Well guys, it took me long enough huh? Jackelyn makes her debut in the first ever POP KICKS workout video!

I am a huge fan of cardio kickboxing. It gets you jumping around and burning cals. Tons of cals. And in all honesty, it is a lot more fun than running. So if any of you are looking for an entertaining way to melt fat or lose weight fast, I suggest you give cardio kickboxing a shot.

We shot these vids in front of the Golden Gate bridge on a clear Saturday morning. We were so lucky that we found a decently quiet spot to film. There are 2 videos to start you off with. #1 – an intro vid that breaks down all of the moves. You should still watch this even if you’ve done kickboxing before. It’s a good reminder. And #2 a full length total body workout.


Doesn’t the background look fake?


Make sure to start watching at 5:42 for a little surprise :)

I was so tired after filming this! Cardio is not my forte! Pilates and strength training on the other hand, much much easier for me. It was fun nonetheless to make this workout with my sister. Would you like to see more POP KICKS workouts? She’s excited to bring it!! And will be a regular contributor to BlogilatesTV. So please subscribe to never miss another cardio workout :)

Let me know how you like it and if you have any suggestions! Do you want me to edit music into this or would you rather play your own? Cardio is hard to do when you don’t like the music that’s on, so that’s why I left it silent. Now go pick your fave songs and get PUMPPPEEDDDDDDD!!!!!

<3 Cassey

  • Sam

    Hi Casey!

    I love your videos, they have always inspired me to dig deeper and just push through!

    The kickboxing cardio is my fav video out of them all, is there any chance you guys will do a series or even a new video based on kickboxing?

    <3 Love Sam!

    • Yasmin

      That would be so awesome! I love kickboxing it’s an amazing idea

  • i love kickboxing and cardio so i’m really glad you and your sis are starting to make videos like this! i go to a kickboxing class every thursday that my friend teaches so this is great to do on other days now :D

  • Siobhan

    I never did Kickboxing before but I loved this workout, it was brilliant! Glad to hear your Sister doing more video :D

  • Anna

    Love it! I always pop onto your blog once/twice a week but never comment. I just wanted to stop by and say that I love the addition of kickboxing; it makes cardio a lot more enjoyable :D Definitely going to try this tomorrow after class!

  • Areeba

    omg I love this!! It really gets you sweating and working hard! You guys should totally make more of them! But…is there a way to slow it down when first introducing a move, and then slowly getting faster once we can see how to do the moves exactly?? Thank you! <3

    • Did yo watch the first video? That breaks down the moves for you. Otherwise, listen to the cues and you will know what’s next.

  • ZLowell

    Omigosh, I know Jackelyn as one of Jamba Juice’s National Ambassador of WOWs! Haha.

    Great workout! Thanks a ton!

    • Oooh, does this mean you’re also a national ambassador of Jamba?

  • Monika

    Hi! When Can I star cardio pilates – after normal pilates or before? I love you video.Thanks for that!:*

    • It doesn’t matter, whenever you want!

  • Rei

    I love cardio kickboxing too! It was great that you included your sister in on this too! I’d like to see more, maybe include some bodyweight stuff? I love doing bodyweight exercises since I don’t need any equipment which is always a plus for working out at home.

    • YUP totally. I love bodyweight stuff.

  • Ginger Noisette

    LOVE you all girls! Now, thank god for your sister too!

  • Janet

    WOW! You should see me right now! My face is tomato red and I’m dripping sweat and so PUMPED! I couldn’t believe it when I opened up the website this morning and found this; I’m so excited! This is the most fun I’ve ever had doing cardio, and I love cardio! You guys make a mean duo, and I am so excited about future videos. Thank you both!

  • Bindi

    since you mentioned it i’ve been waaiiiting for this one!! excited, so doing this one tomorrow, or maybe i might have time before bed tonight. haha. love it! yes, i want more!! :D

  • Lene Larsen

    This was awesome! I’m not the biggest fan of cardio, but this was super fun!

  • Michelle

    I would LOVE IT if cardio kickboxing was a regular occurance! Then I wouldn’t have to go anywhere else for my whole fitness routine! ?Much love to u both xoxo

  • “I’m 60 and I’m looovving ittt!” hahaha that cracked me up :)!

  • nooneytoons

    p.s. i love kickboxing to funks so brother (or whatev) by fatboy slim. they have a really really fast part that would go great with the footloose fast feet. it kets me pumped and jumping around… just sayin… :) love yall!

  • nooneytoons

    that was awesoooooome. i never work out at night bc i have trouble sleeping but i couldnt resist. ilove love love kickboxing. give us more!!! harder better faster stronger. i could do this over and over. please give us more!!!! thanks cassey and jacqueline!!!!!

  • Dominique

    Love this!!! You and your sister make an awesome pair of instructors! How many times should I repeat this workout for max results? :)