Enoki Mushroom Scramble w/ Mock Abalone

This was absolutely delish. If you’ve never tried enoki mushrooms, you must, they are super chewy and noodle like. I am actually going to experiment and try making a sort-of spaghetti with them one of these days. You can get enoki mushrooms at an asian food store for 50 cents a pack.


– For the scramble you will need 1/2 cup of frozen chopped spinach, 2 eggs, 1 pack enoki mushrooms.

– 1 can of vegetarian mock abalone – this is actually wheat gluten or seitan

(This will make 3 servings)


1. Pour out the oil/juice in the mock abalone can and just heat up the gluten pieces in a bowl. This eliminates extra calories.

2. Separate the enoki mushrooms so that they are not all strung together at the roots. You should cut off the bottom and just use your fingers to separate them.

3. Once they are like noodles. sautee them in a pan for a few minutes with a little EVOO.

4. While the mushrooms are getting tender, mix the chopped spinach and eggs in a bowl.

5. Pour the egg mixture over the mushrooms and scramble for a minute or two.

6. Now put the mock abalone and some scramble on a plate and your dinner is done. So easy.


  1. Can I use Coconut Oil my mom doesn’t usually keep Extra Virgin Olive oil around the house.

  2. Breanna says:

    I love this recipe! It’s really simple to make, inexpensive and yummy. I live in Taiwan so it’s really easy for me to find all of this stuff too. Thank you Casey!

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