Berrylicious Microwave Minute Muffin

Take a little less than a quarter cup of quick oats, 1 egg, a small handful of blueberries, and some brown sugar or Stevia if you like things sweet, and mix it all up in a coffee mug. If you want your muffin a little moist a tablespoon of plain soymilk or almond milk will do it.

Then place in the microwave for 1 min. Watch it carefully! This could overflow!

If the muffin top does not look firm, place back in 30 sec at a time.

Once ready, flip mug upside down onto a plate and slice some fresh strawberries to decorate.

"Berrylicious Microwave Minute Muffin"

Super yummy! I served this to my sister and she was so impressed with my quick healthy cooking skills. Try it! Let me know what ingredients you end up using! There’s a lot of room for creativity.


  1. I just made this and it was terrible! I had to throw it in the garbage. I had high hopes as it sounds and looks delicious but it was really awful. Sorry:(

    • Give it another go, Katie. It really is simple and yummy. I am a guy and I managed to accomplish it this morning. My wife said it was really good.
      I first mix abit of manuka honey into 2 tablespoons of low fat milk, add 1 egg white, and half a regular mug of oat. Mix well. Then added half a banana (meshed) and about 12 blueberries. Mix well and even. The whole texture should be sticky and thick by now. As i do not have a microwave oven, and i am not sure if i can put the mug in the oven, i inverted the mug on an oven tray and the whole content sit perfectly well, keeping its mug shape. I only have a simple tabletop oven, preheat it for a couple of minutes before putting the tray in. I set it for about 5mins, but i monitor it closely till it look less moist and firmer, less than 5min overall. Viola!
      It should taste better than your first try as we didnt use the egg yolk and the honey and banana should overpower the eggy taste, with slight citrus from the blueberries.

  2. j caldito says:

    Tried yogurt, instead of egg, turned out very runny. I had the oatmeal, yogurt, banana, nuts, chocolate chips, walnuts, so then, I added the egg to mix (turned Brown since my chips melted and micro again 1 minute since it was runny, and “Wa-la!” It stuck like a muffin. Ok, so this is a quick oatmeal style muffin, not bad. Not a muffin without the egg. Still healthy. I’d give it a ⭐⭐⭐⭐.

  3. Great recipe! Never thought of making this. I tried it with mashed banana and another one with cinnamon chips! Super yummy!
    I modified the recipe and have it on my blog (it links back of course)

  4. i added half a banana and a little manuka honey. IT WAS HEAVENLY! please try it!

  5. I just tried this recipe and it is one of the nicest things I have tasted! So so so so so so good! :-)

  6. Lucille Scott says:

    i am disappointed the points value i calculated 7 points for this muffin …BERRY DELICIOUS MICROWAVE MINUTE MUFFIN . THAT IS ALOT.

  7. Does anyone know if I can use bananas in this recipes instead of blueberries?xx

    • You can use anything you like. I change it up everyday.
      I like raisins, bananas and craisins. ^___^

  8. I eat this all the time, I love it! If you add half of a banana and walnuts it’s heavenly. I’ve also added peanut butter before. tomorrow it’s pumpkin ;)

  9. Hey Cassey! Just wondering if we could use something in the place of oats. Since I don’t have oats, would it be alright to use wholemeal flour?

  10. Cassey this is an awesome recipe and i try it is delicious omg thanks i love you so much you make me believe that if you can dream it you can do it thanks alot

  11. actually, I used to know a similar recipe made with banana-oatmeal-cinnamon and cooked in the microwave for 1.30 mins (not totally sure whether it was from blogilates or not, even though I have some kind of memory of a video in which Cassey was making it….)….when I made it, I stupidly didn’t write down the quantities and can’t find this recipe anywhere anymore….any help, anyone? :)

  12. this muffin is amaaazing :D luv iit soooo much. I used 25g of Oats, 1/2 banana, one egg, 50g of blueberries, 1 tsp of baking powder and a lil bit of sparkling mineral water, so it´s getting reaaally fluffy <3 yumyumyum

  13. Darlene5180 says:

    Love it!!! I added strawberries, cinnamon, brown sugar as my sweetener, a small amount of a banana, vanilla extract and baking soda for it to rise… It is awesome!

  14. So I made this this morning and it was super yummy. I used raspberries instead of blueberries. But I was wondering how this came out to over 300 calories? By my calculations it was only about 180. Did I miss something?

  15. I made it but I didn’t put any sweetener. I substitute it with a mashed banana. Oh man…..So good!

  16. I made it today and it was YUMMY! I altered Cassey’s recipe a little. Instead of an egg, I used a little over than half a banana. For a sweetener, I used about 3 teaspoons of cocoa powder, and I added a dash of baking soda for it to rise. The end result: AWESOME :)

  17. before today, i had very little luck with this recipe. i’d tried it 3 times–once with one egg, once with half an egg, once with liquid egg whites–and every time it tasted, no offense, very un-muffinlike (more like a breakfast Franken-scramble). today i thought, “why not substitute plain Greek yogurt for the egg”? i also added the 1 tbsp of milk to make sure it stayed moist (i hadn’t thought to do that the other 3 times…), and threw in half a scoop of vanilla protein powder for kicks. it turned out more like baked oatmeal than a muffin (maybe i didn’t need the milk this time around) but it was pretty awesome. def going to play around with this a bit more after all. :) <3

  18. I used 2 bags of Quakers 2 minute quick oats, which is a bit less than what Cassey said to use, white sugar (don’t have stevia or brown sugar) and used 5 cherries because I didn’t have blueberries. I microwaved mine for 90 seconds. Maybe that’s too long. The muffin tasted a bit too firm and the cherries dislocated from the cake (LOL!). It is afterwards that I saw that I can add some soy milk if I like it softer. XD Anyway, nothing exploded which is a plus (I am so bad at cooking!) and my muffin didn’t stick to the cup. The muffin is a bit tasteless, but it is good. Next time, I will add soy milk, and maybe use honey instead of white sugar? Anyway, I have finished my cherries right before I typed this comment, so I do need new fruits. :P good luck with your muffin! If I can do it, you can do it. ;)

  19. I don’t have a microwave – could i make these in the oven instead?

  20. I make this all the time, but I alter the recipie a little bit and it tastes really good, like banana bread. I swap the egg for one egg white, add a banana, and add half a scoop of vanilla protein powder. It tastes amazing!

  21. Is there a substitute for the egg I’m a vegan and I don’t want to ruin the diet just for this one recipe.

  22. Destiny says:

    Ok so I tried this recipe exactly how you did it in the video and it just turned out like a giant scrambled egg. It did not taste good at all. What did I do wrong? I only added one egg as the recipe suggested.

    • Megan wiseman says:

      mine turned out the same looks like a scrambled egg and tasted so gross

    • maybe you didn’t mix the ingredients well enough? I haven’t tried this one yet but I have done a mug brownie before (not as healthy haha) and I remember that I had to stir it a lot with a fork to get it all mixed up! Hope that helps! xx

  23. Yum, tried this with strawberries and brown sugar, it was delicious!

  24. I just made this for a post workout snack and it is sooo good! I used almond meal instead of oats (for the extra protein) and raspberries instead of blueberries. Yum :)

  25. I just tried this recipe with a banana instead of blueberries and some cinnamon and it’s so good !!

  26. jennifer says:

    so glad its a rest day today!!!

  27. is there an option for a lower cholesterol version? i need to avoid egg yolk as much as possible haha

    • I’m looking through some of these comments, and I saw someone say they just used the egg whites of one egg and it turned out fine. So maybe that might work? Best of luck!

  28. I tried this one but my “muffin” stuck with mug how did she get it from mug so easily without breaking? :p did i need to apply oil? anyway taste was nice ;)

  29. This is sooo good. :) I actually substituted blueberries for strawberries, and added a little brown sugar and vanilla extract to help get rid of the eggy flavor. It came out so amazing. ^-^

    • Vanilla really helps the taste! Since it’s coming into Autumn here I just added raspberry jam on top and with plain yogurt It’s really tasty! thanks for the vanilla tip!

  30. BittyBallOfCurly says:

    I make something similar all the time! It’s low carb (made with flax seeds instead of oats). I always add some mashed fruit to it as the sweetness source. Just google one minute flax seed muffin and you should see it if you’re interested.

  31. anyone know a substitute for berries? i might put some strawberries…

  32. Tried this, but we had no berries on hand (???!?!!!!!!) so instead I used a few mini chocolate chips. It wasn’t bad! Maybe a bit dry, and you can kind of taste the egg. Next time I might add some other things and serve it with greek yogurt.

  33. I am new to your blog and I have to say, Iove it! Keep it up Miss Cassey. I just started my own blog. I’m trying to make a better me (in a year, six months into it) and your ten minutes a day with be an extra plus. Going to mention you in tonight’s post. Ciao.

  34. Has anyone else found these to taste a little eggy?
    I followed the recipe and added a dash of cinnamon.
    Any suggestions?

  35. I am not a fan of eggs so I used one between two muffins. I added 2/3 cup almond meal, handful of blueberries, teaspoon sugar, teaspoon cocoa and some coconut. Took 2 minutes to cook. Served with natural yoghurt. Yummy.


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