I’ve made such great friends with people from all over the world via the Facebook Fanpage where we all gush about our fave workouts, post pics of ourselves looking super hot (or sweaty), share healthy recipes, and get fashion advice from one another on what color gym shoes to buy! I never really expected such a strong community to grow from sharing Pilates videos YouTube, but somehow our camaraderie has TRULY blossomed. I find that we have a very powerful relationship that is unique to the POP Pilates community only. Because I seriously check that page an embarrassingly obsessive amount of times a day, I’ve come to know my regulars pretty well.But you see, these regulars are more than just addicted POPsters (hey, don’t deny!) they are LEADERS. MOTIVATORS. ROLE MODELS. And REAL PEOPLE.

In the beginning it was all a joke on the fanpage to dub one of our POPsters as the “Butt Ambassador” because all she would do was stubbornly advocate each week for a new glute workout. Well, she got her wish AND also started to become a very well-known member of the community…sharing tips, answering questions, and offering suggestions. I loved it. Other people began to step up to the plate as well and help me manage the constant flow of questions coming in, while also sharing great content like recipes, tips, and motivational quotes. These gals naturally become my first Ambassadors. Then I saw there were emerging fans who were brave enough to share personal stories and pictures of their progress with the thousands of people on facebook…whether it was in weight loss, building strength, or lifestyle makeovers. They talked about their weaknesses. But they also proved to us their resilience. These people inspired ME. They taught ME about what taking charge and changing your life was all about. These people are my POPstars. Check out their inspirational stories here.


Francine Fleur // United Kingdom // Crowned April 2012

  • Current job or school: PRNurse, HCA,Teaching Assistant,Studying Hatha YogaInstructor Course
  • Fave Blogilates Videos: Hot Abs, Abominable Abdominals, Legs and Thighs, Inner thigh insanity
  • Fave body feature: abdominals
  • Fave healthy food: Salmon, asparagus and brocolli
  • Fave bad food: i just love fried chicken and pork crackling! lol
  • Hobbies: Working-out, travelling, swimming with my toddler
  • Weird fact: Even though my son doesn’t need night feeding anymore…i still wake up 3 times at night..11pm, 2am and 4am then at 7am- i am already wide awake. arrggh! I got used to my son’s evening feeds that my body clock is so messed up! Good thing is, it doesn’t affect my day. :)
  • Anything you want to say about the community: Blogilates has helped a lot of determined people that are wanting to achieve healthy lifestyle reach their goals and I’m proud to be part of it! The good thing about blogilates is that, you can reach-out and talk about your concerns regarding anything really!!! It is amazing having Cassey and the rest of the gang giving realistic and brilliant advices that actually works! No nonsense! i love to be part of this community!
  • Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/francinefleur
  • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/francine.fleur?ref=tn_tnmn

Gwgw Sourouni // Greece // Crowned January 2012

  • Current job or school: I do private lessons of maths,physics and chemistry plus i am a student at the Physics Department of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
  • Fave Blogilates Videos:Abominable abdominals,The Judas workout,Legilates legsercizes,Shadlebag shaver and many more:)
  • Fave body feature: My stomach area,abs and waist in general.
  • Fave healthy food: pumpin and veggies soup~i recently discovered the recipe and make it once a week:)
  • Fave bad food:Sweets of all kind,with cookies being the worst!
  • Hobbies:(well when having time)apart from exercising obviously,singing,painting,writing,making jewelry out of recyclable materials,searching for natural beauty tips and stuff like that.
  • Weird fact:when it comes to horror movies i’m like a 5year old child constantly hiding behind anything in my reach(even if nothing happens on screen!)
  • Anything you want to say about the community:Blogilates started for me a day i decided that my pilates session at the gym was good but the repetition bored me,searching in youtube i cae across pop pilates and after watching one video i knew it was what i was looking for,then following Cassey’s suggestion i liked the facebook page and it was when the addiction began!!I really liked belonging to a team of people having the same love for pilates as i do,and as the days where passing i got even more,i made friends:)So i’m really thankful for this community and most of all for Cassey because she’s motivating me over the top and making me feel happy too!
  • Twitter: (i don’t have one)
  • Blog: http://1livelovelaugh1.tumblr.com/
  • Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/heaartshaped
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1158804419

Ni Ni Myint // Singapore // Crowned January 2012

  • Current job or school: Assistant Branch Manager, Royale International Group
  • Fave Blogilates Videos: oh loads! okay, if I really have to pick, Fat Melting Routing, Food baby work out, Inner Thigh Insanity, Beyonce Bootylicous Bum Butt Badonkadonk Bonaza & Abodominable Abs
  • Fave body feature: I am really loving my abs right now!!!
  • Fave healthy food: right now greek yoghurt with sugar free strawberry jam & almonds is my favourite and I blame Cassey for it :P
  • Fave bad food: chocolate cookies & doughnuts ! I know :(
  • Hobbies: Adventurous travelling, Photography, Writing
  • Weird fact: People think I am mixed with Latin Blood – because of my hair ! Errh, really?
  • Anything you want to say about the community:Everything and anything is possible if you believe in yourself. Drive yourself to extreme if you really want something and it shall be yours. Trust me, I have been there, done that and got that :)
  • Twitter: I don’t have one (am i so outa date?)
  • Blog: whatsupnini.tumblr.com
  • Youtube: tinalay84 (very very inactive)
  • Facebook: Ni Ni Myint

Tanja Bancic // Slovenia // Crowned January 2012

  • Current job or school: finished master of pharmacy
  • Fave Blogilates Videos: Inner thigh insanity, muffintop meltdown, thankful thighs.
  • Fave body feature: arms
  • Fave healthy food: fruits with nuts
  • Fave bad food: ice cream
  • Hobbies: sports (especially outdoors: climbing, mountaineering), fotography, scouts, reading
  • Weird fact: I oversleep my alarm clock almost every morning. It’s pathological :)
  • Anything you want to say about the community: it’s really cool, motivating and supportive. I’m proud to be part of it :)

Janice Baclig // Los Angeles, CA // Crowned October 2011

Anything else? Hi my name is Janice and I just want to say, Blogilates Community, we are awesome! I am a SoCal Girl who loves to work hard and hang out with friends and family in my spare time. Friends and family are my top inspirations because they are some of the most hardworking and talented people I know! They have shaped me into who I am today. I believe that a great attitude is what inspires and connects people to inspire others. I think Cassey really embodies this message and it’s great that we as a community are all striving to be motivators and high achievers in fitness and all aspects of life. Right now, I am entering the health field, running a Fitness Club at school with awesome friends, and reaching for that goal to become an amazing fitness instructor. In the future I really do want to see a happy and healthier world. Thank you for reading and thank you Cassey!

Cari Beth Garvey // Lombard, IL // Crowned October 2011

  • Current job or school: I currently teach kickboxing 3-4 times a week, I pet sit whenever someone asks me to, and I am a medical assistant. I also am a full time nursing student due to graduate May 2012
  • Fave POP Pilates Vids: I love soo many!! My favorites are slimmer inner thighs and runners calves, Pop Pilates for Britney Spears and the two summer slim down videos.
  • Fave Body Feature: I LOVE my muscular legs! In kickboxing the more muscle you have in your legs the better! We have this kick in kickboxing that is called a back round house and it makes me proud of those muscular thighs and calves every time I knock the wind out of the person who is holding the target for me. Sounds really bad but for a Kickboxer that is awesome!
  • Fave Healthy Food: I LOVE LOVE Trader Joes soy and flaxseed tortilla chips….130 calories per 7 chips, and 6g of protein, add salsa and I have a quick healthy snack
  • Fave Bad Food: Mexican food. I love Mexican food! Cheese Enchilada’s rice and beans=weakness
  • Hobbies: I love to Kickbox and to teach it I know that is more like a job but it started at a hobby, I also love to read…I used to check out like 20 books at the library when I was younger and finish them all before the due date.
  • Weird Fact: My eyes are 3 colors and they change depending on what I am wearing. Most days however they green and yellow with little brown dots. Another thing people think is weird about me is I love my curly hair…..I love what God gave me
  • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=610285270

Kajsa Regina Österling // Härnösand, Sweden // Crowned October 2011 // Ambassador of Young’ns

  • Current job or school: I’m in school!
  • Fave POP Pilates vids: The Total Body Bangin’ Workout (it was so much fun!), and the Summer Slimdown-videos!
  • Fave body feature: My abs and my arms, and a “natural” feature; my EYES! :)
  • Fave healthy food: I’m a semi-vegetarian, so I’m just eating fish and vegetables. I love my tuna-dish, with eggs and zuccini etc. Mm! And ofc, FRUIT!
  • Fave bad food: Hmm… Ice cream and pastries.
  • Hobbies: Working out!! Haha ;) I’m also a singer, and I love love love music. I sing alot. :) I was a cheerleader for 2.5 years.
  • Weird fact: That’s a hard one… I have alot of weird facts! Maybe that I’m pretty mature for my age :)
  • Twitter: @Tonethatbod
  • Facebook: Kajsa Österling
  • Blog: www.tonethatbod.tumblr.com
  • Youtube: www.YouTube.com/Tonethatbod

Sara Seibert// Originally from Miami, FL but currently living in the Rhein-Main area in Germany. (Grüß an alle deutsche Popsters!) // Crowned September 2011

  • Current job or school: In the process of switching careers. Starting in October, I’ll be teaching English Lit. at a German school.
  • Fave POP Pilates vid: The one that really started it all for me was “Muffin Top/ Love Handles”. That’s the first POP Pilates video I stumbled upon back in January of this year, so it holds a special place in my heart. The videos I find myself doing over and over though have to “Judas” (I love Gaga :) and the Attack! Series (Arm Attack and Lower Belly Pooch Attack.)
  • Fave body feature: I’ve always been told I have very nice hair. I used to wish for straight hair but I’ve grown to love my curls.
  • Fave healthy food: raw cucumber with an herb mix sprinkled on top. I could eat that every day. (I usually do!)
  • Fave bad food: Keep me away from key lime pie. Far far away.
  • Hobbies: I love video games, especially MMOs, RPGs, and MMORPGs (My favs: Mass Effect series, DA, and looking forward to SWTOR). I also love reading, especially fantasy lit (Best series ever: A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin!). Other interests include make up, vintage hollywood, polar bears, and anything to do with pirates
  • Weird fact: I can sing along with nearly every single song from all the Disney classics like The Little Mermaid, the Lion King, Sleeping Beauty, Pocahontas, and Beauty and the Beast.
  • Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/blog or any site of yours that you want to share: You guys can add me here on Facebook or follow me on Twitter:http://twitter.com/#!/Cirrata and of course, Google +!

Vanessa Hulgan // San Jose, California, USA // Ambassador of Abs // crowned August 2011

  • Work: Nanny School
  • College major: child development to be a teacher
  • Fave POP video: inner thigh insanity, saddlebag shaver, HITT, summer slimdown
  • Fave body feature: eyes, breasts (lol)
  • Fave healthy food: veggies (carrots, corn, peas, green beans, broccoli, zucchini, squash etc) fruit (anything and everything!)
  • Fave bad food: chocolate chip cookie dough :)
  • Hobbies: arts and crafts / working out
  • Weird Fact: Everyone in my family is a lefty, including my boyfriend
  • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vanessa.hulgan

Becky Hepinstall // Maple Park, IL USA // Mistress of Muffins // crowned June 2011

  • Current job or school: Right now I split my time – Accounting Clerk 3 days a week, Babysitting my friend’s twins 2 days a week
  • Fave POP Pilates vid: Til the World Ends – when I stop at home during my lunch break to let my dog out I have just enough time to squeeze in this workout, I love it
  • Fave body feature: Everything from the chest and up
  • Fave healthy food: Apples with peanut butter
  • Fave bad food: Fried chicken
  • Hobbies: Anything “artsy fartsy” as my mom says – painting, crafting, and of course cake and cupcake decorating
  • Weird fact: I still get carded for “R” rated movies regularly, even though I’m 28. But on the flipside, I get the student discount without them asking for Student ID. So it evens out :-)

Lea Adamič // Slovenia // Ambassador of Fruity Desserts // crowned June 2011

  • Current job or school: Student of Slovene language and literature
  • Fave POP Pilates vid: Summer Slimdown 1, Lower Belly Attack, Inner thighs Insanity, Saddlebag Shaver<3
  • Fave body feature: ABS, arms, long legs:)
  • Fave healthy food: Soya yogurt/milk, cottage cheese, veggies, fruit, nuts:)
  • Fave bad food:sweets: cheesecake, ice cream, chips:)
  • Hobbies: sports (running, pilates, cycling…), hanging around with friends, trying new recipes, watching series: Oh, That 70´s show, America´s next top model…
  • Weird fact: 4 years ago I was a total ANTI sport girl:) Now I am sport addicted:) And I have to work really hard for my body:)
  • Connect with her: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000049973732

Joan Vazquez Gutierrez // Puerto Rico // Butt Ambassador // crowned June 2011

  • Current job or school: Graduate student, Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Fave POP Pilates vid: Tough. Going with …Beyonce Booty and Total Body Bangin’
  • Fave body feature: Arms
  • Fave healthy food: Broccoli.
  • Fave bad food: I’m kinda addicted to cheese. Is cheese “bad food”? If it is, I don’t want to hear it.
  • Hobbies: reading (fiction/science fiction), sarcasm, music and fantasy!!
  • Weird fact: HUGE Potter fan. And I mean HUGE! It’s not weird to me, but it is for other people. I’m consider myself lucky to have read that book 10 years ago. I’m holding on to it. VERY TIGHTLY.
  • Connect with her: @knockknockjoan on Twitter, same username on FB.

My Ambassadors and POPstars are very close to me and are always the first to know about insider news. They are big influencers and I take their opinions very seriously. If you want to know how to become an Ambassador or POPstar, all you have to do is SHOW LEADERSHIP in the community on here, YouTube, Twitter and/or Facebook. Facebook is the easiest.

  • Yes! Finally someone writes about life inspirational quotes tagalog.

  • I’d love to be your first MALE ambassador! I teach Yoga and Pilates and love to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle. I find what you do very inspiring Casey! I’ve been following you for years and love how far you’ve come and how many people you’ve inspired and helped along the way. Congrats on all your success.

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  • Amelie

    no one from Belgium :(

  • patrycja

    I really want to see a Pop ambasador from Poland ;)

  • Nina

    Oh my god 2 girls from Slovenia?? :D I just started with this workouts and now I’m so proud that I’m also from Slovenia :D

    • Kajsa Ö

      Yeah, they are sisters :)

  • Joanie

    aw no one from canada :(

  • Kim

    Can I be an ambassador Cassey? Lotsa love from the Philippines

  • Elise

    No one from France ?! :(

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  • Caroline G

    Maple Park! That’s right by me! seriously 5 minutes away. small world..

  • Hi :)
    just wanted to say hi to all of you POPsters out there I’m quite new here and I already love it. I hope to be able to talk to a few of you at least, we’re all in this together right?

    Here’s my newly created blog: http://blissfultraining.wordpress.com/. I just thought I’d share my journey with you.


  • Violet

    So glad to see that many ambassadors have a science-related degree!
    I’m a big supporter of Casey’s work and proud neuroscientist!

  • Wow, they are very pretty. I am proud of my Puerto Rican ambassador.

  • Ruth

    Hello Cassey and Honorable Ambassadors,

    I noted that 7 over 11 POPAmbassadors have a killer sweet tooth, esp. for foods like cookies and icecream….well count me in too! Cassey, if you would create or develop a food recipe that can substitute chocolate in a convincing dessert-way, I would be delighted.

  • Dominique Munsie

    Hey Cassey,

    I’d LOVE to become an ambassador! How do you mean show leadership in the blogilates community? I definitely already tag you a ton and share your website with sooo many people because they know I’m crazy about it. You have inspired me so much to get in shape and stick with it so thank you! I’m going to school to be a teacher but I’m considering a minor in fitness & nutrition as I want to get spin/pilates certified and I’ve been doing a lot of reading on nutrition :) Thanks for all your motivation and keep up the good work!

    <3Dominique Munsie

  • Thanks for finally talking about > Ambassadors of POP | Blogilates < Liked it!

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  • yayyy! Francine!! :)

  • caro

    love it! so cool that there are people from all over the world! if you want an ambassador from Costa Rica i’m always available :)

  • Way to go Cari and representing my hometown of Lombard, IL!!!

  • I would love to be an ambassador for Blogilates but I refuse to get a Facebook! haha I workout to Pop Pilates and recommend the YouTube channel religiously. I workout for one hour every single day without fail to Pop Pilates and am currently in the process of figuring out a cardio routine. Cassey is a huge inspiration to me and now I want to study nutrition in College! Thank you for everything and I promise to be more active in the YouTube community and eventually the Twitter community haha

  • YAYA lovely ladies!!

  • I am absolutely in love with Blogilates and your videos. I would love to know how to become an Ambassador because I feel that Blogilates pushes me to work out and be more confident in myself. I am embarking on my fitness journey and would love to be an Ambassador to spread the word. So please let me know the necessary steps! Thanks!


    • You can do this by commenting on the Fb commnunity and letting cassey get to know u more!! Thats how i did it! :D

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