August 29, 2013

Give up one “bad” food or condiment today.

OK, let’s workout!


  1. Am I alone who don’t be able to do all the moves in the Bikini Blaster 1? I tried but each time I return on me knees or skip movements.. (Sorry if you don’t understand what I wrote but I’m not a real English lol)

    • No, you’re not alone. But don’t worry, you’ll get better at it if you stick to the workout calendar/work out regularly. This is my second time doing the bikini blaster 1, and I can already notice improvement:)

  2. The first and last on this workout are two of my very favorites!! Went for a good long run this am and finished with today’s workouts which were a joy!!! Good day! Thanks Cassey!!!

  3. I just started blogilates again for the first time in 6 months.. That definitely killed me… Hopefully I’ll continue with it this time!

  4. I sprained my ankle so I couldn’t really do very many of the moves, but I tried my best :)

  5. I cant do this

  6. I felt it more in my legs than in my arms :/
    But it was a good total body workout so I give it a 7

  7. Today was somewhat easy but I am extremely sick with the flu. Idk why I decided to work out today. But whatever what’s done is done. I give it a 6. More total body than arms. Which I guess is good since our rest day is tomorrow!!

  8. I actually liked the heartbeat heaven, I was able to do all the moves for once.

  9. All I have to say is that my legs will look KILLER after this week! They are shaking but I feel amazing. I did the Shuffle a Truffle treadmill trimdown yesterday too which was insane but I was smiling the whole way through:) lots of awesome cardio with strength training and a clean diet! I really owe so much to Cassey- thank you so much for everything! You are my inspiration!

  10. Day 29 done! I felt like today was not really arms and back but it was a good workout :)
    good job everyone, we are almost done with august!!

  11. so this totally kicked my butt! totally gonna be worth it though!

  12. that felt so much like a leg workout OMG… :D but I really felt great doing this today. The Livestrong was a great ending.

  13. this felt more like a total body workout than an isolated upper body workout. my legs really hate me this week. nonetheless, i really liked the livestrong workout b/c i definitely felt my back and arms in that one. i have one question, i’ve noticed that the videos that are missing from the playlists from the calendar are normally livestrong. is there a particular reason for that? anyway, thanks for putting together the playlist cassey!

  14. Hey everyone i have a quick question about everything, i seriously don’t know who else to ask. i really the only active person in my family and cant talk to anyone about this. I’m guessing everyone is familiar with the dietbet right, okay well i’m 18 years a female and i only weight, last time i check which was last week, about 91.7 pounds and i workout everyday always following cassey’s calendar. i am on summer vacation and start school the 5th. i work now at 10 to 6 in a realtors office as a secretary so i’m mostly sitting i do always walk around so i’m not just a sitting duck. i was really interested in the dietbet but i’m afraid that i would turn into nothing, skinny wise. i mean i do have a small amount of fat were my abs should be but that’s normal i think. i’m afraid when the new school year begins i would stress myself out with school, staying active, and work ( i suffer from depression, anxiety and the whole 9 yards) but since starting popilates it has subsided a little. anyway my question is does anyone think it would be a good idea to join the dietbet? i mean the reason i want to join it is to keep myself in tip top shape, i’ve already noticed my arms are getting stronger and im a tad more flexable but i’ve been eating a lot of icecream and it annoys me and eating to much when its not needed. i feel like i work out so hard then eat icecream and its like “Great job Cristina on all your hard work.” :( i really need a second opinion. if anyone could answer i would really appreciate it. Thanks
    sorry for the long comment .-.

    • Hi Cristina, I hope you’re gonna see this !!
      I think that it’s your choice if you want to do the diebet or not.
      Personally i’m not gonna do it because i’m really trying by myself to eat clean with all of the Cassey’s video… And she’s telling you how to do it on the calender so maybe you could try !! I was lie you before, Whenever i was ending a workout I was eating a lot !!
      So yes, I think you should try it !! I don’t know if that is an answer !!! I hope i’ve helped you :)

      • thank you so much for answering Léa. i really want to try it but again I’m just afraid for my stress taking a nasty turn and just like Ariella I’ve also been extremely tired. i just think its weird since I’m still a younger i should have more energy but its the complete opposite. I’m just curious did you join the last dietbet?

    • Hi,

      I don’t want to get too personal.. But, to me I get worried when I hear of your weight and still want to diet. I don’t know your height ..but, if you suffer from anxiety and depression it could also lead to eating disordered tendencies. Maybe, you could just stick to the workouts without doing the dietbet this time? There will be more for you to join. I know how you feel.. I’m literally in the same boat. School, work, exercise.. And, of course I want to do it all perfectly. I think the best idea is to be able to maintain consistency not perfection. For instance, if you can’t workout for an hour.. Can you fit in ten minutes??

      I hope this wasn’t too forward. Good luck!!


      • Hi tori its not like I don’t eat its just I have a really high metabolism and my height is 5″2. And thanks for the concern means a lot. It wasnt to forward at all just enough push for me to make my decision. I think I’m going to hold off on the dietbet. I really wanna focus on me and see if I can do it myself and see how my schedule fits with eveything before jumping into anything. As for working out I can always fit in an hour. I try my hardest to stay fit and workout. I stopped before for my whole junior year and became annoyed so I’m making sure to not quite again. And also good luck to you it really is hard to go through school and worry about everything else.

  15. i feel like i need a break from exercise. how should i do it? i’ve just been really tired lately, emotionally and physically, because my grandpa died on monday. i’ve done all of this calendar, and then july’s calendar too. i have been taking the rest days, but i feel like that isn’t cutting it. should i reduce my workouts to about half and hour every day instead of a full hour? help me popsters. or cassey, whichever.

    • I’m sorry for your loss,I know it hurts,but I think that working out is a nice way to distract you. I can understand your position and If you’ve been really tired I suppose that a break it’s ok! You should work out at least 20-30 mins 5 or 6 days a week, so reducing your workouts to 30 minutes sounds great!

    • Hey Ariella :)
      I think that you might need a rest !! But during this rest (maybe a week) you still have to eat clean and if you feel like you can workout, you can try quick exercises.
      Hope i’ve helped you and i’m sorry for your grandfather.
      Take care :)

    • Hey, I’m so sorry for your loss. My advice to you would be to listen to your body, if it’s telling you to take a break then do that. Sometimes you just need to take it easy <3 Reducing the workout time to 30 min sounds like a good idea, alternatively you can go for a more low intensity workout, like walking or Cassey's beginner videos. Just feel what's right for you in this moment and try to recover :) Hope you feel better soon <3

  16. I died then came back alive then died again with each video… good work out!!!

  17. am I the only one that feels like 4-5 workouts a day is alot??

    • It’s less than an hour a day!

    • Things that I find help me out.
      As annoying as the youtube ads may be, they give me time to take a little break do a few stretches get some water in between each video. I find the little breaks to be nice.
      Some days when I don’t have enough energy to complete all the videos I break them up. I complete half in the morning then half after lunch or before bed(whichever feels best).
      Today, my legs are still sore and I couldn’t hold the narrow squat the entire time so I came up did a quick quad stretch and went back down a couple times. I Pushed myself through the pulses more than holding the squat.
      Try not to think about it as 4-5 workouts as much as ONE really AWESOME workout.

      Do something today that your future self will thank you for!

      Hope these tips help you out. <3

  18. Now I AM sweaty. Like, a lot. My hair was clean. Well i guess i’ll wash it again tomorrow. I was wondering, since I have pretty bad scoliosis, are these exercise good for my back or can they mess up my curve?

    • hey!! i think you should see a doctor and ask a second opinion so you arent making your spine worse!
      good luck =)

  19. I got sidetracked last week and got myself to get back on! My legs are still sore from Monday/Tuesday so this burned like crazy but I was also proud of myself, despite taking pauses here and there.. There is sweat dripping down my face. Love it!

    • ME TOO! I was like really cassey? more crazy legs haha but exactly now that its over- i feel so accomplished!

  20. Grace KIm says:

    Sculpted Back Pilates(Livestrong)

  21. Cassey, I just wanted to let you know that while I was doing the Livestrong back workout video, a HUGE spider crawled right under me & past my weights while I was on my knees, & I kept going. Didn’t stop for a second. :)

  22. Did this ahead….WARNING: there’s a lot of legs today too :) Also check your calendar cassey didn’t put the livestrong back workout on the playlist but it is on the calendar. Have fun workin out!

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