So cute and different than anything I’ve seen!

    I’m a former college athlete and have been used to being in shape all my life because of a strict schedule from cardio to plyometric workouts. Since I just graduated this past May, I have had to motivate myself to work out and stay fit! Cassey, you have not only helped me stay in shape, but you’ve motivated me through the workouts to push myself even farther than I thought I could go! My motivation to stay in shape are the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I feel better about myself and am a happier person because of that :)

  592. 1. Booty shorts!!

    2. I’m in the process of a long road of recovery from an ED, and eating clean gives me the energy and clarity I lacked while at my sickest. Clean eating is the fuel I needed!

  593. a) Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?

    I love the bra- it’s so unique!

    b) What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?

    The way I feel when I don’t- sick, bloated, and weak. Since I started this journey, every time I eat ‘junk food’ or go more than a few days without working out, I get the worst feeling. I can’t believe I lived like that for so long!

  594. Stephanie says:

    1. I love the booty shorts!
    2. Being a nurse inspires me to stay healthy. I work with sick pregnant women for 12 hours per day. Being healthy means that I can run around for an entire shift without getting tired, and I feel so much better doing that with healthy foods, exercise, and water (instead of candy, not working out, and caffeine). I’m inspired to be healthy because I know that I have one life and I want to be able to live it to the fullest.

  595. I LOVE the booty shorts – I have them! They are soooo comfortable. I love eating clean and working out hard because I feel so energetic, young and most of all confident and STRONG! Go GIRLS! Thanks for the giveaways, a few lucky girls are gonna rock these outfits! Stay FIT!

  596. Would love the shorts!
    What motivates me to eat clean, and workouts as hard as I do is just how it makes me feel. When I occasionally stray to bad habits I can immediately tell the difference in my body. I feel sluggish, bloated, just plan terrible. Also I can not even describe the euphoria that working out gives me, nothing makes me feel better than a good workouts.

  597. a) I personally love the bra!! Though they’re both so cute.

    b) My motivation is that I want to be healthier, and I don’t want to fall vicim to one of the many health problems on both sides of my family. I’m done with being te heavy one, I’m going to be fit and fabulous. (:

  598. Andie Sargent says:

    1. I love the sports bra!
    2. A few different things motivate me to eat clean and workout hard…I think the main one is just how great I feel when I eat healthy and workout versus how blah I feel when I don’t. I’m a nutrition major in college and knowing all of the chronic diseases and problems that come with an unhealthy diet definitely motivate me to eat clean because I want to have a good quality of life and I want to be around for a very long time. Music is a huge motivator for me during my workouts. Often when I feel I have nothing left, one of my favorite songs comes on and gives me the strength to give it something extra which really makes all the difference.

  599. Kajsa Österling says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I fell in love with those bootyshorts! They are just fabulous! :D
    And I love FitActivewear! :D Yay! <3

    What makes me motivated?
    Well, all my life, I'v been chubby, not really fat, but still chubby. And I have always new that.
    And I think it has effected my life a little bit, because you can't really fit in the same jeans as your best friend.
    That I hated!! Trying on jeans! Awful. I had to take adult sizes or leggings.
    Anyway, I started my cheerleadingteam, and I started to notice a difference. In my body, that is.
    When I found you on youtube, I was like, OMG!! This is so great, it is hard, effective and it doesn't take so long.
    But now, I know there is more than just working out. There is the community, the love, the sharing, I mean, we are putting our lives out on the internet! For our FRIENDS to watch, cheer on and inspire :)

    I could go on and on about this stuff, but the point is, I do this because I want to look good ofc. But the confident I get when I try on those jeans, is the best feeling in the world! ;)
    I also want to inspire other young girls to workout, especially pilates!

    I love you girl, you have really changed my life! <3 <3

  600. oops didn’t spell check lol you are a huge inspiration :D

  601. Hey Cassey, first of all wanted to say you are a hige inspiriation and i’m loving this 90 day meal plan!! :D i would love the shorts <3 you can never have too many!

  602. Cassey – you are so awesome! Thank you for all of your hard work encouraging and helping us to reach our health and fitness goals!

    I would absolutely love to win the sports bra. I just ordered one from Body Language sportwear. I want to start looking HOT when I go for jogs.

    What motivates me is my upcoming WEDDING!! I am getting married in November of 2012 which is plenty of time to rock the 90-day challenge (which I’m starting on November 1st, just cuz I’m OCD and need 3 full months) and rework my entire body so that I look better than great in my wedding dress. I also want to be able to do the pop pilates moves as well as other workouts more effectively. That takes determination, time, and practice. The harder I work today, the harder I’ll be able to work tomorrow.


  603. a) I like the booty shooorts! Of course the Bra is fantastic too and I would love to choose both, but in my case I guess the booty shorts would be better. :)
    b) The fact, that I’m doing something great for my body. I think that the human body is incredible. It’s such a great gift nature gave us so I want to treat this gift well. Thinking like this really motivates me. It’s more like: I’m doing this, because I’m thankful. And of course I keep myself motivated because I think, I deserve to have a healthy and fit body, just like everyone else does. :)

  604. I love the booty shorts! It’s really hard to find cute workout clothes in Finland, so yey I’m so excited to enter! Thanks Cassey for another giveaway <3
    What motivates me to eat clean? Seeing results is definitely good motivation and just the idea that everyday I'm getting closer and closer to my goal: to love my body and the way I look and to be strong and healthy. Also I get motivation from how I feel, since I'm feeling much better than I did when I ate badly. I'm not craving for junk food anymore like I used to did, I'm not skipping meals and I feel like I'm getting happier every day (maybe it's because I'm already seeing results and on my way to really loving myself (: )!

  605. Sarah Sibilia Boone says:

    I like them both hehe but if I have to choose I think the booty shorts, cause I don’t own any. What inspires me to eat clean and stay fit well my kids first because I want to be healthy for them and be around for them forever!!! Hopefully I can also make a good example and they will follow in my footsteps to eat clean and be fit. I love to stay fit and workout because it makes me feel so good, it takes the stress of everyday life away from the moment I hit the mat until I end in my stretches. I love seeing results, that’s what pushes me to the max to see how staying active and eating clean transforms your body into the beautiful person you know are! I love you Cassey for being such a great trainer and inspiration to us all, you truly dedicate yourself to your fans and I love that about you. So Thanks girl and you rock!!!

  606. Jackie Kammer says:

    I like the booty shorts!!

    My motivation is that working out hard and eating clean will lead to a clean body and a clean mind. Working out and eating clean makes me feel healthier and more alive than ever and I feel like I can tackle the world!

  607. Audrey Smith says:

    I love the booty shorts. Living in Florida, it’s booty short weather just about all year long.

    I stay motivated by the feeling my body gets from my clean eating and exercise. I get excited from seeing even little changes my body makes and I love surprising myself with the amazing things my body can accomplish. i.e. run a half marathon, I never thought I’d be able to do it, but once I set my mind to it there was no stopping.

  608. Hey!
    a) Wow, that is the coolest sports bra I’ve ever seen, It’s so cute!
    b) I get motivated to eat clean and workout hard by two things. The first is the feeling of being healthy. I love feeling my body get stronger and seeing it getting leaner! It is such an accomplished feeling, I feel invincible. The second is that right now I’m in the last year of middle school (Norwegian school system: elementary: 1-7th grade, middle school 8-10th grade and high school 11-13th grade) and next year I’m starting high school. When you choose high school you have to choose what type of high school you want to go to, and my ambition is to get into a dance high school. It is really hard to get in because you need good grades + dance skills. I do have both but I’m training hard and eating right to strenghten my body and to become a better dancer. It is a hard process and if I do get into the school, It’ll be even harder. But it is worth it and healthy eating and excercise will help me become a better dancer, energize me and help me focus on school work.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! I’m only 14 so I’m not following your meal plan, but I do base some of my meals of it. Fingers crossed for dance school. And good luck to all the amazing popsters that are following the meal plan right now, I’m getting so motivated by following the process!

  609. 1. I love sports bra because its comfortable
    2. Exercise makes me feel more confident, gives me more energy boost, and of course to keep me healthy

  610. A. I LOOOVEEEE the booty shorts! Those are my favorite things to wear, because I already like my butt, and feel comfortable about it :) But the top is very cute, too!!

    B. I’m motivated by the fact that my body deserves to be treated right! You only get one, and you should make the best of it. I also want to look my best, and feel comfortable in my best skin.

  611. Caroline Henry says:

    I would LOVE the mini fit booty shorts! Those alone would help motivate me to work out harder and eat cleaner. I am a college student, which is probably the hardest place to eat clean, but I still manage to stay on track by treating myself only a little on the weekends. Working out is my stress reliever and if I can’t get a good workout in then I won’t feel good about myself or do very well on my schoolwork!

  612. I LOVE the sports bra

    What motivates me is seeing how my body changes and how far I can push myself when I workout. Having that balance makes a huge difference. I don’t short change myself because what I put in I will get back so I do my best and look forward to the outcome.

  613. A good bra! Although I do love compression booty shorts.
    Whatever holds it all in!

    What motivates me to eat right and workout is the feeling I get from becoming stronger. For being a naturally small, short person, I get a lot of pleasure from seeing what I can push my body to do and become. :)

  614. Loooving the sport bra ;) but all their clothing looks amazing !

    And what motivates me it’s I wanna look amazing in those clothes hihihi It’s unbelievable all the strength we have and don’t even realize. Training is my drug ! Nothing makes me feel better and it would be incredible to do this in really cute clothes for once :P
    Have a nice week-end everyone !! :D

  615. a)I love the shorts. They look gorgeus.
    b) I was at the beach last summer and could not help compairing myself to others. I realised that this is the time I really must start to do something for my body. I have allways been slim but never too active. So luckily I found your youtube workouts and I think it´s your sunny person that have kept me going. My main reason to move isn´t anymore to get fit but because its so fun, and I coudn´t live without a daily dose of pain and sweat:).

  616. Estefania Puigdemont says:

    I’m in, I’m in!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    I’d prefer the shorts beacuse I don’t have any good ones.
    What motivates me? So many things! Exercise helps me with my anxiety, makes me feel good and also help me with SAD, and of course makes me look so much better, I feel happier and eating healthy is the same, I have always eaten healthy, I’m from Spain and I eat Mediterranean diet but I learn with your blog to eat protein in the morning to have more energy, I didn’t know that, and I feel it, it works! :)

  617. Woo hoo!!

    – I normally hate sports bras due to my lack of a chest, but that one is TOOOO CUTE!
    – I stay motivated with: Cute outfits and my boyfriend. He keeps me levelheaded and pushes me like no one else, and I return the favor. =) Oh boy, I want this whole outfit. Talk about feeling sexy when you workout! THAT would push me even harder.

  618. 1. Lovin’ the bra!

    2. What motivates me? My baby, living healthy for me and being an example for her. I’ve always been of a tiny body frame and never really focused on being healthy I guess you can say I was that skinny (fat) person one who stayed thin but not necessarily from healthy food & exercise. NOW after my pregnancy I have to work to see results and eat healthy so I want to live healthy and be an example to my daughter as she grows up and seeing results helps that!

  619. 1) BOOTY SHORTS. 100% Haha. I love sports bras too. But being a runner, I love to show off my legs. && My bf loves that I have confidence in them too! <3
    2) I am motivated by my struggle with an eating disorder and knowing that eating clean and working out will make me look better than I ever will at a super low weight. Plus I realize that the better I eat and the more I workout, the more likely my family is to do it with me. So I'm helping them too!

  620. Emma Claire says:

    Booty shorts for every season, obviously. (;

    I’m motivated to eat clean and workout because it increases my overall energy, increases my self esteem, I feel fantastic after a good workout, and I’m determined to make exercising and good eating a habit so I can have a healthy lifestyle instead of filling my body with food that doesn’t run it properly and then not work it off.

  621. Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?
    The shorts for sure :)
    What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
    Seeing results! Also just knowing that I have a goal, a specific one. As I see myself getting closer to that, it’s easier to stick to my plan.

  622. 1. I am kinda lovin’ the sports bra! Its so different, pretty cool! <3
    2. I realized a couple months ago, that in order to lose weight and maintain it, you have to exercise and eat right. So i never have an excuse now unless i'm really sick. When i see people like you, Cassey, and the Toneitup girls, and Sarah Dussault, I think……we should all look like this. Every-time i see you guys working hard all the time, it makes me want to keep working hard. I believe our human bodies are meant for healthy/fitness activity…Humans think its normal to be lazy and eat crap, but no…thats what is unnormal.

    (I was backstage at a play waiting for my part which would be in 15 minutes and i was standing, so why not do some one legged squats{10 on each side} and everyone looked at me like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? thats crazy!" and when i look at how my body has transformed and theirs hasn't….i kinda think that i've got to be doing the right thing…right? Exercising! No matter where you are.)

  623. Lene Larsen says:

    Yay!! Another giveaway! I love it! :)

    I really like the booty shorts. They are freaking adorable! :D

    What motivates me to eat clean and workout? Hmmm. There are so many things that motivate me. First, I really want to be fit. I like the idea of being able to go shopping and liking the way that everything looks on me. Second, I just basically like the feeling. I have so much more energy when I eat healthy, and there is nothing that tops the feeling I get after a really intense workout!

  624. Bula! (Hello in Fiji!)

    I LOVE the booty shorts but then I LOVE the bra! Oh I do not know how to decide…. I guess it will have to be….. the BRA! Its a quirky design and I have never seen it before – very unique!

    I tried to motivate myself to achieve a tone body and that has never worked. Now my motivation is you, Cassey, because since you brought the 90 Day Challenge plan, this is the first time I have ever put my all in and I am very determined – with the motivation from you! I have never had a toned abs / stomach nor have I ever rid of my love handles! The 90 day challenge inspires me to eat clean and workout hard and the great thing is that you are doing it the same as us!

    Thanks for the inspiration! :D

  625. I love the bra!!! I like the shorts too but I don’t look anywhere near as good in them as you do!! I like the bra’s different look but most of all that it has great support!

    What drives me to workout and eat clean? The fact that I feel AMAZING everyday. Its helped lessen my migraines, I’m not tired all the time, I’m less stressed and I just overall feel great. You and the TIU girls have helped me get my body back after 2 kids!!!

  626. 1. I like the shorts, but I want the bra!

    2. I think the biggest motivator I have is to feel and look good! I’ve found that so many regular foods give me digestive problems and eating clean really helps with all that. Also, I have a long family history of heart disease and high cholesterol and I’d like to overcome my odds of getting these problems. And the prospect of rocking a bikini this summer helps too! :)

  627. 1. I love love love the booty shorts!
    2. My motivation is to fit in these booty shorts one day! There are some more month to go…

  628. Hey, thanks for the giveaway, Cassey! That’s amazing!
    a) I really like the sports bra.It looks so cute :)
    b) feeling good and confident motivates me to eat clean and work out hard! I love seeing results ( & wearing cute clothes to show them) and feeling healthy and fit !

  629. 1.I love booty shorts but the bra is so cool….LOVE IT….<3
    2.Seeing results and feeling better every time I workout is what actually motivates me to workout…but how can i forget who hooked me onto working out—-You Cassey my biggest inspiration and motivation…..:D

  630. 1. I would LOVE to get the booty shorts
    2. My motivation for working out and eating clean is me! I feel more perky when I do these things and when I’m perky nothing is impossible!

  631. a) I love the booty shorts! The bra is super cute too, but I would definitely love to have the shorts.

    b) I’m motivated to stay fit and healthy by women like you. Seeing the results you’ve achieved helps me to know that I can get there too if I put in the work!

  632. 1) bra :)
    2) As a medical student I know the health benefits of eating a clean and healthy diet and exercising regularly. I also know of the health risks that most people face after a lifetime of poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Plus, I know that my patients are more likely to adopt a healthy lifestyle if I lead them by example.

  633. Jennifer Quijada says:

    I love those booty shorts!!!

    Great way to show your curves and how much you have been working hard to achieve the body that you want. Booty shorts are brave things to wear but you don’t have to be scared when you know you look good most importantly INSIDE and out!

    What inspires me to eat healthy and workout hard is actually this moment I am living right now. I am currently studying abroad in London which is something I never thought I was going to have the courage to do. I have grown so much just being away and finally doing what I want to do. Im dancing jazz here (which is something I NEVER had the time to do back home, it is seriously my passion and I don’t think anyone that knows me realizes that except my mom), I am dedicated to working out my body, and eating right. It was so hard to do it while I was in Chicago because so many things were happening, but now that I am here living for myself and I have never felt so free spirited. So now, when I go back to Chicago I have this momentum going for myself and I wont ever stop because then I would never feel as good as I feel right now.

    <3 Jen

  634. I looooove the sports bra! So different and adorable!

    The thing that motivates me to eat clean and work hard is the feeling I get when I am successful. It makes me feel strong and powerful, physically and mentally. I want to be in the best condition that I can be in.

  635. Megan Cristwell says:

    1) booty shorts :)
    2) What motivates me to work out hard and eat clean? Feeling good! Sometimes I feel like I have no free time. There are days (sometimes weeks and months!) where the only time to myself is the time I spend eating, and the time I spend at the gym. Hitting the gym hard and eating clean, yummy foods really keeps me going. It gives me energy and makes me feel great from the inside out!

  636. - Definitely the bra! Why? Because I desperately need one (:P) and of course, it looks amazing!
    – My motivation are the results. I want to become healthier and fitter, not only looking great at my senior prom ;)

  637. a. I love the sports bra :)

    b. What motivates me to eat clean and workout hard is how much more energy I have. I also, love the feeling I get out of a really successful workout where I know I’ve put all my effort into it. The tiny changes I see in my body motivate me to keep pushing myself forward. Thanks Cassey for motivating us all into becoming healthier and happier people!

  638. -Booty shorts are my love…but that bra is absolutely adorable!
    -my motivation to eat clean is to become a healthier self…and also to look better for my friend’s debut next month ;)

  639. Rebeca Elias says:

    This is a tough one, but I am a sucker for a good pair of booty shorts. I love colourful waistbands on shorts, so i like it!
    Honestly the way you feel after a good day of diet and nutrition is my motivation. I feel so refreshed, light, and healthy after a day of sticking to healthy choices and effective workouts. Also getting results over time always helps with my motivation to keep continuing! I’ve taken such an interest in fitness lately, and I love the way it makes me feel. Also the happiness it brings me, and the fun I get from fitness always motivates me to continue making healthier choices!

  640. jennifer cortez says:

    Love da bra.
    Nd wat motivates me 2 eat clean is that it makes me feel and look good inside and out. I have so much energy, no guilt of eating bad anymore

  641. Oh plus, I had gotten sick a while ago and I was afraid of having a future with cardiac diseases/diabetes so I decided to get onto being strong and healthy. Being confident is pretty. And I like pretty. <3

  642. A. bra or booty shorts?

    Hard to choose but I’ll pick the sports bra :))

    B. Motivation

    I got motivated first by tumblrn’. I saw a fitness blog and then I followed more fitblr. I got inspired more by your blog and Sarah’s. When you did a fitness video together. :)

    And the results of working out are worth the sweat. It gives me good feeling about myself and my brain loves it too :P The benefits of working out everyday motivate me more. And also, I came to love eating healthy foods and avoid those unhealthy ones.

  643. A.Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?
    Both for sure!!! I need to keep everything secure at all times ;)! But I think bras are a blessing because they make life/exercising and sports easy, comfortable and make me feel good about myself :)! Plus, I actually love the variety in bras. Dressing up is so fun!

    B.What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
    Cassey Ho. Haha truly! Eating healthy has been a great challenge for me since I’m a big junkie, but now I’ve found so much variety and yumminess that I don’t feel the need to snack on other stuff (as often).
    It’s so difficult when you feel like you have no support. Ever since I’ve found you (magically on YouTube years ago) I’ve been so inspired and trying to help my family (because we all have the tendency to get big and snack). We have our Cassey days :D and are looking forward to more!
    I’ve seen the change in your own body over time and think if she can do it, so can I sista ;)!

  644. Sayuri Sekimitsu says:

    a.) The shorts are adorbs((: sooo cute. i love the red stripe.

    b.) My friends and just my body health. I wanna be more confident! Wooohooo((:

  645. A. I LOVE the booty short!! it’s almost summer time here in down under (Aussie). would love to wear it and do more workout from your videos!!

    B. I have sooo many motivation lists!! I wanna live my life to the fullest w/o any regrets and live a healthier lifestyle, I do this for me and my family, Im getting married next year :D so I need to tonned up my body for the BIG day! and of course looking beauty from inside and outside :p

  646. 1. The booty shorts
    2. Feeling good all the time with a lean and fit body.

  647. 1. Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?
    I love the bra! I’ve always love bras! And this one shouldered sports bra is a MUST HAVE for me. I’ve never seen it before! :D

    2. What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
    First of all, what motivates me to workout hard are the Jillian Michaels’ Ripped In 30 videos that I have.. And the videos that I get from this site. By following the videos, naturally, I tend to eat clean. Because my point of view is that, what is the use of all the workouts when I don’t change my diet? So with the videos motivating me to workout hard, by working out hard, it motivates me to eat clean. :)

  648. Janet Smythers says:

    1. the sports bra
    2. My children are my main motivation for working out and eating clean. I want them to follow my example, so they will live healthy productive lives. They need to know that they can do anything they set their minds to do. Hard work does pay off!

  649. I love both, but the bra is adorable!!!

    I work out hard because at the age of 16 i was over-weight and lost 45 lbs, and have been working hard ever since to keep it off. I just had my first daughter 9 weeks ago and work hard to stay in shape so i can run around after her cute little diaper-butt when that day comes :D

  650. 1. That bra is totally cute.

    2. Right now I’m working hard and eating clean for Halloween, but normally it’s just so that I feel comfortable in my own skin, which I have a history of struggling with. I really want to be a sport nutritionist and personal trainer after college, and no one wants to hire someone who doesn’t practice what they preach!

  651. Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?
    booty shorts!! it’s so sexy! :))
    What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
    to make myself look good and to be healthy! I always feel so good after pilates (and sometimes breathless lol) but it all pays off when I see the mirror and see improvements! Thanks Cassey :)

  652. A. I like both the booty shorts and bra but in reality I think I would like the bra! It’s incredibly different and I can’t wait to wear it. ;)

    B. What motivates me is setting a goal of living a healthy lifestyle. I got to the heaviest weight in my life around this past summer and I have been working on trying to lose weight, of course the healthy way. I try living a healthy lifestyle by working out 4-5 times a week, eating less red meat, sweets, drinking lots of water and eating greens/vegetables. My parents have been working out and my boyfriend is a huge athlete so they motivate me to work harder. I just want to lose weight in time for the upcoming summer.:)

  653. Cassey! I love Blogilates! Ever since my friend introduced me to your videos, I can’t stop watching them!

    I love the shorts! The bra is equally as cute and have a great design to it.

    No lie, I started being motivated to workout after my friend introduced me to your workouts. I never went to the gym before college and after my freshmen year (and gaining some weight), I realize I needed to eat cleaner and go to the gym. It took me a long time to hit the gym but eating cleaner was a first step. Sophomore year came and I had to live on my own so I cooked myself meals instead of eating foods from the dining hall. School definitely takes a toll on time from working out at a gym, so instead, I would do your blogilates videos at home in my room. Then, I wanted to up my workout so I started going to the gym in the summer to achieve a summer bod. Now, I’m hooked on working out, not just at the gym but doing your videos at home!

  654. I LOVE the sports bra.

    And….vanity keeps me motivated to eat clean and work out ;)

  655. 1)I adore the shorts! I could wear them to my ballet class, and not have to worry about looking ‘frumpy’ in my current baggy gym shorts!
    2)What motivates me , is the fact that I know the more effort I put in (whether in exercise OR nutrition)the more I get out! Specific tangible things that motivate me are; of course your website ;) Tumblr, and the wonderful countryside that I live in which welcomes me outside to exercise each day! :)

  656. Hey there!

    A: I am soll in love with that bra! I don’t really have a bra for sports, so this one would be perfect! (:

    B: When I work out, I feel so good afterwards. I always have to push myself hard to go to the gym, but when I finished my workout I feel so relaxed and self confident, even if it was a hell of a punishment for me to work those abs/biceps/tighs! I am beginning to Fall in love with running also, because like when I work specific areas in my body, i feel that I can push myself beyond all limits (: I enjoy eating clean as well, as I know where the things come from that I eat and what they are made of (because I made them!). Cooking also is something spiritual, where I feel comfy and where I know that I do something good for me. (Same story at the gym: This is something I only do for myself, to feel good and fit and I do it because I want it and not because someone expects it from me!)

    Wish you all good luck and be proud of what you do! (:

  657. 1. I love the sports bra!
    2. My motivation for working out is to be able to wake up in the morning and feel no pain in my back and neck and being able to just pick anything to wear(booty shorts, backless dresses etc:)) and look fab in it! Also after many years I started working out again when I discovered your videos on youtube! You always make me smile with your:” Oooh I love it, this buuurns! Thank You :o)

  658. Sarah Lynn says:

    I adore the bra, it fits my style perfectly. In all honesty what motivates me to work out and eat clean is my mum, after a car crash that handicapped her she gained weight and became very unhealthy. I followed suit. However the extra weight she carries has caused her injuries to cause her even more pain then they should be. One day I decided to show her that she can get healthy by eating better and working out lightly and since then I’ve helped her lose over 60 pounds and she’s almost out of the obese class for her weight. She’s my hero and I think helping her is the best motivation.

  659. hello, I love the top more!!! What motivates me is my sis. She has been doing these workouts with me since we came to school together this fall. She wanted to get in better shape so I started to show her pop pilates. She told me at first that she hated pilates, but now that is all changed because now she can see results faster, (along with doing our carido) plus she loves the abs workouts. We both love how you keep saying “keep going” in all your videos. You are inspiration to both of us, thanks so much.
    Also we have been doing the 90 day challenge together, we already see results in our thighs and sromach!!!

  660. A. I absolutely love the asymmetrical look of the sports bra! My legs still need quite a bit of toning before I would dare to wear such short booty shorts, so I want to leaves those to someone else’s booty. ;)

    B. I have several things motivating me to eat clean and workout hard. The biggest reason is probably that ever since I started following you and getting excited about getting healthy, I just feel so much better and stronger. I feel like I have more control over my body and that gives me a whole lot more confidence. Another reason is that I have been to the States a lot lately and the food there is sooo horrible for you but sooo yummy! So I need to compensate the occasional corndog (which we don’t have in Germany!) with hard and sweaty workouts! And of course I want to look sexy, like everyone else who enters this contest. :)
    POP Pilates and your awesome, motivating attitude make working out so much fun! Thank you for that, Cassey!

  661. A) Definitely the booty shorts :) I pretty much live in them!

    B) I’m not going to lie, I do not always eat healthy. I splurge every now and then with sweets (awful,awful,awful) BUT I work extra hard after . I can feel a significant difference in my energy level, my skin, hair, immune system and physical appearance when I eat fresh unprocessed food which I know will benefit me in the long run. Also, living in HI motivates me to be active outdoors by going on hikes, swims, and yoga on the beach to name a few. It also inspires me to support locally grown/made products because majority of the food in the grocery stores are imported :/ Living a healthy lifestyle can cause a domino effect in the community. Try to get someone to be healthy with you and their habits might pass on to others too :)

  662. I LOVE the shorts – so much freeeeedom in them!

    I’m motivated by tumblr, music, the need to be fit and healthy, passion to improve my dance skills in contemporary, delicious healthy food that’s fresh and wonderful, an CASSEY of course! :D

  663. 1. I really like both, but the shorts are really cute!
    2.What motivates me is I love the feeling of being energetic, strong, muscular, and just healthy. Since I started working out and eating super healthy I never felt better, and I want this feeling forever!

  664. That bra is on fireeeee! :) I’m a big fan of booty shorts, but I love the unique design of the bra. As of lately, an extra motivating force to eat clean and workout hard has been my roomate. She has asked that I help to keep pushing her as I do myself. Just knowing that I can help somepne as well as myself makes my heart smile that much more. Feeling good about yourself feels amazing and just knowing that you are helpong somone else do the same feels better! I am determined to be healthy and feel good about myself and if I can have someone reach out to me because they are passionate as well to strive for a better them, it definitely makes me want to keep it up. So to be able to help someone else along my journey keeps me PUMPED!! :)

  665. a. I already have a great fitting bra, so I prefer the booty-shorts.
    b. It gets me motivated that I can feel my body thanking me, by having more energy, a quicker mind and a stronger feel to everything i do.

  666. Ljiljana Ledenčan says:

    I like the bra!
    I love to exercise and eat healthy foods, so I’m lucky, in some way :-) And as additional motivation I put on the desktop picture of exercisers from the beachbody community, because I often do their exercises. And it really works. When I see their bodies, all these muscles, I also wish to look good and i have a desire to exercise.
    Maybe crazy but works for me.

  667. I loooove omg love those booty shorts:)) Great color and design! And everybody who knows me could tell you that I wear shorts all long summer:) But summer is gone so I can wear short only when I workout:)) So once again: LOVE THEM<3.

    I have big troubles with my leg so I miss working out and healthy life style… I miss it a lot cuz when I workout I feel so elastic, clean, alive and I have more energy. If I have great music while I workout I feel so sexy and feminine. I love the feeling when I can lift, run and exercise more than my male friends:)) I am not skinny as I could be, but I rather have nice muscles. I think sport will always be in my life, especially if I will manage to become Pilates instructor. I know it is gonna be a looong way to reach that, but I wanna start this journey:)

  668. April Diaz says:

    I really like both but I think Id prefer the booty shorts!!

    My motivation is toning my body up for my personal confidence, and eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle makes me feel great and shine! I have to kids and my oldest a girl and I want to show her the importance of a healthy lifestyle and be a great rolemodel to her :D
    Thank you Cassey, because you have definetly inspired me!!

  669. 1. I looove the booty shorts! Wanted to buy booty shorts for a long time but i never seem to find the perfect shorts – these are!! :D

    2. What motivates me to eat clean and workout is knowing that i am strong. I used to have anorexia and boulimia. I used to cry myself to sleep every night. I used to self-harm. I used to never feel good enough. I used to want to be perfect. When i finally overcame the battle with anorexia and boulimia at first i still felt so horrible every time i ate one little thing or didn’t work out like a crazy person every day! But life got better, i got better :) I decided to just try and go back to my normal eating before starting to lose weight the healthy way!
    I think it’s all about finding the balance between too much and not enough! I love eating clean because when i eat clean i feel clean. I feel strong and beautiful and great! But most importantly: i feel healthy! When i workout i get those endorphine kicks that always make me feel great even when i am having a horrible day! I know that i am working for something i want, treating my body right and fighting for a better tomorrow instead giving up halfway through like i always used to before. It gives me confidence <3
    When i look at how far i’ve come i am so proud and i am able to love myself more and more every day!

    It’s not just about my body, it’s about my soul and loving myself!


  670. 1 – I prefer the bra. The shorts are cool too, but I don’t really feel at easy wearing shorts.

    2 – I want to be healthy and fit. The way I look like is important to me, as it influences my mood. But it goes beyond that, I also want to be healthy so I can have a good life, and be there for the people I love. You only have one life and one body, so you’d better make the most of it and treat it well! Another reason is that I’m a trainee teacher, teaching is tiring, so I need to be fit. I owe that to my pupils. No one likes a sloppy, grumpy teacher!

  671. 1. Booty shorts — I can rock that!

    2. My motivation for eating clean and working out is being happy. I really just recently found out that I feel great when I eat clean, and even better when I work out. It’s the one thing that has ever given me a huge boost in confidence for myself.

  672. Twinkle Nip says:

    Hi Cassey! Thank you for having another giveaway! We love you too!
    A) I like the bra! So cute!
    B) You keep me motivated! And also the feeling of doing something good to your body keeps me going!

  673. The bra is suuuper cute, but it doesn’t look all that practical…I’ll go with the shorts =)

    My motivation comes from a lot of people and places! My mom had a 50lb weight loss a few years ago. Diabetes runs really heavy in our family; it’s almost inevitable that I will develop it, and I want to delay that as much as possible. I also have kidney stones (>.<) so I drink water like it's my job (3L? pshh more like 6 or 7)!! I also have a minor obsession with fashion; I wanna be able to rock those trends! And finally, because I live in Hawaii and EVERYone looks good. I have to impress those beach boys, yeah? ;)

  674. I love booty shorts!
    To eat clean and workout hard I keep a diet and workout plan book, I also list what I want to work on and the goals I have. This way, when I feel like cheating, I remember why I’m working so hard! I also keep involved in different exercises like 5k runs and walks so I have something to work towards.

  675. I personally am in love with the booty shorts.

    I’m in recovery for an eating disorder and whilst in recovery I realised rather than being delicate and untouchable, I’d much rather be strong, determined and get a body that is pleasing to the eye, not shocking. I started to eat more and healthily and exercise more, and am already seeing results. I love feeling stronger than I ever have, healthier and far more confident than I ever was at my lowest weight.

  676. Oh gosh I didn’t see the last question, I better answer that! Well the motivation to both eat clean and workout has to be how good it makes me feel. The endorphins from exercising are addictive, and not being weighed down with processed food is a dream. Also a bonus I noticed from when I first started working out is my grades went up! I’m in my second year of university and last semester I got all A+ on my papers :D

  677. Hey Cassey!

    A) I looove the shorts.

    B) What motivates me is feeling good about myself. I feel a lot happier and more positive about myself after i’ve worked out. :)

  678. a) I really love the sports bra!
    b) In January this year, I got to my heaviest weight of 270lbs at 16 years old. I knew, I had to change something. So many times I had tried to lose weight and failed but now would be the time to get my big butt off the couch! I challenged myself into becoming the best version of me because, I knew, there is an athlete stuck inside me!
    Now, I have lost over 85lbs and I’m still going strong. I used to not be able to run for 2 minutes straight, now I can easily run a 5k. I run, I swim, I ride my bike. Every day, I wake up with determination and it keeps me going. I’ve come so far, I can’t give up now!
    So, even on my crappy days, I look at how far I’ve come and think to myself, “You can’t stop now. This is your life now. You want/need this to be happy!” Happy and healthy is what I’m striving for and this is not just a 12 week meal plan to me. This is a whole new lifestyle.

    So, at the age of 16, I decided to change my exercise routine, my eating habits and my whole life!


  679. Chelsea B. says:

    a) Booty shorts

    b) What motivates me to work out and eat clean is my family and myself. I was an athlete in high school and being in college I don’t have that extra time like in high school. Knowing the potential that I have drives me to do better and stay in shape. My family motivates me to eat clean because they always push me to be a better person and that includes being a healthy person. That extra push from my family makes my drive to be a healthy and fit person even greater. I get a great sense of self after a great work out. It’s always nice to keep a great fit body not only for looking great in a cute little black dress, but also for the satisfaction of knowing you can better and challenge yourself.

  680. I sooooooooo Love the Bra! Honestly I would rock this not only to the gym, but as a regular outwear;) What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?Me! when I feel down My savior from above and working out always picks me up! I have been eating cleaning since the start of college after finding a breast Mass that was benign Thank God! I wanted to Live a healthier life. Even-though I have always found living a healthy lifestyle is key to a beautiful LIFE! I t just push me harder:) Thanks Cassey u r an inspiration to all May u be blessed continuously! Exercising just ROCKS man what can I say!!! woo:)


  681. Oh wow another giveaway!! Awesome!! Gosh I love you cassey :D
    I really need a new sports bra but I’ve never had booty shorts before! Oh the decisions :P I think I will have to go with the booty shorts :D

  682. Echo Bedwell says:

    The bra is preferred! <3
    I’m self conscious about my legs, so..

    My dad motivates me. He has been sober for months and has been eating healthier and practicing meditation. His life has become a better place, and I want the same. Every time I want to give up, I remember that he made it from rock bottom– I am nowhere near that, so why should I give up?

    Thank you for the giveaways!

  683. a.) bra! because they are so cute and fun and I feel confident and sexy when I work out in one.

    b.) I’m motivated to work out and eat healthy because I just feel so much better when I do. I feel a lot more confident with my body and just healthier in general. I love the feeling after a good workout when I’m exhausted but I know I did a good job and am helping my body.

  684. 1. Those booty shorts are so cute! But I’d have to go with the bra.

    2. Why do I eat clean? My motivation can only be found in the health of my body. Cutting out habits that can be deemed unhealthy or poor has made an amazing impact on my life. I feel great, and most days I can confidently say that I look great too, which is a big plus. Thank you so much for POP Pilates.

  685. i prefer the shorts, though both are sooo cute !!!
    would love to win one of the 3 prizes !!! :)

    what motivates me to eat clean and work hard?
    that is for one thing to become more skinny or defined (ripped ;)
    and for another thing i aim for living a healthier life and treat my body right !!! and in the end that i feel well inside and out (to wear all the nice clothes without thinking whether it suits me and my figure)

    kisses :*

  686. I like the shorts!! nothing is more freeing and comfortable than a nice fitting pair of shorts!! And they look so cute at the same time! Plus we get to show off our legs and all our hard work :) ! What motivates me most is myself. Im not doing this challenge simply because I want to look awesome for summer, but I want to change my lifestyle. I want to increase my will power and my strength. I have spent the last 22 years eating however and almost never working out and its caught up to me. Im not in horrible shape but I want to be able to live a healthy lifestyle. I want to be able to exercise without giving up so quickly, and I want to eat right and clean. I think this challenge is the perfect opportunity to turn my eating habits around because I have you Cassey and all the other POPsters doing it with me!! I am motivated by myself and by all of you! TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS! A healthier new you and me is less than 90 days away ! :)

  687. Booty Shorts! My legs have always been my best asset :)

    What motivates me to work harder is the confidence I build , especially when I begin to see results!

  688. Dear Cassey – thank YOU for making up all new things to keep us going! I like the bra better and the motivation – I just feel good about myself – when I eat clean and workout, I get this glow and confidence that reflects on all other parts of my life – I feel better at work, walking down the street and going out with friends.. my life is balanced and I am happy with myself… I belive that if all of us are self-confident and happy in that kind of way (not to mention fit and healthy) – the world would be a great, smiley place!

  689. Gwgw Sourouni says:

    Hello Cassey!Of course i lov u girl, you’re doing so amazing thigs for us and yet you suprize me everyday:) blogilates addicted for sure :)
    So replying to your questions now
    A.I’m in love with the bra from the moment i laid eyes on it<3 so funky:)
    (i'll be so tempted to get one~ perfect for yoga class as i aim to make a crop top appearance next week!)
    B.Motivation for working out+ eating clean: It makes me feel so good about myself!I look myself in the mirror and no matter how whinny i may be about any body part(in feeling fat days), i know did something good for myself today!I hate the sense of guilt i don't wanna feel it no matter what!
    ~that's all from me, thanks sweetie for this amazing giveaway:) good luck to everyone!!

  690. i prefer the shorts, though both are sooo cute !!!
    would love to win one of the 3 prizes !!! :)

  691. 1. Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?

    I would say a BRA as it is important for me to have a good support because of my big upper body. So I try to invest in good bras tho they are had to find in my part of the World…

    2. What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
    To have a better living standard. To lose the extra weight and be free from diseases. Of course…gorgeous dresses are a big motivational factor! but i guess that maintenance afterwards also will be my priority as I wish to keep the many diseases in my family at bay for as long as i can!!! SO, as long as we work together…am sure i will keep on eating clean and working hard!

    P.S: Please disregard previous post… hit the button too early… :(

  692. OMG I can’t believe that!!!!!!!! I love that brand!!! I wanna buy every single outfit!!!!! love love love!!
    so I prefer the short (love the bras but in France it’s weird if you go to the gym with a bra…(belly need to be covered??!!!or others girls look at you with mean eyes and men don’t let you to work out lol) (btw : I was about to ordered the asymetric long shirt for chrismas..coincidence ??)
    and what is my motivation ? hum I do it for me, to have my self confidence back, to feel great..and I tend to be negative an depressed..but when I workout, I forgot about everything ,I just have my head empty, just appreciate the moment and do my best, not for a specific reason, I just do it because it makes me feel serene for a bit!and because after that, I’m proud of myself (which is really really rare for me!)
    that’s it..sorry for the long post!
    thx for giving us the chance to win Cassey! I know I say that a lot but you are the best! and thx to Fitactivewear to partener!

  693. Filipa Brazão says:

    Booty shooooooooorts!!!!! eheh

    I’ve started to eat clean cause my colesterol was high (guess it runs in the family…) . I’m already lowering it, in 3 weeks I saw major diference and I´m shure your workouts and motivation were crucial! Now that I’m getting used to it I´m getting kind of addicted… Plus pilates is giving me extra strength in my posture which is super important in my profession…

    Big kiss and stay strong*

  694. Katharina says:

    1. I love the sports bra!
    2. I want to see how far I can push myself and I’m excited to hopefully get the results I want. Also, I just want to feel better, because feeling good makes me happy!

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