A bread with absolutely NO CARBS!

Zero Carb Flax Bread

2 cups flax seed
5 egg whites
2 whole eggs
5 tablespoons flax oil, coconut oil, or olive oil
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup water
3 packets Stevia

Mix all dry ingredients then add the wet. Whisk together and bake at 350 for about 30 minutes. This recipe can also be made into muffins: divide batter into muffin pans and bake for about 10-15 minutes.

A sweet chocolate bread can be made by adding Capella Flavor Drops. Some other awesome additions are pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and protein powder flavor of choice. Great topped with almond or peanut butter!

Nutrition info per serving (1 serving/1 slice) 

145 cal, 11 g fat, less than 1 g carbs, 6.5g protein

Yes, heavy on the cals in my opinion (but it’s coming from the flax seed). If you want less than a carb per slice, here’s your answer!

Recipe borrowed from: http://www.theezwhey.com/page1/page1.html


  1. Also you’re probably going to eat one slice of this bread. So even if you count all carbs and don’t subtract fiber, it will be a very negligible amount.

  2. Nothing wrong with a good egg. My spouse and I have been on a low carb lifestyle for 6 months, though we had begun lowering carbs a couple of months before that. My spouse has lost about 45 lbs, and I lost 12 (although I only had 8 to lose at the time we began). We eat a LOT of eggs, whether just eggs themselves, or cooked into other foods. One thing I learned a couple of years ago when doing some research is that the cholesterol in eggs is dietary cholesterol, not the serum cholesterol that clogs arteries. On this lifestyle my spouse’s diabetes has reversed (he hasn’t taken diabetes meds in 5 months, and his numbers are always perfect), his blood pressure has lowered, and his cholesterol readings have been normal. Eggs are definitely a great source of protein and other nutrients. :)

  3. Due to the fiber. There will be carbs, but the fiber amount (since fiber is insoluble) is subtracted from the total carbs. The net is where the zero claim comes from.

  4. What we do is calculate the calories and net carbs in the entire recipe/loaf, then divide that by however many slices we cut from the loaf. It’s certainly not an exact science since each slice won’t be *exactly* the same, but it gets us close enough. Would be nice if there were a bread slicer out there like the egg, apple, and tomato slicers so we could get exact equal sized slices. :)

  5. I lost 70 lbs by lowering carbs, eating eggs and a ton of egg whites. My triglycerides dropped 100 points! My blood pressure is now normal and I’ve been off meds for 2 years. My cholesterol is perfect, my sugar levels are perfect, I Now kickbox 5 days a week. I’m not at my goal yet but getting closer everyday. This bread is in my oven as I type this. My husband loves it and never had a weight problem in his life but Gets bloated from regular bread. I have friends who do weight watchers and they gain and lose the same weight. I have consistently kept my wieight down for 3 years now. Yes it’s more work to make things from scratch but it’s worth it!

  6. Eggs are an excellent dietary source, high in protein (one of the highest bioavailability sources there is with all 9 amino acids) as well as 14 essential nutrients.

    If you don’t like the recipe, then don’t bake it. You don’t need to be trolling on here.

  7. All this nonsense and false health claims. All those bloody eggs. stupid!

  8. I was wondering the same thing. How many servings in this recipe?

  9. i wouldnt goo for all that sugar, i would say 1 spoon is enough

  10. If its browning on the outside and is undone on the inside then your oven is too hot. Reduce the heat of the oven and cook it for a longer period of time. If the top is browning too much then cover it with foil. This should work well.

  11. I would think you would want it to be ground. Our bodies can’t chew the seeds to get the nutritional contents out of them.

  12. Doesn’t flax seed end up with zero net carbs due to fiber?

  13. I looked it up and from I see it’s says 1 packet is equal to 2 tsp of sugar.

  14. How can this bread have no carbs when flax seed itself has carbs?

  15. Does this recipe use whole flax seeds or ground?

  16. Fran Hathaway says:

    looks like a lovely loaf, but can anyone tell me please, how much is ‘3 packets’ of stevia??? Thanks x

  17. I had the same issue. I suggest spreading it flat on a cookie sheet (flatbread) or using a muffin tin.

  18. Am I the only one who gets the loaf well cooked on the outside and constantly moist and undone on the inside? any suggestions on how to avoid this and get a properly baked loaf?

  19. Barbara Porter says:

    Hi, I keep looking but can’t find what is considered 1 slice. I mean one person’s 1 slice is another person’s 3 slices. Do you know how many grams or ounces are considered to be in 1 slice? Thanks!

  20. Thanks for sharing this recipe, I will be featuring it in a post about low carb bread tomorrow.

  21. Worked great for me, and it is delicious!

  22. Hey, not bad!!!
    I just took mine out of the oven. The taste is rather eggy, but it is light, fluffy, and looks like a loaf of white bread. No one would know by looking at it that it is low carb!

    I followed what Gina suggested… beating the eggs whites until stiff, then folding in the other ingredients. I also made a few substitutions of my own: almond meal instead of flax seed meal, and 1 tbsp honey instead of the stevia (which makes the carb count increase just a bit). Turned out pretty good! I filled a bread pan about 2/3 of the way full and it rose to just below the rim. Browned a bit on top after 35 mins at 350.

    Good with a sprinkle of sea salt and a slice of cheese! Tastes less eggy that way. I may make another loaf with less egg and maybe some cinnamon to make a slightly sweeter bread for breakfast or dessert. Anyway, good luck, fellow low-carbers!!!

  23. I do not have Flex seed flour. Can i used chickpea flour instead (and how much)?

  24. Christopher Jordan says:

    The recipe refers to net carbs since the carbs in flax see are mostly indigestible fiber.

  25. Rhodina Hayman says:

    Oops, that shoud be ‘does’ not

  26. Rhodina Hayman says:

    Flax flour has 17 carbs per 1/4 cup, so this recipe is not carb free. However it could be considered gluten free since flax doss not contain gluten.

  27. You can buy flax seed meal @ Bob’s red mill website and on Amazon.

  28. How many slices are there in a loaf, wondering for the way you calculated the nutritional info how many servings there were per loaf.

  29. Burt dunsford says:

    Hi I have to say me too with the beating of the eggs whites, it does make the bread fluffy and light. Excellent!

  30. Love that!

  31. Gina Brusca says:

    I’ve got to say that I made this bread with some slight modifications suggested in one of the above comments to make it paleo (not terribly concerned about carbs) and it has the best texture of any grain free or gluten free bread I’ve either bought or baked, from scratch or a mix. It actually soaks up egg yolk and soup like real bread! I used flaxseed MEAL, one tablespoon of raw honey in place of the sweetener. I beat the egg whites until stiff, then quickly mixed the wet ingredients into the dry before gently folding in the beaten whites. It rose beautifully. I did bake it a little longer and left it in the oven a while after turning off the heat. I have another loaf in the oven now. I have been trying to get more flax in my diet, so I am one happy cave girl.

  32. Hi Michael – yes, there is a difference. Put the flax seed flower in the food processor or blender or spice grinder on high and you will go from mean to flour in no time!

  33. Michael Conte says:

    Can anyone help me find flaxseed flour? I have meal but want flour and cannot find it. I did research and found there is a difference.

  34. Thank you!! Because I was like WTF how will these flax seed make that! I am not a beginner baker, but I’m was thinking maybe lmao then I thought I need to read comments.

  35. I tried the recipe and it failed. Then I read the other comments and then wondered it should be flax seed flour rather than flax seed. Is it flour or seeds?

    By the way, I don’t think the poster was insulting you. I think they said THEY were following the recipe without thinking.

  36. It needs to be ground and one you have cooked it I tend to slice it and have it toasted, cooks it that extra bit more which gets rid of the slimer texture that I think comes from undercooking it… Or of course you could cook it slightly longer xx

  37. k hadfield says:

    “I DO think the person who posted the recipe could correct it and put in the right ingredients for the more simple of us that don´t use our brains when we are cooking”……..really?? I don’t think expecting a recipe to be correct is not using my brain thank you…. If something says it does something…it should do so…insulting people because it doesn’t just shows you up.

  38. OldNick says:

    500mg _Sodium_ per slice! A lot of it in the baking powder. 1 Tbsp = 3 Tsp = about 3800mg Sodium per loaf. Then there is the salt that has a further 2300mg Sodium.

  39. OldNick says:

    I checked my food planner and 2 cups of flax flour was 130gm and had 21gm carbs. The total calories for the loaf recipe is about 1700. If a slice has 145 then we are looking at 12 slices. 20.8/12 = 1.75 gm is not no carbs and not even <1gm carbs, but it is very low.

  40. Hi Tracey. Did you have any success making this Zero Carb Bread less bulky?

  41. Candice says:

    i made this bread, after my dad attempted it. Both failed dismally! I’m reading all the great comments of this “amazing” bread, and cannot understand :( Both of us followed the recipe to the T, and both ended up with flat and heavy bricks of cooked dough with a slimy consistency and no flavour…. Are there any unspoken rules when using flaxseed meal?

  42. geraldine d. kuss says:

    I love the recipe and I almost love the comments more! I DO think the person who posted the recipe could correct it and put in the right ingredients for the more simple of us that don´t use our brains when we are cooking. But other than that it´s very helpful to have all the tweaks published so that we can experiment ourselves and get a bread that we enjoy!

  43. geraldine d. kuss says:

    Me too! The comments are really helpful! I care and if I leave a recipe I would be delighted to have people improve it, if they feel like it, that´s what creative poeple do, highly appreciated!!f

  44. natalie says:

    hi there i am quite confused maybe you can help me. i made this bread it came out delicious!! thank you! But i still don’t understand how this can be carb free if all the flax seed products i have seen have a 3g to 6 g carb measurement per serving of 2-3 tblsp. does our body just process it differently?? sorry if this is a stupid question. I am really enjoying eating a low to no carb diet and i don’t want to jepardise that. thank you so much in advance :)

  45. I do not think this photo is the actual bread. It seems to be a stock photo of a whole wheat artisan loaf.

  46. Eduardo says:

    Not to beginner bakers: There is a MAJOR problem with the recipe as printed above: the first ingredient should read “FLAX SEED MEAL” or “FLAX SEED FLOUR,” instead of just “FLAX SEED.” If you use just flax seeds, you will get a big brick of oily, baked eggs full of seeds – super gross. BUY FLAX MEAL OR FLOUR, NOT SEEDS THEMSELVES. (-:

  47. Did you use baking soda instead of baking powder?

  48. Diana Mendonca says:

    Nice idea!
    Do you know if its ok to have this grainola during Atkins induction?
    Miss my oats..

  49. Flax loves the microwave. It cooks enormously well that way and doesn’t dry as much as in a conventional oven. Take any flax based recipe, use a silicon baking product or suitable microwave safe container and adjust the cooking time down by about a quarter, depending on your microwave. You can always just keep checking and give it a little more time. It won’t brown or crisp in the same way but it’s quick and reliable. You can make muffins this way in 2 minutes. Youtube is full of recipes. Just search for low carb bread/muffins or flax bread/muffins or similar.

  50. It was too salty for me too, but, awesome when you consider low carb breads. :)

  51. I care, it helps me make adjustments.

  52. Wow, we are grown ups here, not children. That is so rude and uncalled for calling someone a retard. I was simply browsing through the comments to get any tips or ideas and have to deal with a grown up harassing someone.

  53. PS didn’t use any sweetener at all as wanted a savoury bread.

  54. Beginners luck?! I had never made bread in my life (all 67 years if it) until I made this bread yesterday and it was fantastic! Good texture, cooked perfectly, tasted wonderful (like real bread) and easy to slice (16 slices plus two quite chunky crusts from the ends).
    I read all he comments and used some of he tweaks. Used 5 whole eggs (though accidentally left one of he yokes out). Separated out yolks and whites and whisked whites until just stiff. Had them easy before mixed all the wet ingredients as someone suggested. Then after mixing all the dry ingredients together folded in the egg whites. Ground my own flax meal from seeds. Put it in Gas Mark 5 for 30mins then up to 6 for another 10 then switched oven off and left it in there while I went out for the rest if the day. No it didn’t turn into a very high loaf but could certainly be use for a small sandwich and was great with bacon on top this morning. I have no idea why it worked so well but it did. Thank you.

  55. I made this bread tonight, having had a real hankering to have some pate. Used five whole eggs instead of separated, no sweetner, a mixture of dark and golden meal. Also, used almond oil and only added enough water to bind everything. Half an hour later, straight out the oven and it was perfect. Ok, it didn’t rise much because I didn’t beat the egg whites, but I prefer a dense bread anyway.

  56. Oh, forgot to add, it came out like a brick !

  57. OK, I followed this recipe and it was a disaster. The thing came out like a brick and looked NOTHING like the picture shown above the recipe. I tried whipping the eggwhites like one of the comment posters said. I added all the other wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and it turned into a giant lump. I added the beaten egg whites and it loosened up a bit but I was never able to get the original wet\dry mixture fully incorporated fully because it almost “siezed” up on me. It took much longer to bake than what the recipe calls for, nearly twice as long and it was nasty. I will try again but I’m a bit disappointed.

  58. hey Candy! you can find it in Spain under the name of Lino Triturado, I used the brand DNG, and you shall buy it at the “herbolarios” or bio market, not the supermarket ;)

  59. wow -followed the recipe, but left out the sweetener – absolutely fantastic – thanks.

  60. Hi,
    I live in Spain and cant buy flax meal, just flax seeds so i ground them fine in the coffee grinder. I threw everything in the mixer together and added olive oil. I made double the amount and split the mixture into two then put 1 mixture in like the recipe and the other i sprinkled in choc chips and hazelnuts. I used cake tins to bake them and on 180 degrees they baked in 20 mins. I switched the oven off and left them in for 10 mins. They are perfect in the middle and have risen really well. My Neice is celiac and absolutly loves this recipie so thankyou very much.

  61. Beverly Campbell says:

    yeah ~ will TRY this next time!!!

  62. Beverly Campbell says:

    yes!!! I did the same thing . . . crumbled it up . . . added some ground cinnamon / alittle bit of molassies and baked it until it was crispy. THEN I added some pecans / slivered almonds / and dried cherries ~ LOW CARB Grainloa
    YUM YUM YUM!!! Finally . . . it doen’t taste like DIRT! LOL

  63. Ugh. After I followed each step and place the Breed in the oven I come to find out in the comments that you are suppose to use flax meal not seeds. Even though it clearly states: SEEDS.
    annoying. Any way to salvage my half baked flax seed bread??

  64. I love this recipe!!!! I added raisins and cinnamon. Next time I will try golden flax and beating the egg whites. The best part about making bread from scratch is knowing exactly what is in your food. Thank you so much for this fun recipe!

  65. I just made this. The only changes I made were: I used 6 eggs, separated and whipped the whites; I used liquid stevia; and I made them as muffins instead of a loaf. I baked them for about 20 minutes. They were light and fluffy, and reminded me of a bran muffin. Great recipe, thanks!

  66. 1inthelight says:

    I made this bread today exactly according to recipe EXCEPT for using 5 whole eggs instead of what is listed in the recipe above. I already knew to use flaxseed meal instead of flax seeds, but I think the recipe needs to be corrected for those who don’t know that. I set the oven timer for 45 minutes because of what a lot of people said, but took the “loaf” out at about 40 minutes, probably could have taken it out at 30 mins…I think it is a bit dry from me cooking it a little too long. Next time I will try it at 30 mins.

    The “loaf” is about 1/2 the height of the photo above the recipe, but it slices and toasts very nicely. I plan to try a double recipe to see if it makes a more normal loaf and to see if it cooks properly in the time given. I am used to Flax meal bread, so it tastes just fine to me.

    I like this recipe and way of cooking better than the old recipe I used which entailed spreading the batter out on a cookie sheet, then cutting it into pieces after baking.

    I am definitely saving this recipe and plan to play with it to see what varieties of sweet and savory bread I can come up with. Thank you for posting this recipe.

  67. ohh arrrgh and the water to i forgot i added it to the yolk lol

  68. oh i forgot i also added the 5 spoons of oil to the yolk mixture before i added the flax n baking powder
    sorry for the mistake

  69. i have tried this recipe and its yummy! but instead of 7 eggs i used only 5 and i seperated them. i beat the white alone till its all fluffy and the yolk alone with the 1Tbsp honey. i added the golden flax seed (which i grinded myself) to the baking powder and the salt. then i sprinkled a bit of thym in it. i like my bread on the salt side not sweet. ( but i will be trying this recipe with chocolate and dried fruits). then i added the flax mixture to the yolk and mix them well with the electrical mixer. then added slowly and bit by bite the whites while folding the mixture carefully untill most of the white was absorbed. i baked it for 35 mn on 180 degrees celcius. the crust was golden and crunchy and the inside dry and almost fluffy i cut it carefully so it wont crumble. yum!
    thanks for the recipe i will be doing it again n again!

  70. Speak for yourself….I find it very helpful to know what people have tried and tested…often the changes make it perfect and save $$$

  71. Michael Doherty says:

    Awesome thank you!

  72. The key word really should be NET carbs. Flaxseed meal is almost a wash, along with many other ingredients. It has some carbs, but less than a carb per slice is awesome.

  73. You can’t bake with equal. It loses it’s sweetness at high temps.

  74. I played with the recipe little. I used 1 1/2 cups flax meal, 1/2 cup vital gluten, 1/4 cup canola oil. It wasn’t dense. Did taste a little eggy, but tolerable. Did not get quite done in the middle, put it back in for 10 min. and turned the oven off. Letting it sit in the oven right now. I would definitely use it fo a sandwich but a little high in calories. The gluten does add a few carbs – about 12 for the whole loaf. It was good toasted as well.

  75. What value did your comment add to anyone’s day, even your own?

  76. Me too! I care..the reader comments help a lot!

  77. Agreed! This is why I read the comments. Also, sometimes people have allergies so reading subs is super helpful.

  78. I know I’m responding to an old post, but had to do a Google search on STFU. I LOVE it(!!), and great response to Colum Lipper. I am also new to attempts at cooking low carb bread products, so I’m sure I would have made the same mistake if not for reading the posts.

  79. Speak for yourself, I care, I want good tasting recipes if someone has an improvement I want to hear it:)

  80. It is so bloody annoying when people have to post, “I tried your recipe, but here’s what I did differently…” NO ONE CARES. Just review the recipe as written.

  81. Mile High Mountain says:

    After reading reviews decided I would try this bread. Here are the changes I made to the recipe, and yes I did get the volume that the picture shows. I used Golden flax meal because it does not have the strong flavor that the dark meal does. I ran the two cups of meal called for in the recipe through the coffee grinder, and I came out with a better “bread” type of flax “flour”. Because flax is so heavy, there are a couple of things you need to consider. I used 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking power (Rumford brand no alum), 1/4 teaspoon of guar gum. I added 1 teaspoon of chili powder and turmeric, along with 1/2 teaspoon garlic, ground it to a fine dust with a mortar and pestle, added the spice to the dry ingredients. I also used olive oil in the recipe and greased my pan with butter flavored Crisco. The secret to getting volume with this recipe is making sure that your egg whites are whipped as high as possible, they give the lift to flax meal and create the volume. BEFORE you blend the dry and wet ingredients make sure that your egg whites are whipped, don’t wait until after you have added the oil, water, etc. and then try to add the egg whites, the meal will be thick and impossible to work with at that point. I cooked it at 350 for 30 minutes, and then turned the oven off, and let it stay in the oven another 25 minutes. When I removed it from the loaf pan it had a beautiful golden crust, that was crunchy. The middle was not in the least bite soggy, I also use a gas stove. The edges of the slice had that crunchy texture, and the spice made it flavorful, but not over powering. Great recipe, this one I have already added to my go-to recipe box. Thanks a million!

  82. Just made this! Thank you! :)

  83. yes.

  84. Interesting recipie I am going to try and will play with it, their are a few ways to make a bread less bulky , as I am a baker ill play serious and share. The recipe looks heavy need to check out as if fibre cancels eggs carbohydrates need to see if true, than maybe substitute some eggs for another ingredient also llow in carb if fibre still cancels out ill have the rise making a lighter bake on it may take a bit get back to you all need to check this fact out about fibre cancelling carbs ingrediant replacement easy

  85. NYCFoodie says:

    Doesn’t flax meal have carbs?

  86. Joey Gokee says:

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to tweak the recipe to make the bread into more of a sandwich kind of bread, while keeping it under around 1 carb? I am looking to try and make a slice-able bread to put meats and others on, while staying within my boundaries of my keto diet. Thanks.

  87. Alexandra Muresan says:

    I just made this bread today. I followed the recipe as it was and after 30 min it was still not cooked inside but I sliced it and put it back in the oven for another 10 min. Tried it, it was still eggy and wet inside and i put the slices in the toaster m max ,and tasted again. I do like the crust but I am not so crazy about the inside. I can’t get the inside to cook. Maybe I will try next time with less eggs or some kind of eggs substitute. Maybe after another round of toasting I’ll be able to make the insides taste like the outsides. Thanx for the recipe. I would say is better than the coconut flour bread. I will try again :)

  88. I had a craving for hearty grains so I gave this recipe a try! I used pure honey instead of Stevia, flax meal, 4 whole eggs and 2 egg whites. This really hit the spot! Next time I make it, I think I will add cinnamon and raisins to add a little sweetness to it. I am a fitness trainer and will definitely be passing this recipe along to my clients! Thanks for sharing! Eat well, live well

  89. Heffay1952 says:

    I love this recipe and have made it 4 times in the last month. As other reviewers have noted: use flax meal, not flax seeds. Also, I suggest beating the egg whites separately and folding them in at the end to give the bread a fluffier body. I tried using apple juice instead of water to omit the sugar substitute and for a slightly fruity taste. Also, a sprinkling of sunflower seeds on the top adds a pleasant nuttiness. For me, this is a worthy replacement for morning toast or a quick afternoon snack to take the edge off. Not a sandwich bread, for sure. That’s OK, it more than satisfies my craving for something bread-like with virtually no net carbs. Enjoy!

  90. Foodaholic says:

    Just made this for the first time today; it definitely wasn’t “nasty” by any means, as one reviewer said. It’s not the traditional type of bread that you can make a sandwich with. The texture is much softer and a little moist cos of the oil; it’s almost like a (flax meal) cake; if you can picture that. It also does not look like the bread pictured, and it does not raise that high either (unless you double the recipe, I’m assuming).
    I did increase baking time to an hour because I am at a lower altitude than the person who added the recipe. If you are below 3,000 feet in altitude, you will need to increase the baking time to at least 45mins.
    I did leave out the sweetener/sugar, and will probably use half a teaspoon salt instead of one teaspoon the next time. Will probably try adding some cocoa powder or maybe even sunflower seeds or oats next time.
    I spread a little butter over it while it was still hot, with some strawberry jam, and it was not bad at all :)

  91. Foodaholic says:

    Did you try wrapping it in a sheet or two of paper towels (or a dish cloth) before storing it in a ziploc bag or plastic container? And keep it in the refrigerator; flax seeds/meal tends to get a little rancid or bitter tasting if it’s not kept in the fridge.
    If you’ve already tried the above suggestions, then sorry, I have no idea :)

  92. ema frodnig says:

    This was really tasty the second time I made it. The first time, I didn’t grind up the flax seed cause it didn’t say to and it was gross and eggy. I now grind up the flax seed and add 2 eggs and 3 egg whites instead of using 7 eggs -2 whole eggs, 5 whites-and I add cinnamon, nutmeg, and for moisture I add a little bit of cream cheese. I mess around with it everytime

  93. Good recipe, but please don’t use aspartame, use stevia and use unrefined salt, just a little less.

  94. This bread has zero NET carbs. If your eggs have carbs, you might be using the wrong egg whites. All Whites have zero carbs. Flax seeds have fiber content equal to their carb content. To get Net carbs you subtract the fiber from the carbs. That equals zero.

  95. I am experimenting with flax seed meal bread/muffins too. I spread it out on a cookie sheet and cooked for less than 20 mins – but I have a gas stove. They always cook hot. I had to cut it out into bread like pieces and then I put them in seperate bags. I froze some and refrigerated the others. This morning I took one out and put it in the toaster. It toasted like normal bread. Then I cut in in half like a pita – and ate it with a hamburger. That didn’t taste good. LOL. But I’m sure it would have been fine with butter and cinniminn.

  96. This is just a version of the original Muffin in a Minute. A better recipe is this…
    1/4 cup flax meal
    1 teaspoon butter (not margarine)
    1/2 teaspoon baking powder (CAREFUL! don’t accidentally use baking soda)
    1 teaspoon cinamon
    1 egg
    Put all ingredients in a coffee cup and mix well. Cook in microwave on high for 60 seconds (1 minute). Let it go non-stop for the entire minute.
    Remove and enjoy with any addition you like. My hubby likes it with honey. I like it with a little cream cheese spread on it. It’s also good with a smear of butter.

    Also, notice I didn’t include salt in the recipe or separate the egg and beat the egg white. NO NEED FOR THAT

  97. Alejandro says:

    Nasty, just nasty!! I was expecting something different… The texture was weird… Did not like it

  98. how does it have no carbs when the flax seed has carbs listed on the package? plus egg whites have .7 carb each and whole egg has 1 carb…jus askin

  99. Is there a way to use Splenda instead of Stevia?

  100. The bread came out great. Tastes real good too except that it was too salty. Next time I will add half teaspoon salt. Also I didn’t add any artificial sweetener. Thanks for a great recipe.

  101. Is there a way to skip the stevia/ sugar/ any type of sweetener altogether? I know the recipe doesn’t call for much but I was just wondering.

  102. Colum lipper, Why so mean? If she is new to the use of Flax as am I , how would one know the difference of meal and seed when the recipe clearly stated SEED. What may seem obvious to you ,since you apparently know everything and are clearly above everyone in knowledge, may not be understandable to us “peons” or “lowcarb newbies” so stfu.

  103. What is the best way to keep this bread (had mine in a zip lock bag) and what makes the bread taste bitter all of the sudden ?

  104. Rowhateverse says:

    That was harsh

  105. This recipe is great,
    I almost did the mistake of just using flax seeds but I had bought golden flax meal as well.
    I added some seeds to my dough and baked the loaf for 60 min. Perfect and yummy.

  106. Forgot to mention that we’re at 4,097 feet in elevation. I’m not sure what that might affect, if anything.

    The 3rd loaf also did not cook all the way, even though I baked it for 45 minutes, then another 15, and then my husband turned the oven off, we went to bed and we let it stay in there to cool.

    The flat cookie sheet brownie creation turned out perfectly! We found out why no one ever uses Equal for baking, they had nearly no sweetness at all. We think we’ll make a cream cheese “frosting” to put on them, but in the meantime dunking in Equal-water fixes the brownie nicely.

    Cooking flat gives the bread a nice spongy bread feel on the surfaces that you would hold or be next to your sandwich filling, and you can cut it to normal sandwich size.

  107. My husband and I are doing a ketogenic diet, and we’ve discovered this recipe. Disclaimer- we aren’t bakers!

    At first, we were ecstatic- IT”S BREAD! We’ve been without for very long. We are using olive oil, and Equal (aspartame) instead of Stevia.

    My first loaf came out at 30 minutes and partially cooled, only to be underdone. It also fell a bit instead of keeping a nice rounded shape. But, it tasted great and the ends were sort of fine. I put the loaf back in for another 10 minutes as I’d seen in comments, but it still wasn’t done after that. My husband sliced it and baked it again to get the slices to not be gooey in the middle.

    For my second attempt, I tried to beat the eggs like I thought my husband had said. I accidentally did it with the 2 yolks also, so I just got frothy eggs. I also baked that one for 45 minutes. It didn’t shrink much as it came out of the oven. The first few slices still seemed “wet”. I put two slices in the toaster on a low setting to dry them out for bologna sandwiches (really short ones). I thought maybe the other two slices were getting better as they cooled, so I left them alone. I had hope that maybe the moisture would just go out of the loaf as it cooled?

    No such luck. Still very wet inside, now more obvious because it was cold. Kinda gross, actually. We baked that loaf’s slices to save them too.

    For the 3rd attempt, my husband has made real meringue from the egg whites. I mixed all the other wet to dry, then folded the white fluff into it. It is in the oven now, but the batter definitely SEEMED more voluminous. I don’t know if that means it will bake better or not.

    We’ve also made a chocolate version, using the first method of not doing anything special to the eggs. We added spoonfuls of unsweetened cocoa powder (maybe 4-5 teaspoons? I wasn’t watching close enough), and 3 tablespoons of extra Equal. We spread this one out on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, and I’m excited to see how it turns out. I figure 30 minutes for that too? I’ll keep checking it.

  108. Just made this – it’s really good!! I mean, you can’t make no-carb bread and expect it to be a big, fluffy loaf – anyone that does expect that must be new to this way of eating! But it was good, and I spread some fresh butter on it. Great for killing bread cravings. Thanks so much!

  109. I just made this recipe exactly how it is instructed except I added pumpkin and cinnamon spices to the mix and my muffins turned out BEAUTIFUL.

    I will say this is the first time I have ever tried flaxseed meal for baking and I’m not used to it. If you’re like me, just make sure you add 2-3 teaspoonfuls of the pumpkin / cinnamon spices to try and counteract that nutty flavor. Otherwise, with a little light butter and whaa laa! Perfect low carb muffin. = ]

  110. I’m glad you said to use flax meal and not flax seed. I’ve never dealt with no carb bread. My husband has become a diabetic and I was looking for a bread for him. I wondered about the seed. Without your post, I would have used seed too.

  111. Hi Kitty, I had the same question. When I calculated the calories from my version (same as Cassey’s but for my oil I used Coconut Oil) I made about 16 slices. However, the shape/size of your loaf pan will affect the amount of slices you can get from this recipe. My loaf pan was about the length of your average rectangular tissue box. So I got 16 slices, which for my recipe was about 154 calories per slice. Hope this helps. :-)

  112. I’m on my third attempt. 30 minutes just doesn’t seem to be enough. Also made the mistake of poking the bread to see if the scewer came out clean. A trick my mom always did to see if the inside was cooked. This bread collapsed. Doesn’t look anything like the picture. Did taste it though, and it’s not bad at all…

  113. it didn’t rise probably because you needed the egg whites to fluff it up…..I’m gonna try it because i’m craving bread but can’t eat the normal stuff anymore. I can’t have the carbs anymore.

  114. Christina says:

    I found and made this recipe today. I, like some of the others did, used 7 whole eggs (didn’t want to waste the yolks) and I used liquid stevia because I like the flavor much better than the powdered stuff. I used two droppers full of stevia and I thought it was just the right amount of sweetness for bread. The only problem was it didn’t rise enough. The slices of my bread are way too short to make sandwhich’s with, but perefect for bread and butter. I don’t know what I could do differently to make it look like the picture above. Either way I really liked it a lot! I’ve been missing bread since going low carb and wheat free and I think this bread is just perfect!

  115. Never tasted anything as bad in my entire life….

  116. Cindy. flax seed is not very digestible unless it’s crushed so that the hull is breached so our bodies can access the nutrients. As you learn more about them you’ll find many people mention that but many people assume you’ll know.

  117. I’m surprised no one has noticed that no where does the poster say HOW MANY slices this recipe makes to get that number of carbs/protein/calories per slice..
    8 slices? 16? 12?

  118. colum lipper says:

    cant you even bake a simple bread,you must be very dim

  119. I had to throw this bread away. It clearly states 2 cups flax seed, not flax meal.
    I didn’t read the posts until after it was in the oven. What a waste of money and time. I don’t understand how this mistake has not
    been corrected by now. Hope who ever wrote this recipe, double checks and makes
    clear any future recipes she posts.

  120. You can usually only substitute a couple of tablespoons for the coconut flour.

  121. Very good post. I absolutely love this site. Keep it up!

  122. This looks so good – need to make this!
    I just made one with cinnamon and banana – http://modernwonderland.com/2013/06/20/amazing-flaxseed-cinnamon-banana-bread-low-carb/

    Let me know if you like it!

  123. This looks so good – need to make this!
    I just made one with cinnamon and banana – http://modernwonderland.com/2013/06/20/amazing-flaxseed-cinnamon-banana-bread-low-carb/

    Let me know if you like it!

  124. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about MWA. Regards

  125. beginner says:

    what about changing the flax seeds for chia seeds??

  126. I get Flax Seed Ground Meal, the brand name is Red Mill, most any grocery store carries it, and I cook with Soy Flour and Almond Flour. No matter how many carbs, you subtract the fiber and you get net carbs, and that is the ones that cause weight gain, and many other problems.

  127. Did you make the flax seed bread with whole flax seeds? If so how did it turn out? I don’t own a grinder ti grind them up. Also any idea how many servings in a loaf? I know it says 1 serving is one slice but how many slices should there be for the calculations they give?

  128. Michael says:

    I’ve heard to be careful of sugar alcohols too, but particularly malitol, which apparently to some is the same as eating sugar. Malitol is also unfortunately used in tons of low-carb products such as the Atkins bars found in pharmacies. I stalled quite a bit when I was eating them. PS, this recipe is fantastic!

  129. I made it in my bread machine… put the liquids in first. It came out just right

  130. I grow 400 acres/year of wheat every year shipping about 24,000 bushels. But I don’t eat the stuff since the plant breeders ruined the genetics. Great yields, poor health. Have started making flax bread and will try this recipe and tweak it as needed. Other posts are helpful and appreciated. May do a trial planting of organic flax next year.

  131. This bread came out just like pictured I just modified it a bit to suit my tastes It works out to just really low carb instead of no carb (because of the yogurt).

    1 cup ground flaxseed (flaxmeal)

    1 cup atkins bake mix (or any other ‘flour’ like almond or coconut would work..just used it to cut the nutty flax flavor) You could use just 2 cups of flaxseed as well it will just taste really ‘whole grain’.

    3/4 cup yogurt

    Sweetener to taste (I used xylitol and stevia mix prob more than the original recipe called for because I tasted the batter and it tasted bland so I added more)

    1 tsp salt

    5 eggs (I didn’t bother adding egg whites just upped the whole eggs..also why I used yogurt instead of just water because I didn’t whip egg whites up and left yolks)

    5 tbs coconut oil

    1 tbs baking powder

    1 tbs vanilla flavor- oddly adding this didn’t make it too much like a dessert bread it just tamed the ‘oh my god flax flavor’ down so I didn’t feel like I was a bird eating a lot of nuts.

  132. looks just like the picture, added a small amount of cheese curd 1 tablespoon, and used less baking soda and put in cream of tartar. added a handfull of sunflower seeds and 1 tbs of sesame seeds, used 4 jumbo eggs all of them. came out great! may add a little more artificial sweetener next time. put it in one regular bread pan, also baked for one hour at 350. live in the mountains so takes longer to bake.

  133. Could this be made in a bread machine?

  134. I was told not to subtract the sugar alcohols, because they still affect you blood sugar levels. So to calculate the net carb of a product start with the total carbs count subtract the fiber and that give you net carb. Janet

  135. Stuart Coutts says:

    The majority 90 to 95% of those carbs are fibre and can be discounted in a low carb diet.

  136. when using the flax seed for the bread do you ground them up or do you leave them whole

  137. Deanna says:

    I am confused, you are saying this is carb free because you use flax seeds instead of flour, but I looked at the package the whole flaxseeds came in and it says 3 grams of carbs per tablespoon. How can the bread then be carb free?

  138. Do you grind the flax then measure it.

  139. Plug all the ingredients into fitday.com it will give you the info you’re looking for.

  140. I made it per the recipe the first time and wasn’t keen on the taste either. Just made it again, but changed it to no splenda, two scoops of vanilla protein powder, and milk instead of water. It’s slightly denser, but it tastes fantastic and the texture reminds me of German rye bread

  141. Laura C says:

    I have made this twice; both times it turned out delicious.
    The recipe could be more specific, for sure. I measured 2 cups of golden flax seeds, then ground them in a coffee grinder (just for this) and didn’t re-measure. I’m sure the ground seeds equal more than 2 unground cups. The second time, i just used 5 whole eggs, well beaten and added a tablespoon of vanilla paste; only used 1/2 pkt stevia. I put it on a sided cookie sheet that was covered w oiled parchment paper and spread it around until I got it mostly even. It is sticky, so I dump it onto the parchment paper in lumps and then spread it until its like a giant thick cookie.
    It then takes about 20-24 minutes to bake.

  142. When calculating carbs on a low carb diet they are calculating “net carbs” not true carbs! Net carbs are calculated by subtracting the fiber count, sugar alcohol and glycerin count! Those things are said to minimally impact blood sugar. I’m a big Atkins follower and I will add that although stevia says zero carbs the Atkins website says to count stevia, splenda and artificial sweeteners as one carb.The sweeteners have no carbs but their anti-clumping agents contain about 1 gram per serving or so the web site says atkins.com. But even so 3 carbs for the whole loaf of bread is awesome!

  143. post should read 0 usable carbs. all carbs from flax are fiber, therefore your body can’t process them. they just pass on through.

  144. Bonnie Drake says:

    Just tried this bread but made a few changes, of course. Just added 1/2 C wheat flour. Beat the egg whites first, too. I think next time I’ll add a bit of yeast and let it raise some. It’s like a heavy bread but fine for a low-carb diet. With the flour, I think it’s only about 3 carbs per slice, too. The flour gave it more body so it isn’t too crumbly. I made it in one loaf and cut it into 14 slices, which I froze and will use when I must have BREAD!! Pretty good recipe. Thanks.

  145. May I substitute Flax Seed with Coconut Flour instead?

  146. Forgot to say, I also added 10 minutes to the baking time as suggested by other.

  147. I made this bread for the first time today and contrary to earlier comments it turned out looking exactly like the picture. I used 2 cups flax seed MEAL, Olive Oil for the oil and the only change I made was to swop out a little of the baking powder (about a quarter) for cream of tartar. I baked it in 2 small loaf tins, which were filled almost to the brim and rose above the top of the tin whilst cooking. The texture is excellent but it does taste quite strongly of the baking powder, I may try reducing this a bit next time, It’s fine if eaten with something like cream cheese or peanut butter but probably not with just butter. Overall, the best low carb bread recipe I’ve come across so far. I’ve sliced one and a half loaves, separating the slices with baking paper (silicon coated) and frozen them well wrapped up for future use. Looking forward to the rest for supper!

  148. Sorry, I meant to reply to the girl who hates the above recipe.

  149. Try this bread-substitute. Its pretty filling, so half a thin slice with cream cheese lasts me till dinner.

    BLS (Bread-Like Substance)
    1.5 cups of flax seed meal
    1-1/2 cups of almond meal
    4-1/2 t baking powder
    1-1/2 t salt
    6 eggs beaten
    4 T melted or softened shortening (butter, coconut oil, olive oil, or a combo)

    -Preheat to 350°
    -Grease small bread pan generously with bacon grease, coconut oil or butter
    -Mix dry ingredients in one bowl; cut in shortening
    -Whisk eggs in another bowl
    -Pour eggs into dry and mix just until combined; it will be thick, not battery
    -Scoop into bread pan and pat to level
    -Bake for 1 hour or until golden brown on top, and pulls away from the edges of the pan (the first time, to check your oven, take out of pan and slice in half to make sure it’s done in the center. If not done, put back in pan and bake longer, and make note of your time)

  150. I am definitely going to try this…but thought I’d mention that flax seed does have some carbs in it.

  151. I’m a newbie to baking; does the cream of tartar change the rising/texture properties? Mine came out a bit too crumbly to toast…

  152. Decided to take on the highly unusual (for me) task of baking and with great trepidation tried this recipe this week. I was pretty nervous as it was cooking; it was resembling cement…and bird seed. I took the advice of some other posters and baked it longer and used some vanilla extract too. It tastes great! In fact; even after I am done this crazy no-carb diet I think I’ll keep eating this. It did come out texture wise quite a lot like banana loaf bread instead of normal bread. I may try adding a banana next time actually.

  153. Just tried this bread, but I altered the recipe a little and it turned out delicious! First, I ground the flax seeds in a coffee grinder. Doing this with fresh flax seeds makes the flavor much lighter and healthier. I used 7 eggs, but I separated them and whipped the egg whites with 1/2 tsp of cream of tarter. I mixed the dry ingredients (used 4 of the small measuring spoons of stevia that KAL provides in the bottle) separately, and I mixed the other wet ingredients: the egg yolks (all 7 – more protein), water and melted coconut oil. I then combined the dry ingredients with the wet ones and folded that mixture into the beaten egg whites. It turned out almost the texture of regular bread. After it cooled I sliced it and toasted it. Fabulous!!!

  154. I actually really liked this. I’m on the keto diet so I’m loving the low carbs.

    I omitted the stevia and just mixed all the ingredients together in a bowl. No bread maker needed. However, I baked them in two small loaf pans and 30 minutes was perfect.

    I haven’t eaten the bread alone because I didn’t think it would be good by itself. Instead, I soft fried an egg and melted a slice of cheese on the bread. OMG so good.

  155. laurarenas says:

    i just made it, great texture, easy and quick but not big fan of his flavor. good recipe tough. thanks.

  156. I wonder if it would be possible to add more airiness to this recipe by using a no-carb yeast component. I believe this could be done by substituting glycerin for the sugar that normally serves as food for the yeast. Glycerin does not affect insulin.

  157. I am so glad I found this recipe! My dad just got the news that he is prediabetic this week. His doctor has advised him to go on a highly carb restricted diet and recheck blood glucose in 6 weeks. He will be so happy to be able to have something to fill that carb void! Will be attempting this soon!

  158. Yes very moist,I used prepared egg whites,Had to cook an extra 20 min.The taste is alit different but for “0” carbs was great.Not cheap

  159. I was super geeked when I found this recipe, especially with all the fantastic reviews. I finally tried it this evening (went to the store to get all the ingredients) and am super bummed – it tastes awful! I followed the recipe to a T, and all I can taste is this..I can’t even describe it, I think it tastes like sour eggs. I just spent about $12 on this recipe and it’s going straight into the trash. :{ I don’t know what went wrong, but this was a huge letdown because my expectations were so high. I really enjoy this site, so I don’t mean anything negative, just wanted to share that mine did not turn out very good…at all. Maybe somebody who’s did should come over and make it for me, because it sounded really good!! :{

  160. Oh gosh, only now I find out that my flaxseeds should be ground! And my breads in the oven

  161. I agree with Donna’s (Sept.30th) question about the bread in the photo. Is that a photo of the bread in this recipe?

  162. Did anyone else have an issue with the time? I baked for 35 minutes and its still gooey in the middle. Threw it in for another 10 so I’ll see what happens now. I’m glad I read the comments first so I was knew to grind into flax meal. I think it should be changed in the recipe.

  163. This came out great! Thank you. I added about 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract. Peace.

  164. They are subtracting the fiber to get what is known as net carbs. I’m not sure exactly how to explain how it works, but if you do a Google search on net carbs you should find a lot of info about it. Hope that helps.

  165. Some flax seed bread recipes also use self raising flour so that is where the carb count came from. You need to be careful which flax seed you buy. I buy golden ground organic flax seed. It has absolutely no carbs and is also reduced in fat it’s amazing.

  166. Janice Blowers says:

    I just made and tried this bread. It is WONDERFUL. My husband is eating it to fast I will have to make another. No carbs how wonderful. Plus it’s good for you. Who would want more????? Thank you for the receipe.

  167. I just made this bread and it is great! It did turn out light and airy like the photo, I beat the eggs on high for a while before adding the other ingredients. I don’t use stevia so I substituted with 6 teaspoons agave nectar. I used coconut milk instead of water, but everything else same as recipe. Tastes great with peanut butter! Oh, and mine took an extra 10 minutes to bake.

  168. What is gar gar and how much cream of tartar did you use?

  169. I made this today in my Oster bread machine and it tastes fine. A little squishy, perhaps, but it’s great with peanut butter.

    First I mixed the egg whites, eggs, oil and water together, and put that into the loaf pan.

    Then I added all the dry ingredients together, and poured those in on top of the liquids.

    Ran the bread machine on 1.5 lb Express Bake cycle. (15 min. kneading; 8 min. rising; 35 minutes baking). Very very soft and high when finished, but the loaf collapsed a little as it cooled. As I say, tastes great with peanut butter, will try it other ways, too.

  170. I am having trouble finding information, on the internet, honoring your information about the amount of carbs in a slice of this delicious recipe. Can you help me at all in this doubt?? Thank you … Gilbert

  171. I made this bread today,it tastes wonderful! Thank you so much for the recipe!

  172. Or are they subtracting the fiber which is 4g and if so…how do they exactly do that? Thanks

  173. I bought milled flax seed today but the Nutrition Facts says it has 4 carbs per 2 Tbsp..Did I buy the wrong kind of Flax Seed?

  174. I made this recipe and I added gar gar to dry ingrd. (about 1-1.5 tbs) and replaced 1/2 flax with Whey which adds 2 carbs to recipe. then I whipped 5 eggs with cream of tar tar till stiff. I blended remaining ingrd. together fist liquid then added mixed dry ingrd. then flold ino egg whites. My bread turned out sooooooo fluffy and soft! I did bake it about 5 minutes longer (maybe my oven) too bad I don’t have a camera to take a picture!

  175. Hi..
    On the web site of “Livestrong.com” which I used when I was calorie counting.. it says that 1 slice of flaxseed bread is 15 Carbs….. Where am I going wrong in my understanding, when other sites indicate 1-2 carbs..??? Help..!! thanks

  176. I am super bummed! I didn’t read the comments before I started and I used unground flax seeds…Did not work out well. I am reattempting tomorrow! I’m really excited by the propect of bread I can eat, so thank you!

  177. This bread is TO DIE for! And flaxseeds are SO GOOD for you it’s incredible, but only good if you grind them first, which you need to do for this recipe!

    So i bought whole flaxseeds and used my coffee grinder to grind them for the recipe, perfection. My bread sorta looked like the one pictured but more dense in the middle, no air bubbles. But the top and the coloring was the same.

    You need to store it in an airtight container cuz once the flaxseeds are ground and exposed to air, they deactivate in terms of health benefits and the ends of my bread always dried up by the start of each day.


  178. I don’t think that they can sell this already made. I believe that it is due to lack of preservatives. Stores would have to sell them immediately.

  179. Thanks for the idea to bake in a loaf pan and I liked the addition of the baking soda. No disrespect intended, but is the bread loaf shown actually the flax bread from the recipe? In my humble opinion, the loaf shown looks much more like it is from a yeast-based ‘risen’ bread dough made with ‘regular’ flour of some type due to the slits that were cut on top, the color of the loaf, and the ‘air holes’ in the loaf. The flax bread batter is too soft to retain the ‘slit’ effect and, from my experience, does not rise to nearly the height of the pictured bread. I hate for people to think they are doing something ‘wrong’ because it doesn’t look like the picture. I don’t think anyone should expect flax bread to look like this picture.

    I have made the flax bread before from the sheet pan recipes (look at About.com for one of many). This time I made the flax bread from this recipe in a loaf pan. Either way it is much more dense and cake-like that ‘normal’ bread. It baked up to about 2 inches high in the loaf pan (did not rise to the top of the pan – but it did rise a little bit). Sliced as a loaf, it is not the right size for regular sandwich bread. If others are having this issue it is probably best to use a sheet pan (I believe you could use the same ingredients as this recipe). The sheet pan version will allow you to cut the ‘bread’ into squares closer to the size of regular bread (and about the right thickness).

    While it isn’t ‘regular’ bread – if you are on low-carb – it is much better to be able to toast up some of this flax bread and have with an egg than nothing (or wasa crackers). I can hardly stand to eat another egg without some bread!

    Thanks for the idea and keep them coming. But please let everyone know how you managed this type of loaf from your recipe if, in fact, you were able to do so. Thanks!

  180. Dr Cornel Fleming says:

    Is there anywhere in London where this can be bought ready-made???

  181. You really should specify that you mean ground flax seed in the recipe.

  182. My loaf is a little dense. What can I do to make it rise some more? I’ve heard of soda water but don’t know much.

  183. I made this recipe and it is too eggy to me, I will try less eggs next time

  184. Did you try the recipe in your bread machine? How did it turn out? Did you have to make any changes to the recipe or the baking instructions?

  185. What changes need to be made in the ingredients or the instructions if this bread is made using a bread machine?

  186. FYI: Larissa & all others wanting to substitute sugar for the Stevia, please note: sugar has Carbs. So 6 teaspoons of sugar would bump the Zero carb count up 23.8 grams.
    Not to mention drive bloodsugar, insulin levels through the roof. Stevia is much more readily available at your local health food store – or order online. Good Luck to All. Karen’s concern ; )

  187. FABULOUS….I can not eat gluten ..so this is a God send…….THANK ….CAN YOU FREEZE THIS…does anyone know..I would spend all day making lots of loaves to have on hand!!!

    Thank You …Cheryl

  188. You’re forgetting the fiber. Once you subtract the fiber, you get 0 net carbs.

  189. i think this bread does not have 1gr of carb per slice i mean 2 cups of flax seed has almost 8oz which has approximately 74gr of carbs, in 15 slices will be 5gr of carbs each slice.

  190. On the stevia packets I have, it says that 1 packet = 2 teaspoons of sugar, so you’d need 6 teaspoons. :)

  191. Hi Cassey!! How much grams is in one packet of Stevia? :) I dont have stevia at home and just want to use regular sugar

  192. Can you add pumpkin puree? How much, etc? Can unsweetened apple sauce be used instead of the flax seed/coconut oil/Olive oil?
    Can’t wait to try this.

  193. 1 serving = 1 slice. How big is 1 slice? o.o Same size as a slice from a regular loaf of bread from the store?

  194. ground!

  195. Margarida says:

    Is it ground flax seeds or can they be whole?

  196. I made this and it looks nothing like the photo, should I be using ground flax seed ?

  197. thank you so much! :)

  198. Hi Cassey,

    We have a breadmaker at home and would love to make this no carb bread, but is there any substitution for the eggs? We don’t eat eggs at home.



  199. Try Truvia or Splenda (although a lot of people are against it). You could of course use reg sugar if you wanted.

  200. Hey Cassey,
    first of all, I love your videos (even though it’s always quite hard to do :P )! Now, I want to try your recipes. I came across this no-carbs-bread and I was wondering if I can leave out the 3 packets Stevia (or do you know any alternatives?) because I’ve never heard about it and I don’t know where I can get it since I live in Europe.
    Keep up the good work & thanks a lot!


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  2. […] adapted this recipe from  http://www.blogilates.com/blog/2011/03/09/no-carb-bread/.   If you want a bread that is very low in carbs and gluten free, then this is the loaf for you […]

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