Giveaway Time! Fit Activewear Booty Shorts, Bra and $100 shopping spree!

Happy Friday POPsters! Do you love me? Because I love you.

Congrats on nearly finishing your first week of being on the 90 day Challenge. Eating clean is awesome isn’t it? Especially when you can begin to see the results! It make you wanna work even harder. Don’t be afraid to weigh in or take measurements of your body weekly. Seeing changes in numbers can really help push you too.

But know what else makes you wanna work even harder? Looking good when you work ut. YUP! I say it all the time. Looking good relates to feeling good and feeling good will make your performance top-notch. It’s the truth and it’s psychology. I have a closet dedicated to just workout clothes. I’m serious! I even hang some of them! Maybe that’s why I love working out so much…

So to help you guys stay on track with your meal plan and your clean eating, I’ve partnered with FitActivewear to do a special giveaway. This time…there will be 3 lucky winners! (Yay more chances to score!) Here are the prizes:

* $100 GRAND PRIZE shopping spree at FitActivewear!!! (1 winner)

* A pair of Mini Fit Booty Shorts (1 winner)

  • Those are the shorts I’m wearing! I honestly think these are the perfect length for booty shorts. Wide waist band is comfortable and forgiving.

* The One Shouldered Sports Bra (1 winner)

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the asymmetrical design! Funky.

Are you crazy excited!!???!! Cuz I am!!! Here’s what you have to do to be entered. Super easy ok!

  1. Go to FitActivewear’s Facebook fanpage and give ’em a “LIKE”
  2. Then “LIKE” the Blogilates Facebook Fan page
  3. Make sure you’re already signed up to receive my newsletters where I’ll be announcing the winner. (It’s a new one, you’ll actually get emails this time!)
  4. COMMENT BELOW and tell me:
    1. Which do you like better – bra or booty shorts?
    2. What motivates you to eat clean and workout hard?
Good luck everyone! I am so happy we get to pick 3 winners this time! Yayayayayay!

<3 Cassey

Note: Open to US and International fans worldwide! We will be checking both fan pages and the newsletter email directory when picking a winner. So please make sure you follow the above steps very carefully! Winners will be selected randomly. Contest ends on Friday Nov 4, 2011 at 11:59PM PST.

  • The booty-licious booty shorts are awesome. I’m a lot prouder of my butt since working out on the 90dayChallenge.I’ve already lost an inch and a half around my waist and I’m only 3 and a half weeks in.
    To keep motivated, I look at where I was. I see how self conscious I was, and that once I felt good in my own skin. Without looking back, how could I possibly learn?
    Thank you.

  • shabby eslami

    I love both of them soooo much!! But since I have a bit more booty on me I would have to go with the shorts because I could fill them out better :D

    I have been an athlete most of my life, so motivation to work out and eat healthy always came from knowing that it would help me excel in my sport. A few years ago I developed intense food allergies and stomach problems that almost practically ruined my career. It took a while, but I managed to get my health back thanks to exercise and clean eating. I have learned to be so much more aware of my body and exercise and clean eating are pretty much a way of life..

  • Elaine Voon

    1) I love both, but I prefer the bra! It’s stylish and funky at the same time!

    2) What motivates me to eat clean and workout hard? The promise of a fit, bootilicious body! One that’s healthy and it makes me feel good!

    I love your workouts Cassie!

  • Samantha Clark

    A. The bra! It’s soo sexy!
    B. That feeling I get when the scale reads one pound less! And the confidence I feel when I see the results in the mirror. :]

  • Baili

    I would love to win any of these prizes because I don’t really like my body and with me working out and looking at my self lose weigh would be a huge accomplishment. I’m 14 years old and weigh 140 pounds. I’m always wearing big t-shirts and sweat pants. But even if I don’t I just wanna thank you because I’m starting to work out and eating right and seeing results!!!

  • Vanessa Anderson

    I love the booty shorts.
    The thing that motivates me the most is that my aunt died of a heart attack because she was obese and it make aware that I was over weight myself. I went to the doctor to get myself checked out and I was told that my cholesteral was a little high so I am motivated to get myself in shape and I lost 15 pounds already by following the 90 day challenge that you have going on and exercising 5 times for about 2 hours. My family also has high blood pressure and diabetes that runs in the family so this motivates to get back on my game and stay healthy.

  • Keishla Loor

    A) I love the bra! It’s stylish, sexy, and has the same effect of a regular sports bra. Booty shorts are cute too but for my body, I’m self conscious about my butt haha.

    B) Clothes and actually having energy to enjoy and experience life are what motivate me to eat healthier and workout. I would love to walk into a store and have almost everything look great on me! lol And having energy instead of relying on coffee or unhealthy energy drinks to keep me awake throughout college is a goal of mine :)

    Being a college student = broke. Therefore, winning free workout clothes would be awesome :D


    hi! i just discovered you here!this page and all your workouts are sooooooo cool!and i love the way you ancourage us to keep “killing” it’;) is the contest still running???? i want that bra so bad!!!!! and also what makes me try to eat clean and work out is that i want to be the best i can for my husband;)

    • no but we now have a contest for a body chain from kallisti!

  • Definitely loving the booty shorts :) possibly because I love my butt and legs haha.

    And my motivation? well it starts with my busy schedule and horse. My schedule is absolutely nuts, so for the past year, I’ve been eating nothing but junk food. After taking the time to really look at myself, and the scale, i could just think wow, I got fat; and morbidly unhealthy! My horse also plays a big part in this. Although people think that horseback riding is not a sport, it is! it requires so much leg and core strength that its painful after a while! Whats really hard in riding though, is the competing, such as jumping, barrel racing, etc. Well although I’m a jumper, I really think that barrels seem like so much fun, and difficult. I can tell that every girl who does the barrel racing is built, and I want to be too… because I want to do it. Not only for myself and because I think its fun, but also because I think my horse, Stormy, would have a great time. He is after all an ex-race horse :)
    So that is my main motivation. To gain the strength to accomplish something that I’ve always wanted to try, and also to eat healthier so that I don’t put myself in an early grave.
    Also, as a bonus, I try to inspire myself in the short run by saying that once I lose some tummy flub, I’m going to go out and buy one of those cute black high waisted pencil skirts to pair with a white blouse and some heels. I’m going to look legit ;)

  • shabby eslami

    The booty shorts, because who doesn’t like to show off the booty!? The booty is such an attractive feature already, and the booty shorts would just make it that much better.
    My motivation comes from the adrenaline rush of pushing my body to the max, and the feeling I get after an awesome workout. And of course it also comes from looking good in mt booty shorts :D

  • My motivation mainly stems from my determination not to fall back into my eating disorder. I suffered from Anorexia for seven years, and have been attempting recovery for a year and a half now. I have gained around 10kilos of muscle, and still look slim. Except this time, I look healthy. Eating healthy and exercising gives me confidence. I feel amazing all the time. Most of all, it helps me to love my body, which is something I’ve struggled with my entire life. I’ve never liked my appearance, and it is going to take a lot of work, but I know it’ll be worth it in the end. I don’t want to be frail anymore. I want to be strong. Toned. Fit. Healthy. Exercising and eating clean is the gateway to all those things.

  • Catherine

    a] I like the bra better because I only have one sports bra :) but the shorts are really cute as well!
    b] My motivation is the fact that I could actually feel satisfied with myself, since I’ve always be very self-conscious. I feel jealous of girls with perfect bodies and it also causes trouble to my relationship. I’ve been trying to lose weight really hard and I’m seeing results, which is a great motivation as well :)

  • 1. I am IN LOVE with the sports bra!
    2. My motivation to eat clean and train hard was when I set out to compete in my first figure competition a year and a half ago. Since then, I’ve competed in 4 shows and placed top 5 in each of them. The training and nutrition is a part of me, it is a lifestyle and I will only continue to do what I do. I have never felt better than this last year and a half of my life. Overall I am more confident and know I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to! I have inspired others and want to continue to spread the word of eating clean and training, especially to women! There is no better feeling than walking out of the gym on a high because of a great workout! And why not look cute in some new gear while doing so?!

  • 1.) booty shorts for suree(:
    2.) my motivation would definitely just be my personal fitness and getting my self confidence up! also staying fit for basketball!! hehe i just love being fit. i feel like it makes me a stronger person!

  • Shirley

    1. bra or booty shorts? I LOVE the sports bra! =)

    2. What motivates me to eat clean and workout hard?
    Having one of my family member (my dad) passing away due to bad health conditions really motivates me to live a healthy life style. It really opens my eyes to really think about life in a different way. I changed my way of eating and started to exercise on a daily basis. Due to my change in eating clean and exercising I feel more energy, strength, better mental focus & performance. I feel in better shape then I ever have been.

  • Mary Raupp

    1. I am DIGGIN’ the booty shorts! too cute!

    2. What motivates me to work out and eat clean is knowing that I am doing WHATS RIGHT for my body, because it FEELS GOOD, and because it makes me LOOK HOT! It is the only way to LIVE!

  • Robin

    OOPS!! Forgot to answer…Of course, I LOVE YOU TOO!! ;-)
    Thank you!!

  • Michelle T

    1. I like the shorts more because I have a pear shape body so it’s really hard for me to find clothes that fit well. An one-size booty shorts? Yeah! That’s awesome.

    2. What motivates me? You and the fitblrs on tumblr. And partially my old tennis self who was in the best shape possible and who was confident. I just want to be happy and let this part of life just go away already. I need to stop letting my weight and body issues stay an excuse my entire life. You helped me and you continue to help me daily.

  • Robin

    Love the Bra! Both are Awesome…love how their cut.. I’ve been battling back from health issues even with clean eating & exercise, however, had I not practiced that way of life, I would have never made it through! Needless to say, THAT ALONE motivates me every, single, solitary day! Just want to let you know, because I think I am too late for this contest anyway…. YOU are a unique & wonderful inspiration! I wish you continued success & I see you as a shooting star in this world!! So glad I found you!! Thanks for smiling your way through the toughest exercises, that is certainly a motivation too!! I can always count on your smiling face when I want to just collapse! Congrats to the lucky winner of these super cute & well designed fitness clothes!!

  • Caitlin

    1. I love the sports bra the best
    2. What motivates me to eat right and work out is to help me live at my fullest potential and feel better about myself. Who motivates me is my friends and family. My goal is to lose the fat and gain more muscle because I have been really busy with school lately. You’re videos always inspire me to work out, they are so cheery! Thank you!

  • Abby Ill

    I like the booty shorts!

    What motivates me to exercise and eat clean is that I feel so much better when I do these things!

  • HPA

    A. I like the shorts better.
    B. My goal is looking good in a bikini after having 2 kids. Now that I am at my ideal weigh. I just have to work harder to improve my cardio plus toning up my muscles. Finding out about your sites and you is destiny. You are a positive role model and an inspiration. Thank you for being you, Cassey! <3

  • Natalie

    That sports bra is super cute, but gosh so are the shorts!!! lol hard decision!

    What motivates me to stay healthy & eat clean is the way it makes my body feel so ALIVE! I feel connected physically, spiritually, mentally when I make that commitment to nourish my body! Since I’ve started taking control over my unhealthy habits, the confidience I have gained in feeling comfortable in my own skin since choosing this path is so rewarding:) Everyday I wake up motivated to take care of myself so in turn I can take care of others, especially my children…I do it for them so down the road they can pick up the same habits & know just how important it is to take care of “YOU” because its the only “YOU” you are ever going to get…make it the strongest, healthiest, & happiest:)
    Thank you Cassey! You girl, are such an inspiration!!

  • Shy

    A. No doubt, booty shorts! ^_^
    B. Honestly, my motivation is clothes! I love shopping and I love clothes! And to be able to buy the cutest clothes, I gotta have a healthy, lean, physique! ^_^