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  • Meghan

    Hey Cassey!

    I love all your ab workouts! Would it be possible to make a video of standing ab work or do you have any advice on any ab moves I could do at work? Thanks girl!

  • alicia

    I just found you and love the pilates work out for beginners and targets the abs. The problem I am having is I want to tone up my stomach and do not have much body fat. I am about 107lbs and 5’4, so not much to burn. Do you have any suggestions I do not want to lose weight in fear of looking to thin.

    Thank you for an advise.


  • Jaime

    Hi Cassie!

    I love the modification box! I am a beginner and can’t always do the advanced moves. Please continue with them!!!


  • E F

    OMG I LOVE THESE, I actually have some fun when I do these videos, Thanks Cassey

  • Haileigh

    Post new videos for abs.

  • Haileigh

    Post new videos!!!

  • lameece

    It KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMG!!!!!!!!!! One question though if you do about 40 mins of the pop pilates workout how much calories would i burn as an estimate?

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    • feel-good-endorphins will put your head in the right place. Even if you’re having a feinelg fat and failing type of day, tuck it away. Just get to the gym. Or go for a walk. Go for a jog with your

  • lizzee75

    Is anyone else having problems loading the abs videos? All the other videos I can click on the links; however, the abs video’s do nothing. I have to search from Youtube in order to get them to work.

    • Kelly

      Same thing has been happening to me for awhile, but with all the videos. Please fix this!!

      • lizzee75

        ahh… so it IS a site problem. I thought my computer was going nuts. YES! Please fix. It’s frustrating.

  • Woohoo! I just did this workout and I liked it so much.
    My favorite part to workout is abs.:)
    I will definitely have to try abs series, Cassey!
    Thank you so much for sharing your passion and energy on pilates.<3

  • Mary

    A friend told me today me to check out your website….and man oh man I’ve done two videos and my legs feel like they weigh fifty pounds each!!!! I am gonna try my best to do at least three of the videos on the calendar each day…and once I get stronger I’ll do them all!!!

  • Ashley

    Cassey! I love your workouts and diet plans! I am a new mom to a 5 month old so I really wanna loose the baby weight. I don’t have much time to hit the gym so I’m only doing the videos and diet. I wanted to know if u had any workouts I can do with my son. With a 5 month old I don’t really get the workout time I need without being interrupted. Thanks!

    • Carla

      Hiiii!!!!! Try doing “mommy and my yoga” it made me feel great! My mom and dad work a lot so I do it all the time with my baby sister!!!! I’ve lost 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks! Also, do Casey’s workouts with your baby on a blanket beside you. They like to watch movement so yeah! Hope I helped!

  • Natascha

    Cassey, I LOVE your videos ! I only got one problem with your workout calendar.. Its 1h long and as I’m having to study really hard for my college tests I’ve got only 30min to workout.. How can I adapt and still have great results ?

    • Diana

      If you have an oppurtunity then try to like walk 30 minutes a day ( if you take the bus then get off one stiation earlier) . Or just atleast try to move in anyform the extra 30 minutes. The other option is to work harder and effective the 30 minutes you have. Like Cassey said in a video: The harder you work the faster you will see results. Otherwise 30 minutes a day is still very good.

    • Elizabeth

      You can wake up 30 minutes earlier and do half of her work outs and do the other 30 minute half during your scheduled time. Bravo for working out and going to school!

  • Emily

    play some demi lovato !(:

  • Ivy

    Man those good times abs are killers I can’t do them without stopping BAD I know they hurt on my back but I definitely felt it on my abs

  • Mel

    Say I do these workouts 6 days a week for 1hour, and i eat normally (veggies,meats, dairy, whites etc—) how long would it take to flattern my tummy/tone up ?

  • I just did the 3 min abs workout and it was a great one. But at the end i heard Cassey say am i hearing this correctly?.. Whoa! Cassey i support you but whoa!!

    • I just did the 3 min abs workout and it was a great one. But at the end i heard (;Cassey said do it 10 more times? Am i hearing this correctly? I support you to the end sweetie but whoa!!

  • Ivy

    I can not do the plank opposite leg touch in Mileys workout on my toes is that bad?

    • Haileigh

      Well, I think it meas that you don’t work out that side as well. Which means that you need to work out that side more.

  • lacey r

    hey cassy!! ahh im finally getting used to your killer videos, pumped my first week i lost 5 pounds :o so im lovin you! soon ill be able to fit into some of your hot workout clothes, so i really really wanted to win the miley pants! but im asuming thats over, if i still can please lemme know how, i absolutely love them! if not, where can i buy they, like the ones your wearing in the video, but maybe white and black instead. thanks -lacey <3

  • Katlin

    I am a total beginner and trying to work my way through the workout calendar but feeling really discouraged. I want to be in shape but I can hardly make it through half of the videos in the day. I completely collapse in some of the forms because they are advanced for me. Does anybody have any advice or encouragement for how I can work my way up and become more advanced? I often just end up feeling worse about myself by the end of the workout.

    • Cee Cee

      I seriously would advise you to do the beginners workout and then work your way up to the advanced. So for instance, Cassey has a beginner abs workout, do that first and continue to do that until you feel you are ready to do the calender one. Just take your time. Practice is all you need until you finally get it right.

    • teilzeitDAU

      hey Katlin
      Please don’t feel bad if you can’t keep up w/ the workouts yet.
      The level in Cassey’s videos is generally very high so that her beginner moves and videos might well be categorized as intermediate or even advanced on other youtube channels; e.g. the livestrong abs for beginners video..this is SO not beginner level :), so don’t be discouraged if that doesn’t work yet.

      i’d suggest you just do as much as you can, take a breather whenever you need to (even if that means stopping every 5 seconds), modify the moves and work your way up to it :) it doesn’t matter if you’re working on a less intense level than Cassey. What matters is that you just work hard. As long as you’re working hard, you’re good. And you will get better, trust me!

      i remember when i discovered Cassey’s workouts (which was in June this year), i sometimes thought that the moves were just completely beyond human capability (“good time abs” video anyone?, lol), but today i totally rock them. So just keep practising and you will get better, too! :)

      xx C.

    • Nicole

      Take your time don’t push your way through the videos if you are not ready. try doing some alternated exercises. I can’t push my way through all her workouts but i try

  • Ivy

    the buttocks lifting exercise was hard and I hope this works as well without the ball because I don’t have one but I did I any way and felt it too

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  • Danielle W.

    OMG!!! This workout is such a killer. It burns so good! Yes, I sweated.

  • Disa

    What ab workout do you recomend if i dont want 6 pack abs?:)

    • Asha

      Unless you’re naturally really muscular, you don’t need to worry about getting 6 pack abs (to get 6 pack abs, girls generally have to work super hard). :)
      Especially when you’re doing Pilates, Pilates flattens your abs and doesn’t give you a 6 pack.

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  • Paige Nicholle

    Such a good workout!!!

    And OMG, can you guys please get together???

    You’d be the cutest couple EVER. <3

    Thanks, Cassey!!!

  • samantha

    I love this workout! Its amazing.

    Does anyone know the spelling to the DJs name? I want to buy the music but I can’t find it.

    • samantha

      Er… for the abominable abdominals video, thought it left comments on each video! Sorry

    • Wow!! Hooray!!! I am so excited to see you getntig recognized for all the amazing hard work you put into this blog the amazing thing is your incredible discipline. It’s like every time I have a Fitnessista craving which is a few times a day you have a new, well-thought-out and well-written post up. Good practical advice about fitness and food, fun other stuff, and the perfect amount of personal information. You’re the coolest blogger ever.

  • Amanda

    Hi Cassey! I absolutely love your videos! I’m losing weight, feeling good and getting compliments, so I wanna say thank you <3
    I have one quick question though: When I do ab moves, I have a lot of trouble keeping my tummy tight/bellybutton in and I'm a little worried that I'm training my ab muscles to puff out, any suggestions as to how I can remedy the situation and get my bellybutton in?

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  • Jessie

    I love your workouts, they have really changed my body! The only concern I have is that I have rosacea (skin condition causing flushing chronic redness) and certain activities trigger it. One of my triggers seems to be weight-lifting or any type of weight strain, so I was wondering what suggestion you had to keep my abs in shape without putting too much strain on me.

    • haylee

      eat rice

  • Samantha

    I absolutely adore all of your videos, but there are several of the ab/inner thigh moves that I can’t seem to do. My hips, left one especially, seem to dislocate themselves any time I do anything like the Brokenhearted Ab Challenge move. Is there anything I can do to get the same effect without that particular movement?

  • Vanessa

    You are an amazing instructor! I love you! I’m am very satisfied with my results from your videos! And it helps me maintain my weight and shape very well! I am obsessed with the intensity of workouts! And I love banana pancakes! You videos help keepmy stomach flat and abs showing!!! Especially bikini blaster! The best an work out that exists……your better that six pack mike!

  • Vanessa


  • Jessi

    Hey, I love all these workouts!
    However, I have a problem when doing the abs – because my back arches more than normal, my spine and hips ‘pop’ whenever I do a workout that involves legs lifts or lowers. Is there a modification I can do instead?

  • Riley Le

    Your abs work out was sick Cassey :)

  • Lily

    Man do I love the corset workout! I could do that all day! Talk about addicting stuff. Love your site! I’m seeing results, really excited.

  • Jessi

    I’m seriously dead right now. My whole core, arms, and legs are shaking lol

    I’m wondering if my next should be hurting? I tried to to strain but it’s still hurting so I had to stop.

    Help with this please! And also, awesomely amazing ab workouts! #OMGoctober

  • judy newman

    love it love it love it, difficult as i’m only a beginner, but really like it, definitely one to master!

  • Michelle Baxter

    There are ab routines that I can do all day and never feel it so I thought I was pretty tough. UM…NO! I think I can only do this one once! LOVE IT!

    I love your videos!

  • Nicolette

    Hi Cassey!!! LOVE the workouts. I did the abominable abdominals (hard for me to say too!) the other day and I am still sore. I’ve been raving about your site to all my gfs and think I have converted at least 3 more followers. :)
    Question: When I want to select a different video than the one displayed, i.e. selecting one from the menu of videos, when selected the video does not open up. Instead it kinda freezes and I have turned off my popblocker as I thought that might be it…Any suggestions would be great!

  • SarahRav

    Hey Cassey!!
    I love all your Ab Workouts but I’ve found that I’m doing 1hr and a half every second day and my tummy won’t become toned!!
    Please help, I really want a 6-pack and toned stomach.
    (btw, I have a BMI of 15.6 so I don’t think its because of me being overweight)
    Thank you!!

    • Nana

      Hi Sarah. I don’t know if you are still looking for an answer or not, but it could be because you don’t eat enough protein. I had the same problem: if your muscles don’t get the extra protein, they won’t grow (you could even lose muscle).
      The best lean protein sources are eggwhites, chicken, tuna or salmon (or other fish), nuts and soy products. (I love soy protein, but it can be expensive) Maybe you should also not workout every second day, so your muscles have more time to rest and this could also stimulate the growth.

      Good luck

  • Lauren

    I’m a track athlete by trade, but cannot go a day or night without doing at least one of your videos all the way through! You’re SO motivating and encouraging! Excited to see new vids come out – can’t wait to get ripped from your awesome instruction!

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  • Asha

    What workout would be good for someone if the beginner ab workout is too easy, but the flatter my abs workout is too hard? I couldn’t even get through the first move in the flatter my abs workout, but the beginner abs workout was too easy for me…

    • Carina Cristina

      Try the POP Pilates for Beginners: Ab Time video :) Hot Abs! and Corset Workout should be cool too.

    • Ducky

      it tooks almost 1 hr to do first trial.
      next time it became much easier than before.
      NEVER GIVE UP!! :)

      • Asha

        Thanks guys!
        I’ve been doing the October calendar, and now I can do the Flatter My Abs video without it being too hard!

  • Angie

    The “flatter my abs workout” looks so hard, but I’m going to try it anyway!

  • lacey r

    haha i wore jean jeggings at my work costco cause were totally not allowed to wear tights, but no one could tell, and they also had pockets!

  • susie

    love the shorts~~

  • Shaeema

    It’s only been a week since I discovered blogilates, and I’ve been addicted ever since! However, I’m still a beginner, and these videos are absolutely KILLING me. I love the sore muscles though :D. All week, I’ve been adding moderations to the videos or cutting short, but today I finally followed the ‘Obliques and Muffintop Exterminator 10 mins’ workout fully! :D Without pausing, i was sooo proud. Yeah, it’s little– but it’s progress.

    The only thing is, these ab crunches… They KILL. Which is good, but more than pain and struggle in my abs, I’m finding it soo hard to lift my head up. It gets so heavy, and my neck starts hurting :( Any advice for it?

    Thankyou so much Cassie. You don’t know how many people you’re affecting, thankyou for making these videos and being so encouraging through out them. Love from Bahrain (if you ever visit, tell me!!:D) Shaeema x

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  • Viji Prasanna

    Terrific ab workout….love it :)