8 Week Bikini Body Diet Plan

Many of you have been asking me about my diet plan and how I got to my bikini body in a short 8 weeks. I’m going to share with you a snapshot of my meal plan that you can tweak to your needs. 

In short, my meal plan given to me by my trainer friend consisted of lots of protein and 6 small meals a day (200-350 cals each) to keep my metabolism up. Barely any carbs. That meant no fruit guys :(

I was so full the first day I went on it because I had never eaten so much protein in my life even though the meal plan measured to less than 1900 cals. I was also working out very hard, lifting weights and running 6 days a week (IN ADDITION TO TEACHING PILATES A MILLION TIMES A WEEK) so that’s why my intake was high. I needed ENERGY for killer workouts.

I wrote down how I felt each day in this huge poster chart thing. I also recorded my weight every morning and any other notes I wanted to give myself like “Great progress Cassey! Keep going!” Hahaha. I got my body fat % checked every 2 weeks to make sure I was GAINING MUSCLE and LOSING FAT.

(If you are trying to read my chart, that big pink blurb up in the right hand corner was something I wrote 2 literally days ago after I bounced back from my 2-week Feeling-Fat-and-Failing period. It basically says, “Today I am 118 again. THANK GOD. Working hard pays off. I have my bikini body back!!!!!”)

Here’s the meal plan…

meal 1

*egg white omelet (1/2 cup liquid egg whites) with 1 cup broccoli.

meal 2

*1 small can tuna with 2 cups broccoli.

meal 3

*9 oz boneless skinless steamed chicken breast and 1 cup steamed green beans.

meal 4

*1.5 scoops vanilla whey protein mixed w/ water (I was using Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder in Vanilla)

meal 5

*9 oz boneless skinless steamed chicken breast, 2 cups romain lettuce, 1 tomato.

meal 6

1.5 scoops vanilla whey protein mixed w/ water

For condiments I used lite soy sauce and tabasco. For dressings, basalmic vinegar or very light vinaigrettes. I also drank TONS of water.

That’s basically how I ate for 8 weeks.

I was suppose to carb load on Sundays to fuel up for the rest of the week, so the only difference here was that I did not take my protein and instead had sweet potatoes, black beans, oatmeal, and apple sauce. Apple sauce was the closest I ever got to eating fruit. I was allowed to sub the chicken breast for white fishes like cod. I could sub any of the veggies for other leafy greens.

This meal plan and lifting for about an hour followed by 15-20 min of intense cardio 6 days a week helped me go from 126 lbs and 24% body fat to 118 lbs and 17.5% body fat. I am 5’5”.

I’m not gonna lie, it was hard work but I LOVED every second of it. I went to sleep every night waiting to workout. I woke up every morning ready to workout. Results keep me going like a mad woman. How exciting is it to lose a lb every week for 8 weeks? It is one of the best feelings ever! I also loved looking at myself in the mirror and admiring changes like a conceited bi-otch. I know some people are all about the whole “don’t look at yourself until the end” type of deal, but for me, NO WAY!!! I wanna see that I look good and I wanna see it NOW! (Ok, kinda childish but hey, who doesn’t like a lil instant gratification?)

Just in case you haven’t been following this blog for a while, this whole 8 Week Shred thing was an experiment I was doing with my friend who is a personal trainer. We wanted to test out a specific meal plan and workout plan and record results. It was tough for both of us to be on such a restricted diet plan and yes I did have cravings. But I knew at the end of this, I’d have the body I’ve always dreamed of. So, that kept me going.

I am no longer on this meal plan and I have definitely added fruits back into my diet. I still however eat tons of protein and steamed veggies. And I still workout 6 days a week because I love it.

Disclaimer: PLEASE consult a registered dietitian, nutritionist, or doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet. This is just what I did. Do not follow it unless you know it is safe for you.


  1. Barbie S Thomas says:

    So I have been working out and not seeing the results I want… So besides workout I am going to do this meal plan. Its going to be tuff because I love food! I think thats been my problem lol… oh well Starting Monday.. I want to see change!! thanks for the workout!!

  2. 6 meals a day, 8 weeks straight? We got this! (:

  3. So no fruit? :(

  4. For sweet stuff, what do you think of smoothies, with just banana, strawberry and mango as fruit without dairy and ginger added from booster juice?
    or ice cream made of banana, almond milk and raw cacao?

    Do you think should be thinking calories, or portion, or health or all of it?

    thanks for your opinion, LOVE Your youtube videos!~

  5. What can I substitute for chicken breasts? :/ I have this psychological thing where eating chicken meat (boiled, fried, baked, etc.) will make me gag.

  6. I am trying to lose weight within roughly a month. I have been eating only porridge, tuna, chicken, and veg for the past 2 weeks except on Fridays and Saturdays. I have also been exercising by doing the monthly calendar and by going for a run for 1 hour roughly 3 times a week. So I was just wondering if by doing this, will I lose a good amount of weight in about a months time? I’m 15 years old and really want a flat stomach and toned arms for the summer.

  7. So I can’t eat fruit on this diet?

  8. I do not like seafood. What do you think would be a good substitution?

  9. Is there a way you would suggest to diet and exercise without losing a ton of weight? I am about 5’7 and I weigh 124 lbs. I’m already pretty slender and I’m trying to lose weight in my stomach because I had a baby about 6 months ago. I have a high metabolism and it’s not easy for me to gain weight anyway so im trying to keep the weight i have. I’m just trying to get my stomach and mid section back in shape. I follow your work out videos on you tube and I love them. Please help 

    • Muscles are made in the gym, weight is added (or taken off!) in the kitchen.
      If you follow her exercise calendars, you will tone up! Then having a clean diet that matches your calories out (this changes for everyone, but if you don’t want to count, just make sure you are eating your protein and carbs and feeling full after meals, but importantly listening to your body.) then you will not lose or gain weight.
      Hope this helps


  10. Is there any substitute for whey protein powder??

    • The best one I know about is pea protein powder. It’s usually vegan friendly and offers 20 grams of protein per serving (compared to 24-25grams of protein for whey protein powders). You could also sneak hemp hearts into your meals <3 Like salads.

      My experience comes from working full-time in a health food store. Surrounded by nummy health products. <3

    • All kinds!
      I don’t use whey because I am vegan. I love hemp protein because I know it’s a high quality protein. You can find many vegan proteins in stores.

  11. I am seriously excited to try this diet, I’m starting next week but for the last 3 weeks i’ve been following the beginners calendar and but lift challenge but eating to train myself for this diet by adding more of a variety and not totally dropping carbs but my diet is at a 30% protein, 20% fat and 50% carbs based on a 1,400 calorie goal daily. I just need help as to WHAT exercise and workouts i should do with this and how often? I go to school so I can’t really workout every few hours but I put the time in I just don’t know how much to do, I don’t want the extra protein making me look fat. please help I can’t lose the determination! I’m 16 by the way

    • why not just follow the blogilates monthly workout calendar ? and if you feel you need more workout you can go running
      Also , the protein will NOT make you fat , it will help you lean out and keep the muscle weight

  12. So I just basically eat this everyday for 8 weeks straight?

  13. I do not eat tuna or any type of sea food. What can I use instead of tuna?

  14. Hey, do I need to eat all the meals in one day? if not, how many days are the meals for?

  15. Well, this is the third and last time I beggin the begginers calendar, this time I ment to finish it and continue with the mensual ones. I stydu nourish right now, and I can tell you girls this high protein meal plan is very effective but you have be careful of not taking more than 2grams of protein x your weight per day. And don take this as a life style, use it for shot times and then change protein for carbs and keep training like a beast so you dont take back weight. Cassey thanks a lot for doing this.

  16. Hi there! I am brand new to your site, but a friend recommended I try the beginners challenge. So here I am. :) I really like looking through all of your meal plans, but I don’t see any that I can do easily. I am a server and I work the dinner shift, and that doesn’t really give me any time to eat every 2-3 hours. During the day, that would be fine, but once I get busy at work there isn’t any stopping to eat. Do you have any suggestions?

  17. Hi I’m thinking about trying this meal plan and doing the 30 day ab challenge. However I’m in school on weekdays from 9am until 9pm as I’m doing my leaving cert. I’m just wondering what times should I try workout at and eat each meal. Thanks :)

    • I’m doing the 30 day ab challenge. It doesn’t take much time at all out of your day. I really like it! :D

      • Ok thank you!! :) are you sticking to the amount of water you’re allowed have? :)

        • Hi :) can you help me? How i can get the 30 day ab challengers calendario? Where i can get the password? Thanks so much :*

    • Hey Megan, I’m doing the Leaving Cert too this year in Cork! :) I decided to try the beginners calendar 2.0 and just stick to a relatively healthy meal plan (eating more fruit vegetables, little to no sweets, and less white bread and rice) I think if you’re really determined to try a calendar you can do it!! I usually do my exercise after all my homework at night which is usually around 9 or half past. You could try waking up earlier too just don’t kill yourself working out either! I sometimes have to skip days because I’m swamped with work but I don’t kick myself for it because it is a stressful year and I make up for the days I’ve missed. Just know that there are other people like you out there and don’t give up! :)

  18. McKenna McCue says:

    Are you supposed to eat all these meals in one day?

  19. how do you stop chocolate cravings, I NEED TO KNOW!!!

    • MAGNESIUM! I have the same problem. Anytime I’m tempted to almost breaking point, drink a magnesium drink. You can find it at your local health food store. I buy the powder that you mix with water. It stops the craving.

  20. I don’t like tuna I’m totally gonna throw up if I eat it. how can I replace tuna?
    I need your help ;-; x

  21. Every day for 8 weeks????

  22. Hello what would you eat after your workout

  23. Like Ashley asked, how long did you wait until you had your next meal? Did you have meal one and wait 2-3 hours before you had the next one, or..?

  24. How many hours did you separate these meals and protein?

  25. yuvalraphael says:

    im 14 is it ok for me to do this diet ?

    • oh dear i think you’re too young to start any of these diets. Just eat everything in moderation and join school sports . you’re still growing!

      • If u really wanna do this why not ? As long as you are eating something wihich is healthy it should not be a problem. I think if you feel unwell the way you look and want to start that time limited journey… This diet is not as unhealthy as the citrone diet …. so go ahead

        • its fine to do it if you are over weight. if not i thing its better for you to do 30 day ab challenge

    • hummingbird says:

      You should really talk with a trusted adult and/or your doctor. They can help you modify the diet (if you need it modified), and make sure it’s safe. We all have very different needs, especially when our bodies are changing (which will happen throughout all our lives).

      But really, it’s best to talk to professionals and the people who care about you. She even has a disclaimer at the bottom of the post that drastic diet changes should be run through a health professional!

      In the meantime, I encourage you to read up on health and nutrition. That knowledge will always come in handy, no matter what age you are :)

    • I’m just gonna say no, you shouldn’t do this diet. I think it’s way too drastic and seriously not good for the environment…. all of that meat and fish is not healthy. It may help you lose weight, but that’s because it messes with your ATP cycle. Pretty much, your body runs on carbs. As humans, we need anaerobic (carb fueled) and aerobic (oxygen fueled) respiration to keep our bodies up and running to our full potential. Loading up on protein and cutting out carbs makes your anaerobic ATP cycle change from burning carbs (like it’s supposed to) to burning protein. This can help you lose fat but most people will gain it all back after they stop this diet, and it is horrible for your liver! Look up the cons of Atkins diet… This meal plan is pretty similar to this diet and it’s just not a good idea…especially not long term.

  26. Hi fitness junkies! Love your website! Let me inspire you too with my foodie-and fitness blog posts on: http://www.foodie-ness.com and let’s live fit together :-) Instagram: @foodie_ness

  27. What if you’re a vegetarian that only eats eggs, tofu, and dairy products for sources of protein?

  28. So this 6 meal plan, does that mean 6 meals in one day or meal 1 three times a day? ahhhhhhh so lost. someone please help!

  29. Cassey, I have no doubt this works, but it is unhealthy to have tuna more than twice a week. What would you suggest doing as a sub for the tuna? also, do you eat the romaine lettuce plain or do you make it into a salad?

  30. Any suggestion for the breast chicken recipe?

  31. Is it ok for a teen ager or below 18 years of age to try this meal plan?

    • Yes I’m 11 And I’ve Been Doing This For A While. I’m Staying Healthy :)

      • You are 11? Don’t try to restrict yourself :) xx

      • you’re 11? how are u able to manage all of staying with this with school and everything because i want to try it but i feel like it would be extremely difficult.. what did you do?

  32. annie kristine says:

    I’m little bit curious I’m Filipino it is need to put a rice or not?

    • I think you can if it’s a brown rice or black rice. It should be a good carb. Since WHITE RICE is a bad carb. If you don’t have any options, you might replace them with smash potatoes? :) I’m half Pinay tho. Hope this helps.


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