8 Week Bikini Body Diet Plan

Many of you have been asking me about my diet plan and how I got to my bikini body in a short 8 weeks. I’m going to share with you a snapshot of my meal plan that you can tweak to your needs. 

In short, my meal plan given to me by my trainer friend consisted of lots of protein and 6 small meals a day (200-350 cals each) to keep my metabolism up. Barely any carbs. That meant no fruit guys :(

I was so full the first day I went on it because I had never eaten so much protein in my life even though the meal plan measured to less than 1900 cals. I was also working out very hard, lifting weights and running 6 days a week (IN ADDITION TO TEACHING PILATES A MILLION TIMES A WEEK) so that’s why my intake was high. I needed ENERGY for killer workouts.

I wrote down how I felt each day in this huge poster chart thing. I also recorded my weight every morning and any other notes I wanted to give myself like “Great progress Cassey! Keep going!” Hahaha. I got my body fat % checked every 2 weeks to make sure I was GAINING MUSCLE and LOSING FAT.

(If you are trying to read my chart, that big pink blurb up in the right hand corner was something I wrote 2 literally days ago after I bounced back from my 2-week Feeling-Fat-and-Failing period. It basically says, “Today I am 118 again. THANK GOD. Working hard pays off. I have my bikini body back!!!!!”)

Here’s the meal plan…

meal 1

*egg white omelet (1/2 cup liquid egg whites) with 1 cup broccoli.

meal 2

*1 small can tuna with 2 cups broccoli.

meal 3

*9 oz boneless skinless steamed chicken breast and 1 cup steamed green beans.

meal 4

*1.5 scoops vanilla whey protein mixed w/ water (I was using Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder in Vanilla)

meal 5

*9 oz boneless skinless steamed chicken breast, 2 cups romain lettuce, 1 tomato.

meal 6

1.5 scoops vanilla whey protein mixed w/ water

For condiments I used lite soy sauce and tabasco. For dressings, basalmic vinegar or very light vinaigrettes. I also drank TONS of water.

That’s basically how I ate for 8 weeks.

I was suppose to carb load on Sundays to fuel up for the rest of the week, so the only difference here was that I did not take my protein and instead had sweet potatoes, black beans, oatmeal, and apple sauce. Apple sauce was the closest I ever got to eating fruit. I was allowed to sub the chicken breast for white fishes like cod. I could sub any of the veggies for other leafy greens.

This meal plan and lifting for about an hour followed by 15-20 min of intense cardio 6 days a week helped me go from 126 lbs and 24% body fat to 118 lbs and 17.5% body fat. I am 5’5”.

I’m not gonna lie, it was hard work but I LOVED every second of it. I went to sleep every night waiting to workout. I woke up every morning ready to workout. Results keep me going like a mad woman. How exciting is it to lose a lb every week for 8 weeks? It is one of the best feelings ever! I also loved looking at myself in the mirror and admiring changes like a conceited bi-otch. I know some people are all about the whole “don’t look at yourself until the end” type of deal, but for me, NO WAY!!! I wanna see that I look good and I wanna see it NOW! (Ok, kinda childish but hey, who doesn’t like a lil instant gratification?)

Just in case you haven’t been following this blog for a while, this whole 8 Week Shred thing was an experiment I was doing with my friend who is a personal trainer. We wanted to test out a specific meal plan and workout plan and record results. It was tough for both of us to be on such a restricted diet plan and yes I did have cravings. But I knew at the end of this, I’d have the body I’ve always dreamed of. So, that kept me going.

I am no longer on this meal plan and I have definitely added fruits back into my diet. I still however eat tons of protein and steamed veggies. And I still workout 6 days a week because I love it.

Disclaimer: PLEASE consult a registered dietitian, nutritionist, or doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet. This is just what I did. Do not follow it unless you know it is safe for you.


  1. Barbie S Thomas says:

    So I have been working out and not seeing the results I want… So besides workout I am going to do this meal plan. Its going to be tuff because I love food! I think thats been my problem lol… oh well Starting Monday.. I want to see change!! thanks for the workout!!

  2. 6 meals a day, 8 weeks straight? We got this! (:

  3. So no fruit? :(

  4. For sweet stuff, what do you think of smoothies, with just banana, strawberry and mango as fruit without dairy and ginger added from booster juice?
    or ice cream made of banana, almond milk and raw cacao?

    Do you think should be thinking calories, or portion, or health or all of it?

    thanks for your opinion, LOVE Your youtube videos!~

  5. What can I substitute for chicken breasts? :/ I have this psychological thing where eating chicken meat (boiled, fried, baked, etc.) will make me gag.

  6. I am trying to lose weight within roughly a month. I have been eating only porridge, tuna, chicken, and veg for the past 2 weeks except on Fridays and Saturdays. I have also been exercising by doing the monthly calendar and by going for a run for 1 hour roughly 3 times a week. So I was just wondering if by doing this, will I lose a good amount of weight in about a months time? I’m 15 years old and really want a flat stomach and toned arms for the summer.

  7. So I can’t eat fruit on this diet?

  8. chicken breast!

  9. All kinds!
    I don’t use whey because I am vegan. I love hemp protein because I know it’s a high quality protein. You can find many vegan proteins in stores.

  10. Muscles are made in the gym, weight is added (or taken off!) in the kitchen.
    If you follow her exercise calendars, you will tone up! Then having a clean diet that matches your calories out (this changes for everyone, but if you don’t want to count, just make sure you are eating your protein and carbs and feeling full after meals, but importantly listening to your body.) then you will not lose or gain weight.
    Hope this helps


  11. I do not like seafood. What do you think would be a good substitution?

  12. My name’s Elena too

  13. The best one I know about is pea protein powder. It’s usually vegan friendly and offers 20 grams of protein per serving (compared to 24-25grams of protein for whey protein powders). You could also sneak hemp hearts into your meals <3 Like salads.

    My experience comes from working full-time in a health food store. Surrounded by nummy health products. <3

  14. Thanks for the advise I’ll do that! :-)

  15. Is there a way you would suggest to diet and exercise without losing a ton of weight? I am about 5’7 and I weigh 124 lbs. I’m already pretty slender and I’m trying to lose weight in my stomach because I had a baby about 6 months ago. I have a high metabolism and it’s not easy for me to gain weight anyway so im trying to keep the weight i have. I’m just trying to get my stomach and mid section back in shape. I follow your work out videos on you tube and I love them. Please help 

  16. why not just follow the blogilates monthly workout calendar ? and if you feel you need more workout you can go running
    Also , the protein will NOT make you fat , it will help you lean out and keep the muscle weight

  17. Is there any substitute for whey protein powder??

  18. I am seriously excited to try this diet, I’m starting next week but for the last 3 weeks i’ve been following the beginners calendar and but lift challenge but eating to train myself for this diet by adding more of a variety and not totally dropping carbs but my diet is at a 30% protein, 20% fat and 50% carbs based on a 1,400 calorie goal daily. I just need help as to WHAT exercise and workouts i should do with this and how often? I go to school so I can’t really workout every few hours but I put the time in I just don’t know how much to do, I don’t want the extra protein making me look fat. please help I can’t lose the determination! I’m 16 by the way

  19. I’m going to use tofu, or quorn (mushroom based protein you can buy in supermarkets)

  20. So I just basically eat this everyday for 8 weeks straight?

  21. I do not eat tuna or any type of sea food. What can I use instead of tuna?

  22. Yeah you eat them all with 2-3 hours in between :)

  23. I’m just gonna say no, you shouldn’t do this diet. I think it’s way too drastic and seriously not good for the environment…. all of that meat and fish is not healthy. It may help you lose weight, but that’s because it messes with your ATP cycle. Pretty much, your body runs on carbs. As humans, we need anaerobic (carb fueled) and aerobic (oxygen fueled) respiration to keep our bodies up and running to our full potential. Loading up on protein and cutting out carbs makes your anaerobic ATP cycle change from burning carbs (like it’s supposed to) to burning protein. This can help you lose fat but most people will gain it all back after they stop this diet, and it is horrible for your liver! Look up the cons of Atkins diet… This meal plan is pretty similar to this diet and it’s just not a good idea…especially not long term.

  24. Hey, do I need to eat all the meals in one day? if not, how many days are the meals for?

  25. Well, this is the third and last time I beggin the begginers calendar, this time I ment to finish it and continue with the mensual ones. I stydu nourish right now, and I can tell you girls this high protein meal plan is very effective but you have be careful of not taking more than 2grams of protein x your weight per day. And don take this as a life style, use it for shot times and then change protein for carbs and keep training like a beast so you dont take back weight. Cassey thanks a lot for doing this.

  26. Hi there! I am brand new to your site, but a friend recommended I try the beginners challenge. So here I am. :) I really like looking through all of your meal plans, but I don’t see any that I can do easily. I am a server and I work the dinner shift, and that doesn’t really give me any time to eat every 2-3 hours. During the day, that would be fine, but once I get busy at work there isn’t any stopping to eat. Do you have any suggestions?

  27. hummingbird says:

    You should really talk with a trusted adult and/or your doctor. They can help you modify the diet (if you need it modified), and make sure it’s safe. We all have very different needs, especially when our bodies are changing (which will happen throughout all our lives).

    But really, it’s best to talk to professionals and the people who care about you. She even has a disclaimer at the bottom of the post that drastic diet changes should be run through a health professional!

    In the meantime, I encourage you to read up on health and nutrition. That knowledge will always come in handy, no matter what age you are :)

  28. MAGNESIUM! I have the same problem. Anytime I’m tempted to almost breaking point, drink a magnesium drink. You can find it at your local health food store. I buy the powder that you mix with water. It stops the craving.

  29. Hey Megan, I’m doing the Leaving Cert too this year in Cork! :) I decided to try the beginners calendar 2.0 and just stick to a relatively healthy meal plan (eating more fruit vegetables, little to no sweets, and less white bread and rice) I think if you’re really determined to try a calendar you can do it!! I usually do my exercise after all my homework at night which is usually around 9 or half past. You could try waking up earlier too just don’t kill yourself working out either! I sometimes have to skip days because I’m swamped with work but I don’t kick myself for it because it is a stressful year and I make up for the days I’ve missed. Just know that there are other people like you out there and don’t give up! :)

  30. Hi :) can you help me? How i can get the 30 day ab challengers calendario? Where i can get the password? Thanks so much :*

  31. Ok thank you!! :) are you sticking to the amount of water you’re allowed have? :)

  32. I’m doing the 30 day ab challenge. It doesn’t take much time at all out of your day. I really like it! :D

  33. its fine to do it if you are over weight. if not i thing its better for you to do 30 day ab challenge

  34. Hi I’m thinking about trying this meal plan and doing the 30 day ab challenge. However I’m in school on weekdays from 9am until 9pm as I’m doing my leaving cert. I’m just wondering what times should I try workout at and eat each meal. Thanks :)

  35. McKenna McCue says:

    Are you supposed to eat all these meals in one day?

  36. how do you stop chocolate cravings, I NEED TO KNOW!!!

  37. you’re 11? how are u able to manage all of staying with this with school and everything because i want to try it but i feel like it would be extremely difficult.. what did you do?

  38. I don’t like tuna I’m totally gonna throw up if I eat it. how can I replace tuna?
    I need your help ;-; x

  39. Every day for 8 weeks????

  40. If u really wanna do this why not ? As long as you are eating something wihich is healthy it should not be a problem. I think if you feel unwell the way you look and want to start that time limited journey… This diet is not as unhealthy as the citrone diet …. so go ahead

  41. Hello what would you eat after your workout

  42. I think it means breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  43. Like Ashley asked, how long did you wait until you had your next meal? Did you have meal one and wait 2-3 hours before you had the next one, or..?

  44. You are 11? Don’t try to restrict yourself :) xx

  45. How many hours did you separate these meals and protein?

  46. oh dear i think you’re too young to start any of these diets. Just eat everything in moderation and join school sports . you’re still growing!

  47. Yes I’m 11 And I’ve Been Doing This For A While. I’m Staying Healthy :)

  48. yuvalraphael says:

    im 14 is it ok for me to do this diet ?

  49. Hi fitness junkies! Love your website! Let me inspire you too with my foodie-and fitness blog posts on: http://www.foodie-ness.com and let’s live fit together :-) Instagram: @foodie_ness

  50. What if you’re a vegetarian that only eats eggs, tofu, and dairy products for sources of protein?

  51. 6 meals per day

  52. So this 6 meal plan, does that mean 6 meals in one day or meal 1 three times a day? ahhhhhhh so lost. someone please help!

  53. I think you can if it’s a brown rice or black rice. It should be a good carb. Since WHITE RICE is a bad carb. If you don’t have any options, you might replace them with smash potatoes? :) I’m half Pinay tho. Hope this helps.

  54. Cassey, I have no doubt this works, but it is unhealthy to have tuna more than twice a week. What would you suggest doing as a sub for the tuna? also, do you eat the romaine lettuce plain or do you make it into a salad?

  55. Any suggestion for the breast chicken recipe?

  56. Is it ok for a teen ager or below 18 years of age to try this meal plan?

  57. annie kristine says:

    I’m little bit curious I’m Filipino it is need to put a rice or not?

  58. It would be nice if you could post a vegetarian diet plan for those who don’t eat meat :)

  59. I think for your husband and for yourself (and for everyone)- if you are really trying to be healthy and eat clean and STAY FIT: Not just for 8 weeks, not just for a year but for your life!! You should try the “Eat to Live” diet, you start with a 6-week plan and it is 100% reliable and guaranteed that if you stick with it and get the right amount of fruit and veggies per day: YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT, and a lot of it! I’m not paid to do this, I am one of the people who strongly believe in this book because it isn’t anything crazy, its just eating clean. Which makes sense!! (:

  60. I think for your husband and for yourself- if you are really trying to be healthy and eat clean and STAY FIT: Not just for 8 weeks, not just for a year but for your life!! You should try the “Eat to Live” diet, you start with a 6-week plan and it is 100% reliable and guaranteed that if you stick with it and get the right amount of fruit and veggies per day: YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT, and a lot of it! I’m not paid to do this, I am one of the people who strongly believe in this book because it isn’t anything crazy, its just eating clean. Which makes sense!! (:

  61. :'( I think the most important thing for going on a diet is “patience” :'( and i dont have it…

  62. Hi Guys,

    Do you think a meal plan like this would be healthy for a man? Both my husband and I seriously need to lose weight before our big holiday in December.

    If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them

  63. Looking great. Will definitely give it a try.

  64. This is a bit late, but non-fat Greek yogurt is also really good with tuna to make a tuna salad, instead of mayo. I also put onion and celery in my tuna salad :)

  65. bookmarked!!, I rsally loke your site!

  66. Actually, this is approx 1450-1500 calories. Not 1200. I eat the same amount and workout 6 days a week, too. I’m just fine. I only lift 4 days a week, though. The only issue I would have with this diet is that the fat content is about about 25-30g under the daily recommendation for women. It can really mess with your hormones. I also do a weekly cheat meal, otherwise I’d go a little crazy. If I ever need to shred for a photo shoot, I’ll try these macros!

  67. Jacqueline says:

    hi! im pretty sure she has some vegetarian meal plans also. If she doesn’t, Cassey should really create some.
    Read more at http://www.blogilates.com/blog/2011/06/16/6596867132/#BfwBeFHQ3UwGsThd.99

  68. Jacqueline says:

    hi! im pretty sure she has some vegetarian meal plans also. If she doesn’t, Cassey should really create some.

  69. 6 year olds actually require a lot more than 1200 calories because they are so growing so much. For a woman, 1200 calories is fine for weight loss. :)

  70. 1200 calories is a fine minimum for the average woman who is done growing. 1200 is the average BMR.

  71. I know this is a little late, but you could use tofu, tvp, soy protein…things like veggie dogs etc.

  72. Actually, this is way too little. If you eat a 200 calorie meal 6 times a day, you’re eating 1200 calories. That’s the recommended daily intake of a 6 year old. In order to figure out how many calories you should eat, you need to calculate your BMR, because every body is different.

  73. Instead of the protein shake you could have cottage cheese :) like 1/2 cup of it would probably be good.

  74. Stephanie says:

    So were supposed to eat this everyday for 8 weeks? And when are we supposed to eat? For example every 3 hours or every 4 hours…

  75. Atlanta says:

    actually for certain people this the perfect amount. Would you rather eat 3 HUGE meals or “LEAN OUT” and eat several mini meals to help with digestion? Now I don’t know about you but for me this is a great plan…

  76. Hi Cassey!
    I really want to follow this meal plan, it sounds delicious,
    but my parents won’t buy protein powder and i cannot afford it for myself so i was wondering, what else could i have instead of the protein shakes?
    Thanks! xx

  77. Hey I was wondering if I needed to eat all of the food or if I could skip meals considering I won’t be working out as much as she does (“teach pilates a MILLION times a week”). I was also wondering if there may be any substitutes for tuna and which spices (if any) to put on the chicken breast. Thanks :)

  78. First of all, I wanted to say how amazing Cassie’s videos are. Im on the last day of the beginner calender, and everything is already so much more toned! I wanted to follow one of her meal plans in hopes to speed the process of getting abs up. I’m okay with eating eggs, but I refuse to eat chicken. Can I just make some tofu?
    Also, it’s not really healthy to eat tuna everyday, especially for woman. So what is something I can substitute for tuna? I’ll switch off every day.

  79. More protein powder

  80. I wanted to know if it would be okay to substitute the tomato with a bell pepper? Is there another vegetable that would work better?

  81. This is nowhere NEAR enough food..

  82. Maree Vie says:

    I love the meal plan and think that it’s great, but what do you eat throughout the day?? Or would I just incorporate whatever is in the meal to at least have two-three meals a day?

  83. It was just an experiment.

  84. I agree, I’m a vegetarian and was wondering the same thing! What can I replace the chicken and fish with? (: Thanks

  85. Daniela says:

    Hi guys! I am still waiting for my protein to arrive in the mail, so in meanwhile, do you know what could be a good substitute for that (aside from yogurt)? I also like to have a protein rich quick snack when I get up in the morning before I workout, again, any advice?
    Much appreciated!

  86. Hahah I don’t think you will need a shopping list, this plan is just a couple ingredients :) but here ya go
    (This is per week, since all of the items are fresh you shouldn’t buy everything you’ll need for the two months at once because of rot)

    Liquid egg whites, 4 cups forth
    Broccoli, 8 cups worth
    Romaine lettuce, a lot.
    Tomatoes, 8 med
    Chicken breast, 14 9oz
    Canned tuna, 7 cans

  87. Hi! I would love to do this! Where can I get the shopping list? Also is this what we eat for 2 months everyday??

  88. How come I can not see this? It said something about posting to one of the social networks. Now the page keeps refreshing and doesn’t show anything else.

  89. hot sauce! :)
    or salsa – which is what i do. I know it doesn’t count for this because it has tomatoes which are fruits which mean carbs…but moderation is key. plus i love salsa too much

  90. Sherry Watkins says:

    How come you don’t eat any healthy fats ?

  91. What would a vegetarian version of this plan look like? I.e. what can I replace the chicken and tuna with?

  92. I use a bit of mustard, a bit of balsamic, and a bit of soy sauce.

  93. Hi, I know I’m late but I’m very interested in this diet plan. I’m so close to my abs showing, I just need to get serious. Anyway, for the 1 can of tuna, what can I put with it? I’m guessing not mayo but what else.
    Thanks, Cayley

  94. What do you do when your out and about?

  95. Hi. I just wonder what can i eat instead of egg? I’m allergic to egg so hope i can eat something else.

  96. Instead of eating three big meals a day, you space them out to eat six small meals instead!

  97. Hi! I’m also wondering about the optimal vegeterian option for chicken & fish :) Could I replace some of the protein bits with for example low fat quark? I’m also curious about the lack of healthy fats, can you explain that a bit more? Thank you!! :)

  98. johannafrauscher says:

    Hey everyone ;)
    I don’t get it at all. are these meals for lunch or when should I eat them ? ;)
    i hope you can help me ;D

  99. Will you make something like this for us college girls? My meal plan has me lured into brownies and grilled cheese every day. Are there simple swaps us college girls can do to stop eating so many calories at the caf?

  100. Try to reduce out a complete food group will just ” cure ” what the
    body needs in the long run. However, my recommendation are intense weight training, not bodybuilding; they are NOT one as well as the same.
    Most fitness centers provide spin classes and stair masters,
    otherwise it’s simple and fast to do these sports almost anywhere.

  101. This is what I was wondering, too! Sounds like an effective plan, but what will happen after I stop eating so restrictively?

  102. I’m trying it now and its so hard!! Not the food, but having to prepare everything from scratch. I can’t just have a couple crackers as a snack, I actually have to boil broccoli and fry chicken and stuff. I can see myself having a few “not so successful” days, but I’ll do my best to just eat clean and healthy :)

  103. I’m going to try it, too but… you’re 6ft and 130 and you think you’re squishy?? I’m 5’1” and 120 xD!

  104. I’m totally going to try something like this!! I will be following this general idea, with a few tweeks and also exercising daily :) I hope that in 8 weeks I can be just as successful! I am 6ft tall, 130lbs and a little squishy. I would like to be 120lbs and muscular. Anyone want to try this with me??

  105. Daniella says:

    I am vegetarian, what are good, meatless replacements for the steamed chicken breast and tuna?

  106. Julie, OMG you are so lucky to be at 126 lb. I know you’re only 5’4″…but that’s not bad at all! I’m 5’8″ and 165 lb. and I’m 20 years old. I weighed 135 lb. when I was a senior in high school. You should feel great about yourself!!! :)

    We all feel uncomfortable about ourselves sometimes…but I felt I should give you some positive feedback after reading your comment! :)

    Happy Workouts! and Good luck!

  107. Thank you for some other excellent post. The place else may just anybody get that type of information in such an
    ideal approach of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I am on the look for
    such info.

  108. OMG Casey, I know i’m a bit late to see this but I am almost in the exact situation as you were. I’m 27 year old, 5’4″ and 126 lb. I am by no means fat but I can feel the softness in my midsection, thighs and boobs… I am definitely uncomfortable as my ideal weight is around 115-118 lbs.
    I just printed out your February Calendar and i’m gonna try something along this meal plan. The problem is that I only have a (3 days per week) gym membership so i’ll have to do my running on those days and use your workouts on alternate days. I would run outside but I live in Canada and it’s minus 40 degrees outside… it’s difficult to stay active in this weather besides snowboarding :P
    I Hope that this can get me out of my winter “blahs” and get my bikini body back.

    Julie xx

  109. Hi Cassie,
    In this meal plan and in others that I have seen, where are you getting your daily need for healthy fats??? I would love to follow your plans but I dont see enough healthy fats involved each day? Is there fat incorporated into these plans? And if so where/in what foods?

    Thanks!!! LOVE your youtube vids:) and you just all around!
    You are so happy and inspiring!!

  110. Hi Serena,

    I totally agree with what Sara said. One main key nutrient’s that is missing is carbohydrates. Protein won’t necessarily make you jump higher (well you still need it for muscles repair and recover) but carbohydrates definitely will. So it’s not just having bigger portions, you need carbohydrates as well as a variety of food to make sure you absorb enough nutrients.


  111. Hi Serena, I’m a ballerina and I would not not NOT recommend trying this. You burn a crazy amount of calories dancing there is absolutely no way this could provide enough calories for you. I’ve seen ballerinas make themselves really ill and even land in the hospital from a lack of nutrients. If you’re concerned about your diet I’d go to WebMD.com and join their free fitness planner. you can input your exercises, the foods you eat every day, and your weight and it’ll tell you how many calories you need per day

  112. Would it be okay if I ate these in bigger portions though? Maybe that could give me the energy I need…

  113. Hi Serena,

    Sorry, can’t help myself reply your post but as an Accredited Sports Dietitian consulting for ballet schools, I don’t think this meal plan is suitable for you as you mentioned you are a teenager and a dancer, I can’t possibly see there’s enough iron for you let alone other nutrients such as carbohydrates (fuel for your jumps and spins), calcium etc… hope that helps.


  114. If you drink enough water, you shouldn’t be weak or tired. I do dancing and I don’t get tired or weak at all. keeping with this diet should give you enough energy each day as long as you drink lots of water to hydrate your self :)

  115. I dance 6 times a week, on Mondays for 4 hours, Tuesdays for 1 hour, Wednesdays for 3 hours, Thursdays for 1 hour, Fridays for 2 1/2 hours, and Saturdays for 1 hour, and I workout on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, can I still follow this diet without tiring out and being weak? I’m wondering if I will have enough energy to go through with this diet and dance/workout as well? Plus I am a teenager, will this affect me negatively?

  116. I dance 6 times a week, on Mondays for 4 hours, Tuedays for 1 hour, Wednesdays for 3 hours, Thursdays for 1 hour, Fridays for 2 1/2 hours, and Saturdays for 1 hour, can I still follow this diet without tiring out and being weak? I’m wondering if I will have enough energy to go through with this diet and dance/workout as well? Plus I am a teenager , will this affect me negatively?

  117. She said to always reload up on carbs Sundays but I mean eating one fruit after 2 pm can’t cant hurt you

  118. Claudia Elizabeth says:

    I can’t wait to start this plan ! I just have one concern after the 8 weeks is it still okay to have some carbs. ( quinoa) and fruit ? Or will I gain the weight back ??

    Thanks :)

  119. Like every two hours

  120. The same brand she mentions also has a chocolate version. Can be found at Walmart and most drug stores. But most protein powder brands have chocolate as on of their flavors.

  121. Hi i’m going to start this meal plan soon but I have no idea what it meant by meal1-6 :( What time of the day am I suppose to have each meal, any help here?

  122. wow that is amazing!!!!!!!! I was on this meal plan for 1week and I lost 2pounds but I didn’t have the will power to keep going by my self .

  123. Hi everyone!! I started this diet a week ago with my boyfriend. In only 7 days, i’ve lost 12 pounds and my boyfriend lost 14 pounds. This diet is really amazing!! I’ve tried a lot of diet and this one is the only one who works for me! For sure, sometime it’s really rough but you have to remember that your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow! And a little tips: stay to this plan!

    Thanks for changing my life Cassey!

    Contact me if you would like to talk : [email protected] :)

  124. Cassey, I was wondering if you can make this meal plan into a google doc chart? It would be easier to read and to keep track of things. That would be lovely :) I love what you do keep it up!

  125. thank you very much if you’re intersted in loosing weight
    try this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqgz4qhlvUs

  126. hi, where is the vegan plan?

  127. Been doing this for a week now and already seeing some results. I only plan on continuing with this diet for 5 weeks instead of 8. I’m a huge foodie so this super restricted diet is very hard for me….. I’m already sick of eating the same thing everyday so I’ve made a couple variations. Try this one for meal #2:

    Instead of eating a can of tuna with green beans, eat it on top of a salad. Season the tuna slightly with some pepper. Cut up a tomato and add to lettuce. Put the tuna on top of salad. Mix some balsamic vinegar with a couple drops of honey and some evoo. Pour mixture on top of tuna and salad. Mix it up and voila!

    * substitute the green beans in for the salad in meal #5. Don’t do this everyday but definitely mix it up if you feel yourself struggling.

    Good luck everybody!

  128. I am also a breastfeeding mother. I’ve been eating 2 hard boiled eggs and fennel tea no sweetener for breakfast. For lunch I normally have a 2/3 cup of granola and a piece of fruit to snack on. Dinner is a moderate portion of what the rest of the family is eating, which is always something ‘healthy’ I whip up in the kitchen. Whole grains if we are serving pasta, baked meat, fresh veggies.I try to stay with in 1200-1400 calorie range and log all of my meals @ Myfitnesspal.com I have cheat days as well. Yesterday I had a yummy slice of pecan pie. My daughter was born 9-13 and I’ve already lost 26lbs. I was 147 now I’m 121. Oh and I do blogilates and other workout videos on youtube. I am not gonna lie. I was kinda lazy at first so I was only working out 2x a week. I’ve just begun the blogilates beginners calender. So far I have not had any problems with my milk supply. Water is key… aim to drink about 10 cups a day or more. Hope this might help. And good luck to you.


  129. Hi,
    I was wondering if this meal plan is sufficient for new breastfeeding moms? I know that breastfeeding alone burns a ton of calories and I was wondering if this plan provides enough to compensate for that and if more carbohydrates should be added daily for this case? Thanks

  130. *the

  131. Hi there (: I am not craaazy about vanilla either. I am more of a chocolate lover. I recommend thre Raw Meal Beyond Meal Replacement Formula by Garden of Life in the flavor “Chocolate Cacao”. You can find it at Whole Foods or online if you wish. It tastes a little weird at first, but after a while, it is REALLY good. Try and see if you like it. Good luck! :D <3

  132. Just a quick question, and this might sound kinda strange, however, I am not a fan of vanilla but LOVE chocolate! I was wondering if there was a protein powder that I can replace the vanilla for chocolate, and if you could recommend a brand?

    Thanks for your time!

  133. I have one doubt Cassey!
    Can you answer me? You can send me an email?

  134. After completing this challenge, do you think it is easier to gain weight quickly even if we are eating clean?

  135. Also my job is sitting all day long. Should that change what & when I eat?

  136. I have always struggled with when to eat vs when I am working out. Mostly my workouts are in the evenings after work but occasionally I workout early AM or daytime on weekends. Should the meal plan be followed regardless of when I workout? Should I make sure to eat everything but the last protein drink before the evening workout then drink it?

  137. Desirable a part of material. I simply located your website and accession cash to say that I acquire actually treasured bank account your blog content. Anyhow I shall be signing up ones rss feeds and in some cases My partner and i accomplishment you can get the ways to access continually speedy.

  138. Hi i’m 17 with 37% body fat. As of monday I’ll be trying this out including buying casey’s DVD, i’ll post before/after pictures and updated body info. if anyone is interested in seeing if it really works! With clean eating, and a constant healthy workout plan i dont see how i could go wrong! email me at [email protected] in about 8 weeks if you want details about my progress!
    It’s nov.5, 2013 so around january.

    thanks cassey!

  139. I did go today this afternoon. I feel amazing! I forget sometimes. I’ll use your videos for sure if it’s rainy tomorrow.

  140. You say abs are made at gym. Having a tough time going the past couple of days. Today and yesterday. I should go this afternoon but not motivated enough so I might do a couple of your videos. Thanks for motivating us and keep going. Strong core means strong back. I want that when I’m older. :) Good advice.

  141. hey for the first meal are there any suggestions on what I should switch for the broccoli? and on the second meal could i substitute anything for the 1 small can tuna with 2 cups broccoli?
    i really just dont like either of those but i really want to try the diet!

  142. Hey do you think its possible to do a Lactose/ Dairy, Gluten/wheat free and Nut free diet plan.
    It would benefit a lot of people like myself and my mum… I was searching to see if I could follow any of your diet plans but my allergies get in the way…. Please help me :)

  143. Cassey! Firstly I wanna say thank you for what you’ve done with Blogilates.. your recipes have changed my life!

    I wanted to ask you how you felt on a low fat diet? I tried a similar plan above before and I literally didn’t have the energy to move one foot in front of the other! I found that the only way i can energize is with calories from fats.

    Did you basically have no fats at all and feel fine?!

  144. I’m starting this “diet” today ! Good luck for everyone who starts it as well!
    Current weight : 55kg. Let’s see the result in 2 months ahaha!

  145. Good luck! That’s impressive! You’re motivate me! <3 Keep going!

  146. ***stretch marks rather..

  147. Hi Cassey!!! As a beginner Ive tried the Pilates for beginners, followed by 2 pop cardios.. It really feels good to sweat out all the anxieties and stress.. But what I’m concerned for is my stress marks.. How do I get rid of them? Do you have any suggestions?

  148. Losing 2-3 pounds week is unhealthy. I am your height and 120. Losing .5- 1 lb a week is healthy. Just eat clean, lift heavy weights, do HIIT cardio 3-4x and love yourself.

  149. Thanks Cassey! This diet is working miracles for me.

  150. I’m allergic to fish, so I was wondering what you could recommended I substitute for the tuna?

  151. Cassandra says:

    Hi Cassey,

    Can I share this photo ( Abs are made in the gym, revealed in the kitchen) on my Facebook? I will write the photo is taken from your blog.

  152. Cassandra says:

    I am 5’4″ as well and I am ard 132 lbs. I also wish to lost 2-3 lbs a week.
    Before I read this blog and on my own diet plan, most of the time, the first and second weeks worked well. However after that, the weight did not drop by 2-3 lbs per week, sometimes it only drop by 1 lbs a week.
    What should I do to maintain a weight loss by 2-3lbs a week? Should I do more workout?

  153. Hello

    I started this program 14 days ago today. I’ve lost 4.2kg and my goal is to lose 12kg by the end of November as I’m going on holiday. I’m 5.6 tall and weighed 88kg when I started. I’m now 83.8kg. I alternate my veggies and I do have a fruit every morning. I hate exercising so I just go for a brisk 5km walk early morning and late afternoon, that’s it for me. No jumping up and down, my breasts can’t take that.

  154. I am 5’4″ and I was 160 last year now I’m with Cassey at 118- it’s a lifestyle change to lose any amount of weight and losing 40 lbs in a month is just not healthy- that’s 10 lbs a week! Healthy weight loss is anywhere from 1-5 lbs a week depending on how much you weigh. If you’re smaller like Cassey then a good goal is 1 lb a week. When I was 160 lbs my goal was 2-3 lbs a week. Stay strong though, you can do it no matter how long it takes! Make diet choices that make your body feel good about what you’re putting into it! Good Luck =)

  155. wow this is so me I want to get to 120 to!! im on this plan!! if you need to talk to anyone email me1

  156. I am on it and I just get sick of the same thing everyday

  157. Just One Question. I will start this 8 week challenge till my Birthday. Can i combine this with the 90 Days Challenge AND the monthly workout plans?

    and another Question:
    How gets my body used to this special meal plan eeeevery single day? How can i get back from it when i finished without getting more fat again? :)

    thanks for your response!

  158. 247 :o

  159. amanda maslen says:

    hi, i am just starting this diet, today is my first day and i cannot stand the liquid egg whites. can i just have tuna for breakfast instead? and can i have avacadoes, or are they too high in carbs? cuz i had a half of one today with the tuna. also, how do you steam the chicken, and do you need to steam the fish? and is it a certain kind of fish? or will swai filllets work?and will intervole workout work with the butt workouts work instead of hard cardio? and or lifts? because i have weak knees and back… itll grow stronger enough to do it probably after a week or two but will that work for now? i am 5’5″, 160. i want to go down to 120. is that possible in a month with this plan?

  160. She has a recipe in her recipe index for seitan, which is a great meat alternative. I actually made some last week (not for this diet…just for a meat substitute for my vegan meals. I’m not vegan/vegetarian or raw, but I try to eat mostly raw and vegan when I can). And I don’t like tofu, or most commercially produced mock meats. But this was really easy and really good.

    I used the basic ratio of vital wheat gluten to liquid (mix of water and soy sauce), but I used different seasonings in mine (some pepper flake, sage and nutritional yeast) and I simmered mine in a homemade veggie stock with a few shakes of liquid smoke and tabasco sauce in the stock. It was soooo good! Even my husband liked it and he is a strict meat eater. He said “Hey, that tastes like meat!” Lol. You can use whatever herbs you like, or season the simmering water/broth to give it different flavors as well.

    This is going to be one of my new staple meal items. I ate it plain. I cut some up and put it in spaghetti. I ate it warmed up, I ate it cold. I ate some in a sandwich wrap. I ate some topped with some spinach, raw marinara sauce and raw goat cheese. Its delicious, any way you do it.

  161. Yes you can steam the broccolli. Who wants to eat that much raw? eww lol.

    I started this diet today but I am a pescatarian so I made a giant pot of bean and vegetable soup and I eat that instead of the chicken. Is anyone else doing it? I’m not hungry at all so I think this will be easy for the 8 weeks. I am also keeping a food log with times so I know when to eat.

  162. getting this much broccoli will make me sick!! Can it be steamed?

  163. Yes, same thing everyday.

  164. okay someone help!!! I want to do this diet–I have been on a low carb diet— and this comes really close to it but I didn’t know what to eat when! so Im pretty sure I can eat everything okay but what about the exercising part?? I don’t play sports but I like to keep active. So what do I need to do?? Can I just do the monthly exercising that Cassy has or do I need to do something different??

  165. I would try vegan protein powders, typically our bodys shouldnt be eating dairy, and whey protein is dairy. When I use vegan protein powder, I dont get bloated, sick feeling and I feel like I am cleaning my body. Try Vega one protein powder, it tastes good and is vegan. dairy and gluten free

  166. I hate fish and tofu, and eating that much chicken is just too much. Is it possible for me to sub in a 99% lean turkey patty or some lean turkey meatballs that have been baked?

  167. Does anyone have any low carb vegetarian substitute ideas? In order to get the same amount of protein, or close to it.

  168. Hi
    I want try 8 week diet plan. But I don’t understand: I must every day eat same food? (White omelet,broccoli,thuna…) Please ask me. Thank you:)

  169. I just found your blog, via your YouTube page. Like your meal plan and am going to give it a shot. I have some questions, hopefully you read your comments :D.

    For the tuna – do you season it at all or is it just plain tuna? When you subbed on Sunday, did you steam or bake the sweet potatoes? Does it have to be black beans? Or can you use fresh pinto beans? Also for example, if I wanted to substitute with the sweet potato I could replace Meal 3 – sweet potato and green beans leaving out the chicken? Is that how you would do it?

    I’m going to try this but I need to be sure it’ll keep me full and keep my energy up. I do (MMA) – Mixed Martial Arts about 5-6 days week for about 1.5 – 2 hours each day. The MMA workouts are intense and I do burn alot of calories with this training. Throughout the week I work other things in along with MMA, like running, or ab work outs and butt work outs. So my main thoughts are making sure this will work for me. I guess I could try and see for a week.

    Love your work! I’ll have to spend time browsing.
    Look forward and hope I hear from you!


  170. Hi! For the veggies, squash is really good as well as peas. Instead of sea food, try things like lean meat (white chicken breast, tofu, etc.) :)

  171. hey Samantha, are you following the workouts and the diet plan or just the workouts because I want to loose weight but I usually eat really healthy and try to keep my carbs low.

  172. Hi I was wondering my school hours don’t allow me to be able to have six meals a day, so I was wondering how I can loose weight whilst eating right without eating that many meals?

  173. Bianca Armstrong says:

    Does anyone know how many grams of protein this meal plan amounts to a day? (:

  174. Lastly, an article which actually generates for me the details I would like!! Many thanks

  175. Katelynn Thorsten says:

    You can Eat Can Chicken drained.

  176. Hola, creo que es mejor preguntar en ingles, no? Jaja pero se puede comprar el polvo en la farmacia.

  177. What about meal 6 that proetin powder…can I change maybe to something else?? Pls help

  178. I also think this is too low in calories. maybe the tuna is in oil and not water????

  179. hi
    i’m jessie, i’m 5′ 5″ and 118, and i am thinking about starting one of cassy’s meal plans. this one, or the 90 day one seem good. do these plan make you loose weight becuase i’m not looking to loose weight, i’m just looking to have a healthier life style. if you have any advice i would love to hear from you, please email me, if you do.

  180. hola Cassey ,no tengo el polvo de proteina, que puedo hacer??
    se puede cambiar por otra cosa???

  181. christina says:

    hiii! what can i eat instead of tuna? :)

  182. you can follow the monthly calendar and add some cardio, also circuit trainning is very effective :)

  183. hi i thank god for sending you in my life

  184. Hi :)
    Does someone knows what workouts should i do everyday to lose weight while doing this diet? Thanks :) have a nice day!

  185. Hey samanthha, what workouts are you doing?

  186. Eat FAGE 0% greek yogurt. It has the same amount of protein and calories as a protein supplement without the fat or sugar.
    I had to do this because my budget and it worked out just fine. :)

  187. Hi sweety, while 5 kilos in two weeks sounds a little difficult, here is what you can try to lose a little bit of tummy weight and tone down your tummy completely.
    * drink lots and lots and lots of water, it’ll help you feel full and detox you nice and proper
    * reduce the salt in your diet to reduce the sodium bloat
    * definitely add some high power abs exercises followed up with heavy duty cardio so that you can get the most results out of your exercise time
    * cut out all junk and all carbs and all sugar from your diet the next two weeks. You will be amazed with the results

  188. If I follow the monthly calendar and do an hour or half of bike and decrease the intake of calories ,would it work for me ?

  189. Hey, I’m allergic to broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprout and I also have some trouble with fish and seafood in general, with what can I replace them and still stick to the plan as closely as possible?

  190. Jenna J. says:

    Hi Cassey, is there an age limit on your workouts?

  191. In another one she said every 2-3 hours.

  192. Samantha says:

    Thanks for this info! I’m on week 1 & already down 5 lbs.

  193. What times would you eat your meals.. I am having a hard time is it every 3 hrs or 4 hrs??

  194. I don’t have the supplies for the protein shakes, what should I substitute in order to meet a proper number of calories but still stick to the diet plan as closely as I can?

  195. Think of it as 4 meals 2 snacks.
    Each meal should be 2 cups of green veggies and one protein source.
    I mix and match asparagus, baby spinach, fresh green beans, broccoli with chicken, fish, or egg whites.

    For the 2 snacks I try to stick to the protein drink but if I need something else, I might have LOW sugar greek yogurt (5-7 grams of sugar) a tablespoon of peanut butter (no sugar added) or even half of a protein bar if I am craving dessert.

  196. I just get egg whites in a carton from Trader Joe’s and pour 1/2 cup in a bowl.
    Microwave on high, for 1.5-2 min.

  197. Just wanted to check in and let some of you know this sooo works.
    It’s really just eating healthy and sticking to it.
    I’m on week three.

    I went from 5’5″ 160lbs size 12 to 154 size 10 in the first 9 days.
    I’m hovering around 152-153 for the last week or so, but I’m in size 8 today :)
    Not losing a lot of weight, but I think it’s just my muscles replacing fat as I’m still getting smaller.

    MANY people have commented at work about how great I look. And of course asking what I have been doing to get in shape!
    It feels awesome!

  198. Veronica Amaya says:

    This doesn’t look like it would even add up to 1800 calories? and if we dnt run do extra pilates classes and lift weights only your videos from your workout calendar will this still help us lose weight?

  199. If I don’t run six days per week (I follow the monthly calendar workouts), should i decrease the protein intake to reduce the amount of calories?

  200. This meal pan is great but I honestly do something different. I follow the clean plan detox for most of my weeks and take 1 day a week off. The detox avoids wheat, soy, some fruit, night shade veggies and anything processed. But you are able to eat a little more than she does on her plan. But the morning meal and dinner meal are liquid which helps your body absorb it faster. I lost 5 pounds on this diet in 2 weeks around. Not all of it fat but it helped get rid of any toxins and waste left in my body. I also suggest trying a detox THEN doing this meal plan because a Detox can reset your body and rid of excess chemicals that has been stored in your body before you start a plan like this.

    Just a suggestion that has worked for me.

  201. hello :)
    so i was wondering … is it possible to lose 5 kilo’s at 2 week’s? … i had this challenge with my cousins that i’d get a flat stomach in a month but still , I’m still the same … i’ve been eating less and i eat junk food like 2 day’s in a week , but every time i look in the mirror my tummy isn’t getting flat … i walk an hour or more and 30 min’s running on the cycle , I’m getting kinda depressed cuz there no changes happening :(
    plzz helppp <3333

  202. Angelly says:

    Hi, 1200 calories is wayyy too little, especiallly if you are exercising, it is not safe! I don’t want to worry you but it brings severe consequences! You can email me if you want, i’ve researched a LOT and learned a lot in this couple of years i’ve been trying to lose weight & get healthier.

  203. Angelly says:

    Hi, if you wanna lose weight fot the long run (because this is not really recommended) you can talk to your doctoror also calculate you TDEE online, cutting 500 calories a day will only slow your metabolism. It’s much better if you make small changes and exercise regularly. Don’t deprive yourself!

  204. How do you cool your eggs? Is Olive Oil a “fat” that should not be used?

  205. Jessica Cadman says:

    It’s healthier to eat six small meals a day to keep your matabolism running at a constant rate. You should never allow yourself to get ‘hungry’ because your body (much like your brain) has a memory, and will store more of what you eat as fat, because it doesn’t know when it will receive more ‘energy’. If you’re fasting, you’re not on a healthy diet plan. You are simply not providing enough calories for your body to store as fat- thus you loose weight. Think about it,… if you consume two meals a day, you really burning wayyyy more calories than you are consuming- common sense that you will loose weight. This can easily result in an eating disorder.

  206. Jessica Cadman says:

    fruit does contain protein- some fruits more than others. Although, it should not be relied upon as a main source of protein due to the amount of sugar most fruits contain. You would have to eat a LOT of fruit in order to replace the amount of protein found in eggs- not worth it- too much sugar!

  207. Jessica Cadman says:

    whey is a protein derived from milk and it is slowly digested so it makes the body feel ‘full’ for longer, and provides us with more, longer lasting energy without the “blockage” occuring

  208. Jessica Cadman says:

    As long as you don’t use a lot of sugar in your coffee it’s fine… try to avoid using cream- milk even can ‘block’ your system, but as long as you don’t use a lot of millk or sugar, coffee is fine. It actually boosts your metabolism and thus increases fat burn! Just don’t overdo it :) I would say no more than two cups a day…green tea is much better though, and you can drink as much as you want :)!!
    Wouldn’t recommend cottage cheese on this diet though, if you are trying to see max results… it is a dairy product and as I mentioned, creates a ‘block’ in the digestive system.

  209. Jessica Cadman says:

    the biggest mistake ppl make is avoiding all fat in general… avoid saturated and trans fat… fats such as omega 3,6 and polyunsaturated fats are good!

  210. Jessica Cadman says:

    Canned salmon is good as well…. salmon is high in HEALTHY fats- which actually benefits the body and helps in the fat-burning process by creating a healthy lubricant through the digestive tract- thus food can pass through more easily

  211. Jessica Cadman says:

    Add some egg whites :) They are high in protein and the body breaks down raw eggs more easily than when they are cooked!! :) Add some veggies such as spinach, celery, cucumber and some fruit or almond butter for flavor! :)

  212. Jessica Cadman says:

    Add some egg whites :) They are high in protein and the body breaks down raw eggs more easily than when they are cooked!! :)

  213. Jessica Cadman says:

    More protein!!!!! This is the honest solution! Also, eat red meat once a week to ensure that you are getting a sufficient amount of iron and other nutrients that chicken cannot supply! Start adding healthy grains to your diet as well… our body needs these kind of carbs!

  214. Jessica Cadman says:

    look for other high-fiber vegetables such as cabage, asparagus, spinach, etc!

  215. Jessica Cadman says:

    replace chicken for fish or tofu and eat eggs and eggwhites! :) Also nuts are a good replacement… just stick to lean, healthy forms of protein!

  216. Jessica Cadman says:

    I don’t believe in ‘diets’. Becoming healthy should be a life-style… not a short term thing. For the best results, that you can maintain, avoide processed carbs (such as bread, pasta, cerial) and stick to healthy, natural, healthy grains! Eat lots of veggies, and fruits (before 3pm) and stick to lean protein such as chicken, fish, and ground beef…once a week I would recommend eating red meat, but no more than twice a week, as it is digested very slowly and can block your system.Treat yourself occasionally, and make green juice your best friend! Eating a variety of foods is key to maintaining a healthy life-style…lay back on the processed carbs and dairy, and stick to fruits, veggies, protein, and natural grains!

  217. Jessica Cadman says:

    You do not need to cut out fruits!! Yes, they have carbs, but carbs give us energy! Just don’t over do it! Try not to eat fruits after three OR within six hours before going to bed- that way your body uses all of the energy during the day and therefore it is not stored. If you loveeee fruit and can’t help but to eat it all throughout the day, aim for lower sugar fruits such as cherries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries etc. Try to avoide high sugar fruits such as bananas, pineapple, oranges, etc after 3pm :)!

  218. So this whole Meal 1-6 is for one day? and you’ve ate the exact same thing every day for 8 weeks? please respond!!

  219. Are there any more slightly more geared to vegetarians like a sub for chicken and if I don’t want the meal can I have a protein shake instead

  220. Vanniee says:

    no ..

  221. Can we sub the tuna for something else? I hate tuna

  222. Kirsten says:

    I can’t eat eggs, is there something I have to substitute for that?

  223. Also, if you feel a lack of energy try to add the following harmless supplements to your diet:

    – Magnesium / zinc / calcium tables (a combo of these three: magnesium helps your energy level and zinc and calcium helps your body to absorb the magnesium. The added benefit of zinc and calcium is that it will up your immune system).

    – a good all-round multivitam, as your body will crave more vitamins when you work out hard.

    – maybe some B-vitamins for stamina and a better immune system.

  224. Hi Narali,

    I’m not sure if you will read this still, but I’ll post my response anyway. Sorry, it’s been a while since I checked in here. Let me know if you read this and whether you used Wheybolic Extreme 60 in the meantime or not.

    I’ve checked on the product online and there are a few things I’d like to say about it.

    First of all, I don’t think it is appropriate for (semi-)beginners in the fitness world (working out for less than 1 year on a regular basis) or those who work out less than 5 times a week, because the added benefits of this product compared to regular protein and vitamin supplements will only show when you are training hard and with a clear fitness goal of getting ‘bigger’ (which for most girls does not apply).

    The product’s biggest benefits are adding mass to your body, quicker healing of muscle tissue post work-out and more stamina during workout. If you add these up you can see what it is meant to do: give you more mass to build muscle on (so you’ll gain weight first, probably fat) and then give you stamina to engage in the workouts needed to transform this added mass (e.g. fat) in to muscle tissue. Because you’ll need to keep working out and your body will be quickly depleted because of this other components of the product will help your muscles to heal quicker and add some nutrients a depleted body needs.

    So, unless you are a bodybuilder or athlete or someone who works out on this level I would not recommend it. Especially if your goal is to loose weight (as you will probably gain from this product).

    For someone who works out 3 – 5 times a week and / or is looking to become more lean (or maybe loose weight), I would recommend regular whey or soy protein after weight lifting workouts and lots of clean carbs (dark whole wheat bread for instance) on workout days (whether your work out for the day is cardio or weight lifting: clean carbs will help you get that extra energy to get the most out of your workout. I know carbs is a scary word, but if you don’t eat the carbs, your body will start eating up muscle tissue and you’ll get no results. Educate yourself on good and bad carbs –> bad carbs are sugar loaded stuff, processed foods, white bread, white pasta, white rice and such. Good carbs are potatoes, really dark whole wheat bread and fruit in moderation).

    Take good care of your body and it will show the results you are looking for!

  225. Really? FRUITS?! Do fruits have that many carbs that I have to take them out of my diet? Because I’ve been doing some self imposed “diet” plan where I only eat fruits, veggies and protein (only chicken) and basically fruits have the highest percentage in my intake, I mean I will literally starve if I take them out… What should I dooooooo?! I looooove fruits

  226. Jasmine says:

    who has lost weight with this?

    how many lbs?

    weight, height?

    I’m 4’11 and 117 lbs

    please help & thank you (:

  227. Jasmine says:

    Do you gain your weight back after the 8 weeks? is this just temporary? please answer

  228. I want to give this a shot , but what if I’m a vegetarian? Sorry if this has already been asked and answered — didn’t see it up top!

  229. When someone writes an paragraph he/she retains the plan of a user in
    his/her mind that how a user can understand it. Therefore that’s why this post is perfect. Thanks!

  230. skip the training and you need to add some extra small things, like olive oil and some healthy snacks and then u come up to 1200 calories. Im also following this meal plan for 7 weeks already (lost 7 kilos). Email me if you have any questions!

  231. hey cassey!
    did you eat every day the same stuff? i mean, for full 8 weeks? isn’t this really really boring?

  232. So i’ve been following this meal plan the last few days and today i measured out the calories of it and it only measured out as about 800 calories. Isnt this unhealthy? Maybe im measuring wrong?

  233. You can follow her workout calendar! And yes still follow this plan if you workout only 3 times a week.

  234. I know I’m a bit late here but just wanted to say I am so glad to finally hear someone say this – this is a very extreme diet and the last thing you should be doing on it is exercising on top of, there simply are not enough energy and nutrients to support physical exertion (and general day to day living for that matter!). What we’re seeing here is anorexia in pamphlet form. Shame on you.

  235. Would I still eat this plan if I were only working out three times a week? Also how does this plan work along side your workout videos? How much/how often should i do which video while eating this diet?

  236. Its probably not necessary, but it would defiantly be beneficial!

  237. Camilla Laura Anastasiya says:

    What if you don’t lik broccoli? :l

  238. is the protein powder necessary?

  239. charlotte says:

    i think its all in one day because she said at the beginning that she had 6 small meals. “In short, my meal plan given to me by my trainer friend consisted of lots of protein and 6 small meals a day (200-350 cals each) to keep my metabolism up.” second paragraph hope I helped :)

  240. Hi. I just wanted to ask, the meals are they per day or all 6 meals on a day?

  241. Congratulations on achieving your goals, you look great. I’ve tried doing a very low carb diet similar to yours but found it hard to keep lifting heavy weight because i glycogen stores were depleted. With being so active, did you experience lack of energy? if so, how did you overcome it?

  242. kelleyanne says:

    so I just now fell in love with your diet plan! :) I noticed one of the days your meal was can tuna with broccoli. Can that be substituted with can chicken and any veggie or fruit? and did you mix the can tuna as tuna salad or did you eat it as is?

  243. tiffany says:

    with what you can replace the whey protein shake

  244. How mny hours do u have to wait til the next meal

  245. Brittany says:

    When people say “muscle weighs more than fat” they’re talking about a same volume to volume comparison. What I mean is, if you have 2 identical tupperware containers and you fill one with fat and one with muscle and put each of them on a scale, the one filled with muscle will weigh more. It works the same in your body. People get discouraged when they start an exercise program and don’t see the scale move (or see their weight go up). But it’s usually because they’ve lost fat and gained muscle. They don’t necessarily look bigger or smaller (i.e. they still fit in the same tupperware container) but their body composition has changed and the muscle that takes up the space where the fat used to be WEIGHS MORE.

  246. Dear Cassey,
    What meals would you recommend for vegetarians?
    I would love to try the 8 weeks bikini body diet but I´m a vegetarian. I´m sure you have some awesome ideas and could help me with this … Thanks so much for the inspiration of eating clean!!!!
    Greetings from Germany

  247. Hey Cassey,

    I follow this plan for a few weeks now. Am I allowed to add one to two cups of coffee with soy milk?

    Lots of Love <3

  248. Great article! We will be linking to this particularly great content on our site.
    Keep up the good writing.

  249. One pound is one pound of anything. But you will have more fat to equal that pound than muscle. If that makes sense. It’s like feathers and a brick…they both weigh 10 pounds but you have one brick vs many feathers. Just an example

  250. I have a question. I am taking Warfarin and eating lots of leafy greens can make the medication less effected. I was wondering if instead of having so much leafy greens with my meals, would I be able to sub it with cucumbers instead( I love cucumbers!) Thanks! :D

  251. It sound like you were eating to less than you should had. Thats what made you gain weight. It is not healthy to eat less than 1200 calories a day. If you do it your body goes into starvation mode and when you start eating again you will get your fat back. Casseys diet plan meal that she gave us is not good if you are training at the same time. I calculated the calories for this meal plan and it gets up to around 1200 calories. If you re gonna train as well you need to eat more! Because if you eat this and train cardio every day (lets say you train away 300 calories), then you will get 900 calories every day and thats not enough! So eat a little bit more!

    And btw, if you eat every 2 hours you dont get the time to get hungry, bcz you are constantly eating!

  252. Hi Kaylyn,
    Fresh lemon juice is actually good in detox as well as alkalizes our body. I guess most of the people thought lemon is acidic, but it is actually alkaline in the view of nutritional science that is a really good for health. Even if you have an ulcer in your mouth or feeling sick, you could just squeeze half or one whole lemon, add some water and drink it. It will make you feel better without even spending money to the doctors. Intake of lemon juice not only makes you stay healthy, but it is also good for slimming purposes. =D you could add in honey if its way too sour for you.

  253. sammiev08 says:

    1 lb of muscle = 1 lb of fat. they weigh the same but muscle is more condensed then fat.

  254. TheVivianPhan says:

    Add a little apple cider vinegar to the junk food you eat, it makes you crave them less because vinegar tastes so gross. Also, if you’re working out, eating healthier and gaining weight, that’s not a problem. Muscle ways more that fat, but muscle will make you look toner and firmer,

  255. Lately, I’ve been trying to eat healtheir. I mean, I came across blogilates on Youtube and I was like, “Woah, this girl is insane!” I decided I would try to eat healthier, because, well, lately I’ve been eating terribly. Problem is, when I tried dieting I actually GAINED weight. Not being able to eat junk food made me crave it more. I felt hungry and now I wiegh 100 pounds, so I gained almost four pounds. Don’t worry, I’m not anorexic; my mom weighs 90 pounds (we’re tiny!). Any who, I’m not quite sure how to stop craving the things I love. I can usually follow a diet for about 3 days before I succumb to delicious snacks. What should I do?

  256. Joleane says:

    If it helps you stay motivated, for the sake of kicking a severe… to put it simply, fungal yeast infection that was taking over my body for years and doctors had no clue what was wrong with me for the LONGEST time… I had to go on a diet just like this 8 week plan for over a YEAR. It was hard, but the results I’ve had after a year were AMAZING, so for 8 weeks, keep this up! You’ll be surprised. If you want to take it even farther, keep eating like this for most of your meals and even with lighter working out to even no working out at all, you will still see great results. The biggest factor that makes this diet work so well is the fact that the human body was not meant to digest gluten, starches, or sugars really. It’s something we’ve adapted to do, so cutting them out of your diet helps a lot. Keep it up, you can do it!!! :)

  257. LadyBug says:

    Omg Cassey, did I really hear you say “bi-otch”? LOL

  258. While fruit doesn’t have much protein, nuts, eggs, and beans do.

  259. Edamame are a great source of protein. I also eat a lot of chickpeas and tofu. Also, try making an egg scramble with veggies. You can add different veggies each time to save yourself from boring eggs. I feel your pain, though.

  260. Rosie Ace says:

    Planning on starting this eight week program and also the April calender, It’s pretty intimidating to say the least but I’m going to promise myself to not give in and stick it out the whole way!! It’ll definitely become difficult coming closer and closer to exam time. My motivation is my 3 week holiday to Valencia in just over 8 weeks and having my dream body that I’ve always tried to achieve but never got :( I think it had to do with diet although I dont eat a lot of junk food at all hardly any eat actually. I hope to loose more than 8lbs though but we’ll see what happeneds

  261. hiii, i really want a flat abs, i think i’m getting fat now so i’m going to star doing this, thank you so mucho, i have a question.. if i’m going to do this i can’t eat candy right, bcauz i’m so so obsess with chocolate

  262. Hi there Shanice,

    Good for you, girl. Resist those foods with no nutritional value! And well done that you got you mum to buy apples, just look at it one ingredient at a time.

    I think the bikini body meal plan is way to restrictive for somebody who is switching from ‘bad foods’ and just wants to get a couple of steps closer to a leaner body. If you simply start eating healthy foods, six smaller meals (instead of three or four) a day and limit yourself to one snack or sweets moment per week you will get there! Your body can not handle a diet plan as listed above when you are just starting and it certainly is not a meal plan through which you can maintain a good physique. It literally is for athletes and people training for for instance a bikini competition: just to look good for 1 day after which you go back to normal eating. Even Cassey did so.

    Yes, you can switch chicken for fish and still have a very healthy meal that will benefit your body and weight loss / sports goals. Best are white fishes such as tilapia. Added bonus to the fish is that it is full of omega 3 and 6. Look in to the benefits of that. Not bad, huh? You go girl, you can do it!

  263. Hey this looks amaaaazing! I just need to know what particular excises did u do? X

  264. I’m no expert but I’ve been looking for good breakfast food and studying up and the eggs are probably used as a protein source, so I recommend quinoa. It’s a whole grain that’s packed with protein and fiber and I’ve heard it’s really good but I have yet to try it myself. I hope this helps :) :)

  265. hey one small problem, how do I fit in all these meals during school i reach to school at 7:15 and I only get a lunch break at 11:45

  266. Thank Goodness I’m not the only one. Two days ago I told my mum the same thing and she came home with donuts, red velvet cake, a box of double chocolate chip cookies and a bucket of ice cream. All I asked me to buy me were some almonds and apples, at least I got the apples. I;m seriously working hard to resist the temptation.

    PS can I substitute the chicken for fish, only for a little while, i’m fasting for Lent.

  267. Hey,

    How many calories depends on your weight, height, and heart rate. There is no exact only approximate. Reason for this is….say person 1 is 190 lbs and person 2 is 135. Person 1 will burn more calories than person 2 doing the same exact workout because they weigh more. The best way to figure it out is getting a heart rate monitor that tracks your heart rate and calories burned.

  268. Hey,

    When it comes to fruit and vegetables you are suppose eat the “recommended serving size”. Anything over that is too much. Please see choosemyplate.gov for reference.

    Hope this helps! =)

  269. Starting tomorrow, I have 7 weeks until I go on vacation to Las Vegas. This week I went shopping and felt so fat in everything I put on. I’m not FAT but I have trouble areas that make high waist shorts and crop tops IMPOSSIBLE even though I have a flat stomach. I’m going to go grocery shopping today when I get off work and start this diet tomorrow. I already follow the calender but I’m going to do extra cardio each day. Hopefully my muffintop will melt off!

  270. Hi Nina I was wondering if I can use amplified wheybolic extreme 60. It’s vanilla. It has serving size: 3 scoops is 280 calories

  271. Hey Kaylyn,
    Lemon is quite acidic and thus, may help the digestion process. It is also used for many detox plans. So it should be fine :)

  272. Hi Kasey,

    I think Nina makes some really good points. I wanted to share some of my personal experience when I made a lifestyle change to my regular diet.

    When I was in high school I decided to become vegetarian. The funny part was that it was a bet between me and a friend. I won by 7 years by the way, but anyway I did my research, found out what foods I needed to eat for protein and everything. I learned a lot in the process and then I told my mom. Wow was she mad. “Now I’m going to have to cook three separate meals!” she said “I won’t do it! You want to be vegetarian you’re going to have to do it yourself! Shopping, cooking, everything!” My sister was a brat too and wouldn’t eat anything except kraft and hotdogs and broccoli smothered in cheese. So my mom was making her special dinners and normal food for the rest of us. I really don’t think that my mom thought I would stick with it for very long, but she humored me and said I could go to the store with her. My mom decided to figure out how much she spent on me per week and she gave me some of that money. I think she gave me a $15 dollar budget. So I got tofu and veggies and beans. I still drank the same milk as everybody and ate the same eggs. I figured out ways to make all the dishes she normally made vegetarian. For example spaghetti, she would leave me a little sauce in the jar instead of putting the whole jar in with the ground beef. Anything with tofu I would prep myself and cook when I wasn’t in her way. It was a tiny kitchen so sometimes it was hard. I did find that when I went to college I was the only one of my roommates that really knew how to shop healthy and not spend too much. Partly because I had practice and partly because when I went to the store with my mom she showed me lots of saving tips.

    Going to the store myself was the biggest help to me. And it wasn’t easy to do in high school. I couldn’t drive yet, I had a million extra curricular activities, homework, and I still wanted to hang out with friends.

    In my experience learning to eat clean is harder than learning to eat vegetarian. Maybe you can compromise with your mom a little. There’s a lot of turkey products in my stores that are cheaper and way way healthier than beef or pork. I like the jenni-o turkey products the best (no growth hormones) but there are some other ones that are cheaper. I switched to ground turkey in everything. I know that’s not on Cassey’s lists but I feel good about it because I can’t afford to buy the non-hormonal chicken and I wouldn’t call those clean.

    There’s a lot to balance in life. I think it’s hard for everyone whether they admit it or not. We all have so much to do and never feel like we have enough time to get it all done. I really hope that you are able to balance you eating, exercise, and life. Maybe you’ll even be able to help your family get healthy too.


    My sister grew out out of “I only eat kraft and hotdogs” when she went to middle school.



  274. So after you’ve done the 8 week bikini with the meal.plan do.you stick with the same foods or can.you switch it up a bit watching calories and foods you eat to not gain back the weight..how do you do it?

  275. I should think so, I have done this in the past (vegetarian and only eat animal byproducts like milk / eggs when it is organic. Whey almost never is organic and I don’t want unhappy cow stuff in my food ;-D). Only thing you should recognize is that whey is from cows milk and therefore it might have some extra nutrients that you might want to add in another way… Not sure whether this is the reason that this diet specifically mentions whey protein though.

  276. Hi Kasey,

    It must be hard when you want to eat clean and are living in an environment where you can not make your own food choices.

    There is one mayor point I would like to stress first and that is that not eating is NEVER an option. Although I understand how you feel, for now you have to choose the better option. Not eating is the worst thing you can do to your body, especially if you are working out also. The reason is that your body needs the energy and nutrition from food. If you deprive your body from food it goes into starvation mode. This has all kinds of negative side effects. One of which is that it will actually make you fatter, because it stores all the fat it possibly can: it thinks it is going through a severe period of deprevation and will prepare itself for even worse times to come. That is why many sports diets are relatively high in calorie intake, but specific in which types of foods you eat: your body will love the energy (=calories) and feel good enough to work out and because the food is made from the right stuff it will burn off fat more easily. A great book on this mechanism is The Abs Diet for Women by David Zinczenko.

    Also, I don’t know your age. This is quite important as in puberty you are still growing and need enough food. Too little nutrition in puberty will make you more prone to many ilnesses throughout your life and can even cause brain damage. So never cut down on calorie intake below the recommended amount for age.

    Anyway, I can understand how this might make you feel more helpless as you are limited in your possibilities to eat the right foods. But there are many things you can still do! Here we go:

    – Stock up on the right foods: if your mother buys fruits and veggies throughout the week, store them in your bedroom like other teenagers might store bags of chips :-) This will get you through the weekend.

    -You could also ask your mum to cook a larger pan when she makes a healthy meal so you can safe it in the fridge for you to eat in the weekend. Remember to freeze it if you want to store it for more than 2 days.

    – If you find yourself in a situation where you HAVE to eat pizza or fried chicken: take tissuepaper (toiletpaper will do) and blot as much fat as possible from the pizza and chicken. This will help a great deal. Make sure to order pizza with a lot of veggies and with no meat (if you are served a pizza with meat, take as much of it off of your pizza and give it to someone else for instance).

    – Instead of eating three large meals you can still eat 5 to 6 smaller meals (about a third of an average meal). This will keep your metabolism going, which will help you burn more fat (yes, eating more often will actually make you thinner. Crazy, huh?) and give you energy to workout.

    – Never skip breakfast and you could for instance have breakfast with just fruits and yoghurt, or yoghurt and muesli or oatmeal (no cereal or bread). Still if there is nothing else in your home: make sure to eat breakfast anyway even if it is with ‘the bad stuff’. See how you can vary with the things available in your kitchen. Cook an egg and have some milk instead of those bright coloured cereal in milk. Just look around, read packaging and choose the better options.

    – See if you can eat at a friends house more often where they make better food choices, preferably on your family’s snack day(s).

    – If you have lunch in your schools cafeteria: ask the person behind the counter if they can double you up on veggies and not give you the potatoes / fried stuff.

    Last but not least: your mum is right, you definitely should treat yourself sometimes. Even Cassey admits that she eats one cheat meal a week when she is on a very restrictive diet plan for a bikini contest. You need that to keep you dedicated to your goal throughout the rest of the week.

    I am not in bikini contests, but very aware of my food and body. I am 5′ 7” and 134,5 lbs. I work out as much as I like in a week, with an average of 4 times a week (sometimes 1 time, more often 6 times). Also, I am training to become a yoga teacher next to my regular job.

    I am 26 years old and used to have a complicated relationship with my body. I have been slightly overweight at two points in my life: once as a teenager of 15 yrs and once during college (freshman 15). I have also been underweight after all of this because I was so afraid of becoming too big again. For me the struggle is over now, because I learned to recognize the right foods. I learned to eat very regularly and to not be too hard on myself. I do eat very healthy (vegetarian) meals, but I allow myself to eat as much fruit and veggies as I like. I go easy on the pasta and rice and almost never eat bread (only as a treat). When I really crave something I allow myself to eat it (like chocolate), only not three times a day and seven days a week).

    I do wish for you a happy and healthy relationship with your body. In yoga we learn that your body is your best friend. It knows what it needs to keep you going in life and to keep you both mentally and physically healthy. Learn to listen to it and treat it with love and respect.

    Lots of succes on your journey, Kasey!

  277. I told my mom I wanted to start eating clean, and I was serious about it, and the next day she bought a CHEESECAKE and a bag of freaking COOKIES. She never buys any of the really healthy food because my little sister is a brat and only likes hot dogs and kraft dinner and junk food, and I literally can’t eat healthy my family is IMPOSSIBLE. Literally, they make pizza and wings every single weekend. At this point I’d rather not eat than touch this stuff because summer is coming and I really want a bikini body more than anything :(
    Can someone please help me?
    *I tried talking to my mom and she legit went “Well it’s okay to treat yourself as long as you do it in moderation.” NO, because then the small bit of exercise I can actually get into my scheduel is a waste of time anyway! She doesn’t understand, I used to get called fat in school and I only just got that to stop, I don’t need it back. Sorry this is kind of a rant I’m just really upset :((((

  278. is it okay to throw some fruit in there?

  279. Is fresh lemon juice (a squeeze), okay to use to give the chicken a little flavor?

  280. Cassidy says:

    Yeah me too!

  281. Jasmine says:

    I so know how you feel! But when my family asks if I’m dieting, they make fun of me when I say yes. One day my mom got home from grocery shopping and she was like “You know, we don’t even eat that bad!” My response? I pointed to the four (NOT KIDDING) packages of cookies that she just bought, sitting on the counter. -______- It’s ridiculous. My mother buys almost NO fruit and makes dinners that are extremely fattening, so I’m basically doomed. And on top of it all, I have had to stop doing cardio workouts because my asthma is getting really bad and she still hasn’t made a doctors appointment for me, even though I basically can’t breathe when I’m moving around. Ugh.

  282. Allana Hill says:

    I wouldn’t recommend substituting Salmon, it is much higher in fat, where a tuna is relatively light and lean. I was on a similar diet where I was only allowed salmon once a week. Other lean white fishes, like tilapia, are usually fine!

  283. I don’t understand, I thought it was good to eat as many fruits and veggies as you want? What’s wrong with fruit? Is it because it has a lot of sugar?

  284. try pinterest. they have amazing recipes for people on the go. i just got finished making egg white, mushroom, and spinach mini quiche’s in a muffin tin. saute both ingredients before hand, heat oven to 300, bake for 20-25. don’t forget to seriously grease tin before hand! i bring them to work and keep them in the freezer. i’ve also tried with bell peppers, ham chunks, and onions. you can pretty much add anything. hope this helps!

  285. Kaysha Perrin says:

    Or perhaps tilapia?

  286. Kaysha Perrin says:

    Is it alright to substitue canned salmon for canned tuna to eliminate some of the mercury risk?

  287. I have soy protein powder- is that okay to replace the whey protein with?

  288. Tnx so much for sharing this, you eased my frustration a bit. My trainer told me today that in regards to the goals I wanted to reach , I need to cut fruit from my diet. I thought she was nuts! I love fruit and we’re all groomed to believe that fruit is healthy and ok even in surplus. You basically wrote everything she shared in a nicer tone. Now as I workout and learn more abt nutrition I’m constantly learning new things. Im trying this no fruit diet starting today, its going to be superhard but im motivated. In regards to protein were you able to eat beef or fish such as talapia or salmon? Tnx agin for sharing, glad I saw your post.

  289. Hi Casey, hello guys,

    I was wondering if I am allowed to drink coffee??
    Aaaand if I can replace a protein shake with some low fat cottage cheese on some days (would it ruin everything??) ?

    Lots of love xx

  290. Cassey sometimes i just get really angry at my parents for buying fruit and telling us “they want us to eat healthy” (which i strive to do anyways) and then order 3 pizzas and buckets of KFC chicken. ugh! and then my mom asked me “did you eat any of the pizza?” and i said,”no, i had a salad instead” and then she said “oh, are you dieting?” And im like “i’ve BEEN ‘dieting'” but i want them to understand that im not just dieting for a one-time-thing, I’m trying to develop a healthy lifestyle to help me stay on the right track!!

  291. do I have to eat the meals in order ????

  292. hey, i want some ideas for breakfast, but i want a healthy ones, can you give me some ideas please! i’m trying to start a healthy habit

  293. Hi Cassey!! Instead of “lifting”, could i just do an hour combined of your Pilates workouts??

  294. Do you know what I could eat for a bikini body, on a vegetarian diet? It excludes ALL meat, including poultry and fish. I do eat eggs, though. I’m vegetarian for compassionate reasons, and not health, so I have to bend all diets around that. I run for about 10 minutes minimum each day, but usually I double that, depending on my busy schedule.

    I know that protein is really the most important thing when it comes to getting that dream beach body, but I don’t exactly want to live off of eggs for weeks on end. Beans and lentils are chalked full of carbs, and I’d have to eat a load of spinach or broccoli to get enough from veggies.

  295. I’m having the SAME problem! I just don’t know if I should do this or her bikini comp. diet plan and workout.. or are they the same?

  296. you need veggies! you can’t substitute them because they are really high in nutrients and low in calories! they are basically your best friends for weightloss, or maintaining weight. Try to eat them please, convince yourself they are yummy.

  297. if the eggs were meant to be a source of protein, then tofu or beans would be a good substitute.

  298. Berries? NO FRUIT is protein! They are 100% carbs. If you read this article she ate no fruit. Proteins are only whey powder, meats and (maybe) cottage cheese.

  299. I really wish I could do these meal plans, but I’m so damn picky none of them work. :(

  300. How can I alter this if I’m allergic to eggs?????? What else could I use instead of eggs?

  301. Google is your friend Ashlyn!

  302. What do you mean by intermittent fasting?

  303. it doesnt really matter i dont think. cook it up however you like it. and if your steaming try not to do it in the microwave if possible because ive learnt that it kills the nutrition in the veggies by like 75% or something

  304. Hey Cassey, I really hope you reply….. Firstly I LOVE LOVE blogilates.. I want to start this meal plan in February. Now I want to know for the “one hour of lifting” is it ok to do one hour of lifting dumbbells at home or would you suggest I join a gym.

  305. Hey, I’m having a dilemma about which to try too but I guess the 8-week bikini body plan is easier to follow. Taking into account the types of food you need to include for the 90 day challenge, it’s comparatively costly and may not be available easily. But that’s just my opinion! All the best! x

  306. Vanessa Guzman says:

    Thanks!! :)

  307. What should I eat if I don’t do egg whites?

  308. hey kourtney!
    replace eggs with other sources of protien like nuts, berries, fish, beans and a bit of meat :)

  309. Hi Casey! I am a university student who walks/bikes every day but only hits the gym about 3 times a week. I want to go on this diet so I have a bikini body by May, I’m 5’6 starting out at about your starting weight (127) and was just wondering if you think it would be worth doing this diet without the same amount of exercise? Do you think I would still see results? Also I LOVE blogilates I’m so glad I found it!

  310. Kourtney Love says:

    I would really love to try this, but I don’t eat eggs so any suggestions on what I should do?

  311. can i have some substitutes for meat cuz ima vegetarian

  312. teilzeitDAU says:

    in my opinion you could sub chicken or turkey breast (something around 6oz) or tofu or even eggs (2 eggs w/ yolk), or any other kind of lean fish.

  313. I don’t think it can be true. Most people in southern European countries eat after eight, and there is not a high rate of obesity in these countries :)

  314. Hey! This meal plan looks intense! I have a question… I want to give this a try but I hate tuna!! Any suggestions for a substitute??

  315. so do you just mix everything together? like in the first meal- do we just mix the egg with the broccoli?

  316. Hey Cassey! Can you please please start writing how many calories we can burn on every video! Thx

  317. I am not Cassey, but I have read in a scientific article that it was proven and tested that it doesn’t. The only thing that can make you obese is eating more calories than you burn :)

  318. A suggestion so you don’t get fatigued on this diet is to add more healthy fats. You see, it’s healthiest to follow either a low carb diet or a low fat diet, but not a both low carb and low fat diet (like this one). The body was not simply meant to run on pure protein and fiber (which you don’t get calories from), so if you’re on a high protein diet you need more healthy fats for saetiety and energy. Love Cassey, admire Cassey, but I don’t think this diet is as healthy as it sounds. I tried it, and after a week my body rebelled and I felt really lousy. I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again: the human body was not meant to run on only protein.

  319. I agree!! I started intermittent fasting a couple months ago and I have lost WAY more fat and I’ve slimmed down a lot (while eating more calories). I basically eat 2 huge meals every day and I’m always full and it’s amazing.

  320. It’s really a shame that you think you ate 6 meals a day to “keep your metabolism up”. There is zero scientific evidence to support this. Your body will always have an equal metabolic response to the amount of food you consume. This is why intermittent fasting is so successful.

  321. Hello! One question! I know i sound like a little kid but what happen if you dont like vegetables? Or dont eat fish? Anything that can substitute for fish and vegetables????

  322. Caroline N. says:

    Hi Cassey! I was just wondering for the meal plans, do you eat every two hours or what’s the time span? Did you eat the same meal every single day? What are some good substitutes for turkey and tuna?

  323. Hey Cassey!
    Im just wondering, is it true eating after 8pm can cause obesity?? Im curious.. Please reply<3

  324. Yes, please! Do a vegan 8 week bikini body diet plan! :)
    please please please!

  325. Hi together, Hi Cassey
    What do you think about a refeed or cheat day??
    Thank You

  326. Im 15 years old, 4foot9 and weigh 50kg. i have 8 weeks to get my body slimmer and more toned but I dont know whether to try the 8 week bikini body or the 90 Day challenge? which one is more suitable? someone please please help?

  327. i was wondering, if you could also post how many calories approximately you burn for each video :)

  328. any soy protein is a great way for women to cut the inches because we digest it easier, but if you are not into the easy powders. snacks that have a 2:1 protein to carb ratio and lower calories are perfect

  329. Oops! I mean, she didn’t eat ALL 6 meals EVERY 2-3 hours! But she ate 6 meals total every day, each meal was separated by 2-3 hours for digestion and what not.

  330. She ate all 6 meals every 2-3 hours every day.

  331. Vanessa Guzman says:

    I feel like this might be a stupid question but I am confused. Are you supposed to eat ONLY ONE of these meals throughout the entire day, 3 of these meals a day, or all six in a day? Please someone answer me!

  332. you’re amazing ! i love this blog! motiviated me and helping me with diet and weight planning. keep up the good work!

  333. is there a substitution for whey powder?

  334. Hello!

    I’m currently living in Japan and it’s really hard to get a hold of whey powder i was wondering if there was a substitute i could use instead?

  335. How many grams of carbs do you recommend for the carb up day?

  336. PLEASE do a bikini meal plan for vegans! I really want to trim down with you too!

  337. Hello Cassey so do you recommend going on this diet for someone trying to make a drastic change in their diet and body? I’m trying to loose 12-15 pounds and adopt a healthy lifestyle but I don’t know what foods to eat as in a meal plan to loose the weight? I was looking at your meals plans and was wondering if this type of meal plan will cause me have really low energy?

  338. Hey Audrey!

    When trying to gain weight/maintain a healthy weight/muscle mass it’s still really important to still eat really nutrient dense foods. This means as little empty calories as possible. Empty calories are foods that have to benefit to your body (ex- cookies, brownies). Nutrient dense foods have the most “bang for your buck.” Broccoli would be one example.

    Also, when trying to loose weight people are encouraged to eat fresh like grapes rather than raisins. This is because 1 grape is the same amount of calories as 1 raisin. But when trying to gain weight you should eat raisins because you will eat more and therefore consume more calories.

    Basically, it is still important to eat foods that give you nutrients you just get to consume even more calories!

    Good luck!


  339. So just wondering, would you say this was more effective or the 90 day thing on your meal plans page. They look similar but also different in other ways. Which is better for getting a “bikini body” or looking healthier?

  340. Cassey. Im underweight and its really hard for me to gain weight. Im working out because i wanna feel FIT and not skinny. you know what i mean? I think id rather gain muscle mass. Please tell me how to do it. Thanks! ♥

  341. The best way achieve ones desired weight is eat the right diet food meals. In every meal, there must be a serving of vegetables, meat, rice or any carbohydrates related food, fruits and a glass of milk. That’s the best way to have a balanced diet.

  342. hey cassey, my wedding is on November 7th so i have a month to workout do u reccommend me doing this diet or the vegan one cause im not so much of a meat eater and i dont do hours of Pilates just 1 and half hour at the gym at the most. can you guide me? i will be following ur October calender
    your new Popster :)

  343. Hey! I’ve started this diet plan to help me get that fab bikini look for my cruise in December. I was just curious as to the whey protein shakes, how much water would you recommend? Just 6-8 oz? Also wondering if it would drastically affect results if used skim milk every now and again for the shakes? Thanks again for all the great videos!

  344. Hey Amanda. I am 15 too and i discoverd blogilates about 8 months ago. I started doing all cassie’s videos and started following her diet plan. I quickly lost my period and developed anorexia plus body distortion disorder and i am now battling a my disorders. It is the hardest thing i have ever had to do and i don’t suggest to anyone else that they get involved in this as a teenager. Please take my advice and just love the way you look right now. Girls our age should not be dieting or exercising this hard to lose weight. It just is not going to bring you good things.

  345. Is it possible to switch meals?

  346. Hey, Cassey!
    I’m 14 years old and I’m overweihgt. Every day I do your videos and I’m trying eating clean but there are so many different diets and I’m really confused. Can I ask you what diet should i do? (I’m vegetarian :) thanks in advance
    P.S sorry if there is spellIng and pronouncing errors. I’m bulgarian and I don’t speak English very well :((

  347. i am underweight from unhealthy eating tricks. i really need to gain some weight but i want it to be muscle because i’m skin and bones. i’m thinking of giving your diet a go but that food just sounds like so much so i’m wondering what exercises did you do to ensure you didn’t gain weight. i am a runner and i try to run 12km every 2 days but if i increased my running to everyday would that be enough. what other exercises should i do?

  348. Hi Cassey,

  349. hey cassy , can i have 1 cheat day per week where i can eat whatever i want ???? <3 <3 <3 xoxo

  350. you are such a troll. get outta here.

  351. Hey Sarah,
    Firstly if you are hungry when you sleep your body will most likely start eating your muscle, not excess fat and longterm you most likely will gain weight back.
    When do you eat breakfast? If you have it at say 8:00 you don’t have to eat until 11:00 at latest, I suggest you buy pre-packaged protein shakes (check the fat, carb, sugar content) and have that in class at 11:00 with a bag of celery sticks? Perfectly reasonable? I do it at work :).
    Make yourself a green salad with the one tomato and your protien and have that straight after class and then space out the other meals from there, remembering that your next snack should be something like tuna and lettuce/celery, because you already have had the afternoon protein shake.
    Also, the first couple of days on this made me feel off; take digestive enzymes with breakfast, lunch and dinner (it really helps!). I would also recommend taking a multi vitamin and fibre tablet if you aren’t eating heaps of lettuce and celery (raw food).
    Make sure you smash water down ALL day! It’ll keep you from confusing dehydration with hunger.
    Workout daily! Even a light sesh will make your stomach feel better.
    Good Luck! So far I’ve lost 5kg or 11Ibs (3 weeks) all my post surgery weight!

  352. whoa sorry! didn’t think it sent the first time so I sent it again. woops!

  353. I am in college and from 9:05-1:30 I have classes back to back to back to back each day. How am I supposed to eat in between classes? I am literally sprinting to each class because they are so far away from each other!

    Also, I have been struggling with sleep because my stomach growling is keeping me awake. I take ADD medicine (which suppresses my appetite) and it wears off around 9. Once it wears off, I become hungry. What should I do?

  354. I just don’t know what to do. I’m in college and I have 4 classes back to back to back to back from 9:05-1:30 two days a week. The other three days I have classes back to back from 9:30 to 12:30. How am I supposed to eat that many meals?

    Also…I have had trouble sleeping because my stomach has been growling..my ADD medicine wears off around 9 each day and because it suppresses my appetite, I become hungry when it wears off. What do I do?

  355. [email protected] says:

    I do not like tuna or any kind of fish, is there anything I can substitute the tuna for? also you said on sunday “I did not take my protein and instead had sweet potatoes, black beans, oatmeal, and apple sauce.” What are you subbing these foods in for and how much of each and for which meal?

  356. You are disgusting!
    She deserves someone so much better than you!
    I hope she leaves you and finds someone who will treat her right, you don’t deserve her.

  357. Hi,
    I am very interested in trying this but I am only 15 so it is very hard to keep the food and workout plans up because of school (schoolwork, studying, homework, afterschool activities) and also working on the weekends from 8am-5pm. Also, is it unsafe for me to these meal plans while I am still developing and growing. Has anyone around my age completed this plan sucessfully?

  358. You are disgusting. I hope she finds out what you said and leaves you in the dust you fucking asshole. You don’t deserve any girlfriend with that attitude. You don’t deserve any companionship if you think like that. If you were a real man you wouldn’t care what size pants your girlfriend wears. You disgust me. You disgust every woman on this planet.

  359. My girlfriend has been doing this for 2 months and she is really slimming up! I can climax again from just looking at her! Before she was too fat and just grossed me out.

  360. WOW! This plan really works! I’m on to my second week of this and so far I’ve lost 1.8kg and so many cms! I couldn’t be happier with the progress :D 6.5 weeks left!!

  361. Hi Cassey,
    I was wondering if you/your trainer friend knew of a similar type of diet plan, but geared toward vegetarians. I’m sure that all of us who don’t eat meat/fish and are looking to get healthy would love some advice on this. Thanks so much!

  362. The thing with stubborn tummy fat is food, like Cassey’s picture above says. If you want to see your abs you need to eat clean. Ditch any processed food and eat a good balance of foods. Target exercise can only tone the area so it’s all lovely and beautiful behind the layer of fat. With all that exercise you do I can only assume it’s your diet that’s not up to scratch.

  363. Your whole body

  364. Sally, I honestly feel like YOU’RE the one searching for attention by making such a fuss. I don’t mean to be too harsh but I feel like this is a much smaller issue than you’re making it out to be. I have an eating disorder too and this site is helping me make progress and work on recovery. It is positive, healthy and certainly not disordered. I understand that things like this could be triggering, but that’s how life is. It’s much better to just look away and move on than to make yourself miserable over this. Anything food related triggered me for a very long time but I didn’t go around asking shops to take food out their windows and restaurants to stop advertising. I hope you can get past this and recover and stay off sites you find triggering if you’re still disordered x

  365. Sally, you clearly have fucked up issues with food, when you get the help you need for your ED, get help for your poor comprehension skills as well

  366. Okay, I feel like i just have to comment, for all the people who are being petty,*i’m looking at you Sally*, did you really read this post? or just read what you wanted to see? Cassey clearly states that this was an experiment that she was doing with her personal trainer. She even posted the disclaimer at the bottom, which flew over your head. Have you looked at the date of the post? it was last year, so for those who don’t like the content GTFO!

  367. Cassie, congrats on an awesome job! I followed a similar nutrition plan last year so I. appreciate how hard it is to stick to it! One question I have: could you share the quantities you ate of carbs (sweet potatoes, black beans, oatmeal, apple sauce) on your carb day? I just want to make sure I follow to a T as I have similar work out schedule to yours and similar weight.
    Thank you!

  368. Hey Cassey!

    First of all I must say that you are truly an inspiration.=).Thanks a bunch for sharing it all with us.REALLY.Secondly I would like to ask if soy pulse can be used as an alternate?

  369. When eating like this you should take a digestive enzyme 3 times a day. Also, to add seasoning to your food without the sodium use Mrs. Dash or lemon/lime juice.

  370. Im gonna start this soon, but I was wondering whether I could replace the vanilla whey protein with something else? Does the bikini diet only make your tummy thinner or does it improve the whole body?

  371. if you’re on this website expect to see healthy foods and not junk. it’s 1900 calories a day, she said so, that’s definitely a healthy intake. If you have had issues with ed how about don’t go on fitness and weightloss sites and complain.

  372. I want to do this plan really bad! I run for 30 minutes 5 days a week and I rotate weightlifting 5 days a week. My tummy has always been my trouble spot. What workouts do you suggest to do for flat abs and how many days a week? Thank you so much! You are a huge inspiration!

  373. hey cassey!!

    I just want to start off and say my sister and i LOVELOVELOVE pop pilates and i love your blog as well! I’m 16 years old and I’m 5,5”(same height as you i think?) You seem to know so much about healthy eating and exercise. I’m looking to lower my body fat percentage, gain muscle and lose fat. I’ve heard adding protein powder to your diet , taking fish oil supplements and just eating better and doing more cardio is good but I’m not quite sure how much protein powder I need daily or anything else more specific than what I’ve stated already. If you have any suggestions or information that could be helpful i would REALLY appreciate it!!

    thanks!! <3

  374. Hey Stevie,
    I completely agree; its not necessarily a bad feeling, just a weird off feeling. I’ve only been on the diet for a couple of days so far.
    I’m hoping that it’s just my body getting used to eating healthily again; also it is a lot more protein than I normally eat.

    I’ll tough it out for a few more weeks; hopefully it gets easier!

  375. This is way hard. Do you ever get a weird feeling after you eat too many veggies? I do, and I feel like that all the time now. The tuna is also a little tasteless, not very yummy. OH WELL {big sigh} Hot body, hot body, hot body.

  376. Hi Cassey!

    I just want to say that your workout videos are exactly what I’ve been looking for. While in college I took a body sculpting class, which gave me the best results of my LIFE! I’ve been struggling to find something similar, in a gym, classes or internet. I found you on tumblr and did your “Ab shortcut” video. I can honestly say my abs were sore for days!! ha ha! I’m so happy I found you! Thank you for posting amazing kick butt (literally and figuratively) exercise routines for ALL! Your positive attitude, energy and routines help me to stay focused. It helps to have some guidance. By the way, during your workouts I say “I hate you” and/or “Omg, you’re crazy” while my muscles are burning! For me, that is a sign of a fabulous workout! :)

    As for your meal plan, it gives me an idea of what I need to do to really get into “fit” shape or what I need to mentally prepare for. I’m probably going to seek a nutritionist for some guidance. Just like you said in your clause, it’s what worked for “you”. Now I’m going to see what will work for my body!

    Thank you!!

  377. hold up you better not be talking about me cassey she is a amazing girl who helps people out with wanting to get fit and in shape and if you blame people because you were in the hostpital for an eating disorder go cry in your pillow and deal with it if you dont like her get off and cry about yourself im a popster and have been doing these vedios for months and it worked now tell me something if you dont like her why did you even come on this website you have somee problems i absoultley love cassey and shes a wonderful person so dont let the door hit you where mother nature split you because i am a true popster

  378. Are you serious? Were you really pro-ana? Somebody anorexic usually eats 300 or 500 kcal a day. But overweight people really can lose weight quickly when they eat about 1200-1500. This meal plan has got about this amount of kcal.
    It’s just a high-protein diet, and it only lasts for 6 weeks. Somebody anorexic does this for months. Your comment was pretty rude, too.

  379. cindy jayy says:

    If you don’t like what she posts, wtf are you doing on here then? Yeah you had a weight problem but ohkay that’s your fault, sorry. But don’t blame her? She’s doing this because obviously people asked her for it. And for the people who supposedly are getting underweight or ill from this, remember she no where says she RECOMMENDS them to do it. So yeah. Cassey is amazing and she doesn’t need unnecessary bs from people like you.

  380. Stacy Johnson says:

    Cassey is already a big healthy eater so this isnt a GIGANTIC jump for her. I would say start slow and work your way up to this. Just starting this diet could make your body feel weird because it’s not getting what it is used to. So do some things in variation and keep working out and getting that cardio in and you will see results. There is also nothing wrong with a little splurge once in a while because then your body doesnt get used to this and it’s on it’s toes to keep it going! Have some fun with it too :) This is just what she does well did

  381. Stacy Johnson says:

    you’re fucked up just go away

  382. Stacy Johnson says:

    Okay you need to calm down. If you don’t like her website then leave! It is that simple. In no way is she promoting eating disorders. This is her diet and what works for her and people asked what she did so she posted it. It all about self control and being reasonable. If someone is fainting or sick while doing this diet then hopefully they have enough common sense to change it to fit their lifestyle. This is just what she did for 8 weeks. Not forever. Once she got to the point that she was happy with she incorporated more variety of foods. She has changed many peoples lives for the better with her advice, exercise videos, and diet RECOMMENDATIONS. In no way is she saying that people HAVE to do this. So go away and leave here alone… crazy

  383. women’s 1-a-day multivitamins and other vitamin supplements are personal choices and I’m sure that as an educated exercise professional she made sure to supplement. :)

  384. she’s fucked up

  385. Do you eat any brown rice with the meals?

  386. Hi Cassey, I’m 16 and want a bikini body ready for an Australia move, I was just wondering how you cook everything together, the ingredients seem a bit odd together.
    Also, how do you get over cravings, I always crave savoury foods like crisps and sandwiches, bread is a big pitfall for me but I’ve been substituting for oatcakes recently.
    Thanks Lauren

  387. ok you ARE triggering to eating disorders not just this MP but in general. Zero calorie noodles really? I despise this type of behavior. You claim this is a “healthy living” site, but its the polar opposite. I have spent months in the hospital for anorexia, and this absolute bullshit makes it much harder. I am sorry but you either need to receive treatment or find another way to get attention. Restricting yourself of proper nutrition, over-exercising, obsessing over calories should not be admired or seen as pivotal in modern society. As an ED survivor I am not only angered that someone would post this crap, but hurt. It makes me feel like recovery isn’t right and this is how all women should live. You are basically a pro ana site are you proud? Im sure many people have become underweight and ill from your “health site”. Get a life

  388. Eimear Murphy says:

    Is their any replacment for the fishy things? im not a fish eater and am dying to try this challange. x

  389. Is that all I’m going to eat for 8 weeks?

  390. Francine says:

    going for a vacation to the tropics!! i am going to do this meal plan. :)

  391. What was your average macronutrient ratios for this meal plan?

  392. Did you measure the meat when it was raw or cooked?

  393. I typically add chili flakes to my canned tuna or Sirracha chili sauce (I love spicy!) If spicy is not your thing, even dicing a tomato and herb like cilantro or basil makes it more delish. My fave salad is tuna, avocado, tomato and fresh basil… so good!

  394. I also have lactose intolerance and have found pea protein shakes to work wonders. The protein is completely absorbed (20mg) and it makes a great post-workout snack! Hope that helps, and I’m happy to suggest brands if needed.

  395. Icha Mariska says:

    can I switch whey protein with mung bean powder? I have lactose intolerance and also the whey protein is rare and so pricey here. :'(( Or maybe, there’s also another alternative? thanks a lot

  396. Icha Mariska says:

    yea… I totally agree to that. Switching some group of foods with something better works best for me than cutting something out. Bread is not a problem for me, but rice and pasta. I”ve tried to cut them out once, but ended up by craving of it which makes me feel very uncomfortable with my meal plan, because my body tells me that I’m lack of energy source.
    So I do swap those things with carbs from boiled veggies and fruits – with low glycemic index, like carrots, apples, etc and feel better and full. Its kinda hard at the beginnings, but u have to build the mindset that u’re eating for good. Now, I’m still far from my target bod, but I did lost 6 kgs and I’m feeling great.
    Hope it helps. :)

  397. Just substitute them with plant based proteins :)

  398. You can easily substitute plant based proteins for animal one’s with this.
    I’m vegan and have tried it before with success.

    I did up the amount of protein by a third to half as plant based proteins have lower calories and I found that I needed more.

  399. Try having small amounts of wholegrains in the morning with breakfast.

  400. I’m a vegan, and you can easily do this by adding tofu and any sort of beans that you like!
    I tried this and found that I increased the amount of protein by maybe a third to half – due to the fact that plant based protein has less calories.

  401. Nikki Allen says:

    Are you able to eat asparagus? If you can’t eat broccoli, I think asparagus, green beans or spinach would be good substitutes. As far as the carbs go, how much are you supposed to eat each day? If you stick to healthy carbs like whole grain and just eat them in the beginning of the day and lunch time then leave the mostly proteins/veggies for the afternoon and dinner, that should work. I did that and it helped a LOT. Like for example…whole grain toast (1 slice) with egg whites or one egg (to make a sandwich) plus your veggie. Let me know if this helps. Also, if you minimize your sugar, that’s what helped me get over a plateau. No high fructose corn syrup, no sugar. I hope this helps. Good luck and congrats!

  402. Ohh if you want youll make the time, Im a Mother and a Wife and I Also have a job…. So i make time even if it is at 5am when my son is sleeping and my hubby is gone for work, I want to look better and be healthier thats why I do it

  403. Hello,

    I would love to do this because I’m getting married in 8 weeks and then off on my honeymoon however I have IBS and unfortunately carbs are one of the things I have to eat in order to avoid any attacks. Broccoli is a huge no no for me I’m usually in a lot of pain after eating it :( Will I still get good results if i’m not going by this diet but instead just eating as healthy as possible?

  404. Christine says:

    Is there anything I can substitute for the vanilla whey protein? Also, what condiments do you recommend adding to the tuna to make it more flavorful?

  405. thanks! gotta keep it real ya kno?

  406. Hi Cassey,
    I just wanted to say that above all, I love your honesty. There are tons of people out there who only care (maybe pretend) about being healthy and exercising for their HEALTH…but there are a lot of people who still enjoy eating healthy and working out because it makes them feel better and look better. Unfortunately, we like looking our best. I love that you say you check the scale, cause most of us do. I love that you check your self out in the mirror, cause most of us do…. but lastly, I love that you give in to cravings because you know that you need it mentally as well. Thank you for posting like a human being and not an exercising machine (which I bet you feel like some days) . Thanks again! Your awesome

  407. Vivian,

    I’m 5’5” and I weighed 110lbs when I worked a 9-5 job. I stay home with my kids now and weight lift and weigh about 118. A normal person should care about the food they consume and the exercise they get. Being physically fit is not just for some people. Also, I weighed 110 not being crazy about my diet or eating extremely clean. I have been overweight during my life so weight gain is not something that is impossible for me.

    Also, a lot of people eliminate dairy and wheat from their diets because of choice or health reason: Celiac’s disease and lactose intolerance. Diets of fruits and vegetables are diets that contain carbohydrates which can be found in ample supplies in fruits and beans.

    On the subject of dairy, humans are the only animal on the planet that consumes dairy beyond the age of 6 months. Milk is specifically designed to aide the growth of infants to double in size by the age of 6 months old. More acutely, it is to put fat on infant’s bodies who need the fat for all the growing they need to complete.

    Moreover, the most significant sources of calcium are leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and broccoli. Strawberries and other berries are also a great source of calcium.

    When I was working 40-50 hrs a week, I also had to maintain a home, a husband to take care of, two kids, and was spending 3-4 hours every night doing homework. There is no excuse. Especially considering all the reasons you mentioned had to do with taking care of something or someone else who isn’t yourself, there is no excuse not to take the time to take care of yourself.

    I also want to mention that this is a realistic plan to lose get a “bikini body” in 8 weeks. It is a beefed up program for people wanted to take extreme action. You have to judge it as such.

  408. Broccoli is full of calcium!! Dairy is not an essential food group for a healthy diet.

  409. Brittany says:

    calcium for one. no dairy in this diet. its very hard on bones to lift weights and not have enough calcium. some protein powders do have calcium in them tho.

  410. Frogsplash says:

    I think that any ‘diet’ is unhealthy and the point here is that you will achieve results quickly, but it’s not sustainable. A better idea is to continue to eat healthily and make time when you can for exercise, even if it’s 30 mins per day walking. It’s been proven that yo-yo dieting is incredibly bad for your health and in the long term leading a healthy and active lifestyle (which Cassey obviously promotes) is better.

    This is a very idealistic plan and I would say that cutting refined carbs, such as sugary drinks, sweets and breads would be better. Brown rice and pasta are okay in small quantities, as is fruit.

  411. hey cassey, thanks for posting this. i have vacation trip in a month, so this is perfect. how closely did you follow this, and any tips from falling off the bandwagon? thanks :-)

  412. Hey there! I love your videos, and your website! Its amazing!! It really motivates me to want to become healthier. I’ve been trying to lose weight lately, but its very difficult, as I am a recovering binge eater. I gained about 7 pounds so far from binge eating, and its so hard to stop. But aside from that, I realized you eat a lot of vegetables. My problem is a barely like vegetables. Broccoli, eggplant, zucchini, green beans; the works. I dont like any of them :( How can I eat more vegetable if I dont like the taste?

  413. Chelsea Martin says:

    In you diet plan, you say the closest you go to eating fruit was apple sauce. I absolutely LOVE fruit as snacks throughout the day. (especially watermelon). I know that is a type of carb, but is there a modification to the lack of fruit??

  414. Kirsty Ferguson says:

    I totally understand where you are coming from Viviana, I am married myself with a 3 year old little boy. So time is VERY hard to come, especially because my husband is in College Full time and Works on top of that, and as I operate my own Full Time Day Care Monday-Friday and some Saturdays.

    But the fact of the matter is, if we want to lose the weight and get into shape, then we have to make sacrifices and do what we think is hard or impossible. A great body doesn’t come from wishing it there. I know, I have tried, LOL. Sometimes that does mean giving up that little bit of rest time to squeeze in 30-40 minutes of a workout just so that we can begin to see improvements. I know that when I begin to lose weight and eat healthy and workout, I not only feel better about myself, but I also have more energy to do what I love. =]

  415. melinda brown says:

    I agree! Its a good idea but not realistic for someone that doesn’t do a million workouts a week!

  416. Alicia A says:

    I’ve tried to cut back on my bread and pasta intake. I switch things out like instead of having tuna fish on crackers or bread I eat it with celery sticks. Or to treat myself I still eat guacamole but instead of eating it with tortillas or bread I use slices of green and red pepper. You dont add on carbs, sugar or sodium when swapping out one or two veggies and in the end you know you ate something good. Drastically cutting something out only makes you want it more and leads you to binge eating and ultimately falling off the wagon.

  417. Great Post. I love reading all of your articles and watching all your videos. Thank you, your so kind, sharing all this idea.

  418. Cassandra Majere says:

    I really wanna try this, but I’m a runner so no fruit or carbs sounds a little austere…any modifications? But if this is how super athletes are made I’ll have at it…

  419. how far apart do we eat each meal? say someone gets up between 9-10 when should they eat the first meal, and how far apart should all meals be until the final meal of the day? and around what time should the last meal be if the person is up until 12-1am?


  420. What nutrients is she lacking here? Especially if she switches up the chicken for light fish and mixes around the veggies, it seems very healthy. But I won’t pretend to know everything about nutrition =)

  421. I’m vegetarian, the only animal products i eat are couple eggs a week and some cheese. How would you recommend I adjust this 8 week diet? (I guess adding, but without the need to go crazy loaded on, tofu as a meat replacement can help. what else would you sugest?).

    ^_^ thanks in advance, for the help!

  422. I think to if you weight alot more then 126 to begin with, with bad eating habits already you will lose ALOT more! I started a low carb diet 2 months ago which I only eat 26 carbs a day or lower and that included zero fruit and only drinking water, and didn’t work out for those 2 months either and I have now gone from over 180 pounds at 5’5 to now weighting in at 163 pounds. Its awesome! and thats zero working out! all from cutting out breads and pastas and sugary drinks! I didn’t do the carb sunday thing though. (im not saying u shouldn’t work out just Ive been so busy with cleaning and cooking dinners and meal planing cuz its takes awhile to plan out such a restricted diet and im the type of person that can’t eat the same thing over and over again or I go crazy!) Starting yesterday i’ve kicked my butt in gear and hit the gym, I pick out one of ur videos to do in the morning and do a walk at night with my man and our pup. But yah cutting out carbs alone if you already bigger and have bad eating habits you will for sure lose more then a pound a week! and can u imagine how much u would lose if you if ur videos as well!

  423. I’m sorry but to me any program that ELIMINATES something completely is wrong. This is your job so being fit is part of what you do so to go from…126 to 118 is not really for everyone. I think unless you are in the fitness industry and have your own business, like you, there is really no need for normal folks to be 116 lbs at that height. Plus in real life we have 9-5or (6,7,8) jobs, long commutes, husbands, houses to clean, meals to make, dishes to wash and if we are lucky enough we are left with some time to relax, which in most cases means that working out 75-90 minutes a day 6X week is very unrealistic if not impossible. I give you kudos for bearing that diet for 8 weeks, and I hope you took tons of supplements because otherwise you lacked basic nutrients for all that time. You obviously look great, so it worked!
    BTW I love your workouts and I hope to see the Bikini Blaster 5 up soon!

  424. I really know i need to cut on bread and stuff, but i love it so much”:( would rather pass the whole dinner thing haha

  425. Cassey, you said in another post that you lose 10 something lbs. Where the hell did they come off from? Do you like your body as it is normally, or when you were training for the competition?

  426. What about salt and pepper?

  427. chandni says:

    hey!! cassey how ru?? i want to knw how many carbs should v hav in a day to loose weight?? or how much carbs u use hav??

  428. So can i substitute the meats and fish with soy protein as well and get the same results in the bikini challenge and the 7 day challenge? btw love what you are doing

  429. Melissa says:

    Hey Casey! I was just wondering what weight training did you do to get your abs so defined? not much girls at the gym I go to does weight training so I can’t really learn from them! And also is there something else I could replace with tuna and protein shakes? cause I absolutely hate the taste of tuna. I’ve been going to the gym 5 times a week (mainly doing cardio) and trying to fit in as much of your workouts as possible for the past 2 and half weeks, but I haven’t felt a difference (I think it is because my diet is not right) and I would always eat a lot after my gym because I get super hungry! Is there any tips you could give to help ?! My formal is coming up and I really really want to see my ab lines through this dress I want to wear! It would mean a lot to me if you replied :) x

  430. oh this diet looks like “dry” diet or i dunno how it called exactly. but it has to be used only if u r exercising a lot, if u r not exercising then it will be no use.

  431. ummm scratch that. reverse it.

  432. I guess it’s just us RD’s that think eating balanced healthy whole foods and avoiding processed foods, is a sensible way to eat. Note to the world you can still lose weight eating balanced meals.

  433. Rakhee says:

    Sorry one more question–any lifting exercises that didnt make you bulky would be great! I am most concerned about that.

  434. Rakhee says:


    Can you help us with what type of lifting exercises you did for an hour? Is there a tutorial?

    Thank you!

  435. Heii Cassey i want to aks you Im 18 and I have school every day..How can I fit all this in my school days…Do I have to use this meal plan or something else and are this exercise hard for me! Plss answer mee I want my hot body back

  436. Jahnessa says:

    thank u michele it was for kelsie. typo

  437. I was wondering, were you ever tired following this diet plan? I have tried low-carb before but I always lose the energy I need to lift weights and do some HIIT cardio. what do you recommend?

  438. Y so much hating Kelsie? its an 8 week plan. not for a lifetime. i’m sure cassie will be in better shape after this boost and get back to her usual eating habits which we should all follow. if ur diet plans have failed, don’t take it out on someone who was sharing whats worked for them to help others.

    Cassie! great job!!

  439. If you feel sad for Casey, then don’t bother commenting on her blog. I would rather be as happy and as positive as Casey is, than spending my time putting people down by writing negative comments.

    Casey please please please never let these people bring you down. Your an amazing being of light, love and joy :) xox

  440. To everyone criticizing the diet plan you are forgetting that Cassey is NOT endorsing this diet as a permanent eating plan.. It is a temporary diet to shed pounds in a limited time span. She is competing in an event where the judges are going to want to see muscle and a trim figure. Although this isn’t for everyone it is an excellent learning experience for Cassey. Most trainers expose themselves to a wide variety of sports and diet plans to find out what works. The knowledge they gain from this exposure helps them grow professionally to better serve their clients or in this case the very people who are criticizing her. Fitness isn’t just about physical beauty and obtaining the ideal proportions, it’s just as much mental as it is physical and even spiritual for some cultures (think pilgrimages). Many cultures endorse fasting as a way to understand the difference between what your body needs and what you want, it’s about disciple. Cassey is on a journey to learn something about herself. I for one am proud that she is taking the initiative to go out and do this and I’m excited to hear how she felt about the process once it’s over. The voluntary disciple you learn by exposing yourself to tough fitness routines really does carry over to other aspects of your life, you’re less likely to give up on yourself and you grow as a person, it’s very humbling to look inward and face your weaknesses.

  441. any type of white fish.

  442. What could you substitute for tuna?

  443. tea is cool

  444. this looks very yummy am keen to try :)
    Thanks for posting Cassey, I always find it so hard to plan what to eat,
    So this is perfect!
    Um small question Can I drink tea too or is it water only… ?
    Hehe to lose weight and my tea addiction :p that’s tough!

    thanks again :)
    Kind regards

  445. I personally love eating healthy. I crave it. It makes me feel energetic, happy and good. Anyone that eats healthy for a long period of time and is educated about food and nutrition, will likely feel good about it, too. Healthy food tastes good, to me.

  446. okay sooo i HATE broccoli, is there anything else i can use subsitute that with?

  447. pretty sure she was directing that comment at the kelsie girl, not cassey

  448. Of course we don’t see a fat pig, all we can see are two ovals :)

  449. Sorry but no, Cassey is not a “fat pig” Look at that picture use your eyes do you see someone who is fat,NO! If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all.

  450. well u can’t just go back to eating unhealthy. you need to continue to eat clean, maybe not as strict but still.

  451. Just eat more veggies! That’s all. Fruits are cool.

  452. I really really want to try this especially with the fabulous results and such, but I can’t. I think 15 is too young for this, especially considering my short stature which I hope means a spurt soon. What age would you recommend me doing this? ^_^ For now, I’ll stick to pilates and my addiction to fruit. :D

  453. I wish I could do this but I am vegan! Boo I am starting your other meal plan and I do enjoy the fact that you made a vegan plan as well, thank you for that! After that meal plan is over won’t I gain a bunch of weight back after going off the meal plan? Please help!

  454. Hey Cassey!

    I’m doing this to get in shape for summer and so far its going great. :)
    I was wondering on the carb loading days do you mean you replaced the egg whites, chicken, tuna and protein powder with carbs or just the protein powder?

  455. cmiller says:

    That is completely false. No Registered Dietitian would ever tell someone to eat less than 1200 kcals per day, or cut fruits out of a diet. There are some sports where special diets are needed for a couple days before competition, but for everyday normal life individuals need to be including foods from all food groups- there are no “bad” or “good” foods, it’s all about healthy balance. I respect that this blogger posted that the 8 week bikini body diet was just a fun experiment and that people should consult a Registered Dietitian before trying it out. It is not for everyone. To me, it is almost a perfect diet-loved the amount of vegetables consumed, but I would definitely throw in some fruit at each meal as well, and get some whole grains in there with the protein. I like the plate method: half your plate (small/medium sized plate) be full of fruits and vegetables and the other side contain your whole grains and protein.

  456. going back to healthy normal eating (like my recipe inde) will help you maintain as long as you are exercising!

  457. I was just wondering, what happened when you went back to eating normally? I’m sure you are by no means eating super unhealthy, but like Erin said above, did you just gain it all back? Just a little concerned about what the future will bring! :))

  458. As a Registered Dietitian I just want to say that it saddens me when people follow diets like these. This is a crash diet..and you will literally crash if you continue to restrict any particular food group from your diet. Yes, fruit is a carbohydrate, but it’s a complex carbohydrate (the good kind). They are packed with vitamins that help your immune system and everyday functions. You should NEVER cut any food group out of your diet. These low carb diets are short term, and the majority of the weight you lose is water weight. Carbohydrates are not the enemy. Eating whole grains packed with fiber will actually HELP you lose weight. If you want to lose weight, make it a lifestyle change. Sure, you might look good for a week or so, but as soon as you go back to your previous eating habits, the weight will come back with you. Make small changes at a time and eat clean, but NEVER cut anything out of your diet. Moderation is key.

  459. danielle says:

    me again! just a few more questions, how do you steam chicken?? haha I’ve never heard of it! and when you carb loaded on sundays you say you didn’t take your protein, are you talking about the protein powder or the chicken and tuna?? how did you substitute it? anyway I’m starting this diet today! wish me luck!!

  460. danielle says:

    Hi Cassey! well summertime is right around the corner and I’ve fallen off my fitness game lately:( but i saw this diet plan and i thought, “I can totally do this!” one thing though, could i sub anything for the tuna fish?? i haven’t actually tried it and i do plan on it but just in case i don’t like it can i have a different protein? also, the 1 hour of lifting…like legit 60 minutes of weights? thats crayy!! haha what was a sample of the weight lifting you did if you don’t mind sharing? you’re a great inspiration and i love your determined attitude! it helps me stay determined!
    thanks for everything you do!

  461. Question-so no fruit or 8 weeks ? And no nuts? Was it strictly low carb and carb load on Sunday? I am trying to cut 8lbs as well in 8 weeks for the beach.

  462. Your comment was rude. People have the right to disagree. Who are you to make comparisons? less than 1000 calories a day is harmful. Is weight so important that you would risk your health for it?

  463. It says you lifted weights… is there a certain sequence you followed? (Abs then legs, then chest etc… ) What if we did your Pilates/ HIIT/ Cardio videos instead weight lifting?

    Thank you :)

  464. I think Dukan is fine and you can replace the other stuff with tempeh, tofu, beans, lentils etc!

  465. Hi Cassey!

    First, I would like to say that you are absolutely beautiful and you really push me to work beyond my limits! Your BIKINI BODY gives many a run for their money, and it’s inspired me to get into the best shape of my life!

    I would really like to go on this plan, but I am vegetarian (no eggs or fish) by religion and don’t really know how I could follow most of the plan… Any ideas or modifications you have that could help me? Also, I am a person with 24.9% body fat, 137 lbs and 5′ 4.5″… Do you think it’s safe for me to go on this diet because my main goal is fat loss and muscle toning??? Lastly, due to your experience with protein, do you feel that the Dukan Diet is acceptable for fat loss AND muscle building provided we workout?

    Thank you!

  466. Hi, Cassey!

    I was just looking at this meal plan, and would love to give it a try (with summer coming up and all..) Just wondering though, when would be the best time to workout on this plan? should I workout after a certain meal to get the best results, or does it even matter?

    You are awesome, girl! Thanks for helping us all stay motivated to eat right and work hard to be healthy :)

  467. I always followed your youtube videos, and I just got done doing one of your 12 minute video, when I thought to myself – does she have a meal plan to go with this??? Which brought me here. And I’m so glad you have a meal plan – which I am happy to say I am going to try for the next 8 weeks ! :) thanks girl! You’re amazing.

  468. You’re awesome!

  469. cassy how sweet is it that you actually reply to us blogilates fans! :) don’t ever stop being awesome!!

  470. i feel sorry for u kasey because u must be such a fat pig. :D . CONGRATS!!

  471. Wow cassey you look amazing! Congradulations on sticking to your plan for so long. I am currently trying to make a meal plan for myself to follow but im a vegertarian. Would you have any tips for me to replace the chicken and tuna with? I just want to start yreating my body with the respect it deserves.
    Thanks so much you are an inspiration!

  472. First, I don’t think that this meal plan sounds that bad. Honestly, it seems refreshing, and it’s not forever. Plus, how can you feel bad when you’re eating all that good food? No preservatives, not loaded with salt or sugar or anything else…

    I have a LONG way to go before I look like you, but I have learned that sometimes what seems like a terrible horrible woe-is-me sacrifice can actually turn into an addicting behavior. The concept of walking on the treadmill used to seem like such a chore. Now, I push myself to go faster and faster so I can go farther in the amount of time I have. I want to beat my score, I want to be able to record better distances, burn more calories… and when I come home, I don’t want to load my body with junk because then I’ll just be destroying my progress. I don’t even crave the stuff I used to eat that made me fat. I want the healthy things now. I see commercials for fast food and it makes my stomach turn.

    I’m going to give this diet a try. Thanks for posting it for us! You look fantastic, congrats on your success and your advice is really appreciated :) This blog rocks!

  473. eating should be healthy and enjoyable… yup yup yup, we sure are enjoying ourselves getting fit and healthy, especially when we start seeing results in our body! :) so don’t feel sad for her, ‘coz she’s happy with what she’s doing. :))))

  474. Well, bodybuilders eat like this when you’re getting ready for competitions. I think this diet is okay for a short period of time. Obviously nobody could eat like this for too long for a simple matter of cravings lol. Way to go, Cassey! You look amazing!

  475. change that 1 1hr lifting and 30 min cardio and u’ll see a diff

  476. I am planning on starting this diet soon. I currently work out about 5 days a week doing an hour of cardio and about 30 minutes of lifting. What exercise routine did you follow while on this diet?

  477. wow!!!! major respect for competitors. i need to get back on this! do u have a fb fan page or pictures? how awesome that you BOTH do this!

  478. ARE YOU F’ING KIDDING ME!!!!! I’m a competition bikini model and my fiance is a competition body builder we eat like this all the time. the fact is that this is the way every nutritionist dietition and personal trainer will tell you to eat. depending on your height and activity level your diet will be higher or lower. this diet is a healthy 1,309 calorie diet, when I cut I eat close to 750 calories, and I get paid to look amazing. just an FYI Kelsie fat bitches shouldnt judge. Fasting is something that some people need to do for a day no more then 2 and it will deffinately help you burn fat for fuel instead of carbs which is what this diet does. Kelsie when you start getting paid for the way you look of are able to post a picture online not FB but online of yourself in a bikini then you can talk but to you Cassey, WAY TO FREAKING GO!!!!! It was so hard for me to cut for my first competition so I understand how dedicated you have to be. Congrats!!!

  479. I love this! I am already getting ready for bikini season + Puerto Rico in 3 weeks. This + all of your blogs motivates me to eat healthier and work out more! xxoo

  480. Joan, this is what my trainer friend wrote for me. Like I said above, I do not 100% agree with this whole plan as it was originally written. It is simply what I followed for a period of time. If you look at my own meal plan (above in the countdown) you’ll see that I have a lot more fats and carbs in there.

  481. absolutely

  482. So you are really saying here, that low carb-low fat-high protein -diet is healthy??? Are you serious? That kind of diet really messes up at least with your kidney’s and liver, not to mention brains.

    Ofcourse, everybody can do as they want, but that sure ain’t a healthy way to lose fat/weight. I eat 3 times a day, sometimes 4 if I need a snack and I eat almost the same foods as you listed there, except TONNS more fat and still losing weight and feeling good&healthy! You are really killing yourself and destroying all the effort, your body can’t use only protein for it’s energy, it needs also fats.

    It is really amazing to eat like this, about 2 g/weight-kg good proteins, lots of butter/cream/olive oil/coconut oil, lots of vegetables and berries and real milk, good tasting foods! Please people, google first and you’ll see what damage this low carb-low fat-high protein -diet has already done, especially among women!

  483. what if you’re weight loss goal is not 10, 25 20 lbs but what if its a lot bigger like 100! Would you recommend that i still do the 90 day challenge?

  484. Eating this way of course isnt “fun” but if you want to lose weight and get toned–what part of that is fun?? You shouldnt feel sad for those who want to better themselves, this may not work for some people but it does for others.

    I have been on Casseys meal plan for 3 weeks and I have never felt or looked better since I had my son 2 years ago. So this works for me and I feel sad for those people who wont even give it a try but also wont hesitate to judge the plan.

    Thanks Cassey!!!! =)

  485. Kelsey, Nothing TASTES as god as a BIKINI feels!:P

  486. Kelsie, Nothing TASTES as god as a BIKINI feels! :P

  487. These foods are good for you. They are healthy.
    She did this plan to keep herself looking good and feeling good.

    Maybe some people like these foods? Because I do. This is how I eat naturally.

    If somebody wants to take care of themselves, don’t judge like that. People are expected to not judge overweight people, I don’t see why it can’t be the other way around.

  488. I would like to point out that the way you ate on this diet is pretty close to how our ancestors ate. There is a reason obesity is at record highs. We’ve replaced the foods we’ve farmed and the animals we’ve used for proteins with fake foods and grossness. Now I’m sure our ancestors weren’t doing the regimented type of intake as we are for fitness purposes, but they ate to sustain energy for more labor-intensive work. No desk jobs back in the day! LOL. That is what you’re doing. So by following a plan like this, you are almost ‘bringing it back to basics.’ The way the human body should be working to maintain energy and metabolism. We’ve gone too far off base. Kudos to you.

  489. How do I get on this newsletter? I would love to receive your meal plan!!

  490. I didn’t include that only because I want this plan to be as easy, accesible, and affordable as possible. Yes do whatever you can to stay active and of course, change the cal intake around as you see fit. Just don’t stray from the foods.

  491. Amber Brown says:

    Hi Cassey! So I was Able to take a look at the meal plan and it does remind me of how a trainer had me eating but my calorie content was much higher (im 6’3″, i play basketball alot, and im an EMT) but i was wondering no meats like buffalo? I only ask because i belive it is super lean. Also want to try the whole plan but i work fulltime at nites and im a full time student, not sure when im going fit each day in or is it possible to workout 3 days a wk for 2 hours instead of six straight days? Anywhoo, love your videos and the meal plan! Good Job!!

  492. every 2-3 hours

  493. hey, i’d like to try your meal plan out and I was just wondering what time interval you had when you took your meals. Is it just when I feel hungry or do you have a schedule for that too? :)

  494. ilyalways101 says:

    Yeah!! Me too!! Please answer!! Is there a different meal plan for weight loss I can do? High school kind of seems like it would get in the way with a 6 small meals a day plan.

  495. Did you see the bananas and blueberries?

  496. I got here from your Meal Plan post that announced the meal plan you’re sending out starting on Monday; just wanted to say that I’m super excited for that! Definitely doing it. But I have a question – what’s wrong with fruits? I love them and have always thought they’re one of the healthiest “yummy” foods out there. But you mentioned that the meal plan will have like no fruits, and you don’t have any fruits in your Bikini Body plan either! Why not? :s

  497. Pazong Vang says:

    Hi ! I totally want to try this plan too .. but I’m still in high school. I just don’t know what I should do about lunch at school .. and how long should we not eat between the meals? Like .. an hour between each meal or two? THANKS !

  498. Watch for my new meal plan debuting Monday!

  499. i just found your website today and i’m inlove! what would you recomend if i wanted to try this but cut the calouries down?

  500. I smell.. jealously coming from the top comment. You handled it so well. I would have flipped. :>

    It kind of sounds like the B.R.A.T. (bananas, rice, apples, toast) diet I was on. Everything I ate was white and it drove me up a wall, but it got my stomach back on track and helped me lose weight. Yay for you!

  501. forget about the negative vibes caused by a hater! we can never please anyone.

    but hey, your optimism while working out is so contagious that i didn’t even imagine myself doing for the past 25 years! keep it up cassey! i will always be a fan! :)

  502. Is that sort of like a protein only diet?

    I soooo want to have a body like you! Your totally my inspiration Casey and cannot wait for your meal plan to come out. I went on a body trim diet which required only 3 days of no carbs just protein and lots of water, but i ended up really sick and weak. (SO embarrasing) So my partner made me stop, but i really want to try again so I hope I can keep to this new diet plan you are doing! Very excited!

  503. Eating that way is not fun, but you go girl for the challenge! Sometimes just knowing you have a goal in front of you is the best part. Besides, we should eat to live, not live to eat. There’s nothing wrong about the healthy choices you made for an 8 week challenge!

  504. Actually not everyone is conditioned to eat junk food. If we would just get ourselves off of the sugar and fats we would no longer crave them. People who have started eating healthier actually crave those healthy snacks and therefore are not missing out on the enjoyment, they are getting exactly what they enjoy. It is possible to eat in a healthy manner and desire carrots for dessert instead of cake. That is what I’m trying to do, get myself off of the junk. If I can just get over the hump of craving unhealthy food I will be ok and only want things that nurish both mind and body. (on a side note, I want to get into med school sooo bad :)

  505. sounds good!

  506. Hi Cassey! I also going through feeling-fat-and-failing after our week vacation at Florida. It has been 2 weeks now and I still feel down and hated myself for indulging too much on unhealthy food. But, you inspired me much to follow your 8 week diet and get myself back to working out. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! *hugs* I will probably detox for a week, then I will start your 8 week diet plan. =)

  507. nope!

  508. I know the first comment probably comes from a place of self doubt on her own part. Not understanding what it means to eat health and live healthy is a real problem today. I am just starting out in my weight loss journey and discovered blogilates on youtube. Not even sure i was even searching for a workout. Kind of like a suggestion from a suggestion from a suggested video. Lol. It’s really great and if i end up incorporating your videos into my daily routine…which i really see happening…..i’d like to do a blog post about you :-)

  509. Great! Thank you!

    Did you have a rule for how close you should eat before bed?

    By the way…I started the diet today! Surprisingly, I am not hungry! I know it won’t take away cravings but I feel like I eat a lot!

  510. Each meal was about 3 hrs apart

  511. My gads!!! That’s awesome! I was going to a trainer that had a similar diet like this for me except I had a very small amount of carbs with my breakfast and lunch. Also, if I was craving sweets I could have 2 chocolate hershey kisses! That helped me alot. How did you space out your meals? I am going to start this diet this week and I will let you know my results! Thanks for sharing and you look amazing! P.S. I hate people that give negative feedback! That person must be so miserable that she has to rip on other people for their success! You ROCK!

  512. wow Cassey, you look amazing! Your determination and positive attitude are absolutely contagious! I plan to crawl out of this rut I’m in and begin working out regulary (just as soon as I finish these research papers- eek!) and at least become CONSCIOUS of what I’m putting in my mouth. I am kinda in the same boat as Megan above- I’m a fulltime college student with a part-time job and I also volunteer twice a week. Let’s just say the last thing I wanna do when I get home is workout. I was wondering- do you, or anyone else, have any tips for healthy snacking throughout the day, squeezing workouts into a packed schedule, or just maintaining stress? I know exercise is a stress fighter, but honestly when I get home at 8 or 9 I just want to zone out in front of the TV with some beans & rice lol. I need to get back on track! So glad we have this community- and Cassey!- to encourage and motivate each other to be healthy and strong! :)

  513. Hold on tight, I am working on a meal plan that I plan on sending out through newsletter.

  514. you only did 15 – 20 min cardio, wow , I need to do this, you look amazing

  515. Cassey- you are such an inpiration and i wish i can your dicipline. As a college student hoping to get into PA school…its really hard to eat right and squeeze in exercise and even get more than 5 hours of sleep between library sessions. i was wondering if you had any tips for someone like me, im sure there are a lot of crazy busy college students reading this and thinking they dont have time to do all of this. I tried cutting back on carbs…but im not really sure what food that all limits to.


  516. no haters! working out and strict dieting is nothing to hate on! some people challenge themselves this way, celeberties, fitness guru’s, trainers, MMA fighters, weight lifters….they all have their own diet challenges. don’t be hating just because YOU don’t like it and YOU don’t want to do it. don’t be trying to bring other positive people down with your negative nelly attitude.

  517. aww it makes me happy to hear that you come home and can’t wait to workout! i love that!

  518. If you don’t like it, don’t waste your time! She is a great girl & look at those abs! Don’t be hating..this environment is totally positive & productive!

  519. Ummm, Kelsie get a life and go run a couple miles or something. You might not agree with this meal plan but it doesn’t mean that someone else with certain fitness goals shouldn’t follow it. Cassie shared this with her Blogilates fans and she specified that it was an experiment. Cassie I must say that I’ve been following your blog for about 7 weeks now and I’ve experienced an amazing transformation. At first I really just wanted to lose weight but you’re a great motivator and now I’m more focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle while challenging myself. On behalf of your fans I wanna say thank you for all you share with us and for all the encouragement you provide. I’m at the point now where working out is like my stress reliever. After a long day the only thing I can think about is coming home to do your workouts (and a few others also). I’m a vegetarian so it’ll be hard for me to follow a meal plan like this without eating a ton of processed soy proteins but it seems pretty interesting. Anyways, enough ranting… lol… thanks again for being AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  520. I agree with ya!

  521. u look great and I will be following the meal plan maybe add a little tweaks LOL but i eat bananas everyday 2-3 a day is that bad? Any how I admire ur energy chica Holla!

  522. wow, screw the hater. . . it’s amazing that you stuck to such a restricted meal plan for so long! you should be very proud of yourself (:

  523. Well I wouldn’t agree with some elements that my trainer friend planned like the fast, however, what’s wrong with enjoying eating clean foods? You’ve got to learn to enjoy the journey. Also doing something that’s tough makes you stronger. I’m talking physically or mentally. If med school were so enjoyable everyone would be a doctor. There’s challenges for every goal and it just so happens that for a person to lose fat in a certain period of time, there’s sacrifices that need to be made in diet. The key to success is turning those sacrifices into enjoyable learning experiences.

  524. I would LOVE to do this, but its so hard to eat healthy when my mom does the shopping. We’ve talked about it and I told her I wanted to start eating healthy, and I’ve completely cut out soda, and sweet tea. I now drink only water, milk, and hot teas in the morning (mostly green). It seems avoiding the fast food is the big issue for me, and eating healthy when I’m out. It’s SO DIFFICULT! Now I just have to get into working out daily. I’m a contortionist, and NEED to build my muscles to push through my plateau and proceed to hand balancing. I’ve got the flexible part down. haha.

  525. The very fact that anybody eats like this makes me sick. Eating should be both healthy and enjoyable. No one in the world would be eating like this and enjoying it. You did this all to lose weight and to look better. I feel sad for you.


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