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  • Briana

    Why is the Bikini Blaster #5 Muffin top-less not working? It’s my favorite!!!! Can’t even find it on the youtube channel :(

  • Abby

    Do you guys use all the videos in one day or how this series work? I bumped into ts website and want to follow through bit I need guidance thank you ! Xx

    • Carla

      Subscribe to her newsletters, they’re free! It’ll give you access to the workout calendars where it says exactly what videos do every day :)

  • Hi, Cassey! My name is Ayuri and I’m asking you about my sweaty palms that always cause me in trouble when I’m doing 1-Legged Knee-In. They slip like, really, it’s dangerous that can make me stop doing the move. I’m doing it on mat. Is it my mat, or is there anything I can do with my palms so I don’t have to worry about this slippery thing?

    Thank you for the answer, and your motivations, and your videos, and the killing movements! Love them!!


    • Lyssa

      You could try rock climbing chalk or putting some athletic tape around your palms for traction.

  • sydney

    These videos are awesome! Will definitely share on my blog!

  • Hard thing to admit as a man but my girlfriend just made me do this workout with here and I must say, my arms are killing!!! I never gave pilates that much credit before but you know what, it actually worked. I was thoroughly surprised, I was so surprised I checked for lessons at the local gym to see the classes they have.

  • Moriah

    I just discovered your blog and I’m addicted to your workout videos! You’re so fun and happy all the time, it’s great! So I have two suggestions, both butt workouts: low (flo rida) and my favorite that I’d like a lot to happen, country girl (shake it) by Luke Bryan! That whole song is about shaking your butt so I think it’d work perfect :)

  • Alyssa

    I was wondering, is there a specific time of the day that I should do the work out? Will there be a difference if I do it in the morning or at night coming home from school?

  • Zuzana

    Hi Cassey, i wana ask when to do your january workout calendar,im anoyed cause found it have no time really to do it, im at work for a 12 hours :( is it any alternative ? can i do maybe 1 video of pilates plus a cardio a day ? thanx Zuzana

  • Megan

    Hey Cassie, Just want to know how awesome you are! I love working out to your videos! My daughters (2 and 4) love watching you too =)

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  • Julianna

    How long does it take to see results? I know probably not anytime before a month but I’m just wondering. Thanks!

  • Riley

    do you have to do all of these in one day or over a week span? and do you have to do the diet too?

  • Mirani

    Hey Cassie! I do love your videos, but I wish you would tell us what things we might need for the video before we start the workout, because it’s SUPER annoying when I have to stop halfway through my workout to go and find paper plates/ an old magazine/weights etc.

  • Ivy

    Dang!!! I can’t do Bikini Baster 3 all together is so hard on my arms I know is not the same if you stop a few times but at least a did it all :( :)

  • Qayyimah

    I did Bikini Blaster 1 this morning and evening, but didn’t fully complete it, it is so hard ! But I’m not gonna give up ! I’m determined to come back next year with great results :)

  • Danielle W.

    HOW DARE YOU CASSEY! lol, this burns really really bad. This workout is a killer. Love your videos!

  • Brittany

    Hey Cassie,
    First i would like to i love your workouts! So im 13, and i want to tone. So would it be better to do the bikini blaster series or do 5 pop cardio videos every day? Thanks, x

  • bunny

    is there going to be a bikini blaster print out for the last 2 workouts really would like to get them.

  • Noreen

    How long does it take to start seeing results? :)

  • emma

    does anyone else find the last exercise really hard cuz their boobs get in the way? i’m a d cup and it’s hard to get my elbows together cuz my boobs get squished. any suggestions?

    • Caitlyn

      My suggestion is getting a ball, one of the ones from walmart or target, that is large enough you can hold it in front of you and squeeze that. It’ll work the same way as just pushing your arms together if not better. Though try doing it without the weights or with small weighted gloves first.

      Hope that helps.

  • An Ha

    do these have to be done everyday?

    • Asha

      I’m pretty sure she recommends working out 6 days per week (that’s how much she has us work out on the calendar).
      But you don’t want to work your legs every day, they need to rest to get stronger and more toned.

  • Andrea

    I’m an exercise junkie and I LOVE your blog. Felt the BURN! Congrats, you’re amazing!!!!

  • Hailey

    I was wondering how do you find the specific videos to the workouts everyday?

    • Jeannett

      If you join her newsletter, you can get the monthly calendar with the workout plans on it for everyday! :)


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  • rosa

    I’m dying for a skinny jeans workout. Would you do one pretty please?!!!!

    • Julianna

      I agree!!

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  • Su Herrera

    HI! I love your blog!!!
    I wanted to ask something… after this booty WO I feel more pain on my back than on my butt, does that mean I´m not doing it right?


    • Danielle

      Usually back pain comes from incorrect technique unless you have a previous injury that may come into play. In all pilates exercises its important to engage your TAs and pelvic floor to help support the muscles in your lower back that surround your spine. Suck your tummy in (comfortably not as hard as you can) and pull up your pelvic floor and see if this helps. Hope this helps you if I got anything wrong anyone please chime in and correct me!

  • Alana

    Will the booty booty booty one make my butt smaller or larger? I’m looking to lose weight there.

  • Janice

    First of all, I love your workouts, they are SO intense but its alot of fun and you are super motivational!

    I wanted to get started on the Bikini Blast workouts but I have couple of questions…
    If I start with the Bikini Blaster 1, should I be doing that for one week and move on to the next video for the next week?

    Or should I be doing the Bikini Blaster 1 and another video along with it?

    If you could recommend me to which kinda of workouts I should be doing that would be great thanks! :)

  • Caroline Cooper

    I absolutely love your blog! You are amazing :) If you could post a meal plan for a student in college I would so appreciate it as would many other of your subscribers I am sure. Thanks!!

  • Kayla

    I would looovee printables for all of these!<3

  • Michelle

    Bodacious Back + Sleek Shoulders
    To get through this I imagined I was on a mountain top with a winning 10 million $ lotto ticket between my elbows! omg!!

  • khailan

    hay there, i just want to ask a question
    if walking everyday 4.8km a day good?
    all i want is a flat tummy will that walk help?

    please help

    • francine

      it works out mostly your legs. i used to be chubby and my legs are the most improved part of my body, my tummy didnt really get smaller at all

  • Alice

    roughly how many calories would these exercises burn??
    thanks :) xx

  • Sarah

    Tried to do another gal’s online workout videos today and – SO LAME! Love you and your videos, so helpful and inspiring, so glad you are on the net!

    and how about if you are holding a check for a million bucks between the elbows and you are in Wyoming and the wind is blowing 100 mph LOL!

  • Cheyanne

    Hey Cassey, can you tell us all the order of the bikini blaster workouts?
    Like which days do we do which and how many times pleeeeeaaaseee x

    • take a look at the workout calendars :)

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  • Michelle

    Just wanted to say I’ve been following you/doing the workouts for … almost 2 years? It’s fantastic to see how far you’ve come, Cassey. Keep up the amazing work! Btw, legs killing after the sexy legs workout. THANK YOU!

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  • Amairani

    Cassey how many times does each workout have to be repeated??
    please let me know asap!

    • Chloe

      I repeat it each 4 times throughout the day, sometimes spaced out other times with a 5-10 minute break in between.

      Well, say I do Bikini Blaster 1 on mondays I do that 4 times total, same with bikini blaster 2 on tuesdays, so I do a total of around 40 minutes of workout a day. I know I’m not Cassey but I hope this helps!

      • Amairani

        thank you so very much!:D

  • Jackie

    I am trying to open up the Awesomesauce Arms workout and it just won’t open. It’s on the August Calander for day 1. HELP???

  • Denise

    Every time I click on the Bikini Blaster 7, it opens a new window for Comp USA…this is annoying since I can’t watch the video from their website! What’s up with that?

  • Kirsten

    Hey Cassie,
    Love the Bikini Blaster series but can’t figure out how to find out how much each workout burns. Do I need to sign up for something???

  • One for each day of the week?

  • Rachel

    Most of these videos, especially ab videos seem to rely alot on wrist strenght and my wrists start to hurt not long into the videos. Anything I can do to help this, I love the videos and hate when I have to give up :(

    • Julianna

      Well if you would like (may be costly) you can buy 2 wrist braces and use them. Buy the ones that the cheerleaders use (I sometimes use them since I’m a tumbler) and they work wonders. Good luck!

  • Dejah

    Just wondering how are we supposed to use these 7 videos to get the best results. Do you do one a day or all seven everyday? Advice please please please!

    • Camille

      I was wondering the same thing too.., Can somebody please tell us? :D

  • Lyd

    The bikini blaster videos won’t play for me. Only the one that is desplayed can be played everything else just won’t. Same thing happens when I click on any others like abs, arms, total body… only the desplay video plays.

    • Catherine

      Same with me :(

    • Alesia

      That has happened to me too. I was using Internet Explorer. I switched to Google Chrome and I can view all the videos now :)

  • Abigail

    I knew it was good when I found myself talking to my computer. AWESOME little workout!