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Hey there!

So a little about me. You can read this or just watch the videos above!


Hello! My name is Cassey Ho and I am a certified fitness instructor, creator of POP Pilates, the designer of oGorgeous Bags, and a lover of all things healthy. I am so happy that I get to spend my time teaching people how to live to their best potential all over the world thanks to YouTube and this blog. Here’s my story :)

I graduated with an honors degree in Biology from Whittier College in 2009 but decided not to pursue my parent’s predestined path for me in medicine. While in school, I started teaching Pilates as a sophomore at a small studio down the street from our campus. Right then and there, instructing became one of the most satisfying parts of my life. (I am certified by NESTA and Balanced Body University for mat and reformer.) Since then I’ve worked at numerous gyms and currently am teaching POP Pilates at Equinox West LA. You should come by and take a class! Here’s the sched.

Senior year, I launched oGorgeous when I couldn’t find a yoga bag that was stylish enough or big enough to fit my mat and gym things in. My first design was the Beverly Bowtie yoga bag, complete with tons of pockets, satin lining, gold chain straps, and a glam bow of course. Super girly, it attracted the attention of my students. Orders started to roll in and the next set of designs were drawn.

After working a bit in corporate America for a fashion retail company in buying, I realized that my passion for design and entrepreneurship could no longer be a “side thing”. It was around this time too that one of my biggest dreams came true…the Pleated Pocket Sparkle yoga bag was featured in SHAPE Magazine and on the Wendy Williams Show!

I remember running to Target after getting a text from my sister saying that her friend thought she saw my bag in the magazine. I can see myself so clearly right now flipping madly through SHAPE. My heart pounding. My fingers shaking. Was it true? When I saw the picture, I melted onto the linoleum floor and cried. It was an amazing feeling.

So I quit my job.


I first got interested in Pilates when I was 16 and about to enter a pageant. I was looking for a fun way to tone up when I saw an infomercial on TV with Mari Winsor showing the audience some core tightening moves…it was so intriguing. I begged my parents to buy the DVD set for me. When they said yes, I was overjoyed. I started doing Pilates religiously!  Not only did I end up winning that pageant, Mari inspired me to get certified sophomore year of college. To this date, I’ve been doing Pilates for 10 years and teaching for 6.5 years.

I came up with the idea for POP Pilates as I was teaching classes at the gym because I loved the music on the radio and I wanted to give Pilates a little boost in energy. The reaction was positive, my students loved it, and I’ve been teaching a more upbeat style of Pilates ever since!!

My first POP Pilates video was made after I graduated college and before I moved out to the East Coast…it was more of a farewell thing for my Pilates students in CA. I didn’t make very many videos back when I was working because I didn’t have time. But after I quit, I started YouTubing and blogging religiously. When things started to pick up, I moved back to CA and focused on running oGorgeous and making more workouts for my POPsters.

And guess what? I eventually got to meet Mari Winsor and thank her for inspiring me to teach Pilates. I sounded like a lunatic when I saw her at the BeFit studios in Hollywood before our taping of “Fit at Any Age.” I just had to let her know how much I appreciated her! See episode here.

Let me tell you, it’s hard work but it’s the most satisfying work in the world to me. I don’t care that I don’t sleep until 3am in the morning everyday. My job is my passion and my passion is my job. I feel so lucky to be able to encourage you to eat healthier, train harder, and live happier lives by doing what I enjoy. When I get to do Blogilates meetups in different cities, it warms my heart to know that you all are such good, positive, and inspirational people. Here’s a recap of the New York meetup that was just insanely energetic…I’ll never forget the experience!


And here’s a video from my Boston Meetup!


I never expected my blog or videos to be helpful to so many people. So thank you for continually motivating me to be a better instructor. You helped me win the Shorty Award for #SocialFitness this year (see my funny acceptance speech here), I was named the Best Healthy Living Blogger of 2012 by FITNESS Magazine and am the #2 most influential online personality by Sharecare…only second to Jillian Michaels.

My life consists of lots of working out, eating clean, cooking clean, teaching fitness classes, designing for my store ShopBlogilates.com, writing, filming, editing, picture-taking, modeling, and producing. Oh and tweeting. Lots of tweeting. (Follow me @Blogilates)

train like a beast look like a beauty tank

I also competed in a fitness Bikini competition once. You may find that interesting so here’s a link if you wanna see how it went! Here’s basically what my meal plan looked like if you want to get started: 90 Day Challenge.

I love my POPsters and the Blogilates Community!!! Thanks for inspiring me to be the best I can be daily. You make me who I am and I love you for it.

Recently I was on the Dr Oz and Steve Harvey Show! Check it out here:

K, well follow me on facebook and twitter and let’s keep the convo going!!!!

Much love,



  1. Hi Cassey could you please do a video about chia seed? I got a lot of co-workers recommending it to me but I’m a bit iffy about it. It seems too good to be true.

  2. Hi, I”m trying to download the meal plans, but I can’t seem to do it. I put in the correct password and nothing happens. I don’t really have the extra money around to buy the journal and plan and was wondering if anyone can help me get the other weeks plans.
    Thank you.

  3. HI Cassey!
    In a first time i’m french so sorry for my english!! ;)
    i just want to tell you that your videos are very great et give me every day motivation to change my mind on my life ….
    You’re right “keep deaming but now doing” .
    I just beginning you’re “beginner’s workout” but you make me want to go to the end and achieve my objectives!
    So thank you for your energy , your smile and your joy
    i’m going to continue et follow my own way

    Have a good day xoxo

  4. Cassie ,
    I have been in fitness my whole life. I’m older now, love your workout clothes. Could you design some thing like shorts a little longer and shirts with cap sleeves. I always look for workout clothes like this and can’t find it. That’s what I would design.
    Thanks and congrats on your success.
    Old fitness instuctor

  5. Casey,
    I have been in fitness my whole life. I’m older know, love your workout clothes. Could you design some thing like shorts a little longer and shirts with cap sleeves. I always look for workout clothes like this and can’t find it. That’s what I would design.
    Thanks and congrats on your success.
    Old fitness instuctor

  6. We need a pop song challenge to megan trainor’s all about that bass!!!

  7. Right away I am going to do my breakfast, after having my breakfast coming yet again to
    read other news.

  8. Andrea Taylor says:

    Hey Cassey!
    I discovered your Youtube channel and videos after I suffered a miscarriage in May, I needed to get into shape again and your videos helped me so much with that and keeping busy during that difficult time. I completed all of your beginner July calendar when I found out that I am once again pregnant! I am praying all goes well this time and that I will remain in healthy shape for my baby. It would mean the world to me if you would make a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester pregnancy workout that I could follow as I am no longer able to do many of your intense workouts and abdominal workouts. Please consider! Thank you so much! You are such an inspiration to me (and my husband loves you as well!)
    -Andrea from Las Vegas

  9. Hey Cassie. I’m 17 and love your videos. I just recently found them. I would love for you to come and meet me and my mom. I ‘m training her and maybe you could help. I live in Port Angeles, Washington.

  10. Hi Cassey!! Just wanted to say I recently discovered you on youtube and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your vids! You are so funny and genuinely a positive person. It’s like you send me good vibes via internet! LOL You have inspired me to get up and get moving, oh and to eat clean too. Thanks a bunch!! Keep up the amazing work!! <3

  11. Ana Raquel says:

    Dear Cassey,

    I just wanted to say thank you. You have been a great inspiration for me! Thanks to you I have been learning to love my body and eat cleaner and healthier.

    Greetings from Panama!
    Keep inspiring people!

  12. Shermaine says:

    Hello Cassey,
    I am Shermaine from SIngapore ! If you are looking at this , just want to say a great big fat THANK YOU for being so inspirational to me :) Thanks to you, I have been out of my depression. I have been gaining weight ever since i started university , hence losing alot of confidence and also getting sick very easily. After i came across your video and started doing your workouts, i felt so much better about myself. Learning to love my body by eating clean hence gaining back my confidence and my health as well. Thanks to all your inspirational quotes i have finally get back on track and found a goal in my life :) Thanks for always reminding us to “BE TRUE TO YOURSELF” & ” MAKE IT HAPPEN ” :) Love u loads Cassey ! thanks for inspiring girls like me :) Please do continue to transmit all your positive energy to girls all over the world :)

  13. Hi Cassey!

    I love watching your videos! Keep on being an inspiration! :D

  14. Carmelita says:

    Hi Casey!

    I just want to say that I love your positive outlook on life and you’re really motivational! Your videos have a way of picking up my mood even though they are a pain in the butt sometimes. I appreciate that you encourage people to have a healthy relationship with their bodies. So I came across a site where membership is exclusive and mainly based on appearances. Have you heard of beautifulpeople.com? It’s a social networking site where membership is based on looks. What is your take on this site? Is it shallow? silly? Legitimate? I’m pretty sure we can all agree on it being a little ridiculous but I wanted to hear your point of view.

  15. Melissa says:

    Hi! First off, I love your blog and I think what you’re doing is amazing. I know that when your body is used to being unhealthy and you suddenly change that, it shocks your body because it’s not use to that many vitamins, whole grain and stuff like that. so every time I try to eat healthy (like one of your recipes) I can’t last past noon without everything wanting to come back up, it just rejects it and I feel sick then I eat chips or something and I feel fine. It’s terrible and scary. Friends tell me to just ease into the change in diet but I don’t understand how to do that without falling back off again. Do you have any suggestions, tips or advice that could help me?

    Failing Before I Even Started

    • Hi,
      I’m no nutritionist or dietitian, but maybe if you’re having trouble feeling sick from healthy things you’re eating in the morning, try doing dinner instead. Ease yourself into eating healthy, but start with dinner and work your way backwards in the day. That way, after dinner, you can go to sleep, and hopefully that sick feeling will pass.
      I would also say that you might have a sensitivity or intolerance to something that you’re eating, if you’re feeling that sickly from something that you’re eating. Do you keep trying with the same healthy recipe or similar healthy recipes? Maybe try something completely different and see if that changes anything. I know I tried to eat healthy for a long time and just kept getting sicker, until I figured out that I have a high intolerance to nuts, apples, and broccoli. It took a long time to figure that out though, so don’t get too discouraged. You could always try talking to a dietitian or your doctor as well.
      Keep trying, and don’t give up!! You can do this :) Make sure you’re getting some physical activity in too. That usually helps me feel better (although not while I’m working out. Sweat = EW.)
      Hope this helps!

  16. Stephanie says:

    Hi Cassey! I have a question that I’m sure other people have asked you regarding diet. I am a vegetarian and need advice on how to lose to weight without eating meat. It’s hard for me to find meals without meats so I end up eating lots of junk food and gaining weight easily. I’ve never been good at managing my weight and have ended up dealing with eating disorders (not anymore). But clearly, I have issues controlling my food intake and portion size. I’m not fat, but I am in no way happy with my weight and appearance and tend to get discouraged when I workout because I don’t notice a difference right away. And of course I realize that it takes time to reach your ideal weight, but I find myself thinking about the body I had when struggling with an eating disorder and don’t see myself ever being that size again without the drastic measures I took to get it. I really just need motivation and advice on how to get fit and healthy.

    And I want to say thank you for all your videos and recipes! They help me so much and inspire me to keep working for what I want!!

    • Hello, Stephanie! I just read your comment and felt like replying because I truly understand what you’re saying up there. I’m a vegetarian, too, and have the worst sweet-tooth ever, so I often find myself craving anything sweet that, most times, isn’t the healthiest option. It’s normal to feel discouraged when you don’t see immediate results, but have no doubts that you’ll definitely see your progress if you keep going instead of quitting. I understand that loving our bodies isn’t easy at times, but trying your best to think positive will definitely help you make this journey a lot easier because is not only a physical process but also a psychological one. As for the portion size issue you mention up there, I try to use smaller plates (if they’re of a color that contrasts the one of your food, even better!) and drink a glass of water before each meal. Also, try eating until you’re satisfied, not about to… you know, explode, and let your brain assimilate that yeah, your hunger’s been satisfied and, therefore, it doesn’t need any more food. Try drinking some tea, too! It’ll help reduce your cravings. Oh, and this is something I recently learned but I think it’s really useful: when you workout, truly enjoy it. Even if it’s so hard and you’re sweating, embrace it and try to have as much fun as possible!
      I hope this helps you as much as it helped me~

  17. Thank you soooooooooooooo much,
    you are the best ,
    I start exercises week ago after long time recovery of my injury andIfeel great

    wish you the best
    god blass you

  18. Katherine says:

    Thank you Cassey! Your videos changed my life..I am 28 year old mother of 4 and people think I am 18!!

  19. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! And your story is truly awe-inspiring, you’re an amazingly inspirational person!!

  20. I have paid for everything with Tone It Up and I feel I’ve benefitted way more from you!
    The Tone it up girls are great of course but your positivity shines through and gives strength and you feel very genuine

  21. Noor Khan says:

    Cassey please come to INDIA :*

  22. Rebecca says:

    what’s the password for the week 1 new body makeover? ive been trying to view them, and i cant log in…


  24. Emily Byrd says:

    You are such an inspiration Casey! Thank you for sharing your life and passion with so many of us!

  25. Danielle says:

    It would be so fun to come to a meet-up definitely keep us posted in advance on the next one!!! You should do a poll: Minneapolis anyone?

  26. Deb Willman says:

    I love your workouts. They are hitting all those spots where I have extra skin hanging down. I am feeling sore but loving it as I know that your workouts are helping me get back into better shape. Keep it up girl!!! :)

  27. Cassey please come to VIRGINIA BEACH (Blogilates on the beach- how fun would that be!!) or the WASHINGTON DC AREA!!!!

  28. Hi Cassie!
    THank you so much for everything you do! Until I discovered blogilates I was never able to maintain a routine. You’re an inspiration! PLEASE come to DALLAS!!!!!! I dont know if you have but if so, please come again! lol.

  29. michelle says:

    cassey just wanted to say that in my opinion you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than jillian michaels. i find her kind of judgemental and unkind; you are anything but, so caring and encouraging!

  30. I just found this blog yesterday and i cant stop watching the videos, i already went over onmy data usage (lol)! They are so much fun! I have been doing T25 and Chalean extreme, im gonna add these workouts in for an added boost! Thank you!

  31. Enjoy working out with your videos.

    Was that you dancing with Kevin Bacon on Friday’s Jimmy Fallon Show?

  32. Hey Cassey,


  33. Is this stuff for women only ? Im too overweight & hi blood psi { now on meds. } Im looking to get healthy w/out having a heart attack and this looks fun and doable. reply ? any help advice ? thanx

    • This definitely isn’t for women only!! There aren’t a lot of guys who do it, but it will definitely help you health wise. Start with the beginners calendar and just take it slow, building up your strength will take time. Go ahead and get started!!

  34. Hi! I’m from Turkey :) i am 16 years old, 165 cm and 66 kg. I lost 6 kg so far with my own diet :D i’m still on a diet but i read something, it’s said that if you do exercises instead of fat burning, you will have muscles on your fats. And i thought that would look bad so i stopped doing hard exercises. I just walk and run and do some squats. Is it right? What should i do? What do you recommend? (By the way thanks for all the videos and apps)

    • Pilates is all about toning so you can shape your body even if you don’t lose weight! You should do a combination of strength and cardio .

    • Oh baby doll <3 muscle never builds on top of fat. When you start to build muscle it helps burn the fat! Leah has got it on point, strength and cardio….and to be honest it should be mostly strength work outs and a bit of cardio.

      Good Luck?

  35. Hi! Just found your videos a few days ago and I love them! However, I see a lot of people here talking about how they’ve lost weight with the help of your videos. But I want to GAIN weight and I’m not really good at anything to do with excercising and stuff. So I’m wondering if these workouts (especially the butt/legs/thighs workouts) are actually for me if I want to gain weight?
    Thank you!

  36. Hi Cassey!
    Found you on youtube and not even sure how I was lucky enough to find you and your adorable videos! I just turned 50! I have been doing your workouts for a few months now! They are very challenging so I have to modify lots but still pushes me farther to keep trying! Thanks for you wonderful sunny attitude. I love your videos!

  37. Hi
    I am looking to start blogilates and get my unhealthy self in too shape haha, I was just wondering if the blogilates app is available for windows phones.
    Thank you

  38. Hey! So I have a question! I’ve followed your plan religiously for months and I havnt seen any results :( I exercise 5 times a week eat clean and drink a ton of water but the scale won’t budge and I don’t notice much definition change anywhere on my body?? What can I do to fix this? I’m stumped! Love the program though!

  39. Hi Cassey! I love your videos! You’re always so happy, energetic, and you love what you do. You really inspire me to work out, not only to lose weight, but to be healthy. I am on day nine of the beginner’s calendar and I’m already noticing that I’m gaining muscle! I really like Pilates because I live in Minnesota. It’s really cold right now and I can’t ride my bike for exercise. I’m aiming to lose 5-10 pounds by April 1 in time for vacation. Wish me luck!

  40. Hi Cassey,
    This is my first time on your blog and I have started the beginner’s workout calendar. I’m on my thirst day and i find it amazing!
    but i have some questions. on your calendar says everyday to woke up and do 1min plank, 10 roll ups, 10 burpees, 20 situps, and go on. I managed to find out what the two first was but can’t find the others. Where can I find and explanation about the others workouts to do, as I am a new member in all of this I am not familiarized with the names and I would love to do it! Thank from Spain.

  41. Hi Cassey,
    First of all thanks for what you are doing!! you are fabulous.
    Would yo do a face exercise? there are so many online but I would not trust them.

  42. Dear Cassey,
    I cannot express how grateful I am to have found you and blogilates! I’ve put myself on a diet and exercise regiment this year to whip myself into shape. It’s been about three weeks now and I’ve already lost an inch off of my waist and dropped one whole pant size! Without you and your upbeat workout videos I don’t know how I would have even made it this far. You inspire and motivate me. Thank you so much!!
    A very grateful soul,
    Emma :)

  43. Hey Cassey,

    So a few days ago i subscribed to a gym! I was very excited…
    But now i saw that when you’re younger then 16 you can’t go there without someone who’s older then 16. So my sister ( who’s 19 ) also subscribed to that gym, but then to another establishment and now it turns out that she can go to my establishment after she’s had her subscription for two months. So we can’t go there together which actually was our plan.. I’m really freaking out right now because i don’t know what to do.. Do you know if gyms make a big problem of it when you go there alone and you’re not 16 yet?

  44. How peculiar I actually found you searching for this pilates video by Mari Winsor.

  45. Tegan Payne says:


    I am a massive fan! (something I bet you hear all the time) I was just wondering how much cardio you do a week? I love pilates but I feel like it’s not enough to just do that :) Thanks for changing my life xx

  46. Hey, Cassey!

    I really really hope that you’re fine! I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for your great inspiration! Now I absolutely want to get fit and to eat cleaner than usually!

    Greetings from Germany xo
    Take care!

  47. Dear Casey,
    Thank you so much for all you do. I wanted to let your readers know about something that will help them gain a brand new mindset about losing weight. My new book “Slimming Down and Loving It! 3 Steps to Reboot Your Mind and Reshape Your Body” will be free on Amazon from Feb 6-10th and the results are permanent! Best wishes to everyone beginning their journey to health! Happy Calmness!
    Dr Inessa

  48. Limore Shur says:

    It was great to see you post a picture with our beautiful little Polabear at Sundance. She was helping us promoting a documentary in the festival called Alive Inside. It’s a film about how music helps Alzheimer’s and dementia patients come back to life. A beautiful and amazing story that will change the way doctors treat Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. We had our Samoyeds with us to help get us in touch with people. We are so happy to see that Polabear there touched your heart and you posted a picture of her. She is our pet and so is Floppy Bear and I’ve included links to their social pages. Please if you don’t mind repost the picture or another and put down this information it would help us all greatly I’m sure you know this is a very important cause.

    Instagram @floppybear #polabear #aliveinside
    Twitter @mrfloppybear

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