Happy Independence Day y’alls! No time for a break though! Let’s go!

Go HEREΒ to see the Can’t Hold Us POP HIIT!

  • I think this one was overall harder. Not having a specific amount of reps and just going all out for one whole minute was tough! Also, my glutes were sore for 4 days afterwards! No idea what was going on, I’ve been doing blogilates for 4 months, but I guess this POP HIIT was just what my butt needed to get some new moves in to work the muscles differently.

  • Kayla

    finally did this! i made my boyfriend and his brother do this after we went running last night. but we didnt have a timer… and the brother wanted to puke. then my phone froze…. so i just made my boyfriend do a billion burpees. bwahahaha.

  • Chiara

    Uhmm this was an 8 ! It was hard (especially the burpees) but the first one was harder!

  • Jessica

    I give this one a 7! You said it was going to be harder than the first POP HIIT, but for some very odd reason, I found this one easier? Maybe it was because of the minutes rather than reps. But during the last two rounds of cardio (home version), my left ankle started to hurt, but I ignored it and pushed through the last two rounds…. I wonder what happened :/

  • Tash

    O.O cardio part was kinda fun… :) barely finished tho. so aaaaaa 9!

  • Jannie

    7! I liked the minutes more than the reps. But the cardio blast really got me. I feel my endurance is increasing and is much better than it was.

  • Izzy

    Loved this workout! I have NEVER been able in my life to hold a plank for 10 seconds let alone 30 seconds straight on eight different times. I am so happy I found your site and want to thank you so much! I just joined on July 1st but I am already feeling better about myself. I started eating clean only a couple days ago and already my skin is improving and with constant excercise routines I actually have more alertness and energy. I don’t know what I would have done without you. <3.

  • michelle frew

    this was a 10 for me tried to so some of the commands at the gym today was a killer but worked up a good sweat xxx

  • Lydia

    That was a 7 for me! Still very challenging, but the little rests made it more doable and I was really able to come back strong for each move. Got suuuper sweaty!!

  • Kayla

    Didn’t get to do all x3 but I give it a 9!

  • Allison

    definately a 10. i sweat everywhere. even my shoulders! i have never sweat on my shoulders before. it was crazy!!! thank you so much Cassey for making me more fit and healthy. hopefully i do all the days this month. the last few months i was not able to do them all. I, and the rest of the popsters, really appriciate that you do this for us. thanks again!

  • Pippa

    Saving this for my gym day tomorrow! SCARED

  • Ebba

    Really got sweaty on this

  • Sandra

    Hey guys! I need some help. @blogilatesο»Ώ #askpopsters
    Last month I did the beginners calendar (was awesome! Thanks, Cassey!) today this hiit-workout on the new calendar. I did the 3 sets but I wasn’t able to do the cardio blast because my calves are so sore (like after the glad you came calves challenge, if you know what I mean). Is it ok, if I do them tomorrow after the lower body workouts? Oh, and i’m going to swap the lower body with the rest day…

    thank you for helping!

  • Pearl

    Casey, where i can find
    list or video for Can’t Hold Us, Pop HIIT ???
    thankyou :)

  • Hola